Weardrobe NYC Day One Outfit Details:
Postlapsaria reconstructed tuxedo shirt
Postlapsaria peplum skirt
thrifted belt
Calvin Klein heels
thrifted purse (gift from Tessa)

I guess I should address this, just so I don’t get anymore comments or emails about it:

I get it. I know I’m not in many pictures; I knew someone was going to call me out on that. I really did bond with a lot of the girls and I hope my impression wasn’t lost on them. I guess I wasn’t the prom queen of the bunch, but I also wasn’t a wallflower. I think maybe the pictures are a misrepresentation of my social contribution to the event. I really made an effort to talk to all of the girls (and guy) and even though I didn’t stay in the hotel with them, I stuck around and hung out a couple of nights. The people and conversations were amazing. We were all a little teary eyed when it came to the end.
You might be thinking I was shyly sitting in a corner the whole time but that’s not true! I conversed with all of the press, the photographers, the girls. I asked lots of questions and exchanged a lot of business cards. I was there for everything; I didn’t miss a single event. In fact, I was always the first one there (shocker – I’m usually late). Some girls were absent (due to scheduling conflicts) from some of the events but are in a lot of pictures. It’s because they have an amazing presence that makes people want to take their picture.
We had two different shoots with two different photographers. Both of them snapped 4 or 5 photos of me (alone the first and with Amy the second) and that was it – but I was by no means singled out. With some others, they took longer, moved locations, etc. Shyness comes across. Confidence is extremely attractive and magnetic. When you’re in a group of 20 beautiful girls, you have to have something that makes you stand out above the rest. Usually, that trait that takes you over the top is confidence. I’m working on it! You have to understand that I’m a hermit – I work from home, so I have no social interaction unless a friend either stops by or drags me out of the house.

Sorry for the novel. I’ve already gotten two emails, a facebook message and a comment about it and it was making me doubt myself a little until I remembered what a great experience it was. Even if I don’t have the pictures (of myself) to prove it. Believe it or not, I really hate having my picture taken by anyone other than me or a close companion. My lip always twitches and my face tenses up!
I also want to say that all of the girls really impressed me and despite (or maybe because of) the fact we all had extremely different styles, I loved each and every outfit. I don’t want to hear or read any negative comments about how people dressed; everyone was fabulous. I’ve said it over and over – style is personal. It’s just different, and different is much better than boring.
-Keiko Lynn
p.s. If you haven’t joined Weardrobe yet, do it! NOW!
p.p.s. I’m not trying to imply that any of you were trying to put me down or make me feel pitiful. I know you were just making observations:)
  1. Anonymous says: September 8, 20092:05 am

    Keiko! Don't get down, or feel the need to defend yourself. You were chosen among thousands of bloggers and given this opportunity based on your talent. Who cares if you're shy? You still went above and beyond your usual comfort zone! You should be so proud of yourself for that.
    – Lauren

  2. Keiko Lynn says: September 8, 20092:10 am

    Thanks, Lauren. The only reason I decided to post about it is because I don't want to continue getting emails or comments about it. I just wanted to try and nip it in the bud!

  3. Catherine says: September 8, 20092:28 am

    VERY well said. I personally can't believe people went out of their way to voice those views on you and the experience. We sound so so alike, i too am a hermit working from home but that doesn't mean i don't make the most of opportunities given to me. xx keep smiling doll face

  4. Lei Ann says: September 8, 20092:51 am

    hi cake-oh πŸ™‚ did those negative comments come from a place of jealousy? we all would have loved to have been in you girls' shoes, but you girls also worked hard to get to where you are & you deserve the recognition! just keep being you πŸ™‚

  5. Erin Cathleen says: September 8, 20092:53 am

    Aww. It's sweet yet sad to see this side of you; this amazing blogger/designer who was chosen to attend this awesome event is actually quite humble and vulnerable. Thank you for being up close and personal with your readers; it's a lovely trait. But honestly, I wouldn't have noticed from looking at the Weardrobe pictures that you were either missing or not feeling that photogenic unless you pointed it out. I thought you looked awesome in the photos, and while each girl there was amazing in her own right, I prefer your type of style over most of theirs. πŸ™‚ You have nothing to be self-conscious about! You're talented and gorgeous, and I'd kill to walk a day in your (fabulous) shoes. πŸ˜›

  6. Chelsea says: September 8, 20093:06 am

    I think that you are so brave for going! I am also more reserved and would have been so nervous! The fact that you went and had a wonderful time speaks for itself!

