Today, I woke up feeling pretty awful. I ended up having to cancel with Catherine, which was unfortunate, since I had a lot of work for us to tend to! Oh well, I guess everyone is entitled to a sick day, now and then. After a few hours of feeling miserable and whining to my animals about it, I finally got dressed. I’m already feeling a little better and I’m looking forward to a lovely Valentines’ Day. We plan on making dinner (comfort food!) and eating in, because the restaurants are just too crazy on this holiday. 

Outfit Details:
vintage beret – Hourglass Consignment (my mom’s shop in Margate, FL)
dress – thrifted and altered (took it in, shortened the hem, brought up the shoulder seam and gave it short sleeves)
belt – thrifted
tights – had them since high school
bow heels – nine west
-Keiko Lynn
  1. a cat of impossible colour says: February 14, 20094:55 am

    I love the collar on the dress. Have a great Valentine’s night, and I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  2. Denise L says: February 14, 20096:57 am

    that tights shouts Vday. hihi

    i love the whole ensemble.

    you are so cute. Hope you will feell better the rest of the day.

  3. Shen-Shen says: February 14, 20097:59 am

    The peter pan collar and colors of this outfit are divine!

  4. Eline says: February 14, 20098:40 am

    This outfit is BEYOND amazing! You’re wearing one of my all time favourite colour combos! Anyway, get better soon!

  5. ana b. says: February 14, 20099:26 am

    Wow! These colours and this dress is epic. I love the peter pan collar with the row of buttons. You’ve been linked xx

  6. agus says: February 14, 20099:46 am

    Beautiful dress and amazing colours!

  7. Helen says: February 14, 20099:53 am

    get well soon! i am so jealous of that dress – it’s so lovely

  8. Manja says: February 14, 200910:46 am

    I just stumbled on your blog and I must say….I LOVE your style! You dress so colorful and pretty, so chique! I need to buy more colorful tight. now.

  9. Dear Mrs. E says: February 14, 200910:50 am

    That dress is perfect! I also like the way you use hats and hair accessories.

  10. Raquel says: February 14, 200910:53 am

    love the colors! you look like snow white!
    hope you’re feeling better now and Happy Valentine’s day!

  11. Elit Alice says: February 14, 200912:06 pm

    another perfect outfit!

    get better and have a beautiful V day!

  12. Agnes Deer says: February 14, 20091:57 pm

    I love how you combine colors, I must learn from you and start daring with colors I don’t usually wear 🙂

  13. imaginethekiss says: February 14, 20094:41 pm

    I went thrifting yesterday and found absolutely nothing at all! I’m new at this, so do you have any suggestions or tips to help me out?

    I love your outfit by the way, the colors you picked are stunning! 😉

  14. Cy says: February 14, 200911:07 pm

    Pink tights! Instead <3 – you just reminded me that I lent mine to a friend a year ago. I doubt I'm getting them back. Heh.

  15. lisamarie says: February 14, 200911:12 pm

    i think this dress is adorable.
    i think its so great that you can see a garment that is too big, and not your style at all, and alter it to be something great.

    i’m a theatre major and i work int he costume shop. i know how to sew but can never find the motivation to make anything for myself.
    you’re posts are inspiring me to start 🙂

  16. Niviarsiaq says: February 14, 200911:40 pm

    I love how colerful you always are! And you must have such a huge selection of colorful tights! I’m jealous!

  17. Anonymous says: February 15, 20097:08 pm

    superb tights…superb legs as well..i wonder…all your tights are so opaque???

  18. HoneyBunny says: February 16, 20091:18 pm

    I loove the dress and how it looks with those red tights!

  19. Hanako66 says: February 16, 20095:46 pm

    totally darling!

  20. Meeri says: February 18, 20096:14 pm

    Like everyone else I also love the colour combination dearly! The outfit made me think about taking my blue dress out of the closet (it’s kinda summery) even though it’s freezing cold here in Finland… :’)

    The collar of your dress is simply adorable 🙂

  21. 陳珊妮sammi says: January 13, 20106:36 am