Bobby, Miku, Lacy, Vester and I are embarking on our road trip, in just a few hours. Here’s one more outfit post, before we hit the road. I’ll try and find an internet source, along the way…I have lots of pictures to share!

I have always loved robin’s egg blue, especially paired with mustard or gold. I also love that in my grandma’s high school photo, she is wearing a very similar little cardigan. Shades of her age; I love how style can be somewhat cyclical. The wrap dress, on the other hand, is from my mom’s teen era.

Flowers, for my rat’s nest. I think the term “rat’s nest” is most appropriate, not only for the mess but for the fact that every rat I’ve ever known has loved to curl up on my shoulder, nestled in my hair.

I was so excited to find these shoes! It’s a rarity to find any great vintage shoes in a size nine. All of the best shoes are super tiny.

Outfit Details:
Vintage 50s Sweater – thrifted
Vintage 70s Wrap Dress – thrifted
Belt – from my mom’s consignment shop
Navy Tights – H&M
Vintage Shoes – thrifted
Hair Flowers – handmade clip, by me…it involved a lot of tedious hand sewing.

While I’m excited for the trip and subsequent family/friend time, I do wish I would have packed in advance, so I could have slept. Instead, I’m still packing last minute things and going on no sleep. Poor Bobby; I always sleep through our trips!

-Keiko Lynn

  1. melly says: March 15, 200912:21 pm

    this really is a lovely colour combination, bright+fun+spunky. You really embody all these characteristics, if i may say so (: have a really good time!

  2. Sara says: March 15, 200912:24 pm

    I am in love with the fun color combination!

  3. Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka says: March 15, 200912:25 pm

    a lovely dress!

  4. Jacqueline J says: March 15, 200912:39 pm

    Your color combination is impeccable.

  5. kittyscreations says: March 15, 200912:44 pm

    I love that combination of colors. It’s one I never would have thought of, but it looks so great on you.

  6. Helen says: March 15, 200912:51 pm

    that dress is amazing. your hair looks really cute too.

  7. Manja says: March 15, 20091:47 pm

    Great! I love the flowers in your hair! Have fun on your road trip 🙂

  8. Denise says: March 15, 20092:20 pm

    you are suuuper cute.

    have fun on the trip!

  9. Little Fish says: March 15, 20093:05 pm

    I never would have thought to combine these two colors, but they look great on you! The shoes are amazing too, what a lucky find! Have a safe trip!

  10. Kalba says: March 15, 20093:52 pm

    i just wrote bout you darlin!

  11. Chicisimo says: March 15, 20094:24 pm

    I agree with some of the comments above, this is a really lovely color combination.

  12. Kastina says: March 15, 20095:55 pm

    Too cute.

  13. Katrina says: March 15, 20096:23 pm

    Lovin’ the outfit… especially the shoes.

    Enjoy your trip!

  14. old love in new cities says: March 15, 20098:19 pm

    sounds like loads of fun! i’m excited for you just reading this! have a great time!

  15. Bri says: March 15, 20098:35 pm

    Very pretty!

  16. Melissa Aquino says: March 15, 200911:04 pm

    Keiko! I used to follow you on your website/lj (My username was 2to1, i doubt you remember haha. I think you were a hot_fashion alum maybe?!) but lost track over the years. I was just browsing Lucky and saw your Reebok contest photo and knew something about your name and face was familiar! Shit girl! congrats!

  17. kelly says: March 16, 200912:18 am

    hi Keiko..i found your blog through hanako66! and i’m glad i did! i think you are so kawaii! and your designs are adorable!

  18. Olya says: March 16, 20093:55 am

    The color combo is great! The color of the tights is divine. Have an awesome and safe road trip!

  19. sefi says: March 18, 20098:12 am

    i always love what you wear. loved the wrap dress very much today and the way it looks so 70’s.

  20. Anupam says: March 20, 20097:06 am

    Thanks for this nice post.

  21. cassaundra says: May 11, 20099:19 pm

    i’m pretty much in love with those shoes!