I have had Michael Jackson’s song, “PYT (Pretty Young Thing)” stuck in my head all week. I’m not complaining – I am 100% okay with it. It has gotten to the point where I’m imaging everything to the beat of the song; even my dreams have it as a theme. I had a dream that I had big 80s hair and a cute guy was dancing/singing around me, like Michael Jackson does in the beginning of Thriller. I was walking around like I was hot stuff. I wish all dreams were like that!

I usually hate when songs get stuck in my head, but goodness gracious, I do love this song. I even managed to get it stuck in Kim’s head. What song is stuck in your head right now?

-Keiko Lynn
p.s. I didn’t photograph my outfit today, so you’ll have to settle for a makeup picture. Sorry!

  1. anonanimal says: June 10, 20092:27 am

    The radio here manages to play the same 5 or so songs over and over throughout the day. They keep playing this song called, "I've Got Friends," by Manchester Orchestra. After a day of driving around without my iPod hooked up, my brain died. That song will not go away. I even had to buy it on iTunes. Gah.

    Your makeup looks so fresh! I also now have a strong craving for mint-chocolate chip ice cream. Hmmm.

  2. Keiko Lynn says: June 10, 20092:33 am

    Thanks! Kim was complaining that I have all of this makeup and never use it, so I had to appease her. Otherwise, she'll probably steal all of my makeup and never look back.

  3. Shannon Lambert says: June 10, 20092:55 am

    Lately it's Rod Stewart's "Forever Young"…I know it's cheesey and definitely not the hippest song but dang is it an uplifting song. That and Mother Mother's "Wrecking Ball"…both make me feel 100% capable and awesome.
    Also, what eye shadow is that? I assume MAC. I'm interested in picking up some bright summer colors this weekend and was definitely thinking of a sea foam/aqua green.

  4. Hannah is Narnia's Closet says: June 10, 20093:26 am

    haha that dream sounds great! and i loe your makeup. you wear brights very well. and if you don't mind i'd love to know what lipstick you're wearing (if any)

  5. kate says: June 10, 20093:26 am

    i hardly use my makeup anymore and i know if i still lived with kim she would have taken it by now! haha im considering donating it to her but i just love it too much

  6. kate says: June 10, 20093:27 am

    OH! I forgot the song stuck in my head. It's the Up Down Touch the Ground by Winnie the Pooh. I went to disney last week and its stuck.

  7. Aisling says: June 10, 20093:30 am

    I've had "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry stuck in my head since Thursday! It's so raunchy, I love it! 😉

    And I'm loving your make-up here! Very pretty.

  8. Denise says: June 10, 20093:49 am

    you always have pretty make up, cos you're cute.

    i love Gin Blossoms, been playing on my mind for weeks.

    have a pretty day!

  9. Keiko Lynn says: June 10, 20093:50 am

    Shannon: They're actually Urban Decay, not MAC. Green Goddess all over the lid and Vert in the crease and outer lid/lower lid. I have MAC white pigment in the middle of the lid, though. I also used Urban Decay glitter liner on the upper lashline.

    Hannah: It's a discontinued Maybelline Wetshine lipstick called Pink Carats. It has been discontinued for awhile, but my mom found one for me at the dollar store! It used to be one of my staples.

    Katie: Kim has enough makeup to last her a lifetime. Until she starts using brushes (and not just her fingers), I refuse to add to her addiction;) Also, Winnie the Pooh rules life. I say, "I have a rumbly in my tumbly" all the time.

    Aisling: My sister sings that song at karaoke all the time. She's such a classy broad.

  10. Oubliette says: June 10, 20094:05 am

    Oh gosh, I have "Getting Down" by The Kills stuck in my head. It's so catchy it should be illegal. I'm not a huge Michael Jackson fan, but "PYT" is my favorite M.J. song.

    Gooooorgeous makeup!

  11. Peter Nguyen says: June 10, 20095:16 am

    Girls Generation – Gee


    If you don't believe me, watch my aim status.

  12. Cassidi Marie says: June 10, 20095:26 am

    Hey Lady, By Thriving Ivory… They're the obsession band of the week. ^.^

    Beautiful pic, as always!

  13. Suzanne says: June 10, 20097:09 am

    love your color of eyeshadow. you've really nice make-up skills.

  14. Chopstick says: June 10, 20097:29 am

    Metric – "Help I'm Alive" It's been on playback for 3 days now. I love your eye makeup skills. *sigh*

  15. Kimberly says: June 10, 20097:59 am

    First of all, my finger makeuping skills are FLAWLESS. So hush!

    Second, you stole my color combo that I did while I was there. Awww…. I inspire you!

    Third, and this goes for Keiks, Katie, or anyone else, all makeup donations are completely appreciated and possibly tax deductible. Plus you'd make me more prettyful for tour.

    Love love,

  16. Wonderlander says: June 10, 20099:30 am

    Florence and the Machine- Rabbit Heart. Ohmygosh I LOVE that and cannot stop singing it!

    Keiko- your make up is ALWAYS flawless!

    Wonderlander x

  17. Fernanda says: June 10, 200912:51 pm

    hi, keiko! nevermind the email i sent you about the skirts (i'm the girl from brazil whose hips don't lie). i just checked again and realized that the prettiest one was sold before i could get your answer. i'm depressed now 🙁

  18. Meg says: June 10, 20091:19 pm

    love the new stuff on the store! hope you post more soon since a lot of it is sold out already : (

  19. Diane says: June 10, 20092:01 pm

    that eye makeup is fantastic!

  20. Manja says: June 10, 20092:18 pm

    I am loving your eye make up! I also have TONS of eyeshadows (I better not say the actual number) that I don't even use that much. That green eyeshadow is gorgeous…I think I will buy this one this summer in the US(UD is not available in Germany). Do you have it in a Palette or is it a single one?

  21. Sal says: June 10, 20092:30 pm

    Oh, OK, I'll settle for this startlingly beautiful photo of your lovely face …

  22. Anonymous says: June 10, 20094:29 pm

    That picture is amazingly stunning, your lips are perfect. Your makeup's really nice as well (:

  23. Francine says: June 10, 20096:48 pm

    We have a radio in the ladies room here at work so the song stuck in my head is usually whatever was playing while I was in there! hahaha

    I love the makeup. I have to get myself some GOOD eyeshadow because the Cover Girl/Loreal stuff just doesn't cut it for me.

  24. Kristin says: June 10, 20097:08 pm

    Ha! I was actually watching the "Thriller" video just last night!!!!! I also fell asleep to Prince's "Purple Rain" movie! I love this post, music is so important to me, I have been trying to have a "song of the week" post myself.


  25. Eyeliah SS says: June 10, 200911:15 pm

    gorgeous eye makeup!!! I have Lady Gaga Poker Face in my head! 🙂

  26. baoblob says: June 11, 20098:15 am

    the electric green is hot!

  27. A glance at my world says: June 11, 20093:36 pm

    The song "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfiedld (or whatever her last name is) is stuck in my head because I just heard it in a movie.

  28. Kiri says: November 14, 20097:44 am

    I have "The Man With the Child in His Eyes" Kate Bush. It's been stuck in my head for the past few days, I don't mind too much though, I love Kate Bush.
    You look flawless as usual. I swear, you must be one of the most beautiful women on earth.