ModCloth has offered an $80 gift certificate to one of my lucky readers!

For a chance to win, visit ModCloth and pick a favorite. Leave a comment below, with a link to your favorite item! Don’t forget to include your email, if you’re not a registered user!

All comments must be in by 8 pm EST on Monday, the 13th. A winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

-Keiko Lynn

  1. anonoanimal says: July 9, 20096:33 pm
  2. Anita says: July 9, 20096:33 pm

    easy my favorite piece there at the moment πŸ™‚

    anitaboeira at gmail dot com

  3. Milla says: July 9, 20096:35 pm
    I need to be riding my blue bike around in this dress!

  4. Mary P. from PGT says: July 9, 20096:36 pm

    For when I am feeling fancy and very much a Lady with a capital L:


  5. Libby ( says: July 9, 20096:37 pm

    Oooh! This was a really hard decision – The Natural History Museum dress is absolutely amazing (and I love it even more because I work at the NHM in London!), and the Perennial Dress is absolutely deeeevine, but I think that my absolute favourite item has to be the Show Me The Monet skirt ( it's just amazing. Love!

  6. mieru says: July 9, 20096:39 pm

    I almost couldn't decide between the Blueberry Pie dress, and the Variety Hour… but the latter won out in the end <3

  7. April says: July 9, 20096:41 pm
  8. Alysa says: July 9, 20096:42 pm
    seven year itch dress is amazing

    alysabeeston @

  9. fookaDESIGNS says: July 9, 20096:43 pm

    I love this dress!

    I've got my eye on some ModCloth shoes that would look so sweet with it too!

  10. donnaarkee says: July 9, 20096:44 pm

    aaaah, it was so hard to choose,, but if i had to get married to one of these dresses today, i would choose:

    thank you fo having such a slinkster blog!

  11. cass c says: July 9, 20096:45 pm

    Not the most practical dress or the most affordable, but when they first listed this dress:

    I was in love! The texture on the dress is absolutely amazing-the muted pink is perfect too!

  12. Kirstin says: July 9, 20096:46 pm
  13. Mars says: July 9, 20096:49 pm

    oh wow, i really hope i win this one :D!

    i had such a hard time choosing, i just chose from one of my many favorites:

  14. Lizzie Jeanne says: July 9, 20096:49 pm

    Having to pick one item from Mod Cloth is too hard! But I love the princess lines on the Blaue Blume Dress

  15. brittni says: July 9, 20096:50 pm

    Narrowing this down to just one thing I adore from that site is difficult, but I think I'm going to have to go with this one:

    What a hard decision that was. I want everything from that site, it's amazing.

  16. A glance at my world says: July 9, 20096:50 pm

    Everything is so cute! I think my favorite is this dress…

  17. Nilz says: July 9, 20096:50 pm
  18. Brenna says: July 9, 20096:51 pm

    I have a bag obsession…what can I say?

    burnabrenna at gmail dot com

  19. Sarah E. says: July 9, 20096:51 pm
  20. Jennie says: July 9, 20096:52 pm

    If I would buy this dress immediately!:

    πŸ™‚ Jen

  21. shablog says: July 9, 20096:52 pm
  22. livininoilcountry says: July 9, 20096:52 pm

    Oh Keikoooo this is tough call. But I made up my mind with this chic yet funky skirt


  23. Angelaluisa says: July 9, 20096:53 pm

    I only looked at the dress pages 7 it was still way hard to choose just one. But if I must, I'll go with this:

    Part of it was the name. πŸ˜‰

  24. geniejoo says: July 9, 20096:56 pm
  25. Rose says: July 9, 20096:56 pm
  26. sarah! says: July 9, 20097:00 pm

    ohhhh i love modcloth! the perfect website.

    these great tights are my favorite πŸ™‚

  27. hollysarah says: July 9, 20097:01 pm

    of fun!
    I loooove the Raspberritini Dress! <3 The colors are berry dreamy.

    It was a tie between that, and the retro swimsuit in red. xo

    thanks! holly

  28. Nina says: July 9, 20097:01 pm

    it's so hard to choose just one of them…. πŸ˜€

    but i really love this one…

  29. Marianne says: July 9, 20097:04 pm

    Thanks for the contest!!

    Lots of things are lovely on ModCloth, but this caught my attention!

  30. Ashe Mischief says: July 9, 20097:04 pm

    Naturally, it'd be the Jeffrey Campbell Unicorn Princess Heel:

    Which is sadly, sold out. But I think they'd be a nice birthday present for myself since I AM a unicorn princess.

  31. Pritz says: July 9, 20097:05 pm

    What a hard decision!!! I HAD to pick one so the Dance Hall Blitz Dress, it's just so beautiful (followed extremely closely by the palm beach dress)

    Thank you for the giveaway, and good luck to all! πŸ˜€


  32. Marielle says: July 9, 20097:10 pm

    I love all the skirts and dresses on the site, but this is my absolute favorite:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Diana says: July 9, 20097:10 pm

    It's really hard to pick just one item, but I'm absolutely in love with the Briar Rose Dress:

  34. kater says: July 9, 20097:12 pm

    It's really hard, because there are so many that I adore. But I've loved the Thumbelina dress:

    for aaaages. It's on my birthday wishlist πŸ˜€

  35. Picture Taker says: July 9, 20097:12 pm
  36. Kat says: July 9, 20097:13 pm
  37. Kirsty says: July 9, 20097:21 pm

    THIS is the perfect dress and my favourite item from modcloth at the moment! An $80 giveaway is amazing!


  38. mjb says: July 9, 20097:22 pm

    The cran-orange dress is so cute! I can't believe I haven't noticed it before.

  39. Sarah says: July 9, 20097:22 pm
  40. Allison says: July 9, 20097:24 pm

    Oh my, it's so hard to choose a favorite!

    Right now I'm loving the Hold My Calls Dress:

  41. Meghan Henley says: July 9, 20097:25 pm
    Out of stock?! Ouch! I love love love this dress.

  42. Mandy says: July 9, 20097:29 pm
  43. manda says: July 9, 20097:30 pm
  44. Emma says: July 9, 20097:34 pm
  45. Dot says: July 9, 20097:35 pm

    I am madly in love with the Great Gatsby Dress. Oh, how I love F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  46. kiran says: July 9, 20097:38 pm

    i am adoring the busyness of this dress, and i love how the color makes it transition from summer to fall no problem, just add some tights and boots and it's a great fall outfit too!

