Today’s giveaway is for a handmade Postlapsaria headband. It’s covered in blue sequins and beads, and is secured to a thin, black elastic band. 
I stole Katrina’s giveaway guidelines. Hey, at least I admit it! Now there are three ways to enter:
1) Visit Postlapsaria and leave a comment below, with a link to your favorite item.
2) Follow me on twitter and leave a comment below, with your username. I update about new blog posts and Postlapsaria updates!
3) Post about this giveaway on your blog (or twitter) and leave a link in a comment, below.
That means you can enter three times!
All comments must be in by Sunday, at 7pm EST. I will randomly select a winner and announce it in a new post. Don’t forget to include your email, if you’re not a registered blogger!
Good luck!
-Keiko Lynn
  1. A glance at my world says: June 11, 20094:47 pm

    I like the Peachy Plaid Tier Skirt ( and the Purple Prairie Dress ( best 🙂

  2. erin says: June 11, 20094:55 pm

    Oh wow, tough decision-I love everything!
    That's probably my favorite though 🙂

  3. Sophie says: June 11, 20095:06 pm

    I love this skirt:

    Too bad(for us ;-)) you sold so much stuff already.

  4. Billy says: June 11, 20095:14 pm

    That headband is gorgeous. I happily posted about it on my blog:

    Keep up the good work! Your blog and line are both absolutely diviiiine.

  5. belle says: June 11, 20095:18 pm

    Tweeted. 🙂

  6. priz says: June 11, 20095:22 pm

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

    fav item in the store is the patchwork skirt

    love the bright colors!

    BTW following you on twitter!

  7. auxpaysdesmerveilles says: June 11, 20095:23 pm

    My favourite is this lovely headband! I mentioned the giveaway on my blog, you can see it here:

  8. iLiMa says: June 11, 20095:26 pm

    Favorite Item: Reconstructed Plaid Shirt

    Twitter ID:

    My blog (supporting you :):

    YAY! -i

  9. Lush says: June 11, 20095:30 pm

    Gorgeous hairband, I love the colour!

    My fave item in the shop is the Purple Prairie Dress but sadly small is too small for me.

    Random comment: I'm so jealous of the hairband model's hair! I wish I could get mine to go nice and curly like that!

  10. waddupblogger says: June 11, 20095:37 pm buying it as soon as my next paycheck if no one buys it by then

  11. abigail says: June 11, 20095:38 pm

    my favorite item on postlapsaria: turquoise braid/sequin headband ( and brown and gold rose headband ( cause i just couldn't decide!

    my twitter ID: abigaildelliott… and i tweeted about it on my page!

    thanks keiko for this!


  12. biracial says: June 11, 20095:45 pm
  13. cutecorporatezombie says: June 11, 20095:45 pm

    Hey there! I'm already following you on twitter, my username is sabrilliant! (I've bought some of your stuff before, FYI, not just random following, unless that's okay too!)

    Right now I am loving this:


  14. hannah says: June 11, 20095:46 pm

    so cute! entering!

  15. mjb says: June 11, 20095:48 pm

    I like the navy ruffled yoke shirt (a lot!)

  16. Cassidi Marie says: June 11, 20095:49 pm

    I twittered it:

    And blogged about it on my Livejournal:

    I am MORE than happy to spread the pretty!


  17. Keneisha says: June 11, 20095:53 pm

    Everything is ADORABLE, but I love this skirt:

  18. corrie says: June 11, 20095:56 pm

    I already follow you on twitter! My user is lady_lunacy.

  19. riennahera says: June 11, 20096:15 pm

    I love this headband –

    so here I'm entering 😉

  20. Lizzie Jeanne says: June 11, 20096:19 pm

    Love it all:


    Favorite Piece:
    I love this bright patchwork skirt


  21. april linh says: June 11, 20096:45 pm

    i have to agree with the other comments that are so many amazing choices to choose from.

    but my faavorite one at the moment is this skirt!
    i love the floral and polka dots together.

  22. Diana says: June 11, 20097:13 pm

    I love that headband!