    On a totally unrelated note, did you dye your hair yourself? The color seems to be staying really well! My red dye always fades really fast.

  7. Damsels says: September 8, 20093:09 am

    thats pretty lame . so who caes if you arent the most outgoing .. … you are so gorgeous and stunning . i love this shirt and the skirt and the hair color .

  8. A glance at my world says: September 8, 20093:56 am

    Love that shirt! Did you make it by turning the shirt upside down and using the former bottom as the collar?? I love your style and all the reconstructions you do. I would love it if you did some reconstruction tutorials!

  9. The Barely Tattoo'd Artist says: September 8, 20094:04 am

    Hey, just because you weren't in many pictures DOESN'T mean you were't a part nor had a good time…in fact, I'm sure many of the bloggers who participated took their own pictures and you showed up in plenty of theirs…

    Screw what other people say…sometimes some people are just in the middle between wallflowers and the life of the party, I should know, I'm one…

    Besides, there's always next year πŸ˜‰

  10. Piglet says: September 8, 20094:29 am

    I love that skirt, it's gorgeous!

    I think it's quite cute / refreshing that you are a bit shy in real life!
    I've been lapping up all the photos from the conference, but hadn't really noticed if some people were featured more than others.

  11. Katy says: September 8, 20094:44 am

    your clothes are pretty cool!! :))

  12. Anonymous says: September 8, 20094:54 am

    Hi Lauren,

    I just came across your blog and I think it's wonderful!
    I totally get the being-shy thing…as I tend to do the same when other people (call it confidence or just "wanting to get all the attention") overpower social conversations in every way. When that happens, the shy-part of me comes out ..so I can totally relate.

    What amazes me, though, is the way that you have bravely acknowledged it and put it out in the open for the rest of us to read on your blog..That took a lot of courage…
    That goes to show how beautiful you are..inside and out!!

    Yesenia from Sac, CA

  13. Anonymous says: September 8, 20095:02 am

    Oops! I meant Ms. Keiko πŸ™‚


  14. Anonymous says: September 8, 20096:05 am

    look at your hair! it's perfect.

  15. June Paski says: September 8, 20098:18 am

    I love ur skirts, it's sooo cuteee


  16. Mo says: September 8, 20098:53 am

    you look amazing. Being shy is soooo normal and doesn't make you any less interresting !!! im sure you had a blast and impressed more people than you think you did !

  17. PonderandStitch says: September 8, 200912:17 pm

    I just stumbled across this blog somehow, and it's lovely! I'll be following from now on. πŸ™‚

  18. Ofelia says: September 8, 200912:36 pm

    I always love your photos πŸ™‚

  19. Jessica says: September 8, 20091:12 pm


    You were such an awesome part of this weekend. Just to emphasize her point, Keiko totally took the lead in may of the events (Tumblr talk?!).

    It was so cool to have a mix of introverts/extroverts in the group. I felt like every woman came out of her shell in one way or another.

    In short, I'm so glad we met.

  20. [Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* says: September 8, 20091:15 pm

    you always look so happy in ur pictures, I love it!
    …how do you do that make up in ur eyes?


  21. LaurenSchoon says: September 8, 20091:19 pm

    That's such an adorable outfit! And my gosh, you're beautiful!

  22. Ayesha says: September 8, 20091:53 pm

    This post totally relates to me too!
    I can be a hermit and get a bit overwhelmed with big personalities around me!
    Especially when i'm not feeling like hanging out with other people!

