It’s pretty crazy to think that at around my age, my mom had three children. I found these old photos on an old photobucket account, and figured I would share them on here. Not much has changed; I still dress the same way and put my hands up to my face in half of my pictures.

It’s so weird, looking at old photos. It seems like only weeks ago that we were chasing each other around the house and tattling on one another. We fought like crazy, but we were always close. We still are – just as my mom said we would be – but my goodness, we couldn’t be more different from one another. I don’t even think we look alike, not even a little!

Do you have pictures of yourself, as a child? I’d love to see them!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. Since this blog is intended for personal reference [present and future], I’d like to go ahead and say RIP, Michael Jackson. Everyone knows I love and listen to way too much Michael Jackson, so it would just be ridiculous if I didn’t mention it here. MJ, I will play my favorites (The Way You Make Me Feel, PYT (Pretty Young Thing) and Rock With You are my top three) even more often than normal, this week. Which is pretty scary, because they already monopolize my “sewing” playlist on itunes. I hope I have the pleasure of running into the Thriller flash mob, this week. I have a feeling there will be several more appearances.

  1. Lainey says: June 27, 20092:38 am

    You look so adorable then, and you look so adorable now. I love all the baby pics. I wish I had a scanner so I can put up some of my old baby pictures too.

  2. Peter N. says: June 27, 20093:18 am
  3. anonanimal says: June 27, 20093:18 am
  4. Erica Leigh says: June 27, 20095:00 am

    your old family photos are adorable! vintage keiko is still as stylish. πŸ˜‰ here's one of the embarassing ones: i'm on the far left in pink (naturally). the rest are my cousins and my sister is in the back on the left. haha! it's so difficult to explain this because i don't even know why we had sombreros. we were visiting all those cousins/family in texas. 1994, i believe. <3

  5. Sylvia says: June 27, 20095:13 am

    What a beautiful family you have! I have some pictures here but I'm planning on doing a post sometime on baby pictures! I love to think of how one's style when they were little plays in (or totally does not play in) to who they are today.

  6. Meko says: June 27, 20096:14 am

    You guys look alike to me. The same eyes, nose, cheeks, etc. You can tell that you're sisters :]

  7. Catherine_Sr says: June 27, 20097:49 am

    Your mom is absolutely gorgeous!
    I wrote a post a while back about my craziest childhood photos with the weirdest things I wore. Let's just say there was a lot of puffy paint abuse going on…

  8. Catherine_Sr says: June 27, 20097:50 am

    Oops, forgot the URL. Silly me. I guess those puffy paint fumes did get to me after all.

  9. Malin says: June 27, 20099:21 am

    Aw your are gorgeous, all of you! And it was so easy to pick you out from the pics too! You do look the same!
    Love Malin

  10. everybodysaysdont says: June 27, 200910:04 am

    Wow! What gorgeous photos! Lovely to see them, thanks.

  11. Is says: June 27, 200910:21 am

    you look so cute! and your mom very beautiful!

  12. Leila says: June 27, 200911:01 am

    oh wow you were all so cute!
    heres me when i was little, thats me on the right

    Leila xx

  13. Keneisha says: June 27, 20092:45 pm

    Love your blog, and you were and are adorable!!! Here's one of me:

    I still wear lots of skirts and dresses and love ruffly, girly things. My mom has a great one of me at two in a little denim skirt, a pink sweater, and pink chuck taylors…I basically still dress like that.

  14. Miss Megan says: June 27, 20092:48 pm

    Such a gorgeous family. I think you guys share atleast a small resemblence unlike my sister and me.

  15. Paulina says: June 27, 20097:58 pm

    What a nice pictures! You look sooo sweet!
    I realy like your blog, yuo've got style girl! πŸ˜‰

  16. Anonymous says: June 27, 200910:52 pm

    All of you were such cute babies! Here are some of me:

  17. Anonymous says: June 27, 200910:58 pm

    Hmmm, for some reason the link above didn't work. Here it is again:

  18. Thao says: June 28, 20091:27 am

    Keiko, these photos are precious. You were SUCH a cute child… and your mom, gorgeous. Makes me wish I had more photodocumentation of my childhood. πŸ™‚

  19. Jennyfer says: June 28, 20091:30 am

    these pics are adorable! you were so cute (still are!)! love the thing with the hand. *-*

  20. Winnie says: June 28, 20096:15 pm

    These photos are so adorable!!

    I have some old photos of me and my sister… Sometimes I wish I were little again so I can wear all those cute outfits!

  21. Helen says: June 29, 20097:51 am

    ahh you were such a cute kid! this is me being a very happy child playing on a swing

    i love that photo.

  22. Kristen says: July 1, 20092:40 am

    i'm really sad about michael too!!!! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  23. Lucile says: July 2, 20098:04 am

    Oh these pictures are the best ! You are all so cute ! I don't have baby pictures on my computer, maybe next time.