  47. Amaris says: July 9, 20097:40 pm

    i adore the lace on this blouse πŸ™‚

    lovely blog you have, lovely readers too!

  48. mamichan says: July 9, 20097:45 pm

    I adore the riverfront promenade dress!

    mamichan AT gmail DOT com

  49. telephone snow says: July 9, 20097:48 pm
  50. Hannah says: July 9, 20097:50 pm
  51. Bethany says: July 9, 20097:53 pm
    I love this dress so much!

    bethanyagogo [at] gmail [dot] com

  52. Winter says: July 9, 20097:53 pm

    i have ached for a dress like this for ages now! this would be like a dream come true…

  53. mice says: July 9, 20097:56 pm

    but all of those clothes looks gorgeous, ^^

    pasts.micei @

  54. Ashley Reynolds says: July 9, 20097:56 pm

    I loveee Modcloth!! I admire them so much, and I love how they support sweatshop free manufacturing, and you can shop by "Made in USA." πŸ˜€

    My favorite the Frassy Dress!

    Thanks for the chance to win! LOVE the blog!

    Love, Ashley

  55. Mehreen Qudosi says: July 9, 20097:56 pm
  56. mushy says: July 9, 20097:56 pm
  57. Natasha says: July 9, 20097:57 pm

    This is one of my current favorites, though I have a bunch!!

  58. Sabrina M. says: July 9, 20097:57 pm

    Ah, all of their dresses are stunning but since I am into maxi dresses rigt now, I gotta go with:

  59. ann says: July 9, 20097:58 pm

    I love pretty much everything on ModCloth! In fact I'm even wearing my favorite dress from them right now. I think my new favorite right now are these green t-strap flats:

    Not enough t-strap flats in this world.

  60. Stephanie says: July 9, 20097:58 pm
  61. erinsauce says: July 9, 20098:00 pm

    this adorable retro dress (to wear with my favorite brown button heels)!

  62. Cindy says: July 9, 20098:01 pm
  63. chie says: July 9, 20098:02 pm
  64. a cat of impossible colour says: July 9, 20098:02 pm

    Ooh, exciting!


  65. Stephanie says: July 9, 20098:03 pm
  66. Veronica says: July 9, 20098:04 pm

    Rivulet Dress in Shower

    I'm going to a wedding in September and it's been super hard trying to find a dress that's

    a. not white or purple (bridal party's dresses)
    b. not a color that clashes with white or purple
    c. not black
    d. not too casual
    e. eyecatching/unique.

    This dress might be it!

  67. Indiana says: July 9, 20098:07 pm

    Man, oh, man. I'm swooning for the midnight mariner skirt. Paired with a basic tank, I'm done for!


  68. biracial says: July 9, 20098:08 pm
  69. Sher says: July 9, 20098:10 pm

    wow this is the first time Ive been to this site and I am loving it all!

    If I had to choose it would be this

    because I am loving flowy white dresses this season. It can also be worn year around with a cardigan πŸ™‚

  70. Becky says: July 9, 20098:14 pm

    I have a hard time picking favorites when it comes to ModCloth. I'll go ahead and say the Scout Finch Top or Prairie Rose Dress

  71. Laini says: July 9, 20098:17 pm

    I hate choosing just one! I browse the store and drool at least once a week. This has caught my eye several times:

  72. Stephanie says: July 9, 20098:18 pm
  73. TheDreamer says: July 9, 20098:18 pm

    My choice would be: … because this dress would definitely! make me feel pure and beautiful …

    Thank you!

  74. Miss Dandy says: July 9, 20098:23 pm

    I love the Picture Sleeve Blouse! It has everything that I love – a whimsical print, puff sleeves, shaped seaming aaaannnnd an amazing bow tie neckline!!!

  75. corazons says: July 9, 20098:27 pm
  76. Amanda says: July 9, 20098:29 pm

    Modcloth is love.

    I LOVE this-

    I mean, what's not to love there? I'd be willing to bet that any girl would feel like a million bucks in that dress.

    Amanda at

  77. grace says: July 9, 20098:30 pm

    i've been wanting these easy summer sandals forever…all out in my size though!

  78. Charis says: July 9, 20098:33 pm

    Ooh, that's an impossible question to ask what my favorite thing on ModCloth is….I love everything πŸ™‚
    However, this skirt ( is near the top of the list…

  79. Felicia Silly says: July 9, 20098:33 pm
  80. Becca Joy says: July 9, 20098:34 pm
  81. Sierra says: July 9, 20098:36 pm

    i LOVE everything at modcloth, but especially this swimsuit:

  82. Jaclyn says: July 9, 20098:36 pm

    i love this and so many! sigh ive been waiting so long to have a job and money to buy all these cute things- for 8 months or is it 9 months now

  83. Laura says: July 9, 20098:40 pm
    Love this dress! I loved all of their clothes but this was my favorite!

  84. Sal says: July 9, 20098:40 pm
  85. Anonymous says: July 9, 20098:43 pm

    I'm a sucker for most of the dresses on this site, but this one sure makes me swoon:

    Plus, I just love the zipper.

    Suzy @

  86. Kate says: July 9, 20098:47 pm
  87. Blair says: July 9, 20098:48 pm

    I'm drooling right now! πŸ˜‰

    My favorite:

    The Orangerie Dress in "Crystal Palace"


  88. Ollie Otson says: July 9, 20098:51 pm
  89. valheartsu says: July 9, 20098:51 pm

    oh goodness, this was difficult. but these shoes are absolutely darling:


  90. Anonymous says: July 9, 20098:51 pm


    Always needing more cartoony clothes so I can match my cartoony art! Thanks for the opportunity
    -Emmy from

  91. Tracy says: July 9, 20098:55 pm
  92. Tori says: July 9, 20099:00 pm
  93. rebeccawooo says: July 9, 20099:01 pm
  94. Miss Dee says: July 9, 20099:03 pm

    It's so difficult to choose a favorite! They have so many gogeous dresses. But I've been pining for this one a lot lately:


  95. DJ says: July 9, 20099:09 pm

    This is my favorite.

    I imagine it with a black satin bow belt worn between the bodice and the navy ruffle detail, with a magenta and black feather headband and black patent heels.

    My email is πŸ™‚

  96. Sara says: July 9, 20099:12 pm

    The Summer in Maine Tunic:

    I love bright plaids πŸ™‚ I would wear this all the time!

  97. A.D. says: July 9, 20099:12 pm

    These boots have a nice rock and roll edge to them that I really enjoy.