    I'm sure you made a huge impression of everyone, just like you do through your blog and not everyone loves having there picture taken a million times!
    I'm so camera shy unless I trust the person behind the camera!

    you looked amazing πŸ˜€


  23. Paige says: September 8, 20092:05 pm

    Fashion Photographers will always be attracted the avant garde in fashion, even imo, the totally unwearable in everyday life. You dress amazingly cute, stylish, fresh, to suit your body, and appropriate for your life. I think it's saying something on your style alone to be invited to that conference. But when your placed with people who have way off kilter style, the photographer is naturally going to be drawn to it. Even if it may not be wearable, put together well, or really depending on your asthectics, all the good looking.

    You are amazingly stylish, and I feel your confidence jump out at me from your blog. πŸ˜‰
    no worries girl!

    Do you self portrait your photos on the blog?

  24. chicfaced says: September 8, 20092:09 pm

    it takes all kinds, no? everyone gets something different out of experiences – i think it's awesome you were able to go and participate. also, you're stunning…so…that doesn't hurt. πŸ˜‰

  25. Nicole says: September 8, 20093:16 pm

    You look stunning in these photos as always πŸ™‚ LOVE that skirt!

    Keep on being the wonderfully upbeat and beautiful woman that you are!

  26. Suzanne says: September 8, 20094:44 pm

    lovely again πŸ™‚ can't say anything else.

  27. Emma says: September 8, 20095:13 pm

    Keiko, there are so many of us other hermits out there, and we love you for being you. It's taken me a long while to realise there's nothing wrong with being a little shy or quiet. It's just who we are, and I'm so glad to read your post and know I'm not alone in it! Be you, cos you are lovely.

  28. ZΓ©nab says: September 8, 20097:53 pm

    I agree, Confidence is Everything! and you portray it so well with that super cute 'fit!

  29. a cat of impossible colour says: September 8, 20098:07 pm

    I find it weird that people would interpret the photos that way – and how could making those observations have any sort of positive effect? You addressed this really well, I think. πŸ™‚ I'm a working-from-home hermit too, so it's lovely to see that someone so beautiful and stylish can have some of the same social experiences.

  30. calivintage says: September 8, 20098:56 pm

    keiko! trust me. you are not the only girl who feels this way, so i definitely appreciate this post. and i absolutely loved meeting you this weekend. you presence was recognized and i'm sure there are plenty pictures of your pretty self that will continue to come out through the coverage!!!!

  31. Shannon Lambert says: September 8, 20099:16 pm

    That red in your hair really does come out in the daylight. I get what you mean when you say you only feel comfortable when you photograph yourself or someone close to you does. I think, ultimately, there's more control when you can say
    "uhg, delete that one". If it's a stranger or anyone else…you don't have that and you can feel a little helpless to the photo.
    Glad you had a good time, all the girls looked different but great. Like my mom always said "Fashion is for masses, style is just for you"

  32. Maria Confer says: September 9, 200912:09 am

    I seriously adore your outfit! You look so totally gorgeous!


  33. darcy; says: September 9, 20091:10 am

    keiko, i've been spending most of today, in between classes looking through the blog/photos/videos of weardrobe, and even though i read tavi's blog too, and a couple of others, i kept eagerly looking for you & getting so excited to see you among all of those fantastic girls.

    you are completely precious.

  34. D Seer says: September 9, 20093:26 am

    Very well said. Your outfit is adorable, as always!

  35. Summer says: September 9, 20094:09 am

    I honestly never would have known you're a shy person if you didn't say so. I guess it's because in your writing you come across as so self-assured and just yourself, with your own sense of style and your own perspective. Sometimes I think when you know yourself so well it can be a little intimidating sharing it with others, but as your friend said, you took a big step outside your comfort zone and that's a really cool accomplishment.

