Outfit details: vintage dress – Beacon’s Closet, belt – thrifted, stockings and heels – Target, vintage necklace – Hourglass Consignment

Last week, Samara and I headed to the IFB Dress Up Soiree. I love any excuse to get dressed up! I put on a vintage dress and my new 1930s necklace (a birthday present from my mom and stepdad) and headed to B.East. Kimberly flew in that same night, so we weren’t able to stay very long. We stayed for the panel, had a few drinks (diet cokes, because we’re that cool) and left just in time to meet up with Kim and Bobby for a very late dinner.

Jessica did a great recap of the night at Fatlace, so please check it out for more pictures. I didn’t bring my camera with me! Kind of a good thing, because there was a HUGE turnout and we had trouble moving around without spilling our drinks. A huge thank you to Jennine for putting together a great event!

-Keiko Lynn

  1. Maddy V says: September 23, 20095:46 am

    I love the navy skirt on the dress, and the embroidered neck is stunning!

  2. Leina says: September 23, 20095:47 am

    The hands in the necklace look like hands from the movie "Coraline". It's creepy yet so beautiful.

    You look lovely, as usual~!

  3. katrina says: September 23, 20095:53 am

    I love your dress! That necklace is also to die for. I have a weak spot for pearls and those hands look oh-so-delicate!

  4. a cat of impossible colour says: September 23, 20095:56 am

    You look absolutely lovely.

  5. Crystal Ball says: September 23, 20096:10 am

    Your outfit is lovely. I really love the necklace- I have never seen anything like it before.

  6. Kat says: September 23, 20096:23 am

    that dress is absolutely amazing. i would kill to have one just like it!

  7. auxpaysdesmerveilles says: September 23, 20096:35 am

    You look lovely!

  8. calivintage says: September 23, 20096:40 am

    ok seriously, i was going to go crazy about how amazing that dress is and how i want to steal it, but then i saw that necklace. that is probably the most beautiful necklace i have ever seen. damn.

  9. Stephanie says: September 23, 20096:44 am

    Your outfit is wonderful! What a pretty dress and necklace.

  10. Sher says: September 23, 20096:53 am

    wow everything is nicely put together! I looove that necklace! where did you find it

  11. samantha ezra. says: September 23, 20097:08 am

    love it all! that necklace is absolutely gorgeous.


  12. FeeMail says: September 23, 20097:47 am

    that's an amazing outfit. I'm soooo jealous :-)!

  13. Style_Pursuit says: September 23, 20098:31 am

    This is the cutest necklace I've ever seen!


  14. piglet says: September 23, 20099:27 am

    The dress and necklace are both amazing! You look gorgeous!

  15. Lauren says: September 23, 200910:18 am

    Cool outfit. I blimmin' love that necklace!x

  16. Olivia Rae says: September 23, 200910:35 am

    that dress is perfection!! you look beautiful, and i am obsessed with the necklace. i love antique jewelery more than anything.

  17. Louise says: September 23, 200910:51 am

    Pure elegance.

  18. queen atika says: September 23, 200910:56 am

    omg, beautiful!

  19. brooke says: September 23, 200911:01 am

    that necklace is amazing! so gorgeous. and the outfit is stunning, hope you had a good time!

    xx brooke

  20. Jacqueline J says: September 23, 200911:07 am

    Oh honey, I am absolutely gushing over this ensemble.

  21. Thao says: September 23, 200911:49 am

    You're gorgeous. What a ladylike outfit–I am LOVING navy blue for the fall, too.

  22. Suzanne says: September 23, 200912:06 pm

    i love the top and belt! very lovely 🙂

  23. Alutka ® says: September 23, 200912:33 pm

    Like it very much 🙂

  24. natalie says: September 23, 20091:08 pm

    Amazing necklace!!

  25. Gladys says: September 23, 20091:33 pm

    Beautiful necklace. 🙂 So lovely.

  26. Laura Gerencser says: September 23, 20091:43 pm

    Wow! You look lovely!! Love everything, especially that necklace!!!