  98. rose says: July 9, 20099:14 pm

    there were two dresses i thought i positively could not live without, but since one of them was (unfortunately? luckily?) sold out, i was easily able to narrow it down.

    tangledandtorrid at hotmail dot com

  99. Melissa says: July 9, 20099:15 pm
  100. Catty says: July 9, 20099:16 pm

    These galoshes are so "me", you'd think I designed them!

  101. Jessica says: July 9, 20099:18 pm
  102. Mairead says: July 9, 20099:19 pm

    Oh goodness, I've been obsessing about that Dancing in Manhattan dress ever since you posted it. <3

  103. Anna says: July 9, 20099:27 pm

    This is definitely my favourite:


  104. a.bumblingbee says: July 9, 20099:28 pm
  105. Steph says: July 9, 20099:31 pm

    Looks like a great LBD to have. Looks like a great LBD for -me- to have. ^_^

  106. Sunshine Sarah says: July 9, 20099:40 pm

    omg, I love this one:
    It's amazing, I adore butterflies. ^.^

  107. katie says: July 9, 20099:41 pm

    beautiful bathing suit. i can't find any this nice locally, it's sad!

  108. Diane says: July 9, 20099:41 pm

    omg i love love love modcloth!

    i think my current favorite is this:

  109. Laura Gerencser says: July 9, 20099:44 pm
  110. cherise says: July 9, 20099:46 pm
  111. Kate says: July 9, 20099:49 pm

    I can't tell if it let me comment or not… the words left the text box but didn't make it into the comment list as far as I can see, so I'm going to try again and I apologize if I end up leaving two!

    My favorite item from ModCloth is probably the Grey Suede Shoes

  112. Andrea says: July 9, 20099:55 pm

    although I have a lust-hate relationship with my jacket/coat addiction, I surprise even myself when I started eying this piece:
    I'm constantly amused that, although I've been at school in Boston, I still don't own a pair of rainboots

  113. hivero says: July 9, 20099:57 pm

    There's to much to love! But this one is quite a favorite:

  114. jessikadahling says: July 9, 20099:59 pm
  115. Andrea says: July 9, 200910:02 pm
  116. DangerInPurple says: July 9, 200910:03 pm

    This dress is so vibrant, I love the colors! It also looks very flattering.

  117. sphinx63 says: July 9, 200910:06 pm

    My favorite is the Love At The Library Jacket. Thanks!

    sphinxcw at aol dot com

  118. Britt says: July 9, 200910:09 pm
  119. Katie says: July 9, 200910:13 pm
  120. Sara says: July 9, 200910:20 pm
  121. Alex says: July 9, 200910:22 pm
  122. Amy says: July 9, 200910:24 pm

    The Miss Sunshine dress is adorable! I love that yellow, it's such a happy colour. Can't wait until it warms up enough to wear it…

  123. Amy says: July 9, 200910:25 pm

    Eep, forgot the email address – it's amyegoodwin at gmail dot com.

  124. Sh says: July 9, 200910:26 pm

    It's impossible to pick one single piece…

    My fav:

  125. Julia says: July 9, 200910:30 pm

    I've always love ballerina-inspired clothing and i must say, this is one of my favorites

  126. emily says: July 9, 200910:30 pm
  127. melissa kaye says: July 9, 200910:35 pm

    love, love, LOVE this dress!

    Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  128. Siri says: July 9, 200910:35 pm
  129. holly wang says: July 9, 200910:40 pm

    wow, dangerous to enter this contest because it just made me want to buy so many things! haha.

  130. Keneisha says: July 9, 200910:42 pm
  131. sommm says: July 9, 200910:44 pm
  132. Anonymous says: July 9, 200910:48 pm
  133. Fiona says: July 9, 200910:49 pm

    Oh wow, when did their site re-design go live?

    At the moment I probably couldn't decide between the wonderful Nottingham Boots ( and the Skipper Shorts (


    Email: fiona[at]fionamclaren[dot]com

  134. Anonymous says: July 9, 200910:57 pm
  135. Deanna says: July 9, 200910:58 pm
  136. rischa says: July 9, 200911:00 pm

    ooooh hard one. it would be between the Lollipop Cruise Dress ( and the Nantucket Weekender Dress ( because I love the combination of blue and red and need some pretty summery things to wear on my honeymoon!

    fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  137. Jamie says: July 9, 200911:01 pm

    Others will probably have also picked this dress, haha. It does feels so french and I love the light colour on it. Would definately be great for my romantic victorian in shorter dresses kinda days xD.

    And don't you get anything? :O Most thing weren't 80 so maybe you could also get something when the winner has something low priced?

  138. torie says: July 9, 200911:15 pm

    I love finding so much vibrant colour on your blog all the time. Thanks for keeping it up so well.


  139. Maria says: July 9, 200911:20 pm

    ^i LOVE this jacket. not because it's from 'twilight' but i just love the style of it. thanks keiko for all the great giveaways!

  140. scary mary says: July 9, 200911:21 pm
  141. michelou says: July 9, 200911:22 pm

    I know it says "Out of Stock" but I can't help but lllllove this bathing suit:


  142. bloody says: July 9, 200911:22 pm
  143. Laura Conte says: July 9, 200911:25 pm

    it seems i have fallen in love with the bed and breakfast tunic…

    ps. thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  144. Mallory Phillipy says: July 9, 200911:26 pm

    i am in loooove with this dress:

    thank you for introducing me to this amazing online shop, i am now addicted :]

  145. Rochelle says: July 9, 200911:29 pm
  146. darcy; says: July 9, 200911:30 pm

    good grief! so many pretty things to choose from; my summer heart is bursting.

    i narrowed it down to this one:


  147. Elaine says: July 9, 200911:30 pm

    I love love love the dress you are wearing in that picture! So that one!


  148. Anonymous says: July 9, 200911:31 pm

    So many goreous things to pick from!

    however, this must be my favourite du jour…

    Love your blog,


  149. josieee says: July 9, 200911:34 pm

    it was either or sunshine of your dress! i love the bright yellow in the summer 8)

    xoxo_josieee (@)

    i bought a rose for emily dress a month ago and love, love, love it πŸ™‚

  150. amber says: July 9, 200911:36 pm

    man, i've been lusting over that dress for so long. reminds me of a picnic!

  151. madison says: July 9, 200911:37 pm

    there are so many great things there as always but my favorite is the Water's edge tunic!

    It look so comfortable!

