Lately, I’ve been missing Fellsmere. I’m this odd mix, with one foot in the city and the other in the country. I get restless when I have too much of either one. Right now, I’m missing my mom’s ranch – the horses, goats, neighboring kitty cows and starry, starry nights. I want to swim with my pony, drink sweet tea and eat fried green tomatoes. I want to sit on the porch and watch the fireflies, while the crickets chirp and the scent of orange blossoms flood the air. I’m missing Fellsmere something fierce. It’s a good thing I’ll be there next week.

Tekserve wasn’t able to recover most of my photos, but I got really lucky. They retrieved family photos (yes!) and several of my Fellsmere photos, from my last trip to Florida. They’re a couple months old but I never shared them on here…so, here they are!

Unfortunately, you’ll have to meet my horses another time. All they could recover were the photos of our goats, Thelma and Louise. This is Thelma. She’s the most hilarious goat I have ever met. She loves to butt heads with everyone (gently), give kisses and follow you around like a little puppy. I love her.

Louise is the dainty, girly one. She’s a bit shy but always sweet.

Thelma doesn’t have a shy bone in her body.

Her favorite games include butting heads, chasing me around and pushing me out of her goat house, just to push me back in and repeat the process. She also loves chewing my clothing, when I’m not looking. What can I say? She loves fashion.

She also loves Bobby. And his hat.

Miku! She is a free spirit. I let her roam the property. She always comes inside with mud and leaves stuck to her.

Homemade swings are the best.

Sorry for the plethora of pictures…I guess I’m just a little homesick!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. I’m in Los Angeles for the Unique LA craft fair…if anyone wants to come out this weekend, I believe I have a few free admissions to give out!

  1. whimsykid says: April 29, 20094:33 am

    Goats are awesomely hilarious! I used to know this pair, but they were preoccupied with food and when they headbutted you, it was actually kind of painful!

    I love your blouse and you hair bow. Have you ever considered doing a DIY on how you make your bows? They’re adorable.

  2. Angelaluisa says: April 29, 20094:55 am

    What days this weekend? If Sunday is an option, I’m game!

    P.S. This post made me smile from here to forever!

  3. podgehodge says: April 29, 20095:28 am

    Your goats are adorable!! Being at home, especially on a farm, is the most comforting feeling.

    I’m in love with your outfit, yet again! The blouse is exquisite.


  4. Kayla Linzy says: April 29, 20095:41 am

    This post is great, and made me smile. I miss the goats my grandparents neighbours used to have.

  5. Material Girl says: April 29, 20096:22 am

    1. aww goaties!
    2. aww welcome to L.A.! I've been seeing the craft fair evvverywhere; maybe your vote of approval means I should actually go, huh? & if you need any tips for things to do while you're here, just shout. 🙂 Rachel

  6. Denise says: April 29, 20097:08 am

    so sweet and fun. i love those photogenic twos. so cute!

  7. glassmarble says: April 29, 20097:59 am

    The picture of you holding the little flowers is one of the prettiest pictures ever.

    And I love goats. So jealous of your funny and sweet girls!

  8. auxpaysdesmerveilles says: April 29, 20098:05 am

    The pictures are great, your goats are so cute!

  9. muchlove says: April 29, 20098:39 am

    the pictures with the goats are so cute. They know how to pose for the camera!

    oh, and how I’d love to play on a homemade swing.

  10. Kirsty says: April 29, 20098:46 am

    I love that top, it’s gorgeous!

  11. WELCOME TO MY WORLD says: April 29, 20098:55 am

    I love this post! The pictures are so great. My Dad has a homemade swing here in his yard. I was afraid to get on it at first because it is tied to a tree above the rocks that surround the pond. I love your blog!:)

  12. Jocelyn says: April 29, 20099:48 am

    Hi Keiko! I’ve never left a comment before but I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy taking a peek at your lovely blog every once in awhile to put me in a good mood. Especially this post, these are the most adorable/fun/beautiful pictures! thanks for sharing:)

  13. suz-xx says: April 29, 200910:06 am

    the pics are so cute! I love your hair.

  14. Leah says: April 29, 200910:53 am

    A goat in a hat, who’d believe it?
    So cute!
    I just wanted to tell you how lovely and inspiring your blog is, your style is completely your own.
    I envy you, and your sewing skillz.

  15. Katrina says: April 29, 200911:14 am

    The picture of Thelma in Bobby’s hat made me giggle. Moments like those don’t even need a caption! 🙂

    Will there be pictures from the Unique LA craft fair? I’ve never been to a craft fair (I’ve been a to a couple of broader sales opened up for both artists and vintage resellers, but never a strict craft fair) and am curious to know what the experience is like.

    I hope your time in LA is an enjoyable one.

  16. Antoinette says: April 29, 200912:12 pm

    I can see why you miss them! Beautiful photos, and the goat in the hat is classic. That could join dogs playing poker as an iconic image someday! I’d frame it. 🙂

  17. Abs says: April 29, 200912:21 pm

    Awww, cute photos! Yay for country girls! Living in a city is so rubbish sometimes, there’s nothing like fresh air and animals to put you in a good mood! I’d love to see horsey pics, I really miss riding when I’m away from home (which is a lot these days).

  18. Shorty says: April 29, 20091:30 pm

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like a wonderful place to spend time. I’m envious!!!

  19. Freya says: April 29, 20091:34 pm

    wow, loved this post. I always love your pictures. Which camera do you use?

