You’ll have to forgive my sporadic updates; between painting, moving and this infection I’m fighting, I’ve been a bit preoccupied. I haven’t been able to wear really cute clothing, because my left arm is twice its usual size (down to the elbow) and hurts like no other. I have good days and bad days; the last couple of days were awful! I had a fever and horrible chills and the pain was unbearable. I am on antibiotics, but the doctor’s expectations are pretty low. He wants to refer me to a surgeon. Lovely! I don’t have insurance. What to do?

Keep your fingers crossed that it’s not too late for antibiotics to clear this up. At the very least, I’m happy that my fever broke. In the meantime, here are some pictures from a week or so ago, before the infection spread like wildfire:)

One of my favorite necklaces, the little bunny necklace from Anirtak. It’s my Peanutty necklace. Nunner Bunner (one of the many nicknames I had for Peanutty) always lives on in my heart, but I keep her pictures on the wall and random little bunny trinkets around, so she’s always near me.

On this day, I changed outfits three times. This was the first outfit. It doesn’t look very summery, but that’s because it was not a summery day. It was chilly and rainy, when I woke up. As we took these pictures, it started to warm up, so I changed into a different outfit. Later on, I changed into a dress for dinner. Kind of ridiculous!

Outfit Details:
lace slip (I just realized I’ve had this since freshman year of college…weird)
wrap knit top – Express (also really old)
thrifted belt
vintage purse (from my mom)
thrifted skirt
h&m skirt (worn under the other skirt for fullness/to keep the skirt from flying up)
gap tights
vintage heels
bunny necklace from Anirtak

Speaking of bunnies – did you know that I almost named Miku “Bunny”? I named our cat “Puppy,” when I was five. I thought it would be cute to name her Bunny, since I had a Peanutty bunny at the time. Plus, she looked like a little bunny. My mom vetoed the name. I still call her Bunny, from time to time, but it’s just a term of endearment that I use for most animals (and Kimbly). This was really more of an excuse to post cute pictures of the little babies. Miku and Vester are best buds. Excuse Miku’s ratty looking coat – I guess I didn’t brush her that day!

I felt bad for Lacy, because she’s always left out. Bobby favors Vester, and so does Miku! My friends and I all give her extra attention, just to make up for it.

In other news, you may have noticed the lack of Postlapsaria updates. That’s because I haven’t been able to photograph the clothes! I don’t want to get my gross infected arm all over the clothing. I was waiting for it to clear up, but I guess I’m going to have to photograph them hanging on a form or something. Antibiotics, please clear this up! It’s getting so old.

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. I just checked and the bunny (Lone Hopper) necklace is still available at Anirtak’s Etsy, and it’s only $10!

p.p.s. Don’t forget to enter the ModCloth giveaway!
  1. Pretty Pirate says: July 11, 20091:38 am

    I hope you get better soon without surgery, that is terrible it's such a bad infection. I think it's really funny that I have a Sylvester that we call vester most of the time, and I call my other cat bunny most of the time too. Cat's really do look like bunnies and it's such a cute thing to call them. My last cat was named squirrel by her first owner. I love calling pets by other species names. I guess we are both about the same degree of crazy cat ladies, I own about 5 pieces of clothing with some sort of cat on them, do you have any?

    You look so cute, Love the skirt!

  2. stylefyles says: July 11, 20091:59 am

    kind of ridiculous to change outfits thrice in a day…but I love it! Barring the accrued laundry, it is otherwise fun to play dress up a bit, regardless of whether the wardrobe changes are dictated by weather or some other reason.

    best of luck with the infection- I hope you heal quickly and without surgery!

  3. Erica Leigh says: July 11, 20092:18 am

    sucks about the infection. hope it clears up soon & that you feel better! on the bright side, your outfit is super cute. and why does your dog always look like he's smiling?? i like it lol. <3

  4. piglet says: July 11, 20092:25 am

    Oh you poor thing! I hope the antibiotics will kick in soon.

  5. Sher says: July 11, 20092:41 am

    I am seriously loving that outfit! I wishj I had the talent to think up something like that.

  6. melissa kaye says: July 11, 20094:00 am

    I hope you feel better soon. Your outfit looks adorable and I love the bunny necklace!

  7. Maria says: July 11, 20094:16 am

    i hope your infection clears up ASAP! it sucks not having insurance :((

  8. Polina says: July 11, 20094:47 am

    I hope your arm clears up very soon! πŸ™ Have a nice day!