  152. Lisa says: July 9, 200911:37 pm
  153. Liz B. says: July 9, 200911:41 pm

    It is impossible to pick a favorite, but I do dig orange:
    Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!
    liz dot groleau at

  154. iam_kristen says: July 9, 200911:48 pm

    Although I love the newly listed Trafalgar Square dress, I've been dreaming of/ drooling over the Symphony of Flowers dress:

    My email:

  155. Piglet says: July 9, 200911:52 pm

    Oh I've always wanted to buy something from Modcloth, but by the time I convert it to NZ dollars…. eek!
    I've fallen in love with the Strata Dress.
    So so pretty!

  156. Robyn says: July 10, 200912:01 am

    Ohh, the floral district dress! I can already picture myself in it, with cute little teacup in hand! πŸ™‚

  157. Judith Cebreros says: July 10, 200912:03 am

    I have sooo many favorites but I gotta say, these shoes are the best!

  158. Anonymous says: July 10, 200912:06 am

    An impossible decision to make but I find this one quite lovely. Though, admittedly they all make me swoon.

  159. amanda vanvels says: July 10, 200912:08 am
  160. Stephanie says: July 10, 200912:16 am

    I love this picnic-y dress! So perfect for summer!

    twinkiedink at gmail dot com

  161. michelle says: July 10, 200912:22 am
  162. Jessica says: July 10, 200912:27 am
  163. jenny lee says: July 10, 200912:43 am
  164. Rebecca says: July 10, 200912:45 am

    Too bad this one's out of stock.

    PS- I love you blog and never comment, so I just wanted to let you know that I think your work is great. Keep it up!

  165. Cynthia says: July 10, 200912:45 am

    I love this dress!

    cynthia dot shops at gmail dot com

  166. Vanessa says: July 10, 200912:52 am
  167. acqua on LJ says: July 10, 200912:52 am

    Bella's jacket is tops

    contact info: Live Journal user acqua

  168. myownlittleuniverse says: July 10, 200912:55 am

    reeeally hard to just pick one thing. i love so much on that site! but this one is super cute and a little 80s.

  169. Michelle says: July 10, 200912:56 am
  170. myownlittleuniverse says: July 10, 200912:56 am
  171. Fell4fashion says: July 10, 200912:59 am
  172. yoli says: July 10, 20091:01 am
  173. Anonymous says: July 10, 20091:09 am
  174. Jaclyn says: July 10, 20091:10 am

    I definitely love this dress:

    Unfortunately it's out of stock! So I guess many others agree with me.

  175. Samantha says: July 10, 20091:18 am
  176. ~ Kim ~ says: July 10, 20091:21 am

    I really think the Symphony of Flowers is really beautiful and flattering.

  177. KatieC says: July 10, 20091:22 am
  178. Yibbles says: July 10, 20091:24 am
  179. Erin Cathleen says: July 10, 20091:28 am

    Nothing like a chic giveaway to bring out the clotheshorses within! Personally, I'm loving the Song Sung Blue dress; it's perfect for any summer occasion:

    Thanks for posting such a fun contest! This is one of my favorite fashion blogs by far.

  180. Alison Pate says: July 10, 20091:37 am

    There's so many gorgeous dresses, but this one was too good to pass up!

  181. Chelsea-Alana says: July 10, 20091:40 am
  182. Klauds. says: July 10, 20091:44 am

    For some reason, I am very attached to this dress, so it's my favourite: πŸ™‚

  183. Anonymous says: July 10, 20091:48 am

    LOVE the color, shape/form and the multiply ways you can dress it up or down!


  184. Polina says: July 10, 20091:49 am
  185. Anonymous says: July 10, 20091:50 am
  186. Shannon Lambert says: July 10, 20092:14 am

    I'm sure I would've picked a dress but they don't come in my size, oh well. Love this locket, as good cameos are hard to find, especially in locket form which is just whimsical and the right kind of romantic for me.

  187. amanda says: July 10, 20092:26 am
  188. Xuan-An says: July 10, 20092:38 am
  189. Anonymous says: July 10, 20092:47 am
  190. Dorothy says: July 10, 20092:59 am
  191. Sarah :) says: July 10, 20093:01 am

    Wow, looking at the number of comments you have, there's no chance I could win… but still, I wanted to comment to say that your blog is a newfound discovery of mine, but it's quickly becoming one of my favourites. Your photos are beautiful! πŸ™‚

    My favourite ModCloth thing is probably this:

    I've been looking for a white tutu skirt for ages, and this is just perfect!

    And if I had the right body type to wear a flapper-esque dress… definitely love this one:

    Thanks for having such great giveaways πŸ™‚

    Sarah πŸ™‚


  192. nad says: July 10, 20093:15 am

    hello. i love reading your entries, Keiko. πŸ™‚ and i came in here to enter the giveaway. just for fun i guess, since my chances of winning are slim? hahah.

    anw, one of my favourite pieces from modcloth is this adorable skirt. —>

    and this jacket (though, not cheap! hahah) —->

    oh well. have a great day ahead!

  193. Marybeth says: July 10, 20093:16 am
  194. Amber says: July 10, 20093:16 am

    Ok, I just found out about this website! So excited, can't make up my mind because there are so many fun dresses.
    But I love this one and I think it would look good with these shoes!



  195. Ella says: July 10, 20093:28 am
  196. kristen says: July 10, 20093:29 am
  197. Michelle says: July 10, 20093:46 am

    I looove the color of this dress, it's such a different type of orange/copper. I'd totally wear it!

  198. cherokee says: July 10, 20093:53 am
  199. Jessie says: July 10, 20094:00 am

    a favourite piece, it is hard to choose, as I like almost every piece from them

    after a long struggle, i pick this

  200. Anonymous says: July 10, 20094:02 am

    hey, I would say my favorite item is:


  201. Tarah says: July 10, 20094:05 am
  202. Hope says: July 10, 20094:13 am
  203. Michelle says: July 10, 20094:23 am

    I love this dress:

    although there's a whole hell of a lot of stuff on that website that I want!

    declinedesigns (at) gmail (dot) com

  204. babalisme says: July 10, 20094:23 am

    ARe you sure I can only pick one item???

    OK… This is summer so… I pick…

    The Veronica Bathing Suit

    But that doesn't mean I have eyes only for that!!

  205. hannah says: July 10, 20094:24 am
  206. hanako says: July 10, 20094:30 am

    but how could one choose only one favourite item?!

    this dress is soooo beautiful

  207. vanessa says: July 10, 20094:30 am
  208. asha says: July 10, 20094:32 am

    ONE favorite? I'm in love with so many pieces on Modcloth. So many.

