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Love love,

Keiko Lynn

  1. Jennyfer says: July 29, 20092:46 am

    you guys are really cute!

    I don't have a website to ad. or money. haha

  2. auxpaysdesmerveilles says: July 29, 20098:54 am

    The two of you are such a cute couple!

  3. Anonymous says: July 29, 20092:13 pm

    Keiko! You now have over 662 members following your blog and that's not including all the people that aren't members of blog spot that are fans of this blog!

    You GO GIRL! 😀

  4. yoli says: July 29, 20092:42 pm

    cute cute pic!

  5. Anonymous says: July 29, 20094:49 pm

    Some cute clothing designs you might want to check out:

    There's a lot more, too. This artist's designs remind me of your style, very bright and bubbly and just amazing. 😀

  6. Amanda Record says: July 29, 20094:57 pm

    You guys are so cute! I keep on telling my boyfriend "why can't you be like that?". Jump in the air with me. Ha ha— it drives him crazy.

  7. colette says: July 30, 20099:11 am

    You look very happy. Congratulations!!!!