  9. iam_kristen says: July 11, 20095:16 am

    Ooh, I really really hope the antibiotics work for you. I have COBRA extended health coverage, but I have to pay $500 a month for it (I have lupus and end up in the hospital every so often so the $500 is worth the coverage I get then since hospital stays for me are like $70,000!). So yes, I sincerely hope you get better without the surgery. After you're cleared of the infection, you should get some basic blood tests done to see if you have anything else going on, just to be safe. I didn't know I had lupus until I was in the hospital almost dead from the hemolytic anemia it caused!

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!


  10. brooke says: July 11, 20096:24 am

    oh sucks =[ we have public health insurance here and i never really appreciated it until now!! I really hope it's something simple…

    you look really awesome and I love your pets too, so cute πŸ™‚

    xx brooke

  11. Suzanne says: July 11, 20096:31 am

    such cute pictures!
    i love your skirt.

  12. Lucile says: July 11, 20098:19 am

    Oh, I hope you'll get better very soon ! I'll cross my fingers !

    It's funny you call Miku "Bunny", I thought I was the only one to do something like that ! My kitty's name is Griotte (it's a kind of cherry in French) but I used to call her "Belette" (or "Weasel" in English), and I still do πŸ™‚ !

  13. Anja says: July 11, 200911:40 am

    Lovely,as always.

  14. Stephanie says: July 11, 20092:31 pm

    oh dears, i sure hope you feel better cause a surgery to fix an infection does not sound lovely!

  15. Music on. World off. says: July 11, 20093:53 pm

    you"ve been tagged!
    love the necklace and the outfit!

  16. Kass says: July 11, 20093:56 pm

    I hope you get well!!!

    surgery is never fun.

    Your outfit is too cute πŸ˜€

  17. Jamie says: July 11, 20094:09 pm

    Hope you arm will get better soon!
    Love the skirt and the cute cute doggy :]

  18. Laura Gerencser says: July 11, 20094:19 pm

    Love the necklace! So cute! Hope you get better!!!

  19. rβ™₯bin says: July 11, 20097:35 pm

    i like you're outfit =D

  20. Stephanie N. says: July 11, 20097:54 pm

    I'm impressed that you're still managing to post, even with the infection. It sounds awful, and scary that you do not have insurance. Will keep you in my thoughts.

  21. Sy says: July 12, 20096:19 am

    just wanted to say that i hope you feel better very very soon! sending lots of good thoughts and virtual immunity your way! haha i'm a bio geek πŸ˜›
    btw, i've heard jumping on a trampoline is a great exercise for naturally draining your lymph nodes (seriously)

  22. Diane says: July 12, 20091:01 pm

    awwww…your dog is so full of smiles!!!

  23. annah-logue says: July 12, 20092:51 pm

    you're insanely beautiful.

  24. Erica says: July 13, 200912:34 am

    i love love LOVE that bag!!

  25. catherine_sr. says: July 13, 20096:24 am

    Hi Keiko,
    I've been thinking about you and hoping you get better ASAP! If the doctor says you should go to a surgeon, please go… you might not even need surgery, but a second opinion could be helpful. Please keep us updated on how you are doing.
    You look beautiful by the way… I loved the Lone Hopper necklace so much I went to Anirtak and bought one.

  26. Eli says: July 14, 20093:30 am

    wow, I really do hope you feel better. Are there no cheaper services provided by a nearby university? Ive done this for dental services before, maybe for medical reasons too?

  27. Nicole says: July 14, 200911:17 am

    I adore that skirt and bag. Lovely! Hope you have a gradual but thorough recovery πŸ™‚

  28. The Elephant says: July 14, 20099:17 pm

    Okay…not to be a downer…but if it's a staph infection that's not clearing up, you absolutely need to see that surgeon. I had a staph infection in my foot that landed me in the hospital for 4 days (if the infection spreads to bone they usually have to remove the infected bone….use your imagination on what that would mean for an arm….) So i don't want to cause undue alarm, but I do want to encourage you to take it seriously!!

    Get well soon!

  29. mothersvea says: July 15, 20094:14 pm

    what a pretty necklace!

  30. Lo says: July 15, 20099:00 pm

    there are so many wonderful things going on in your outfit! it is very wonderful

  31. I hope you get well soon, and avoid surgery nobody want's to go through that…. I you r dog and your cat are simply adorable I also have a dog her name is LAMB and I have bunny his name is BEBO… bunny necklace is absolutely beautiful is simple yet elegant. Your outfit its also lovely and I fell in love with your handbag.

  32. Noiretta says: July 17, 20095:14 pm

    how cute is your look. love this.

  33. Sarah says: July 20, 20092:00 pm

    u look amazing in those pictures!! i really like that style!!