    One of those many favorites is this:

    Sooo gorgeous, and it looks comfortable too. I want it!!

    I'm not sure what you meant by registered user, so I'll include my email anyway..

    beyera67 [at] uwosh [dot] edu

    Good luck to everyone!

  209. Charlie says: July 10, 20094:36 am

    Didn't even have to think about it, been lusting over these!

  210. Steph says: July 10, 20094:43 am

    My favorite is hands down this dress which I sadly didn't get before it went out of stock:

  211. Antoinette says: July 10, 20094:49 am

    So many great items to choose from, but here is one I'd wear right now:


  212. Carrie says: July 10, 20094:57 am

    Normally I live in dresses but these pants are just too great:

  213. sarah says: July 10, 20094:58 am

    oh my, way too many pretty dresses, but this is one of my favorites:


  214. igetdressed says: July 10, 20095:15 am

    I love the unique details!

    Camille at igetdressed at gmail dot com

  215. breanna says: July 10, 20095:20 am
  216. Kira says: July 10, 20095:35 am
  217. Chamukiin says: July 10, 20095:44 am
  218. Sayward Rebhal says: July 10, 20095:55 am
  219. Amelia says: July 10, 20096:01 am
  220. nezz says: July 10, 20096:16 am

    This is so super-fantastic! πŸ˜€

    nezzmail at gmail dot com

  221. Jenessa says: July 10, 20096:26 am
  222. gingerbee says: July 10, 20096:40 am

    This dress is playful and sexy at the same time — now I can't resist…do they do international shipping?

    gn.edessa [at] gmail [dot] com

  223. meghan says: July 10, 20096:44 am

    such a nice way to go… i am trying very slowly to wear longer dresses because they make me feel so comfortable and elegant. i actually feel a lot sexier with long skirts than short ones. this is just pretty – picking a favorite was very hard, though!

  224. Cate says: July 10, 20097:24 am
  225. therecoveringvegetarian says: July 10, 20097:25 am

    The Fermina dress is my absolute favorite:

    deboandjames at gmail dot com

  226. Wild & Innocent says: July 10, 20097:27 am
  227. Anchee says: July 10, 20097:44 am

    This one πŸ™‚ But it was really hard to chose one πŸ™‚

  228. Anonymous says: July 10, 20098:03 am
  229. sarah! says: July 10, 20098:06 am
  230. Eline says: July 10, 20099:16 am

    Gah! So many comments, so little change but hheeyyyyy I really love this thing *_*

  231. Kim N. says: July 10, 20099:25 am

    omg omg i would love to be able to get one of their beautiful dresses i've been lusting after! so many things i'd like but i'll go with:

    Grecian Green Dress

    choicevschance @

  232. Rose Red says: July 10, 20099:48 am
  233. natalie says: July 10, 200910:45 am
  234. Emily says: July 10, 200911:34 am

    I love layers and I love cake so I am loving this dress so very much!

    e xxx

  235. hiolivejuicee says: July 10, 200912:02 pm

    Love these, but i havent saved up enough yet!!

  236. Cara says: July 10, 200912:32 pm

    LOVE this one!!! so sad its sold out πŸ™


  237. Kass says: July 10, 200912:32 pm
  238. Francine says: July 10, 200912:42 pm

    The Into the Well tee is LOVE:

    I also love the I can haz tunic but it's out of stock πŸ™

  239. Manja says: July 10, 20091:20 pm
  240. Anonymous says: July 10, 20091:28 pm
  241. Lorena Cupcake says: July 10, 20091:31 pm

    Asking me to pick a favorite out of ten million cute little summer dresses? Such a thing is impossible. Oh, well, if I must…

  242. Katy Lin :) says: July 10, 20091:54 pm

    oh my word! everything is so adorable, but I am absolutely in LOVE with this Book Signing Dress:

  243. Dulce&Emanuel says: July 10, 20091:59 pm
  244. dianne says: July 10, 20092:03 pm

    I'm going to an Indie Pop festival at the end of the month and I NEED to wear this dress in the sunshine!

  245. Laura says: July 10, 20092:20 pm

    Hi Keiko! Thanks for doing this. I love this dress:

    laura at amysragbag dot com

  246. maddiemudpie says: July 10, 20092:24 pm

    the summer dresses are to die for! my fav is The Bernhardt Dress.

    i lovvve your giveaways

  247. The Littlest Smitten says: July 10, 20092:56 pm
  248. Marisa says: July 10, 20092:56 pm

    This one is definitely my favorite…

    I covet it.

    You always have the prettiest outfits and pictures on your blog!

  249. Anonymous says: July 10, 20092:56 pm
  250. Elle says: July 10, 20093:02 pm
  251. iz says: July 10, 20093:03 pm

    yay modcloth! I really like this dress:

    the description says it all..

  252. Silana says: July 10, 20093:05 pm
  253. Dani says: July 10, 20093:10 pm
  254. e. says: July 10, 20093:20 pm

    I actually love the dress you're wearing but I think this one would be great for me:


  255. meg darling says: July 10, 20093:24 pm
  256. Anonymous says: July 10, 20093:29 pm
  257. Stephanie says: July 10, 20093:29 pm

    Modcloth has an impeccable collection of dresses and skirts as do you dear Keiko Lynn! It's impossible to choose one favorite item but here's my best shot.

    The Houzuki Dress

  258. 3 o'clock walk says: July 10, 20093:31 pm

    I'm loving the layer cake dress. Its sweet…like cake πŸ˜‰

  259. Brittany Nicole says: July 10, 20094:08 pm
  260. Katarina (bjooti) says: July 10, 20094:13 pm

    I absolutely LOVE this swim suit. I think it positively gorgeous!


  261. Annie says: July 10, 20094:17 pm
  262. justginster says: July 10, 20094:34 pm

    arg, how can i pick just one thing??

    i'd get this dress to prance around in all summer, and pair it with the medici wedges (love the color) on the site.

  263. Anoshe says: July 10, 20094:36 pm
  264. robin says: July 10, 20095:04 pm
  265. Lise says: July 10, 20095:08 pm

    Well, my true favourite is the forever-Out-of-Stock Pinup Dress, but the new Picnic in Paris-dress totally captured my heart!

    Love, Lise

  266. april linh says: July 10, 20095:12 pm

    this is my favorite dresss because it would be perfect for a summer tea party!

