I know I should be ashamed of this, but sometimes I really miss the silly craft stores. Granted, the garment district is amazing and I’d take that over the rest any day, but sometimes I really need some soccer mom crafting supplies, and I’ve yet to find a store that covers all of those needs. Fabrics, trims, notions, art supplies – covered…general crafts, not so much. If you can think of any I should check out, please let me know. As of yesterday, I was unaware of such a place, so Bobby and I headed to Staten Island to hit up a regular old craft store. I knew I could depend on Staten Island to possess such a suburban staple. It’s really odd how crossing the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge brings you into a totally different world.

Outfit details:
On me:
bow headband – forever 21
reconstructed house dress – thrifted in new york and reconstructed (obviously)
vintage sweater – beacon’s closet
pink belt – thrifted in cape cod
vintage crochet gloves – antique flea market in park slope
pink tights – h&m
pink wedges – seychelles
pink vintage slip – from my mom
vintage purse – a gift from my little sister, Tessa

On him:
vintage hat – thrifted in cape cod
shirt, sweater, belt, shoes and probably jeans- h&m
tie – calvin klein

My makeup:
rimmel blush
MAC shimpagne skinfinish
MAC dipdown fluidline (brows)
MAC bare canvas paint (all over lid)
MAC golder’s green pigment (inner lid and blended through crease)
UD acid rain e/s (in middle of lid)
MAC embarked e/s (outer lid)
MAC blitz and glitz fluidline (upper and lower lashline)
UD vert e/s over bottom liner
CG lash blast mascara
Clinique bamboo pink lipstick

-Keiko Lynn

  1. Maria says: February 28, 20096:48 am

    LOVE the outfit & the make-up! It seems like the weather is getting warmer in your neck of the woods 🙂

  2. agus says: February 28, 20096:56 am

    I love the way you look like: combinations of colours are amazing! I adore your dress with flowers and you are so beautiful 🙂

  3. Danni says: February 28, 20097:00 am

    Your hair is getting so long already!

  4. Katrina says: February 28, 20097:01 am

    You two must be the most gorgeous couple in all of New York. Your outfits are both so well put together!

  5. leah says: February 28, 20097:06 am

    i must admit, it’s so nice to see guys who dress well. it seems to be a rarety… at least where i am!

  6. Anonymous says: February 28, 20097:11 am

    pink tights over/under white tights maybe???

  7. abigail says: February 28, 20097:49 am

    it was nice to see your makeup…
    very pretty!

  8. Sarah says: February 28, 20098:21 am

    What thrift stores do you go to in New York? Everything here seems so overpriced =(

  9. Parapluie says: February 28, 200910:27 am

    Amazing outfit! I love the colors and the pattern of the dress

  10. lea says: February 28, 200910:58 am

    Lovely bag!

  11. Gem says: February 28, 200912:04 pm

    aw, gorgeous! your makeup always looks so immaculate. where did you learn how to do that?

  12. Triufelis says: February 28, 200912:30 pm

    I love the way you look, especially how you wear thoose gloves.

  13. Anonymous says: February 28, 200912:52 pm

    you two look so great! I love both outfits

  14. Dear Mrs. E says: February 28, 20091:36 pm

    You look adorable!

  15. Anonymous says: February 28, 20093:02 pm

    Here you go. It’s about 10 times the size of any craft store.


    There are 2 locations in Queens

  16. Melissa says: February 28, 20093:04 pm

    My name is Melissa btw! Michael’s is a place you will love. Sorry I forgot to post my name.

  17. kittyscreations says: February 28, 20094:13 pm

    Your outfit looks so sweet and lovely! I love those lace gloves.

  18. styledigger says: February 28, 20095:43 pm

    Amazing outfit…and you’re so pretty!

  19. Le Tasché says: February 28, 20097:36 pm

    These kind of hair accessories are really made for you, you look so beautiful.

  20. old love in new cities says: February 28, 20098:22 pm

    Your outfit is everything I’m currently obsessed with…dusty pale pink, florals and bows!


  21. Steppie says: February 28, 20099:52 pm

    ah – this is one of my favorite outfits so far! 🙂

  22. Tamia says: March 1, 20091:50 am

    Your eye makeup is amazing! I must learn to blend properly…

  23. Anonymous says: March 1, 20092:06 am

    You look STUNNING!! I love the way you always seem so happy and cheerful. Do you mind me asking what camera you use?

  24. awoodnymph says: March 1, 20093:36 am

    You two are so attractive I can’t freakin’ attractive, I can’t stand it.

  25. awoodnymph says: March 1, 20093:37 am

    Okay, um, I butchered that comment. Let me clarify: You two are so freakin’ attractive, I can’t stand it.

  26. Denise L says: March 1, 20097:26 am

    wow Keiko you are such a lady… i love your style.

    and your man..he’s so dandy.

    you look good together.

    have a great day!

  27. enskumuisku says: March 1, 20097:46 am

    I just found your blog and I have to say: YOU ARE SOOO BEAUTIFUL!! I already love your blog, you must be such a lovely person and you’re so stylish too.. oh, and how I envy your great make-up and clothingskills! 🙂

  28. Anja says: March 1, 20099:50 am

    This is soooo beautiful!

  29. suz-xx says: March 1, 20097:47 pm

    Love that dress, the rest fits perfect to it

  30. Sweet Pirate Betty says: March 1, 20099:08 pm

    Beautiful pictures! you’re gorgeous! and have amazingly perfect lips! 🙂

  31. supayana says: March 2, 20092:07 pm


    Did you try Pearl Paint yet? The one on Canal street?


  32. Ellie says: March 2, 20092:52 pm

    WOW I luv this outfit so much
    the dress is so beautiful!

  33. rose-karma says: March 2, 20092:54 pm

    I love this outfit! It looks so sweet

  34. Lucile says: March 2, 20094:43 pm

    You look like a movie star, it’s amazing.

  35. Mo says: March 2, 20096:32 pm

    soooooooooo incredibly pretty

  36. Hanako66 says: March 2, 20096:51 pm

    this is the cutest thing ever…seriously

  37. Sasha says: March 2, 20099:04 pm

    I seriously LOVE this outfit. Bobby's looks good too!

    Makeup skills = <3. I wish Clinique's Bamboo Pink looked like that on me lol

  38. Scheharazade says: March 4, 20091:56 pm

    You’re absolutely pretty, like Spring !^-~

  39. Shannon (A beautiful Dream) says: March 7, 20095:07 am

    This is my favourite outfir of yours by far. You look so darling. And your makeup is perfect as always.

  40. tis serendipity says: March 8, 200912:17 pm

    Aww you guys look totally great! =) I love how your boy is dressed so well and with that preppy look. I wish I could convince my boyfriend to dress that way too X)

    I’m so amazed at how you’re able to alter all the stuff you thrift! Not only do you have a great eye for picking out stuff in thrift stores, you’re able to create something so beautiful from them. It’s really fantastic. =)

  41. Hello, my name is Eke. says: March 12, 20093:26 pm

    lovely! So cute (=

  42. BB says: April 26, 20092:24 pm

    Your outfit here is really “charlotte york” I love it.And I insisted to tell you (I think I’m not the first) you’re really beautiful (and your boyfriend too lol!)
    I’ve just opened a blog about shoes and fashion creation too please take a look if you have time http://upper-b-side.hautetfort.com

  43. disa says: September 26, 20093:25 pm