If I cursed (I don’t), this is where I would put the eff word in big, bold letters.

So please, someone do it for me.

  1. Y says: March 28, 200912:16 am

    Sorry, I can’t do it cos I don’t want to be rude.. I hope you are okay though and nothing horrible’s happened to you!

  2. carly. says: March 28, 200912:33 am


  3. Anonymous says: March 28, 200912:47 am


  4. Kristin says: March 28, 200912:50 am


    I have had a similar bad week- but look at the small positive things: like, that your eye make-up looks amazing today!


  5. Shannon Lambert says: March 28, 20091:06 am

    I swear all the time (Yes vulgar, and my English teachers loved me but hated hearing me swear out of class…oh well), but can’t bring myself to do so on your blog. Take solace that each time I swear today, a portion of the cursing will be donated to your cause.

  6. comeuppances says: March 28, 20091:16 am

    I like the brown hair.

  7. Kristen L. says: March 28, 20091:25 am

    I hope everything is ok… so I’ll type a better eff word that describes you best:


  8. my name is kacie. says: March 28, 20092:04 am

    poor sad pretty girl

  9. Romantic16 says: March 28, 20092:12 am

    I like your whole wtf look.

  10. Farrielle Design and Fashionista says: March 28, 20092:18 am

    I do not curse, but I am going to say you look fab as always, love the color on the eyes.

  11. Ms. T. says: March 28, 20092:18 am


    Wait…was that not the Eff word you meant?

  12. Keiko Lynn says: March 28, 20092:26 am

    haha, I have enjoyed the variety of eff words you guys have come up with!

  13. Keiko Lynn says: March 28, 20092:26 am

    For the record, Carly is spot on;)

  14. Hannah is Narnia's Closet says: March 28, 20093:29 am

    wow your makeup looks gorgeous! i wish i ould rock the bright colors…

  15. Internet Stalker says: March 28, 20093:32 am


  16. Keiko Lynn says: March 28, 20093:33 am

    hahahaha Peter! I love your website address:)

  17. Sara says: March 28, 20094:31 am

    well at least your hair and face looks good

  18. Celly | La Dolce Vita says: March 28, 20096:13 am

    I agree with Sara.

  19. ericaleigh says: March 28, 20097:20 am



  20. Tinny Truc says: March 28, 20099:10 am

    I think you look really cool in fact –” Fuck!

  21. Pistachio Print says: March 28, 20099:46 am

    Wow, simply stunning 🙂 Hope you feel better soon.

  22. chmurek says: March 28, 20099:57 am

    No matter how bad it would be – you look wonderful! You should start giving make-up courses – you always look fabulous!

  23. Sshaythiel says: March 28, 200912:56 pm

    I won’t do it…:-)

    The color of your eyemakeup looks great…which color and brand is this from? I prefer MAC for my makeup….:-) I have some pics on my blog…:-) Hope you are well…


  24. Anonymous says: March 28, 20092:54 pm

    oh fcuk! you really look fabulous with your hair letdown and makeup was fascinating. 😀

  25. J says: March 28, 20093:27 pm

    Well, fuck.

    You’ve probably said this somewhere else before, but would you mind telling me what camera you use to shoot all of the pictures you post?

  26. whimsykid says: March 28, 20094:14 pm

    On the bright side, your hair looks amazing. I love your photography.

    I’ve had a terrible, crappy week too, but have had bad hair days to go with it! XP

  27. yhslinglz says: March 28, 20097:36 pm

    I have that same eyeshadow color by NYX and I haven’t had the bravery to wear it just yet. It definitely looks gorgeous on you. I read your blog all the time, I love it.

    Fantastic: what next week will be.

    I have had an awful week as well.

  28. a cat of impossible colour says: March 28, 20099:37 pm


  29. laura says: March 29, 20095:43 pm

    You don’t curse?
    how is it possible to live this way?

    my friend says that there is nothing more relaxing than yelling “caralho”

  30. lillian jayne says: March 30, 200912:14 am

    Fuck you’re pretty. 🙂 Great make-up.

  31. FashionXJunkie says: March 30, 20092:46 am

    I knew my foul mouth would eventually come in handy! FUCK!


  32. Ferr says: March 30, 20099:28 pm

    you look so pretty. what is the lipstick and shadow? tks!

  33. G+G says: March 31, 20094:54 am

    i love your style and your photos!! do you mind me asking what camera you use? you always take really nice pictures 🙂

  34. Keiko Lynn says: April 5, 200912:43 am

    Sorry these are late:

    Ferr: Thank you! Here’s what’s on my eyes:
    I used MAC Graphito paint as a base, MAC A Bluer Blue eyeshadow on the lid, with teal pigment blended outward. Urban Decay Oil Slick is in the crease and outer v, with Urban Decay Green Goddess in the inner corners. Then I lined the bottom with MAC peacocked sparkle pencil. The waterline and upper lash line is lined with MAC blitz and glitz.
    I don’t remember what I was wearing on my lips.

    G+G: I use a Nikon D50 with a 50mm 1.8f lens

  35. G+G says: April 8, 200910:10 am

    thanks for the reply! i’ve been looking into nikons…just trying to save up $$ for one! 🙂

  36. 陳珊妮sammi says: January 13, 20106:36 am