After a three week tour of California and Florida, I’m finally back in New York. It’s nice to be back to my humble apartment with the pup, kitties and boy, but I suppose “home” will always be wherever my family resides. But now I’m back and haven’t much time to relax. I have several hundred emails that I need to get to…and I’m patiently awaiting my serger and inventory via FedEx. So much to do. Yikes!

Oh well, at least I have internet again. I can get back to my regular blogging schedule – onto the pictures!

Tessa and I painted our nails with pretty orange polish (courtesy of Lucky) and took pictures. This was the only day that I wore tights. It was pretty hot in South Florida…this day was a total fluke!

Roxy (my niece) joined us, with her own little camera.

She even brought a cat mask. She’s a character; she deserves her own post. I think I’ll do that!

My beautiful mom, Tessa and Roxy. I don’t look anything like them, do I? I promise, I’m not adopted!

My outfit:
Headband – Postlapsaria
Top – Vintage (altered to fit)
Vintage Belt – Beacon’s Closet
Skirt – Vintage (altered to fit)
Tights – H&M
Shoes – Payless

-Keiko Lynn

  1. katrina says: May 17, 20094:05 am

    Glad to hear you made it back to NY safely!

    I cannot believe how big Roxy has gotten! I remember seeing pictures of her in your LJ when she was about a year or so old. She has grown into quite a cutie!!

  2. Farah says: May 17, 20094:25 am

    I was going to say the same thing as above – it’s weird to see your sister and niece grow up, having kept up with your blogging for a long time now (the first thing I bought from Postlapsaria was in 2004, I think?). Anyway, they are both adorable!

  3. corrie says: May 17, 20094:25 am

    What a gorgeous family! You all have such fresh faces, makes me wonder if everyone shouldn't just move to warm & sunny Florida, heh.

  4. M-ily says: May 17, 20094:27 am

    Holy cow they grow up fast! I feel like the last time I looked at one of your photos of Roxy she was just an infant. Your family is so beautiful, and I’m more than a little jealous of Roxy’s cat mask.

  5. Anonymous says: May 17, 20095:00 am

    You remind me of Demi Lovato!
    Haha thats random, but you're beautiful! <3

    Love the outfits.
    Great fashion style!

  6. anonanimal says: May 17, 20095:11 am

    Your mother is so gorgeous. You may not looks like her, but you got the “automatic good looks” gene, regardless.

  7. ainikki says: May 17, 20098:59 am

    Oh, you are finally back:-)

  8. Myrsinie says: May 17, 20099:06 am

    your mother is so beautiful, and just bcause u dont look like them doesnt mean ur not as beautiful:)
    i love ur blog! keep it up!

  9. tragicmouse says: May 17, 20099:31 am

    Oh Keiko! You are beautiful as always and I CANNOT BELIEVE how grownup Tessa is! She has shot up like a like a little weed, hasn't she?

  10. auxpaysdesmerveilles says: May 17, 200910:35 am

    What a lovely family you have!

  11. T says: May 17, 200911:03 am

    love the colours of your outfit

  12. pinkpeas says: May 17, 20091:09 pm

    yay for being home! Did you have to fly from Florida back to New York? I just made the drive last week over Mother’s Day and it was obnoxiously long! I remember when Roxy was soooooo little (from all your old LJ posts) You, your mother and Tessa are gorgeous :]

  13. Shen-Shen says: May 17, 20091:12 pm

    Love your shirt! And wow yea, you don’t look anything like them, but you’re all so pretty! And your niece is adorable, she sure is rocking that mask.

  14. Diane says: May 17, 20091:15 pm

    such adorable pics! your mom is so pretty!!!

  15. Oubliette says: May 17, 20092:24 pm

    I must, must comment on this entry. Your family is so so beautiful, and I agree that home will always be wherever my family is. You’re so very lucky to have such a lovely family. Your mom is so beautiful. Now I know where you get it from =)
    Much love,

  16. enskumuisku says: May 17, 20092:54 pm

    They are so beautiful! All of ’em. And you of course 😉 I shall be wating for the Roxy-post.. 😀

  17. delicatessen! says: May 17, 20093:05 pm

    aw, you all fell from the beautiful tree didn’t you! i love that little cat mask, and your top of very striking indeed! have a look at my blog please, i’ve just started out!

  18. Jeannine says: May 17, 20095:11 pm

    Actually, I see something in the eyes that reminds me of yours. There definitely is some family resemblance. Oh, and lovely lovely outfit. I must say it’s one of my favs of yours, handsdown!

  19. Sophie says: May 17, 20095:47 pm

    You really look different. But I do that too (my hair is so dark).
    Looks nice, I like spending time with my family.

  20. ragil mega says: May 17, 20099:50 pm

    I really like your vintage top. You have a gorgeous family and a cute niece. Your mom and sister are pretty =)

  21. Diana says: May 17, 200911:48 pm

    I haven’t been able to wear tights for about two months now. Florida stays hot for way too long.

    I love you outfit, especially that gorgeous vintage top!

  22. Shana says: May 18, 20091:05 am

    Your mom looks exactly the same as she did 25 years ago-beautiful!

  23. Annie says: May 18, 20093:33 pm

    I think Tessa looks like you, esp in the 7th picture! I see it!

  24. Hanako66 says: May 18, 20098:54 pm

    such a gorgeous family!

  25. laura says: May 19, 20093:50 pm

    your niece is sooo pretty!!!!! kids pink cheeks are so lovely..
    I have a little niece too and I’m just totally in love with her…

    in fact, both your mom and your sister look so young!

  26. john says: May 23, 20092:39 am

    YOUR style it”s so nice, i will put your picture on my blog next week, if your agree

  27. Sylvia Cunningham says: May 24, 20095:35 pm

    Your family is so beautiful and looks so nice! It makes me happy to see such a close family.

  28. Slanelle says: May 31, 200911:25 am

    your outfit is soooo cool !

  29. Spandexpony says: June 14, 20098:11 pm

    Your family is adorable and your mom is a stone cold fox!! 😉