…is testing my patience. New York brokers are about to get a collective smack in the face. We thought we found/were getting the perfect apartment, but the broker dropped a bomb on us. After going above and beyond normal expectations in the application process, she told us we needed to come up with six months of rent, plus security and broker’s free, up front. That’s not normal!

Needless to say, we are washing our hands of her…and the amazing apartment. Goodbye, adorable Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights apartment. It’s kind of a drag to be back on the hunt, after being ready to move in to the last one. Oh well…Park Slope, it is. As frustrating as this whole process is, it’s nice to have little sunshine Bobby by my side. I am the pessimist and he is the optimist; he keeps me from pulling out my hair.

We looked at a few today (a couple of misses and one moderate hit) and have a few more to look at, tomorrow. Wish us luck!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. These pictures are from last weekend – the weather has been too awful to photograph my outfits. Raining outside and too dark, inside.
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  1. Sher says: June 21, 20093:58 am

    love this look! It is always nice to have someone to remind you of the brighter side πŸ™‚

  2. Farah says: June 21, 20094:24 am

    I feel your pain. I'm trying to find something by the end of the summer in a decent Brooklyn neighborhood w/ my former roommate (who just graduated from Parsons) so I don't have to live in campus housing w/ random people again. We are trying to avoid brokers but it's just as hard to not get scammed when going no-fee.

    btw – if you (or any other readers) know any fun, creative, respectful early to mid-20somethings looking for roommates, the two of us would love to look with one or two more people for a 3 or 4 BR. we just don't know anyone else in our circles looking, and craigslist has been a total energy drain.

    i don't want to further hijack your comments, but if anyone wants to get in touch w/ me: my e-mail is farahmomin[at]gmail[dot]com

    good luck to you and bobby w/ your search!

  3. Erin Dale says: June 21, 20094:27 am

    I'm moving to NY in the fall and do not look forward to the apartment-hunting hassle (I hope to start looking next month). Good luck with your search! At least you have a cute boy, and pretty clothes, to keep you smiling. πŸ™‚

  4. holly wang says: June 21, 20095:14 am

    i'm sorry you are having such a hard time looking for a new apartment! but why are you going through brokers? can't you just go around the brokers and just look at apartments that are strictly by owner/landlord?

    anyway good luck! and i can't wait to see you! nyc in less than 2 weeks!

  5. brooke says: June 21, 20099:09 am

    aw, you look amazing. and so does he! damn cute πŸ™‚
    best of luck with the hunting. hopefully something amazing will come from it in the end, you deserve it!
    xx brooke

  6. Brittany Justice says: June 21, 20099:53 am

    That outfit is sexy! You're a serious babe!

  7. Suzanne says: June 21, 20099:59 am

    love your skirt, top and blazer! and I wich you very good luck!

  8. Little Bo Peeep says: June 21, 200911:55 am

    Gorgeous outfits, you and Bobby have great sense of style πŸ˜€

    Good luck with the whole apartment thing! Hope you found a decent one

  9. Elisssssabeth says: June 21, 20092:14 pm

    just to help us all, can you name the brokerage?
    so i steer clear next time? 6 months rent is obnoxious.

  10. Keiko Lynn says: June 21, 20092:37 pm

    Farah: I happen to know two lovely gals who might be looking to move, so I'll give them a heads up. What part of Brooklyn?

    Erin: What part of NYC are you moving to?

    Holly: We're looking at broker's fee, no broker's fee, by owner – everything. We're just keeping our options open. A lot of the nicer apartments we've been looking at have broker's fees. The thing is, a lot of landlords don't want to be bothered, so they hire a broker. Either they pay the broker (which is what a "no fee" broker is) or the prospective tenant pays the broker. In prime areas, where the apartment is sure to rent quickly, they usually make you pay.

    Elisabeth: Corcoran – but I'm telling you, it's not normal for them to ask for that. This woman was just trying to take us to the cleaners. All of our friends have different theories: she found someone else, she was trying to get us to bribe her, she was trying to turn us off to the apartment. Either way, try and go without a broker, if you can. Broker's fees can be up to 15% of your annual rent. It's a pain!

  11. corrie says: June 21, 20093:03 pm

    6 months…that's insane! I've never heard of that. How nice it would've been to live in BK Heights too, awww sorry.

    Good luck with the hunt, it'll work itself out.

