Just a reminder to everyone that we’re heading over to Heathers  (East Village – 13th between Ave A and B) at 4 PM. Come out and join us! We’re giving away lots of free goodies:)

p.s. Speaking of free goodies, don’t forget to enter the Postlapsaria Giveaway
  1. Diane says: June 13, 20094:27 pm

    can't wait to see you (MEET YOU) there 🙂

  2. Lani says: June 13, 20099:00 pm

    keiko lynn! i used to follow you on livejournal. glad to see postlapsaria is still going strong, and congrats on your BUST mag feature!

    🙂 lani

  3. Jennyfer H. says: June 14, 20092:17 am

    I was looking thru the pics I save in my computer (only for inspiration) and I thought maybe I should tell you that my fave postlapsaria item is actually the navy&white stripes reconstructed dress (don't really know if it's the name of the dress). it's beaaaaautiful. love it. (:

  4. Lea says: June 14, 20093:54 am

    let's trade links?

  5. Suzanne says: June 14, 20099:55 am

    it's that it's so far away…

  6. Elina says: June 15, 20099:52 am

    Hi there, just wanted to leave a mark of my visit… Cute blog!