  267. Nicole says: July 10, 20095:20 pm
  268. Lindsay says: July 10, 20095:24 pm

    i love the Pottery Studio Dress

  269. bianca says: July 10, 20095:33 pm
  270. Maria says: July 10, 20095:36 pm

    I absolutely love the "Picnic in Paris" dress…it's so pretty and the color combos make it even more vibrant…perfect for a summer picnic πŸ™‚

  271. Maria says: July 10, 20095:38 pm
    ah…I just left a comment…Maria is my name…but I realized that contact info didn't register…

    so my pick is the picnic in paris dress…sorry about posting twice πŸ™

  272. T. Haas says: July 10, 20095:45 pm
  273. camz says: July 10, 20095:52 pm
  274. Elizabeth says: July 10, 20096:05 pm

    This dress is fantastic! If I ever go to Florence I'll have to get this dress, it would be so perfect!

  275. Hanako66 says: July 10, 20096:14 pm

    what an awesome giveaway!

    I adore the Rapunzel Dress!

  276. Christine says: July 10, 20096:15 pm
  277. loni says: July 10, 20096:18 pm

    I just love the shoes!
    Great shop nice prices.

    thank you ^ ^

  278. Ashley&Daggers says: July 10, 20096:18 pm
  279. loni says: July 10, 20096:18 pm

    I just love the shoes!
    Great shop nice prices.

    thank you ^ ^

  280. Cloe says: July 10, 20096:23 pm

    Paisley Full of Pockets Dress. Because it reminds me of summer and something I would want to wear into the city for the Taste of Chicago or a show in Grant Park.

  281. Homeslice says: July 10, 20096:27 pm
  282. Gale Pfeefer says: July 10, 20096:49 pm
  283. Speedbump says: July 10, 20096:51 pm

    The Strata dress might be the bet thing ever!

    kind of out of my budget, but gosh, those ruffles!

  284. Lil says: July 10, 20097:24 pm
  285. katiemade says: July 10, 20097:33 pm

    I LOVE this dress for summer. Awkwardly preppy, but fresh and fun and girly and completely adore.
    I would wear it year round to make me think of the sea shore and have happy thoughts!

  286. HoneyBunny says: July 10, 20097:39 pm

    I totally love these shoes! And they've only got 3 paris left in my size!:D
    They're my faves from the site at time moment;)

  287. The Elephant says: July 10, 20097:44 pm

    LOVE these pants..perfect for work to evening, will transition into fall!!

  288. Julie says: July 10, 20097:50 pm

    vibrant, fun, and festive…sounds like a party! how about an adorable party dress!

  289. Anonymous says: July 10, 20098:07 pm
  290. Margaret says: July 10, 20098:10 pm
  291. Azalea says: July 10, 20098:21 pm
  292. eileen says: July 10, 20098:30 pm

    perfect for summer nights!

    motnpictrsunset at hotmail dot com

  293. Michelle says: July 10, 20098:34 pm
  294. Sydney says: July 10, 20099:19 pm
  295. tovi says: July 10, 20099:24 pm

    goes without say!!!
    this bag is hot-hot-hot
    what a lovely shop! i never heard of it


  296. Anonymous says: July 10, 20099:28 pm
  297. Erin says: July 10, 20099:33 pm

    Oh wow. I pretty much love everything ModCloth has to offer.
    Especially these:
    People should wear green more often. It's so pretty πŸ™‚

  298. Anonymous says: July 10, 20099:38 pm

    i think these tights are to die for


  299. aYO.sierra says: July 10, 20099:52 pm
  300. Angela says: July 10, 20099:56 pm
  301. Sadaf says: July 10, 200910:23 pm
  302. Spandexpony says: July 10, 200910:48 pm
  303. stylefyles says: July 10, 200910:59 pm

    do I get DQ-ed for marking more than one favorite???? I won't then, just in case…..I was sort of torn between the Kiwi dress and this one:
    But I went Nazar because I'm a sucker for that classic, simple white and blue pattern. How elegant! I wish I had a fancy country club party to wear it to!

  304. Pinky says: July 11, 200912:04 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress…

    I mean sequins, and the perfect blend of lilac and purple on white background is so stunning and unique

  305. R. says: July 11, 200912:10 am

    Yay ModCloth! I have just moved into a new apartment so I currently coveting their home decor, such as this cutie keyhook:


  306. Adrianna says: July 11, 200912:47 am
  307. yvonen s. says: July 11, 20091:00 am

    i MIGHT kill for this skirt

    yvonen [a]

    thank you! xx

  308. La'el says: July 11, 20091:06 am
  309. s p u n k says: July 11, 20091:45 am
  310. Jade says: July 11, 20091:47 am

    i love the dresses at modcloth.

    especially this one

    it's so cute.

  311. Heather says: July 11, 20091:57 am
  312. Tornangel012 says: July 11, 20092:02 am

    I love this dress it reminds me of a swan lake ballet costume that I always wanted to wear as a little girl when I did ballet. I would watch the older girls do swan lake during recitals and think it was the most beautiful thing in the world and I wanted to wear the costume so badly

  313. Trains and Sewing Machines says: July 11, 20092:17 am
  314. teh bobbi says: July 11, 20092:18 am

    i love the colors in this dress and how delicate it looks.

  315. Ali-bell says: July 11, 20092:20 am
  316. frenchkitty says: July 11, 20092:26 am

    I Love this belt!! It's so unique and can go w/anything!!

    (just in case:

  317. The Barely Tattoo'd Artist says: July 11, 20092:35 am
  318. Anonymous says: July 11, 20093:09 am

    This is perfect for cocktail parties (or for simply being fancy)!

    e-mail: hush [dot] hushhh [at] gmail [dot]com

  319. grace says: July 11, 20093:23 am

    It's too hot to be thinking about coats, but I like the Notre Dame Bell Trench

  320. Ashley says: July 11, 20093:41 am
  321. Yvette says: July 11, 20093:52 am
  322. Jessica Lionheart says: July 11, 20093:53 am
  323. lyllian says: July 11, 20093:53 am
  324. May says: July 11, 20093:58 am

    This dress is just perfect for a nice summer day. Thanks!

    technobore at

  325. B.Nicole says: July 11, 20093:59 am

    I ADORE this dress…and it's out of stock πŸ™

  326. Jenny says: July 11, 20094:06 am
  327. Olivia says: July 11, 20094:08 am
  328. Sydney says: July 11, 20094:28 am
  329. jane says: July 11, 20094:44 am
  330. Julie! says: July 11, 20095:05 am
  331. Christy says: July 11, 20096:19 am
  332. Chopstick says: July 11, 20096:32 am

    This dress is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! πŸ™‚
    (It was a hard decision between the dancing in Manhattan dress and this posie picking dress, but the little floral patterns and flirty sleeves won me over!)


