Below are some links to my products and tutorials, available at ModCloth and Emerging Thoughts, respectively. Check them out!

Postlapsaria headbands, available at

Lace scraps necklace tutorial
at Emerging Thoughts.

Simple satin headband tutorial
at Emerging Thoughts.

Recycled shrink plastic charm tutorial
at Emerging Thoughts.

Three more tutorials are coming soon, so check back!

Love love,

Keiko Lynn

p.s. Each picture links to the individual page.

  1. nani says: July 31, 20095:50 am

    i saw your tutorials and I adore them. very cool.

  2. Jeremy and Kathleen says: July 31, 20093:17 pm

    I love the lace necklace! How sweet!

  3. proudly says, says: July 31, 20096:32 pm

    beautiful headbands!
    i love your tutorials!

  4. Jennyfer says: August 1, 20093:11 pm

    that's so cool! šŸ˜€

  5. Anonymous says: October 2, 20096:34 pm

    esoty enmorada de tu novio = i love your boyfriend

  6. Mathilda says: November 1, 200911:02 am

    I adore the lace necklace.. it's so delicate and sweet

  7. lovelythingswhichilove says: May 31, 20102:02 pm

    the lace scraps necklace is so sweet! love it