One of my favorite pastimes is scouring local flea markets for vintage clothing and antiques. Naturally, when I’m traveling, I have to stick to what can fit in my suitcase. While in LA, I picked up enough vintage clothing to put my suitcase over the weight limit. I ended up having to check an extra bag. Oops!

I picked up this little dress at the Melrose Flea Market. While I prefer the flea markets you have to really rummage through, I also like the ones that have mostly gems on display. You have to pay a little more (it was still only $15), but I always end up finding great pieces.

I went through two boxes of bandaids, over the past three weeks. This one was for a blister that was caused by my flats – the ones that were supposed to be my comfy shoes! Most of the bandaids were used on my fingers; I’m clumsy.

Special thanks to my wee little sister, Tessa Marie, for being the guest photographer:)

Outfit Details:
Vintage Dress – Melrose Flea Market
Belt – Hourglass Consignment
Shoes – Thrifted
Hello Kitty Bandaid – Target

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. nyh says: May 19, 200912:49 am

    god, I hate when I buy shoes that really hurt!
    it takes sooo much time to heal!

    love your dress. really cute the way the sun lights up your face and the wind makes your hair so amazingly shiny and smooth in the first pic!
    you’re beautiful. (:

  2. Y says: May 19, 200912:56 am

    I think in some ways we’re quite similar when it comes to dressing because I love playing with colours too! I always enjoy seeing your mustard tights and such

    Great shoes!

  3. - tessa says: May 19, 20091:06 am

    Cute-cute-cute! I especially love the pop of red with the black & white.

  4. corrie says: May 19, 20091:11 am

    Why do flats always end up inflicting the most damage? Grr.

    Lovely dress! And I guess it’s true that Cali is a vintage hunting paradise.

  5. Oubliette says: May 19, 20091:16 am

    You look amazing, and I’m jealous of your backdrop. It looks beautiful there. I HATE it when really cute flats give me terrible blisters! Who wants to wear socks with their flats in the summer? 😉

  6. katrina says: May 19, 20091:19 am

    I love your dress! It’s aodrable– the whole outfit is adorable!

    I am more in love with your Hello Kitty bandaids. I have a Hello Kitty toaster in my apartment, and all my roommates give me flack for it. I think they would have an intervention if I told them I want to add Hello Kitty bandaids to my first aid kit. 😛

  7. Keiko Lynn says: May 19, 20091:41 am


    Is it the toaster that burns an impression of Hello Kitty into the toast? I want to get one of those! I also want the waffle maker, but I already have a regular one.

  8. Diane says: May 19, 20091:48 am

    super cute outfit!
    and i hate blisters…i always get them. BOO 🙁

  9. Shen-Shen says: May 19, 20091:51 am

    I love your dress and the touches of red! And cute band-aid, heh.

  10. Najeema says: May 19, 20091:59 am

    You are too cute for words! I just bought the same band-aids and am almost hoping for a cut so I can sport one!

  11. Hanako66 says: May 19, 20091:59 am


    that is such a great flea market:)

  12. Stephanie N. says: May 19, 20092:10 am

    What a lucky and delicious score.

  13. katrina says: May 19, 20093:26 am

    This is the exact toaster I have:

    the only bad thing is that I’ve had it for almost 2 years now and the spring in the handle broke. You have to manually hold down the lever.

    I am trying to convince my roommates that we need need the HK waffle maker or a frying pan with an embossed HK face at the bottom. Any suggestions to sway them into Hello Kitty fandom? haha

  14. Carmen says: May 19, 200910:00 am

    You look so adorable in that dress and the plaster is so cute.

  15. lunarzie says: May 19, 200912:50 pm

    hello kitty bandaid! cute cute cute <3

  16. Sal says: May 19, 20092:01 pm

    That dress was WELL worth the $15 investment!

  17. carly. says: May 19, 20095:39 pm

    do you know what’s kind of funny? i have that EXACT hello kitty band-aid on my right foot right now…silly shoes = lovely band-aids!

  18. T says: May 19, 20097:01 pm

    oh wow! love the dress, lucky you found it.

  19. Lucile says: May 19, 20097:57 pm

    You look absolutly gorgeous in this fantastic dress ! And I love the Hello Kitty bandaids by the way 🙂

  20. Perla says: May 19, 20098:33 pm

    Cute, I wear curious george bandaids on my blisters. heehee

    I wish there were great places to get vintage clothes here that are under $20.

  21. Eyeliah SS says: May 19, 200911:33 pm

    such a cute dress!!

  22. jess says: May 20, 20091:11 am

    beautiful dress – love the pattern!

  23. Suzanne says: May 20, 20096:51 pm

    very nice outfit! you’re so good with combining!

  24. Linda Moreland says: May 20, 20097:31 pm

    I used to live in CA, and I loved the fact there were so many flea marts there. Now, living in the midwest, we only have a few outdoor flea marts, and it’s tricky, never know when you will be able to sell or get rained out. We do have a new indoor flea mart in MO, but so far no one is offering vintage clothing; that’s a great idea for spicing up your wardrobe.

  25. Elaine says: May 20, 20099:01 pm

    That dress is so fun and interesting!

  26. Diana says: May 20, 200911:39 pm

    This outfit is beautiful! I love the bright red accents 🙂

  27. Anonymous says: May 21, 20097:02 pm

    Hey that is a super cute dress! Just found this blog and checked out your store….your clothing line is absolutely adorable! I esp. love the tops w/the ruffled necklines!

  28. TLFW says: November 29, 20094:30 pm

    Wow beautiful style.
    I loove so much honey!
    Kisses. Bye!