I just typed up the freaking longest post and blogger did not save it. Instead, it signed me out and all was lost. Blogger, you are not helping matters at all. After our meeting with the founder of Tumblr, I was feeling guilty about wanting to switch. You are really doing a great job of pushing me over the edge.


  1. Katrina says: September 12, 20096:13 am

    haha oh dear. i totally feel your pain, although my cursing is always geared towards wordpress.

  2. Ofelia says: September 12, 20097:15 am

    Blogger is maddening hahaha.
    Good luck and nice day!

  3. karlacastuirre says: September 12, 20097:32 am

    Hahah! WordPress woot woot! jk. =)

  4. Mr Tom says: September 12, 20097:34 am

    Oh no!

    This happened to me a couple of times (in flickr). Ever since I've written everything in notepad first.

    There's always a risk the browser might crash too.


  5. The Barely Tattoo'd Artist says: September 12, 200912:56 pm

    Oh Noes!

    Sometimes, you just need to cuss Blogger out…

  6. halfpastafreckle says: September 12, 20092:03 pm

    my sister just switched to wordpress because of blogger being a butt.

  7. Leah Barber says: September 12, 20093:03 pm

    I think I might like this post more than the longer one… :]

  8. Christen says: September 12, 20097:43 pm

    Ugh that has SO happened to me before and it's SO frustrating! I feel your pain 🙂

    Love your blog!

  9. Aury says: September 12, 20099:19 pm

    OH my goodness, I Totally feel ur pain. I generally post relatively long posts and it sucks soo bad when this happens.
    Dont despair though dearest.

  10. Brittney-Elizabeth says: September 13, 200912:58 pm

    thats why you should always type in word or some other program where you can save it while writing. And then copy it over.

  11. glam.spoon says: September 13, 20094:56 pm

    that has happened to me too… it's a good idea to type up your longer posts in word or an email and then paste it in once you're ready to publish. 🙂