I have this awful habit of browsing Etsy shops as five in the morning, after a long night of work. It starts out as an effort to wind down – I shower, browse some blogs and Etsy shops and eventually tire myself out. Sometimes, I’ll pass out halfway through a paragraph. Others, such as tonight, I just click and click and click through hundreds of items, oohing and ahhing over all of the handmade and vintage goods that I shouldn’t be purchasing right now. Here are just a few of my favorites:

This lovely little repurposed wallet, from Hoakon Helga. How freaking cute is that? At only $25, it’s an absolute steal. She makes bags and wallets from old leather jackets. I love it!

This amazing blouse from Supayana. I want the hat, too!

And one last item, before my eyes fall out of my head (it’s 6:11 AM) – this fringe necklace from Norwegian Wood. It’s fantastic. It doesn’t hurt that the girl modeling it is drop dead gorgeous.

If only I could afford to treat myself to a few things. But, I have a couple of vacations that I have to save up for and that means no excess spending until then. Curse this recession and my budgeted lifestyle! In the meantime, window shopping will have to suffice. Now, I just have to figure out how to keep it from affecting my sleepy time.

p.s. If you’re already clicking around…check my Postlapsaria update! More on that, later. End of shameless plug.

  1. fröken lila says: February 19, 200912:07 pm

    thank you so much for those tips! etsy really is one huge big treasure hunt with nice little things everywhere…

  2. Katrina says: February 19, 20091:11 pm

    I was seriously drooling last night over all the new dresses being added to your store. I honestly wish I wasn’t living such a budgeted life right now… ugh!! I neeeeeeeeed one of your plaid dresses for the summer!

  3. Maria G. says: February 19, 20091:11 pm

    The neckalce is just great!! thank you for the links! I also go to the bed so late in the nights! but it feels like Im in a better mood to do things in the nights! and then, when i have to wake up so soon, it feels horrible, haha!! greetings.

  4. Sal says: February 19, 20092:59 pm

    I JUST stumbled across Norwegian Wood yesterday. Those fringed bibs are glorious.

  5. HoneyBunny says: February 19, 20093:19 pm

    I love that blouse with a bow;d

  6. mooq says: February 19, 20094:00 pm

    Those leather bow wallets are really adorable! I have a love/hate relationship with Etsy. I love hunting around on it. I hate being a broke student and watching all the pretty things pass me by!

  7. Hanako66 says: February 19, 20094:18 pm

    thanks for the links to your great finds! I think that I just found a few more shops to add to my favs!

  8. mandi says: February 19, 20094:27 pm

    thanks for the links! i love that first wallet!

    here’s my etsy store if you are up late browsing again. i make cute (i think) headbands!

  9. eve says: February 19, 20095:41 pm

    you think that model is drop dead gorgeous? have you seen yourself lately? YOU are drop dead gorgeous!

    -eve(lj is stellulareve)

  10. Agnes Deer says: February 19, 20097:51 pm

    The blouse is my favorite of the three!

  11. Jen says: February 19, 20098:25 pm

    I love the new items on your site! You always create such beautiful clothing. I’m debating REALLY hard as to whether I should treat myself…

  12. Farren says: February 19, 200910:01 pm

    i do this too! and then i end up with a huge bookmark folder full of things i want. lol. i usually empty them out the next week though. midnight browsings are usually impulsive wants for me and then when i wake up the next morning i’m like why did i want this heart print caftan with leopard trim? no! haha.

  13. Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com says: February 20, 200912:42 am

    haha, on no! I stayed up 2 hours too late on etsy last night too. I walked away with a gorge emerald green skirt, that was it. And a bunch I have to mull over in my favorites.

  14. Ayesha says: February 20, 20091:14 am

    Wow! what a stunning necklace! I would have no idea how t work it into what I wear, bt the workmanship is amazing!

    I do the same thing with blogs where I click click click away and then bfore I know it it’s 4 in the morning…

  15. supayana says: February 20, 20091:28 am

    Thanks for the props, Keiko! Guess where I got the fabric??? Yep, from Kashi….maybe from two years ago. I bought it and had no idea what I was gonna do with it…that’s why I didn’t make anything with it until this past year!

    My friend Angie makes those fringe necklaces, and yessss she’s so pretty! I am so jealous that she has super thick straight hair…and her hair always looks like it’s super styled but it actually just looks like that naturally. Grr, like I’ve seen her right after she woke up and it looks exactly the same. Mine is a giant afro in the morning! HAHA!

  16. Keiko Lynn says: February 20, 20092:29 am

    I thought that fabric looked familiar!

    I have the opposite problem. My hair is fine and not quite straight, not quite wavy…somewhere in between. It’s ridiculous. I loooove big hair and I have the opposite of that.

  17. Keiko Lynn says: February 20, 20092:29 am


    Your headbands are super cute!

  18. Indie.Tea says: February 20, 20099:31 am

    Those ARE amazing!

  19. Tamia says: February 20, 200911:36 pm

    Thank you for posting these links! It’s so easy to get lost on etsy, there are so many amazing things to buy…hence the 3am browse ‘n binge syndrome!

  20. jennine says: February 22, 200912:39 pm

    if you came to the ifb party last week you would be in the running for this necklace!

    lovely style.. love your blog.

  21. Keiko Lynn says: February 22, 200910:30 pm


    I’m new to this whole thing – I didn’t even know about it! 🙁

  22. lauren says: February 24, 20096:30 pm

    That necklace? Also in my Etsy favorites. It’s fantastic!