Attention to gals with curly, long, red hair in the NYC area:

I told Shana I would post this on my blog and then I got sick! I guess better late than never? She’s looking for “a youngish looking girl (someone who could pass for 17) with long, curly red hair to model for a book cover.” FYI,  Shana is a children’s book author and editor at Random House, so it’s nothing skeevy;) If you or anyone you know fits this description, email Shana (preferably with pictures)!

-Keiko Lynn

  1. proudly says, says: March 7, 20095:49 am

    just dropping by to say happy weekend! i hope you will get a response on this.

  2. Baśka says: March 7, 20099:59 am

    hey, i’m Baśka from
    i wanted to ask you if you don’t mind that i posted some of your pictures on my blog? of course, i added the source of these photos 🙂 i hope it isn’t a problem but if you mind i will remove them from my site 🙂 greetings!

  3. it's me ...Twinkie Chan! says: March 7, 20091:40 pm

    i fwd’d xenia/doe deere the info! the raddest redhead i know of!

  4. yoli says: March 7, 20099:06 pm

    I am not a long culry red hair girl, as you can see.. but I just want to say that your blog is amazing!

  5. tsumik says: March 13, 20095:36 pm

    I sent a message to Shana cause a friend of mine fits that description and until just recently was a model for Majors so she might be able to help.

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    Long curly hair is fine and unique on most people. But it is difficult to comb. I usually prefer straight hair.

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