    It's hard to pick just one favorite item, but I love the plum and grey ruffle neck blouse

  23. Francine says: June 11, 20097:31 pm

    What a gorgeous headband!

    I love the color and style of everything on your site. I think the color of this shirt is beautiful and the collar is so chic:

    Keep up the awesome work, Keiko!

  24. Crys Arri says: June 11, 20097:37 pm

    My favorite item right now is that green floral skirt.

    My twitter is CrysArri, and I retweeted about your giveaway.

  25. Donna Arkee says: June 11, 20098:05 pm

    my favorite item, which was hard to pick as i love them all is:

  26. Anonanimal says: June 11, 20098:16 pm

    Posted on my Twitter.
    (I also started following you some days ago.)

  27. ann says: June 11, 20098:27 pm

    my favorite item on your site is sold 🙁

    oh & i'm following you twitter – anndanger!

  28. Hanako66 says: June 11, 20098:30 pm

    I @hanako66 follow you on twitter

    my fav is the if I have to choose just one:)

  29. Fell4fashion says: June 11, 20098:48 pm

    I was just wishingly looking thru your headbands a few days ago 🙂

    I love your ruffle neck blouses!!!

  30. Kathryn says: June 11, 20098:51 pm

    dekaffinated on twitter.

    that headband is amazing (:

  31. scary mary says: June 11, 20098:55 pm

    I really love the Grey, Mint, White Bow top!

    It has my favorite colors, the puff sleeves are adorable, and the boy is like a cherry on top!

  32. Jackie says: June 11, 20098:59 pm

    My favorite item:

    The whole outfit is so cute and whimsical, especially since you're on a merry go round!

  33. Annie says: June 11, 20098:59 pm

    I love all your three-tier skirts, especially this one:

    It's exciting to see how much has sold since the last time I checked your shop!

  34. Eyeliah SS says: June 11, 20099:07 pm

    Great giveaway!

    1)This one is my faorite, the peachy plaid skirt.

    2)I added you on twitter.

    3)I tweeted the giveaway~


  35. Birdie! says: June 11, 20099:08 pm

    You're being watched on Twitter by @birdiee!!


    I'm also loving all the shirtdresses – there's a reconstructed plaid number that looks like something I've been coveting for AGES. Adorable designs!!!

  36. HEATHER says: June 11, 20099:50 pm
  37. HEATHER says: June 11, 20099:50 pm

    prettyinknit for my twitter!

  38. Katrina says: June 11, 20099:56 pm

    hahaha, you're too cute! I totally don't mind you swiping the contest rules. 😛

    My favorite item in your shop is the Reconstructed Plaid Shirt Dress:

    I own a similar shirt dress in brown, and it fits like a dream. I am waiting for the day my boyfriend gets the hint that my brown shirt dress needs a friend. 🙂

  39. HEATHER says: June 11, 20099:57 pm
    thanks for all the contests!

  40. do you miss me too? says: June 11, 20099:59 pm

    You and your sister would look identical if her hair was straight and black

    this is cute

  41. aileen says: June 11, 200910:01 pm
  42. elaineyip says: June 11, 200910:30 pm
    Love the ruffles at the back :3

    twitter: brilliantbelle

  43. Chelsea says: June 12, 200912:30 am

    Favourite is definitely the Paper Bag Skirt – it's modern styling with a vintage (and eco friendly) twist.

  44. Anonymous says: June 12, 200912:35 am

    Good evening,
    My favorite thing at your store has got to be the Ruffled Three Tier Skirt…

    I would love to have a piece like this in my wardrobe, however I am not a medium and would not know how to alter it smaller for the life of me (that and its been sold for awhile! lol)

    this headband is simple but absolutely beautiful. congratulations on creating yet another eclectic piece.

    all the best,

  45. Xuan-An says: June 12, 200912:36 am

    I like everything you do.. but this has got to be my favorite:

  46. Ivy says: June 12, 200912:54 am

    I just absolutely love = it is just adorable, I can see myself wearing it.

