Jump, jump! (I just dated myself).

Bobby has been bugging me about posting the rest of our Valentines’ Day pictures. He just wants to show off his jumping skills. I’d like to point out that I’m wearing heels (except when I kicked them off) and that automatically makes me the better jumper. He also just admitted that he was holding me down. He literally would hold my hand and push me down while he used me as leverage! Just sayin’.

-Keiko Lynn

  1. Hanako66 says: February 21, 200912:08 am

    those are adorable

  2. Leah says: February 21, 200912:14 am

    those are pretty serious jumping skills right there

  3. HoneyBunny says: February 21, 200912:23 am

    wow I love these pictures:DD you’re great jumpers;DD

  4. Eva says: February 21, 20091:57 am

    These pictures put a smile on my face. Adorable.

  5. Antoinette says: February 21, 20092:31 am

    Cute! 🙂

  6. Anonymous says: February 21, 20092:35 am

    these are so cute! i like the third one the best 🙂

  7. Kristen L says: February 21, 20093:06 am

    Those are adorable pictures… and you are an AMAZING jumper if you got that high up in heels!

    Man, when I saw the title of this blog I almost jumped myself. Kriss Kross was the first CD I bought for myself when I was in first grade. What a flashback!

  8. hanako says: February 21, 20094:10 am

    THAT’S ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! 😀 you guys are such a cute couple!

  9. pomegranate season says: February 21, 20094:18 am

    You are totally reminding me of Audrey Hepburn and Mary Poppins.

  10. leah says: February 21, 20094:26 am

    so, so cute! i love it!

  11. Denise L says: February 21, 20096:55 am

    i love the jumpshot. you look so cute together!

  12. ana b. says: February 21, 20098:03 am

    Oh wow. I must say though your boy has his jumping angles down pat.

  13. Parapluie says: February 21, 200910:03 am

    Love them!

  14. sefi says: February 21, 200910:45 am

    you two look funny and happy! love it!

  15. raphaela. says: February 21, 200910:58 am

    I love your outfits!

  16. neofelis says: February 21, 200911:56 am

    aww.. these pictures make me wanna jump too! seems like you were having a lot of fun.

  17. Helen says: February 21, 200912:46 pm

    oh these are so so cute!!

  18. http://litesomjag.blogg.se says: February 21, 20092:30 pm

    Oh, lovely pictures! They make me smile :).

  19. Diane says: February 21, 20093:26 pm


  20. M-ily says: February 21, 20094:15 pm

    Jump shots are the best! Whenever I’m with my little sister or boyfriend or close friends who aren’t embarrassed to do funny things for my love of photography we take toooons of jump shots. And obviously you are the better jumper.

  21. Christina =) says: February 21, 20094:32 pm

    haha omg these have to be the cutest pictures ever!! the last one is just priceless. and yes, i will back you up to say jumping in heels takes a lot of talent so you definitely are the better jumper! XD

  22. Agnes Deer says: February 22, 200912:00 pm

    You’re too lovely for words!

  23. Fell4fashion says: February 22, 20093:00 pm

    These are just too adorable!!!!

  24. Shen-Shen says: February 22, 20098:11 pm

    You two are so adorable, as are these pictures!

  25. truzz says: February 23, 20093:02 am

    I don’t understand how everyone is good at timing jumps but me.
    cute photos. 🙂

  26. tokyobanhbao says: February 23, 20095:28 pm

    very beautiful couple and good jump!!! too cute!

  27. Spandexpony says: February 24, 20093:46 am

    Love these pictures, you guys look awesome!

  28. mothersvea says: February 24, 20098:55 am

    You are so adorable!! I love the last picture!

  29. Melinda says: February 24, 20095:45 pm

    You two are too cute! Also, would you ever do makeup application for, say, a wedding?

  30. ViVy says: March 21, 20099:46 pm

    you’re so cute!
    congratulations for your lovely blog!
    greetings from argentina =)

  31. Ash says: February 12, 20102:51 am

    I like the 3rd to last one… it looks like Bobby is walking on air and you are giving him such a cute glance!