    As far as the comments and e-mail you've gotten, I think people just like looking at pictures of you, haha. πŸ™‚

  36. CMA says: September 9, 20096:34 am

    the skirt is FLAWLESS

    check out my blog @

  37. Emilie says: September 9, 200910:11 am

    So lovely outfit!!

    I'm a French girl, my blog mode is: http://petitetincelle.unblog.fr/


  38. emilyanne says: September 9, 200910:57 am

    I have to say that you'd be surprised at how many people feel the same as you. So people are made for the spotlight and others are content with observing from a distance and enjoying themselves that way. I think you are a great blogger and I can see why they picked you to partake in the festivities.

  39. theowlsarenotwhattheyseem says: September 9, 20098:55 pm

    aw no way were you a wallflower at the conference! i was so glad to meet you last weekend and hope we will continue hanging out, starting with thursday πŸ˜‰ we need to get our duo photobooth shots from rich! ~joelle

  40. Rebecca, The Clothes Horse says: September 9, 20099:53 pm

    Ahhh! I really enjoyed meeting you and while I do wish I had a chance to talk more with you one-on-one, I think the only way I could have exhausted my interest in talking with everyone was if the event lasted over a month. πŸ™‚ As for pictures…I keep cropping up in ones I had no idea were being taken, otherwise I probably would have seemed more bashful in them too.

  41. Crossmyheart says: September 10, 20092:31 am

    you look lovely in white!
    btw, I have the same problem. maybe it's an artist thing? for some reason, I'm too quiet in social settings esp around strangers/ I just like to observe rather than converse.

  42. Kai says: September 10, 20095:23 am

    LOVE the peplum skirt! just perfect, you look amazing πŸ™‚

  43. Vicky says: September 10, 200911:24 am

    You are awesome and beautiful!

  44. Livia Kizli says: September 10, 20095:27 pm

    keiko, i'm such a big fan of you and your style! You do in new york what i try to do down here in Brazil… ( i design for my own little brand too) and it's so hard sometimes… so i come to your blog to be inspired! And it never fails!
    Lots of love! Livia Kizli.

  45. saray says: September 11, 20091:38 am

    adore the skirt!

  46. Jennyfer says: September 11, 20092:33 am

    being shy is a good thing, you know. really. it means you're sweet. (:
    I love your skirt! and the shirt is sooo trendy. xD

  47. clairegrenade says: September 11, 20095:13 am

    you inspire us all,dear It was awesome meeting/conversing with you, Keiko!

  48. Style_Pursuit says: September 11, 20098:47 am

    Just need to admit that your style is absolutely gorgeous!

    Aga x

  49. loni says: September 11, 20095:27 pm

    You're fantastic it's o.k being shy, but I can understand from what you were alittle bit scared of. your hair is so pretty in this light!

    Loni. (I have a first giveaway inspired of your's in my blog :])

  50. Rhiannon says: September 13, 20096:49 pm

    I can't believe people gave you trouble for something like that! I think I'd be too nervous to even go to a big bloggers event like that, so I just give you credit for going . . . 20 cute and well-dressed bloggers?! Meeting just one fellow blogger is nerve-wracking enough for me! (though it always ends up being fun)

    I love seeing the Weardrobe photos because, you're right, everybody dresses so differently and it's so fun to see them all together . . . I'm so glad they picked such a good variety of bloggers!

  51. Stephanie says: September 16, 20092:42 am

    I just discovered your blog and it's very lovely. Your outfit is too cute. It reminds of a modern Joan Holloway. πŸ™‚

  52. punky says: September 18, 20091:30 am

    haha, JenlovesKev and I were next to you in line at the IFB party and were to shy to say hello.

    Us poor shy shy girls.

  53. God's Favorite Shoes! says: October 5, 20099:59 pm

    This outfit alone is the reason why I am about to press the "follow" button!

    and by the name is Reiko…so we are almost sisters:) LOL!

  54. amy says: February 18, 20105:40 am

    "Different is much better than boring."
    Truer words were never spoken!