Happy Easter, gals and guys! If you don’t celebrate Easter, just enjoy all of the chocolate and bunny stuff that goes on sale, tomorrow. It’s all about bunnies and colored eggs for me…and chocolate. I haven’t had any chocolate today (Easter without the family = no Easter basket!), so I’m definitely looking forward to our dinner and dessert. Speaking of which, I am running late. I will leave you with these photos, as I rush off to dinner. I would have put bunny ears on the kitties, but I kind of want to live to see tomorrow. They would kill me in my sleep. Luckily, Miku puts up with my shenanigans.

Love love and dainty Easter gloves,

Keiko Lynn, Bobby and Miku

  1. Amelia says: April 12, 200911:24 pm

    I love the last picture. Cutest doggy ever! Happy Easter!

  2. Nelinda says: April 12, 200911:28 pm

    Ughhh stop being so cute. Its embarrasing Keiko! Lol now i want to stick bunny ears on Ziggy but sadly my ears are in Bradenton.

  3. Hannah is Narnia's Closet says: April 12, 200911:36 pm

    so adorable! your pictures are always so great, i can only imagine what your christmas card is. i hope you had a lovely holiday.


  4. Kirsty says: April 12, 200911:57 pm

    Your dog is so cute, these are wonderful photos!

  5. hiolivejuicee says: April 12, 200911:58 pm

    OH MY
    how adorable!

  6. M-ily says: April 13, 20092:33 am

    Miku’s facial expression is priceless! Happy Easter to youuu.

  7. kacie says: April 13, 20092:34 am

    sucha happy little familyyy

  8. 5am says: April 13, 20093:05 am

    youre in something sleeveless =-O!!!!! hope you post outfit pics soon!

  9. jillian says: April 13, 20094:47 am

    awww! happy easter!

  10. angela says: April 13, 20094:48 am

    i have this major urge to want to see the rest of your outfit!

    what a darling little family you’ve got there though!


  11. Sshaythiel says: April 13, 200910:17 am

    How cute…;-)

  12. Katrina says: April 13, 20093:05 pm

    You guys are absolutely adorable!!

  13. Diane says: April 13, 20095:01 pm

    those are the cutest pictures EVER!

  14. ragamuffin says: April 13, 20095:06 pm

    oh my, your lil puppin is the cutest!

  15. anonanimal says: April 13, 20098:19 pm

    I’m going to explode from the cuteness.

  16. Freddie says: April 13, 20098:24 pm

    these pictures are SO darling.

    hope things are starting to look up for you — best wishes!

  17. jennyfer says: April 13, 20099:51 pm

    how cute are these pics?
    it’s been a while since I found your website and it’s so nice! I love your clothes!

  18. The Chiconomist Celine says: April 13, 200910:37 pm

    I just discovered your blog and I LOVE IT! You’re so pretty and I love that your pictures are so happy. I feel that I can relate to you because I can’t muster up angst no matter how hard I try! You’re so cute!!!

  19. Anna says: April 13, 200911:57 pm

    I just discovered your blog!

    This is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  20. Anonymous says: April 14, 20092:46 am

    3 of you are to cuteee
    happy easther!

  21. FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE says: April 14, 20092:51 am

    Lovely images and what a cute dog!!

  22. suz-xx says: April 14, 20098:34 am

    Pictures are so cute. Hope you’ve had enought choclate by now 😉

  23. Slanelle says: April 14, 200911:45 am

    this dog is adorable <3

  24. Sylvie says: April 14, 20098:00 pm

    Love love love your blog Keiko!!

  25. Madison Feathers says: April 15, 20095:06 am

    Wayyy too much cute for one post!

  26. Najeema says: April 17, 20094:50 am

    Aww, you guys are adorable. And your doggy looks like mine! Is Miku a pomeranian?

    link to pics of my Miku look-alike:

  27. coco says: April 19, 200911:37 pm

    This post is almost too cute to handle <3

  28. Estrella says: April 20, 20096:46 am

    I love youre dog !! he looks so cute with the ears!!

  29. Siel says: April 21, 20097:02 pm

    Your dog looks so damn cute with the bunny ears! Especially on this pic http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3375/3436220772_fe878c31fd.jpg?v=0

    I love it!

  30. S and O says: November 3, 20097:55 pm

    OMG these pics are the cutest thing ever!!!!

  31. Hypiness says: April 4, 20108:02 pm

    Oh those pics are so lovely ! You three are very cute !