  47. Nikachuu says: June 12, 20091:09 am

    Ooh, pretty!! I'm following you on Twitter, my username is Nikachuu 🙂

  48. Anonymous says: June 12, 20091:35 am

    i love this dress


  49. Ellen says: June 12, 20091:48 am

    This is my favorite item:

    I'm a sucker for a cute skirt!

  50. sarah! says: June 12, 20092:28 am

    I hope I win!
    That's my favourite. looks rad with your dark hair! But the favourite clothing items are already sold out so i didn't link them!

    email at,

  51. mooq says: June 12, 20092:53 am

    I absolutely love the Plum/Grey ruffle neck top ( as well as the mint binded one – so adorable! I'd buy one if I believed my boobs would fit in it. (Thanks for those, Mom!)



  52. Olya says: June 12, 20093:19 am

    I look at your store all the time and this ( is definitely my favorite piece. I always imagine it with white skinny jeans and huge heels. I also always love your headbands!

  53. Melly says: June 12, 20094:15 am

    hi lovely!

    my current fave is no longer posted (the hearts trapeze dress), but my second fave is the patchwork skirt:

    i am following you on twitter – i'm geektastic! (i am pretty geeky but that is my username :p)

  54. sarahhnade says: June 12, 20094:34 am

    Just added you on Twitter! I'm sarahhnade 😀

    Also, my favorite item has to be either the Peachy Plaid Tier Skirt ( since it seems so versatile but still fun OR the Color Block Cowl Shirt Pink/Black ( since it just really caught my eye and seems so classy. I could see myself wearing it out on a quick date. Love it!

    Keep up the faaaantastic work 🙂 🙂

  55. chiroro says: June 12, 20096:12 am

    :0 That is such a cute headband! Its wonderful!

    favorite item @ Postlapsaria:

  56. terriffany says: June 12, 20096:25 am

    favorite item…easily:

    I love the color mint right now! and i'm in a sort of…bowtie phase haha, so anything with bowties is a win fasho.

    anyhow, i added you on twitter! i'm tiffanyific

  57. Manja says: June 12, 20097:13 am

    Oh, I really like the reconstructed Multi Plaid Shirt Dress (

    I'm following you on twitter: manja_r

  58. Stephanie says: June 12, 20097:26 am

    fav (hands down):

    horrah for headbands and breezy summer weather! now all that's left is the sound of an ice cream truck

  59. Chicken Dinner Candybar says: June 12, 20097:50 am

    I'd wear that reconstructed mod dress in a heart beat!

    And I've also linked this contest in my blog 🙂

    Cool beans!

  60. Karafina says: June 12, 20098:14 am


    giveaways are the best…

  61. Anonymous says: June 12, 200910:43 am

    Really hard choice, but I have to vote

    The colours are just so vibrant and gorgeous. Perfect for summer, but I'd be tempted to wear it in winter/autumn with some dark black or dark coloured tights to make it a year-long statement piece.

    My email is

  62. modernromance says: June 12, 200911:59 am

    ooh excitement! i think my favourite item is the navy frill yoke shirt:

    it's such a cute throw-on shirt for i-don't-know-what-to-wear-days! re: michael jackson PYT, since rewatching on youtube videos of the 30th anniversary concert i've rekindled my absolute adulation for michael jackson and that song is one of my faves!

    a friend and i are actually flying up to NY for a holiday between uni semester breaks (in about a month!), staying in brooklyn actually, i'd love to know any of your favourite NY secret spots (shopping/food/sights!) so we can add them to our lists!

    x amie

  63. Whitney says: June 12, 200912:02 pm

    I just followed you on Twitter! :] My username on Twitter is catahstrophic! I love your stuff Keiko!

  64. JC says: June 12, 200912:55 pm

    I love the Seersucker Ruffle Bow Blouse!

    itsonlyjc AT hotmail DOT com

  65. D Seer says: June 12, 200912:59 pm

    I love all of the skirts, especially the Peachy Plaid tier skirt (, but it is sold out 🙁

  66. Francine says: June 12, 20091:12 pm

    Hi again, I also posted a link to you on my blog!