  12. Farah says: June 21, 20093:33 pm

    Hey Keiko,

    Right now we're considering a few neighborhoods. I just want to be able to get to school (6th Ave & 14th st. area in Manhattan) relatively easily and live in as safe a neighborhood as we can afford (unfortunately, that means not Williamsburg). So, we're considering Bushwick, East Williamsburg, Prospect Heights, Greenpoint. Pretty much somewhere off the 2/3, 4/5, L, or that connects to one of those without too much of a hassle.

  13. Lisamarie says: June 21, 20093:46 pm

    hey keiko,
    love the outfit!

    I'm going on a long car trip with my boyfriend. well it's only 8 hours (4 there, 4 back), but that's long for me, especially since we haven't been dating long.

    I know you go on long car rides with bobby, and i was wondering if there were any fun things you guys do in the car to pass the time. Like play games, or talk about certain things.


  14. Ilse says: June 21, 20093:51 pm

    brilliant lace top! good luck with your apartment hunt.

  15. Keiko Lynn says: June 21, 20094:02 pm

    Farah: There are so many trains that stop at Union Square – you might want to expand your search (just to keep your options open). Also, depending on your price point, there have actually been some affordable options in prime williamsburg, if that's what you're looking for.

  16. Carmen says: June 21, 20097:08 pm

    Lovely outfit…love the colours.

    Good luck with the apartment hunting.

  17. Jennyfer says: June 21, 20098:25 pm

    I'm sure you guys are gonna find the perfect apartment soon! And there won't be any problems anymore! πŸ˜€
    good luck with the apt hunting! (:


  18. Tara says: June 21, 200911:50 pm

    Aw, sorry you're having such a tough time! My boyfriend is looking for a place and every home open we go to has already been sold!
    At least you are still looking lovely πŸ™‚
    Good luck! xo

  19. proudly says, says: June 22, 200912:48 am

    i love the whole outfit!
    nice skirt too! that's so rare to find a green leather skirt!


  20. Chicken Dinner Candybar says: June 22, 200912:54 am

    such a beautiful couple! you both look handsome and it's so sweet you post his looks here, too :D!

  21. katrina says: June 22, 20091:52 am

    Holy jeeze, I can't believe they would ask you for 6 months of rent up front! I know for sure I wouldn't have sufficient funds to be able to take a place like that either.

    Hopefully you can find something soon… I always find apartment hunting to be a huge pain in the butt.

  22. Sylvia says: June 22, 20093:07 am

    well you still manage to look amazing through all that frustration! and i love your friend's style, too. very cute!

  23. Farah says: June 22, 20093:38 am

    Hey again,

    We are pretty open to whatever other neighborhoods, but have ruled out certain ones like Bed-Stuy which although affordable has reported shootings a couple times a week.

    The problem we had when we were looking at the end of the semester is that it was really hard to find a true two bedrooom. Everything was either railroad or 1 actual bedroom and 1 teensy tiny room probably intended to be office space or a child's room. So that's why we'd like to look with more people if we can.

  24. Karafina says: June 22, 20096:40 am

    Looooove this outfit!… im always a fan of black and silver!

  25. laurie with a beat says: June 22, 200912:06 pm

    My boyfriend and I currently live in North Jersey, about ten minutes from the city by path. We're looking in Brooklyn now, too. Oh the horrors of looking out for new places.

  26. Diane says: June 22, 20092:03 pm

    oh man. that's INSANE that they wanted you to come up with 6 months rent!!! WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?!
    good luck with the hunt!!!

  27. Keiko Lynn says: June 22, 20093:46 pm


    We usually make stops along the way, to break up the monotony. We seek out cute little restaurants, thrift stores, or photo opportunities.

    Four hours is a short trip, though, so you might not want to make stops. We don't play a lot of games (although we have played the license plate game), but we make music mixes for the road. Turn up the music, roll down the windows…it makes the trip so much faster!

  28. Anonymous says: June 23, 20097:17 am

    that's ridiculous. on the upside, ny rents are really low right now so i'm sure you'll stumble across an even better deal.

  29. wendygital says: June 23, 200911:22 am

    Oh, so bad…
    But it's so good that you have your sweetheart to lift your spirit…
    Sure you'll find something better!
    And you're looking gorgeous!
    Love those shoes! πŸ™‚

  30. Holly says: June 24, 20094:47 pm

    im just gonna say it, your boyfriend is mad cute!!

  31. Wendy says: July 25, 200911:27 am

    At least you have insanely cute shoes.

  32. shoshanna says: September 5, 20091:31 am

    kind of spoiled to complain about park slope, no?