You can’t even see them in these pictures, but I donned a pair of fake lashes with this getup. I seem to have inherited only one Asian feature: straight (and short) eyelashes. I’ve had more than one makeup artist make a vain effort to curl them, and instead give me a set of falsies. I wish I had the patience to wear them on a daily basis, but I rarely bother. Naturally, on the one day that I wear them I forgot to take a picture. Go figure!

I spent the early part of the day working with my intern  and the rest with Peter, Samara and Bobby. I’m kitty-sitting Peter’s cats, Madeline and Mathilde, while he’s in Paris. We did what we do best – watched ridiculous youtube videos, ate a lot of food and made good conversations. I feel like Peter and I are subtle enablers…we seem to always eat onion rings or cupcakes when we’re together. Thanks, Peter!

Outfit details:
vintage fedora – beacon’s closet
vintage double breasted blazer – thrifted
vintage button up – thrifted
french connection skirt
h&m tights
thrifted shoes

Makeup details:

MAC shimpagne skinfinish
MAC burgundy lip pencil
MAC dubonnet lipstick
MAC dipdown fluidline (brows)
MAC blacktrack fluidline (eyes)
ardell lashes
CG lash blast mascara

-Keiko Lynn

  1. April says: March 2, 20093:26 am

    Why havent you tried Loreal Beauty tubes yet!!??? Let me know if you bought them yet… b/c if not I am getting you them as part of my eternally indebted to you thank you gift

  2. Denise L says: March 2, 20093:32 am

    seriously? you look like scarlet Johanson. i don’t know. the cheekbone or the smile. Yeah, you really do!

    great outfit for the day!

  3. Keiko Lynn says: March 2, 20093:36 am


    I bought the mascara! I even got one for my mom. While I think it’s great and I’m fascinated by the tube things…it doesn’t really matter what I use, because my lashes aren’t even visible and can’t be curled. I usually use it, though:)

  4. proudly says, says: March 2, 20094:00 am

    love, love, love the tights!
    the color is amazing!

  5. EmilyKate says: March 2, 20094:07 am

    I WANT that SKIRT!
    I don’t know if they still make it, but I used to buy Ardell permanent lash glue and use their little lash-clusters- ‘sweeties’ I think is what they’re called- just at the corners of my natural lashes, and it would last for about a week. You have to comb them though, and you remove them using another concoction, that smells like nailpolish remover.

  6. Farren says: March 2, 20094:30 am

    I looove that blazer. =) The color is amazing.

  7. Sher says: March 2, 20094:49 am

    I loooove this outfit!! Red lips is so your colour!

  8. Anonymous says: March 2, 20094:59 am

    i wish i had your tights…emmm..i say…legs…

  9. Hannah is Narnia's Closet says: March 2, 20095:49 am

    great mix of patterns! so lovely!

  10. 5am says: March 2, 20097:58 am

    was also going to comment about wishing to have your legs.

  11. CASTCOUTURE says: March 2, 20098:35 am

    Much love for the tights! i’ve been sporting colored legs alot recently, much to the dislike of the boyfriend. oh well, he’ll come around!

  12. Anonymous says: March 2, 20099:10 am

    did you dye your hair a little darker? if so what kind of color? its hard to find one that makes hair brown and not black…

  13. giggleness says: March 2, 200910:55 am

    love your outfit :]

    just so you know, i mentioned you in my blog – with a couple pictures. :]


  14. Yvonne says: March 2, 200912:19 pm

    I loved your black and white outfit that ‘giggleness’ put in her post.

  15. Manja says: March 2, 200912:28 pm

    I love this! And I really like the color of the tights. I seriously need to go to H&M and buy more colored tights. I need them. Oh and the skirt is so lovely!

  16. Dionne says: March 2, 20091:12 pm

    Cute outfit!

    I am with you on the shirt eyelashes. My mother is Filipino, and I inherited her short lashes too. I have never worn fake ones, I can never get them to stay on! Looks great on you though!

  17. Blair Waldorf says: March 2, 20092:49 pm

    You have such a lovely and nice blog!! And your outfits are absolutely great and girlie i love them!
    I add you to my favourites!! Happy Week!

  18. kittyscreations says: March 2, 20093:10 pm

    I love how perfectly your tights go with your jacket. Your outfits are always so wonderfully full of color!

  19. HoneyBunny says: March 2, 20093:51 pm

    wow! great outfit! you work that orange so well!

  20. suz-xx says: March 2, 20094:23 pm

    Oh my God, so great great great again!

  21. Georgie said says: March 2, 20095:23 pm

    Great use of colours!
    Fake eyelashes are such a performance, I have quite a few different styles of them but it takes me a good half an hour and my errors before I get them right.

  22. kaamiye says: March 2, 20095:31 pm

    Hi ! I’m Camille, i’m a french blogwriter, i’ve just discovered your blog, can’t remember from where :)… but still, i wanted to say that you reallllly are gorgeous, i absolutely love your style and make up.
    I’d like to talk about you on my blog, may i borrow some of your pics ? i’ll had a link of course !

    Camille aka Kaamiye 🙂

  23. Hanako66 says: March 2, 20095:42 pm

    You are the cutest! I am half Japanese and do not have the longest lashes either! I am going to try eyelash extensions before a wedding that I am in this summer…I’ll let you know how that goes:) I don’t have the artistry or the patience for false lashes!!!

  24. ellenmarie says: March 2, 20096:42 pm

    i love those tights! i’ve seen tights in nearly every color but not burnt orange i adore it!

  25. LoveMore says: March 2, 20097:44 pm

    you are SUCH a doll. first tim eon your blog. love your outfits. gorgeous.

    xxx LM

  26. Steppie says: March 2, 20098:16 pm

    your daily outfit posts make me happy. 🙂


  27. Sasha says: March 2, 20098:55 pm

    I am always amazed at how you have a pair of tights to match any and every outfit =)

  28. Thao says: March 2, 20099:19 pm

    Fantastic jacket! And I agree about Asian eyelashes. Hate it!

  29. emma says: March 3, 20091:26 am

    hey, i just stumbled across your blog and i love it, your outfits are so cute!

  30. magika says: March 3, 20094:40 pm

    i have the same tights!!!!

    oh i’m so proud to have something identical to you because i love your outfit!!

    the problem is i don’t know with what kind of coulours i should join them.. :S


  31. Atenea says: March 3, 200910:10 pm

    I think your last look (with white gloves) is my favorite. I love when you smile 🙂 your face is perfect!


  32. leader of the pack says: March 4, 20096:51 am

    I think this is my favorite outfit of yours to date! That orange blazer is killer!

  33. lilustyle says: March 7, 200911:27 am

    love the tights!the color is amazing!

  34. shakka jones says: March 11, 20098:37 pm

    wow. i like that outfit. usually i don’t like this colour too much. but in this case it looks good.
    oh.. and the 2nd pic is cool.