  67. Keiko Lynn says: June 12, 20091:59 pm

    D Seer:

    Oops! There was an error in the code. The skirt is actually still available. Thanks for the heads up – I realized the coding was wrong on several items and saying they were sold out:/

  68. Claudia says: June 12, 20092:04 pm
  69. Sydney says: June 12, 20094:18 pm

    I love all your clothes! super cute!

    & I'm following you on twitter

  70. the wrong arms says: June 12, 20095:21 pm

    My fave is the Green Floral Button Up Skirt so cute.

  71. Winter says: June 12, 20095:40 pm

    i love, love, love:

    Ruffled Tier Skirt

    and a very close second would be:

    Reconstructed Flannel Dress

  72. Steph says: June 12, 20096:12 pm

    I LOVE this skirt

    It is so cute and perfect for spring/summer.

    My e-mail is

  73. LYDIA VALENSIA says: June 12, 20096:23 pm

    i love this ruffle top!


    ps. I'm also on your twitter (also facebook) 🙂

  74. D Seer says: June 12, 20096:52 pm

    thanks for letting me know that the skirt was still available – i just purchased it! love the dresses i received this week.

  75. Jen says: June 12, 20097:06 pm

    It seems I'm not alone in loving the patchwork skirt 🙂 It just has the beautiful bright colors of citrus and is so playful. The photo on the main page is a perfect display of it!
    Anyway, still loving the giveaways and all your products! You are amazing!

  76. Amber says: June 12, 20098:29 pm

    OMG I was so excited to see you were having a giveaway, I adore all of your pieces and have been following your store for like the past year or so (totally in an un-stalkerish way! 🙂 That headband is gorgeous!

    I also love the Peachy Plaid Teir Skirt, it so cute and looks fab on you!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  77. Amber says: June 12, 20098:30 pm

    I follow you on Twitter also (lipstickncandy)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  78. Amber says: June 12, 20098:31 pm

    I tweeted about the giveaway on Twitter:

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  79. Lisa says: June 12, 20098:35 pm

    My favorite is this blouse:

    Sooo cute, and on sale!

  80. Lisa says: June 12, 20098:38 pm

    following you on twitter, user name is lisa_read

  81. Cindy says: June 12, 20099:03 pm
  82. Cindy says: June 12, 20099:03 pm

    Following you on twitter as teatimedinosaur

  83. Shareen Dookie says: June 12, 20099:09 pm

    I like the ivory pearls headband. One reason could possibly be the fact that I just finished Girl With a Pearl Earring, but the reason I am certain about is that I find pearls to be so elegant and delicate.

  84. Shareen Dookie says: June 12, 20099:12 pm

    I forgot to say the link for the ivory pearls headband is:

  85. Angela MW says: June 12, 200911:54 pm

    I like this headband; it's so delicate and pretty. 🙂

  86. Claire says: June 13, 200912:21 am

    The green floral button up skirt. It's really cute!

  87. maura kelly doyle says: June 13, 200912:47 am

    i'm following you on twitter now! i'm maurakellyyy.

    my favorite things are the purple prairie dress (i'm a farm girl, what can i say?!) and the double stranded ivory headband. so many gems in postlapsaria, though!

    also, my blog is

  88. Cacauate says: June 13, 20093:06 am

    My favorite is the Yellow Rose and Pearl Headband. I think it would look just perfect when I renew my vows in Vegas! I of course looove the one you're giving away too. 🙂

  89. Sarah says: June 13, 20094:19 am

    fav item: It is sooo cute.

    The headband is gorgeous. loves it.

  90. Kai says: June 13, 20096:00 am

    Such a hard decision! But I love this headband:

    so gorgeous 🙂

  91. j-bird says: June 13, 20099:01 am

    I pretty much love all of the skirts, especially the tiered ones, but this bright one is my absolute favourite!

    But you make it hard to choose just one to buy.

  92. Amanda says: June 13, 20093:13 pm

    I love the Reconstructed Plaid Shirt Dress.