  333. Joey says: July 11, 20096:44 am

    I love so many things there, but this skirt has to be my favorite:

  334. Eeep says: July 11, 20097:39 am

    Just so classic and gorgeous!

    ariana.zimbouski [at] gmail [dot] com

  335. Bunny B says: July 11, 20098:21 am
  336. Anonymous says: July 11, 20099:11 am
  337. Anonymous says: July 11, 20099:15 am
  338. Anonymous says: July 11, 20099:15 am
  339. Louise U says: July 11, 20099:52 am

    My absolute favourite thing on the site is the dress made by Liz that they gave away in the 'perfect prom' contest, it's amazing. But in the shop I love:

    lux28g at yahoo dot com dot au πŸ™‚

  340. elin-alice says: July 11, 200910:53 am

    Ever since you posted the pictures of you dancing in Brooklyn, I’ve been dreaming of dancing in this dress:

  341. My name is Cristina says: July 11, 200911:01 am

    Adore this dress!

    It makes me want to fly away to Paris wearing it!

  342. Isabel says: July 11, 200911:57 am
  343. Bella Di Nonna says: July 11, 200912:21 pm

    Oh, gosh – just ONE favourite thing from Modcloth…?!

    Well, I think then it has to be:

    It's so lovely!

  344. Naomi says: July 11, 20091:45 pm

    This is just the cutest, simplest dress! I love it! Thank you so much for this contest =) you're the best.

  345. Cassie T says: July 11, 20092:40 pm

    I stalk this website far too much, and choosing one was nearly impossible. I love love this, though.

  346. BetaBoutique says: July 11, 20093:00 pm

    I love the shop and this was my favorite dress for a while!

    beate.vitola [at] gmail [dot] com

  347. thedramadiaries says: July 11, 20093:08 pm

    If just one [which is excruciating to choose], I'd pick the Tux Goes Lux Dress [].

    As much as my boyfriend would hate to admit it, I'd look much hotter in this tux than he would in his Paul Smith's. ;o)

    xx, Faz

  348. Jane says: July 11, 20093:46 pm
  349. Debbie says: July 11, 20094:04 pm
  350. Megan says: July 11, 20094:32 pm

    Of course, some of my all time favorites are out of stock. But I am loving this 80's nautical asymmetrical shoulder strap dress!

    Already can see myself wearing it.

  351. lai-mai says: July 11, 20095:55 pm

    Love the simple, chic detailing on the Ruffle Rumba Dress!

  352. Anonymous says: July 11, 20096:02 pm

    This is my favorite dress of the moment at Modcloth, even though there are so many amazing choices that it makes it very hard to choose just one!

  353. Anonymous says: July 11, 20096:38 pm

    such a bummer this one is out πŸ™

    all the dresses are incredible though!


  354. E-lated says: July 11, 20096:53 pm
  355. Fernanda says: July 11, 20097:04 pm
  356. monica Pendergrass says: July 11, 20097:05 pm

    I imagine wearing this on a summer beach in Hawaii. It has that simple vintage look with the little side tie!!

    please.. i never win anything..

  357. ilrem says: July 11, 20097:53 pm
  358. Jessica Astronaut says: July 11, 20098:40 pm

    I can't stop thinking of ways I could dress this up:

  359. lpkitten says: July 11, 20098:56 pm

    well if i had to pick just one:

    but there are so many things that i love!

  360. cocogoreo says: July 11, 20099:21 pm

    i REALLY love this dress!

    mnrupe.virk at gmail dot com

  361. Sameero says: July 11, 20099:29 pm

    That one is my favourite.
    Not only is it named after one of my favourite Fairy Tales, but it's plaid and I am a plaid nutcase.

    My email:

  362. HANNAH says: July 11, 20099:51 pm

    I love this dress so much, and its actually not that expensive.

  363. Melissa Ford says: July 11, 200910:01 pm
  364. Miss Polkadot says: July 11, 200911:20 pm
  365. Crickz says: July 11, 200911:39 pm
  366. Lauryn says: July 12, 200912:12 am

    oh, such a hard choice! I love everything at Modcloth but I'm going to have to say this dress is one of my favorites..

    and I love reading your blog by the way! πŸ™‚

  367. crustypastels says: July 12, 20092:37 am
  368. Cacauate says: July 12, 20092:38 am
  369. Catherine G says: July 12, 20092:43 am
  370. Rachael says: July 12, 20093:52 am

    I love the Blue Sky Bouquet Dress – it was a hard decision – tons of cute stuff!!!

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  371. featherhearts says: July 12, 20094:24 am

    When I was nine years old and on neopets, I called myself Unicorn Princess.

    Now I'm nineteen years old and instead of expressing myself through bad usernames, I will decide to do it through amazing shoes!

  372. katya says: July 12, 20094:35 am
  373. mandy says: July 12, 20094:49 am
  374. Sy says: July 12, 20096:04 am

    Everything is so loverly but this dress definitely caught my eye!

  375. Χ˜ΧœΧ™ says: July 12, 20096:23 am

    the perfect black dress

    since don't have any staple black dress in my closet, this one will fit just right πŸ™‚

    my mail is:

  376. trust me pomegranate says: July 12, 20096:59 am
  377. Melissa says: July 12, 20097:00 am

    Oh I'd love this!!!!!

    but its out of stock…so maybe something similiar!

  378. amanda says: July 12, 20091:34 pm

    whoa… that is a lot of comments. OOOH I HOPE I WIN! : )

    loves this cute headband!


  379. annah-logue says: July 12, 20092:50 pm

    what an awesome giveaway! i'd definitely choose this:
    reminds me of june carter in Walk The Line!

  380. Kali says: July 12, 20093:12 pm
  381. nynniefroufrou says: July 12, 20093:14 pm
    Absolutely, without a doubt, this. Sadly, it's out of stock!

  382. Linn Ekholm says: July 12, 20093:54 pm

    This is so gorgeous I just die a little. I love the mustard colour and the style. Love love love!


