I’ve always been a fan of cartoons (Cheese is my favorite modern cartoon character), so it’s not surprising that I sometimes dress like one. I’ve been told many times that I dress too “costumey” or child-like, but I wear whatever I want, with no apologies. Maybe in the future, I’ll start dressing more like an adult. In the meantime, I’ll continue to wear my “costumey” outfits, now and then. It makes me happy!

My butt is big but not that big – it was windy:)

Outfit Details:
headband: Postlapsaria bow headband, made by my intern, Catherine
dress: Postlapsaria reconstructed house dress – shortened, taken in, hemmed the sleeves, etc. I used the scraps to make a sash for the waist.
tights – I was wearing three pairs for warmth, all from different places (can’t remember).
shoes – I can’t remember! Maybe Urban Outfitters? They’re old and ratty, but I was just shopping for fabric.
coat – Zara

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. I always end up keeping too much of what I make or reconstruct, so I’m starting something new. I’m going to try and sell everything I make, after wearing (and washing!) it once. Let’s see if I go through with it!

  1. Miss G* says: February 11, 20091:57 am

    I discover your blog with Modepass. You have an amayzing style and you look absolutly beautiful! How do you have those perfect eyebrows?
    Congrats for your website with all these looks (and sorry for my bad english haha)!

  2. Abby says: February 11, 20092:09 am

    Love the eye makeup.

    Do you use a primer for your lids?

  3. Keiko Lynn says: February 11, 20092:21 am

    Miss G: Thank you! I shape them myself, but I also fill them in.

    Abby: Thanks! I do, yes. I usually use MAC bare canvas or stilife paint.

  4. jillian leigh says: February 11, 20092:34 am

    poo on the haters who bash your clothes. your outfits are freaking adorable.

  5. M-ily says: February 11, 20092:53 am

    CHEESE!!! You mean from Fosters, right? I hope. And you look cute as always 🙂

  6. Keiko Lynn says: February 11, 20092:58 am

    I love Cheese!

    “Sprinkle, sprinkle, little bar. What I wonder is a cat.”

    My favorite was probably when the little mice run up to his feet and he says, “hiii doggies.”

  7. Olya says: February 11, 20093:21 am

    I think you look great as a carton character!

  8. elementnineteen says: February 11, 20093:46 am

    I love that hairbow! Your accessories are always the cutest.

    I always end up keeping too much of what I make…
    I’m guilty of this too. My poor jewelry stand is flooded with necklaces that I’ve only worn once or twice. Maybe I’ll follow in your foot steps and try to make some space!

  9. Denishabeybeh says: February 11, 20094:56 am

    girl you look like snow white.
    you’re so pretty!

    i love colors too.
    am really really trying to dress more in monochrome but i always end up picking the bright ones.

    i love your blog!

  10. Anonymous says: February 11, 20094:58 am

    are you wearing three pairs of white tights??? and what about your waist???

  11. Angelaluisa says: February 11, 20095:38 am

    I was wondering how you didn’t look absolutely freezing. I know NY isn’t that warm yet!

  12. Keiko Lynn says: February 11, 20097:07 am

    Yes, I was wearing three pairs, and they weren’t at all constricting. None of them were very thick (only one pair is opaque) and they aren’t control top.

  13. Indie.Tea says: February 11, 20097:12 am

    What an adorable outfit 🙂 I’ve just discovered your blog, and I’m so glad that I did!

  14. Farren says: February 11, 20097:42 am

    your butt comment literally made me laugh out loud. hehehe. i love the white tights! you look like a more colorful version of minnie mouse! =D

  15. Abigail says: February 11, 20098:03 am

    I was randomly browsing Google Reader a few days ago and came across your blog. I subscribed straight away cos I think your style’s great and I love having pictures for inspiration.

    Don’t listen to the haters, they’re probably just jealous cos you look amazing!

    P.S. Layered tights bring back memories! Our school uniform was black tights or white socks, so we had to layer several pairs to get opaque black legs in winter. Was handy for keeping us warm during the lunch hour too (we weren’t allowed inside the building). Layering in winter ftw! 😀

  16. gingerbee says: February 11, 20098:47 am

    i love your top! 🙂 beautiful as always. 🙂

  17. holly wang says: February 11, 20099:11 am

    you have an intern?!?!

    haha, i know your secret now how to stay warm while wearing dresses in ny! i always wondered how you were wearing these outfits in the cold. but 3 pairs of tights, it all makes sense now.

    i’m liking all the reconstructed dresses you’ve been making lately!

  18. sisters and dresses says: February 11, 20099:19 am

    I don´t know your blog, i love it!!

  19. Aysha's Rabbit Hole says: February 11, 200910:29 am


  20. Fleur de Guerre says: February 11, 200911:47 am

    I came from wardrobe_remix so say I think your outfit is absolutely stunning! I just love the colours.

  21. Elit Alice says: February 11, 200912:23 pm

    haha that is what my boyfriend always tells me!
    “look! look who’s wearing the colours you do! kids! only kids wear these colours!” 😀
    i often shop in kids section as well.

    anyway, if you’re going to sell this dress, i am interested. 😉

    btw i always forgot to let you know that i got the necklaces, thank you very much! im very pleased! 🙂

  22. Sal says: February 11, 20092:49 pm

    Huh. I imagine people who criticize you for dressing young are just intimidated by your playful use of color and print. Why should brights and patterns be the domain of kids? Can’t adults learn to dress happily?

  23. mothersvea says: February 11, 20092:52 pm

    You look adorable! I love what you’re wearing!

  24. Hanako66 says: February 11, 20096:53 pm

    this is such an adorable outfit on you, I love it!

  25. Magdelyn says: February 11, 20098:04 pm

    Hola keiko me gusta tu ropa…

    Hi Keiko i like your clothes

  26. Laure says: February 11, 20098:05 pm

    I love your blog, so lovely look, and your headband is so cute!

  27. corrie says: February 11, 20098:32 pm

    You don’t strike me as the type who really puts too much stake into what others say anyway. And just because some people can’t pull off bright colors doesn’t mean that you don’t completely own them every time you wear them!

  28. Agnes Deer says: February 11, 20099:51 pm

    Oh, I adore that dress!!

  29. Atenea says: February 12, 200912:17 am

    I dont know who is Cheese…but u look like Minnie Mouse with this bow 🙂 The dress is so cute. I like your eyebrows and your make up, kisses!!

  30. melly says: February 12, 20093:35 pm

    That’s the happiest dress on earth! Nice how you toned it down with white tights :}

  31. Lucile says: February 12, 20094:40 pm

    Oh my god, I love this dress !

  32. Karafina says: February 13, 20094:30 am

    oh i love this outfit!!! people sometimes say i dress like a child as well, but who cares! we have so much more fun in life, dont we?! you look fantastic..

  33. Coco says: February 13, 200910:34 pm

    I love this so so much <3

  34. Shannon (A beautiful Dream) says: February 16, 20094:36 am

    My favourite bit is the bow! So sweet

  35. Crystal says: February 21, 200910:22 am

    Love your style and all the vintage finds you wear :D. It’s great to know I can be fashionable without breaking my wallet :D.

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