  93. rabblemouser says: June 13, 20093:24 pm
  94. Zoo says: June 13, 20093:28 pm

    Oh wow… everything should be in my closet! maybe one day, my fav is the Seersucker Ruffle Bow Blouse

  95. Melissa says: June 13, 20093:38 pm

    I love this skirt right here:
    And purple is totally my favorite color! I think I would wear it every day!(Oh and my e-mail is mkzellmer @ yahoo . com

  96. Jennyfer H. says: June 13, 20095:29 pm

    Hi! 😀
    This skirt is like in my wishlist right now! haha
    But I didn't know if I was supposed to pick any item from Postlapsaria or if it should be an acessory.
    So I picked which is a beautiful headband.

    Oh and btw, I'm following you on twitter. My username is /jennyhfer
    I don't have a blog so this is the link I tweeted about your giveaway:
    [it's my fave. and sorry, my twitter is private. ~:]

    Thanks Keiko! (: xxx

    ps. my email is jennyhfer[at]hotmail[dot]com

  97. Heather is a tragedy says: June 13, 20095:51 pm

    I follow you on Twitter! My username is heatherisreborn!

  98. Sunshine Sarah says: June 13, 20096:37 pm

    Well, i really love this Vintage Trim Headband:
    it's adorable 😀


  99. Sunshine Sarah says: June 13, 20096:44 pm

    Aaaand here's my twitter:
    I followed you and wrote about your beautiful giveaway.

  100. A.J. says: June 13, 20099:21 pm

    I looove this sequined+bow headband 😀 so very adorable and wearable.

  101. The Giveaway Diva says: June 13, 200911:04 pm
  102. sd0126 says: June 13, 200911:05 pm

    The Reconstructed Vintage Mod Dress – I love the pattern!

  103. sd0126 says: June 13, 200911:05 pm

    I follow on Twitter – @sd9302.

  104. sd0126 says: June 13, 200911:07 pm
  105. Jessica says: June 14, 200912:13 am

    Hi Keiko! My favorite is the plaid dress:

    Love the headbands!

  106. Katrina says: June 14, 20091:48 am

    I think its after your deadline, but I'm following your twitter anyway. I love your stuff!

  107. hoxtonmarket says: June 14, 20092:05 am

    I love the reconstructed flannel dress – This would be so perfect for fall!

  108. Lea says: June 14, 20093:54 am
    no question
    and it was in my size too.
    if only I had found you sooner…

  109. SARA SILVA says: June 14, 20095:12 pm

    it's so hard for me to decide between all the itens you have in Postlapsaria, they're all so adorable!! and unfortunably the best are already sold :s

    but ok, I guess my favorite is this adorable skirt:, I just LOVE it and I've been looking for so long for one like that :'D

  110. Miss Polkadot says: June 14, 20097:13 pm

    CUTEST SKIRT EVER! I'd wear it with my lady gloves to many a tea party!

  111. dani says: June 14, 200910:26 pm

    please enter me in the giveaway! so cute!

  112. Sh says: June 15, 200910:56 am
  113. Meghan Henley says: June 15, 20091:01 pm

    I love all of your items but having to choose would say this skirt. It is just adorable!!!

  114. Jane says: June 15, 20097:19 pm

    I really love this dress, because of its loose fit and the cute ruffles in the back.


  115. Carolina says: June 15, 200911:47 pm

    There are so many I'm in love with but I love how feminine the Ivory Rose Headband is. I feel like I could wear it on any occasion.

  116. Anonymous says: June 16, 20097:39 am
    gorgeous color 🙂

    smtracyt at hotmail dot com

  117. Kristie says: June 18, 200910:50 pm

    I wish I had found this dress earlier! I love it and it is sold. I love the headband that is being given away!!!

  118. Kristie says: June 18, 200910:55 pm
  119. Alysa says: June 19, 20098:16 pm

    hey I just started ~following you on twitter! I'm AlysaLovely on there 🙂

  120. R. says: June 22, 20098:53 am

    Following you on Twitter (creamymiddles)! Also wish desperately that the Floral Buttoned Skirt was in my size…


  121. Anonymous says: August 8, 20093:11 pm

    I love the Peach Peter Pan Blouse! it's so cute and girly!

    gemini5757 at

  122. 徵信社 says: November 26, 20098:25 am

    I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..