  383. michele says: July 12, 20094:17 pm

    i love this dress, perfect for summer:


  384. Adaora A. says: July 12, 20095:19 pm

    Hi! My name is Adaora, and my favourite item is:



  385. Melly says: July 12, 20095:33 pm
  386. TKTK says: July 12, 20096:06 pm

    Hi Keiko! I'm a new reader and I love your blog!
    I'm heading to Paris come October and think this noir little number would be a perfect wardrobe staple that would see me through during my time in the City of Lights. If the French have ever taught me anything, it's how to look timeless and effortlessly chic–this LBD is my fave.

    Please pick me!


  387. boots says: July 12, 20096:32 pm
  388. Lorelei says: July 12, 20097:10 pm

    These shoes are too cute.

    And I love that they are supposed to be comfortable!

  389. k-ren says: July 12, 20097:27 pm

    Longtime fan of ModCloth!

    I'm loving this dress right now..

  390. taillow says: July 12, 20097:40 pm
  391. apocalypstick says: July 12, 20097:43 pm

    So very AH in Breakfast At Tiffany's when she comes back from the party and hears the news about her brother…

  392. Lily says: July 12, 20099:19 pm

    i love the pottery studio dress- so simple but so chic!

  393. Nicole says: July 12, 200910:47 pm
  394. Keisa says: July 12, 200911:17 pm
  395. c says: July 12, 200911:21 pm
  396. Kindly Remove Your Shoes says: July 12, 200911:31 pm

    This was a very difficult decision to make, but I am going to choose this dress:

    I love the bright yellow with the large floral print! So summery, so lovely…

  397. Leilani says: July 13, 200912:18 am

    I loooove this dress!

    <3 plaid everything

    and this is my email:


  398. Jenny says: July 13, 200912:51 am

    I love love love love this dress, it's just too fun!

  399. Heather says: July 13, 200912:56 am

    It was so hard to pick one favorite. Hoping I have a chance!

  400. Ashlee says: July 13, 20091:17 am
  401. Sara says: July 13, 20091:38 am
  402. Holly says: July 13, 20092:01 am
  403. Charlotte says: July 13, 20092:03 am
  404. Mary-Beth says: July 13, 20092:25 am
  405. Dorice says: July 13, 20092:27 am
  406. Anonymous says: July 13, 20092:51 am

    So hard to choose from all the cute stuff!

    I like this best because it's feminine with a bit of an edge.

    cagoulet1 at yahoo dot com

  407. Anonymous says: July 13, 20093:05 am

    It's out of stock right now, but I'm keeping my eye on it and saving up!


    shoushou22 [AT] madrid [DOT] com

  408. Emily says: July 13, 20094:02 am

    hi keiko!

    My absolute favourite item from modcloth is πŸ™‚

  409. Regina says: July 13, 20094:02 am

    Yes, I do find it morbid that I happen to fancy a dress whose name is a reference for death *and*, at the same time, would be absolutely dynamite if worn to a funeral. Meh, I think I'll pair it with sexy red heels and just wear it out to dinner.


  410. robin_titan says: July 13, 20094:12 am
  411. JBalloon says: July 13, 20094:26 am
  412. ragamuffin says: July 13, 20095:35 am

    I've been in love with this dress for some time now (o:

  413. j-bird says: July 13, 20097:30 am

    I love love love this skirt. The colour and pattern and cut – it's all perfect.

  414. Stephanie Thompson says: July 13, 200911:36 am

    I tried to post this earlier, but it didn't work…hopefully this isn't cheating!

    I think this dress is so neat!

  415. Christie Bunch says: July 13, 20092:55 pm

    Hi, Keiko!

    My friend went to High School with you and I've been following your blog for some time now. Without sounding too repetitious on here, I love your clothes and your blog! I love that your style is not like everyone else and I just wanted to tell you that.

    On another note, as for the ModCloth giveaway – I have to say that I absolutely love and adore the Black Forest Dress. Paired with a pair of black tights and cute heels and "Woah"!

    My name is Christie, btw. :)Unfortunately, I had to do this as an anonymous post because I don't currently have a LJ.

    My email address is:

    Take Care,

    Christie Bunch

  416. Marianne says: July 13, 20093:10 pm
  417. The Girl with the Hair says: July 13, 20093:42 pm

    amazing dress, perfect for spring or summer which is great since I'm moving to California where it's permanently those seasons.

  418. The Girl with the Hair says: July 13, 20093:44 pm
  419. TeenSleuth says: July 13, 20093:52 pm

    I really want to ride through the desert in an old muscle car and listening to Stevie Nicks wearing this vest.

  420. Anonymous says: July 13, 20094:10 pm
  421. Anonymous says: July 13, 20094:19 pm

    * ^^ (sorry for the mistake!)

  422. Cindy says: July 13, 20095:19 pm

    I love the Red Velvet Heels!


    My Etsy:

  423. Monique says: July 13, 20098:03 pm

    Love your blog and thanks for hosting this contest! Hope you feel better soon. My most beloved item is this dress I just wish I had a pottery studio nearby.

    email is Sniq7 at hotmail dot com

    Have a good one.

  424. Nhung says: July 13, 20099:32 pm

    I love the dresses from ModCLoth. They're so adorable. I especially love this one:

  425. adora says: July 13, 200911:55 pm

    I love the P.Y.T. skirt.

    starpainter83 at

  426. fancyamy says: July 16, 20098:04 pm

    gaaaah ive been looking for a pair of pants like this forever!

    unfortunately theyre a little outside of my price range, which is where that gift certificate would come in handy;)

  427. Kat says: July 20, 20094:29 pm

    Cute-sexy outfit!

  428. Nola says: August 8, 20091:57 pm

    I just recently discovered modcloth and I find myself at a loss… I also find myself wishing that food was not such a necessity in my buying plans… I am quite in love with the the limelight dress

    so shiny…

  429. Beck says: August 12, 20097:51 pm

    Anne Shirley: "I don't want diamond sunbursts, or marble halls. I just want…" The Draper Skirt!

    I am in absolute schoolyard love with the adorable understated plaid sweetness of the draper skirt. It's a modern knee skimming memory of an Anne Shirley/ Gilbert Blythe romance all tied together with a tender wide ribbon bow. The skirt becomes absolute perfection when paired with saddle tan victorian inspired ankle boots and topped with the airy whipped mystery of The Bard Blouse (in comedy.) Get ready for a vintage style romance with your childhood enemy because the skirt softens even the hardest of hearts. πŸ™‚

  430. Beck says: August 12, 20097:59 pm

    And I was so wrapped up in the beauty of The Draper Skirt that I forgot to leave my email! :p

    Here it is:

  431. 每当遇见你 says: September 28, 20107:17 am

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