Has anyone ever volunteered at a Salvation Army Angel Tree? We picked two angels off of the tree, and bought them the specific presents they requested. I went to grab the cards out of my purse and they are gone. I feel like total crap and I’m freaking out, because there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can help me figure this out…and I probably just ruined two kids’ Christmas. We got a boy and a girl and I know the girl’s name and age, and the boy’s age but not the name.

If anyone has any advice, please let me know. This particular tree has no volunteers – you just pick up the angel yourself and turn it in to any center. The only thing I could find on the site was that any “forgotten” angels will get generic gifts. I hate that…I bought these kids exactly what they wanted. I feel awful…I don’t know what I did with them.

I hope we can track them down by their specific wishes. The girl wanted a Bratz doll, so I bought her two different ones with a bunch of accessories. The boy wanted “K’nex or a dinosaur,” so we bought an awesome k’nex kit, some matchbox cars and I am going to get him a dinosaur toy (Target didn’t have any). I went to look at the cards to see what size clothing they needed and they were gone. jsadgkahgdsjkagldjsgha why am I the loser at life?

  1. nezz says: December 8, 20082:14 am

    Here in Australia we have similar trees in our version of Target. But the names are usually made up, just to make it easier for people to get a present because of the personal touch and to protect the child’s identity. Also, there are that many kids out there and they probably can’t get all the names, just rough ages. Don’t know if its the same where you are, but I am sure if you put the ages on a card, it’ll get to someone.

  2. Keiko Lynn says: December 8, 20082:24 am

    These are for specific kids. It says their names, ages, sizes, and their specific wish. The reason I don’t remember the boy’s name is because it was unusual. I’m hoping that by telling them their specific wishes, they can track them down:/

  3. nonpareil says: December 8, 200812:23 pm

    oh dear šŸ™ maybe go back to the tree where you picked the names from and find out which are the people who put the tree there. hopefully they have a list of the children’s names from that specific tree. or else, i’m sure they do have a record of all the children somewhere, since they have to distribute the presents. send them an email perhaps? good luck! and you are not a loser at life. the fact that this is making you feel terrible just goes to show how compassionate you are, therefore a winner. if all else fails, find another two angels to buy personalised presents for. it’s a pity if you can’t find the two original names, but it’s not as though you didn’t try, and it’s definitely not too late to buy presents for another child.

    don’t stress!

  4. Brigid says: December 8, 20083:32 pm

    You should be able to contact your local Salvation Army for assistance. When they get the gifts in, they check off the child’s name on a master list. Someone in the Salvation Army business office ought to be able to help you with that by scanning the list. I like doing Angel Tree, too. One year I went crazy and spent way too much money on it, so I have to remind myself to scale back a bit, but it does make me feel great.

  5. a cat of impossible colour says: December 8, 20089:20 pm

    Oh dear! The commenters above gave good advice, I was going to suggest exactly what Brigid said. Good luck and I hope you manage to track them down.

  6. Keiko Lynn says: December 8, 200810:15 pm

    Thank you gals, for all of the advice. I’m going to go down there in person, tomorrow, to sort all of this out. I figure that there has to be someone who will know whom to call or talk to.

  7. phoenixdreaming says: December 11, 200812:44 pm

    Any news on this? I really hope you have found out who they’re for.

  8. Keiko Lynn says: December 11, 20087:20 pm


    Not yet. I made some calls and sent some emails but there hasn’t been anyone to point me in the right direction, or any response from the emails. I have to go find a manager of the shopping center.

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