  20. pinkpeas says: April 29, 20092:01 pm

    LOL the picture of the goat wearing bobby’s hat hahaahah

  21. Leila says: April 29, 20092:03 pm

    Those pictures are amazing, the one of Miku is gorgeous!
    im mega jealous of your life right now.
    Leila xxx

  22. Sal says: April 29, 20092:35 pm

    Thelma is a riot! What a cutie pie.

  23. kittyscreations says: April 29, 20092:37 pm

    Your photos are so cute! And I love that plaid hair bow.

  24. Diane says: April 29, 20092:39 pm

    these pics are so cute! looks like your puppy was having a great time! 🙂

  25. .des fleurs. says: April 29, 20097:10 pm

    i love farms and the country, too.

    and your pictures are always so pretty. i’m sure you’ve been asked and have answered this before, but what type of camera do you use?

    someone else up there in the comments asked, too.

    mine sucks. i need a better one.

  26. Sarah says: April 29, 20098:36 pm

    aw, socute!! i would be so upset if i lost all my photos! i back them all up online now!

  27. josephine wayward says: April 29, 20099:34 pm

    Those are wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing. And I still think you have the most amazing doll face :).

  28. LBJ says: April 29, 20099:44 pm

    I officially want to visit the countryside thanks to these pictures. And you look very classy.

  29. Piglet says: April 29, 200911:28 pm

    Love love love the picture of the goat wearing the hat.
    Totally made my day!

  30. gingerchildren says: April 29, 200911:32 pm

    Look how happy Miku is!!

  31. Audi says: April 30, 200912:28 am

    Those two are a couple of fetching ladies, and that Thelma sure can rock a hat! What adorable photos.

  32. Keiko Lynn says: April 30, 200912:55 am

    My camera is a Nikon D50. Thanks, everyone!

  33. lunarzie says: April 30, 200911:14 am

    love the lace top <3 and thelma has such sweet smile :-))

  34. Christine says: April 30, 20095:18 pm

    These photographs are beautiful. Well done. Love you outfit and bow. Extremely jealous of your animal friends!

  35. nikru says: April 30, 20098:05 pm

    ohhh, u two are just great! :)))

  36. Niviarsiaq says: April 30, 200910:14 pm

    your outfit is the prettiest thing ever! I love the lave top especially with those short!

    ps- your boy’s totally adorable, you make a really cute couple!

  37. Chloe says: April 30, 200911:18 pm

    Ohh .. like a quiet, lovely evening out there 🙂 I like the goat with that hat, it’s cute xD

    PS: agree with many people here, your bf is kinda cute and adorabled 🙂 you two look great together 🙂

  38. Tamia says: May 1, 20092:17 am

    Awww, how sweet! I am so not a country girl, but you make it look fun.


  39. What's On The Outside... says: May 1, 20092:32 am

    Adorable pics. You guys look like you’re having so much fun!

  40. Karafina says: May 1, 20095:19 am

    OMG, your goat is so freaking cute. So is your outfit!!! i would be homesick too!

  41. pigtails and blushing cheeks says: May 1, 200910:05 am

    that lace top is so beautiful!!

  42. Le Tasché says: May 1, 20097:11 pm

    What for a super cute photostream.
    The blouse is a dream.
    And interesting to see that not only you, but also your goat is stylish 🙂

  43. glam.spoon says: May 1, 20097:29 pm

    I love that your goats are named Thelma and Louise. I hope they enjoy a more secure fate!

  44. lau-ra says: May 1, 20098:30 pm

    very cute!

  45. Vintage Tea says: May 1, 20099:56 pm

    Gorgeous photos! I love them

    Please click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


  46. Freddie says: May 2, 20096:24 am

    oh my, I never knew goats could be so adorable! I’m sorry your photos weren’t all saved, but great that you have these – they are precious.

  47. Sweet Things says: May 5, 200911:03 am

    u look amazing. i love your blog

  48. Eda says: May 5, 20094:12 pm

    You look stylish as always! The picture with the goat wearing your boyfriend’s hat is hilarious!

  49. edytheanne says: May 5, 20098:10 pm

    The photos are wonderful, but your blouse is DELIGHTFUL.

  50. Eyeliah @ says: May 5, 200910:19 pm

    what a gorgeous outfit – double wow!

  51. Trains and Sewing Machines says: May 6, 20092:59 am

    you are the cutest-I love your blog and all your outfit posts!

  52. Jacqueline J says: May 6, 20091:04 pm

    You are a dreamboat, darling.

  53. A.C. says: May 6, 200911:52 pm

    that’s a fantastic day 😀
    I love the goats, and they seem to have great fashion style!

  54. ann says: May 7, 20094:10 am

    I just found your blog & I have to comment to say that I love your style! Your plaid bow is beautiful and so are these gorgeous photos of the animals 🙂

  55. alixrose says: May 8, 20094:17 am

    I love your top, so frilly and femy. It looks like something that will totally dance in the wind. I adore it!

  56. Nicole says: May 15, 20096:19 pm

    What a great series of photos! I adore this outfit on you. And your boyfriends’s hat: is that a Goorin Bros. hat? I’m such a sucker for hats and this one looks great!

  57. Sushi says: May 17, 20092:00 pm

    You look so beautiful in these photos and I love your outfit. Cute little animals too! x Sushi

  58. disa says: September 26, 20093:23 pm
  59. sandra mucciardi says: October 10, 200911:19 am

    I love these images!
    The CLOTHES… the hair… the makeup…. the energy…..
    EVERYTHING is just beautiful… Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. disa says: January 22, 20104:56 pm