  27. Paige says: September 23, 20092:05 pm

    You look so elegant! And that necklace is pure feminine!

    Midwest Darling

  28. Fanny says: September 23, 20092:08 pm

    I love love love the necklace

  29. caramelizedvintage says: September 23, 20093:07 pm

    You look so stunning and classic. The details on that necklace made me gasp a little.

  30. Jamie says: September 23, 20093:14 pm

    That dress is perfect!!

  31. Maria Confer says: September 23, 20093:25 pm

    You look stunning!!! That dress is to die for.


  32. cupcake.trash says: September 23, 20094:18 pm

    The necklace is absolutely beautiful.


  33. corrie says: September 23, 20095:14 pm

    That necklace, oh my! So beautiful.

    I was there too but don't think I saw you, the crowd was so large.

    Oh and this may be random but I thought of you the other day when I had an emergency with my kitty, rushed her to the vet, panicked at how I'd pay for the insane vet bills, etc. Having pets is so hard sometimes. Hope your kitty is doing alright now.

  34. MrJeffery says: September 23, 20095:23 pm

    Love this! Reminds of Joan in Mad Men.

  35. Tani says: September 23, 20095:25 pm

    That necklace is so special, I love it. My favourite part of this amazing outfit 🙂

  36. Catherine G says: September 23, 20096:38 pm

    Great score on the dress! You look absolutely beautiful. It is on of my favorite outfits!

  37. Sarah Von says: September 23, 20096:39 pm

    Gorgeous outfit! And, may I say, your eyebrows are perfect?

  38. Mo says: September 23, 20096:54 pm

    omg you look georgous !

  39. wardrobeexperience says: September 23, 20097:56 pm

    the dress looks stunning on you! the necklace is soooo amazing!

  40. Erica Leigh says: September 23, 20099:02 pm

    aww, you look lovely! very 1950s/60s. the necklace is pretty cool–i've never seen a pendant like that before.


  41. simone ... [elleo] says: September 23, 20099:22 pm

    that necklace is so original and beautiful – I want it.

  42. jordana says: September 23, 20099:22 pm

    You looked so gorgeous! I'm bummed we didn't get to meet at the event. Hope to bump into you at something else in NYC…or at least the next IFB event. 🙂

  43. Taylor Sterling says: September 23, 200910:17 pm

    beautiful dress and the necklace is lovely!

  44. barkattacca says: September 23, 200911:28 pm

    Oh man that necklace…! Also happy belated birthday!

  45. 3-tipss says: September 23, 200911:30 pm

    Lovely dress! and that necklace is so unique! I like it =)

  46. Becca Jane says: September 24, 200912:01 am

    this outfit is elegant and absolutely lovely. Stunning!

  47. CMA says: September 24, 200912:04 am

    you look flawless
    the detail on this outfit is to die for
    thanks for sharing the gorgeous inspiration

    check out my blog @

  48. Damsels says: September 24, 20092:01 am

    oh my god you look enchanting … love this necklace

  49. Jessie says: September 24, 20092:07 am

    the necklace is so special n lovely!!!

  50. jennine says: September 24, 20092:58 am

    it was so nice to meet you! and the outfit is all kinds of lovley!

  51. mechanic notions says: September 24, 20096:35 am

    That necklace, I'm so envious!

  52. Lucile says: September 24, 20097:31 am

    You're so elegant, I love the dress, the lace is so delicate ! It goes well with this pretty necklace.

  53. Fashion By He says: September 24, 20092:58 pm

    wow you look beautiful…

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think, love to link exchange too!!


  54. Jeannine says: September 24, 200911:52 pm

    what a lovely outfit and what a stunning necklace!

  55. Sisi says: September 25, 200912:49 am

    Love the vintage dress. I wish i could find some vintage dresses here :(. By the way, Hi, I'm one of your silent reader from Indonesia. Love your blog!!!

  56. mom & son says: September 25, 20091:07 am

    i love this dress on you!
    it's so classy on you!


  57. theowlsarenotwhattheyseem says: September 25, 20093:41 am

    i keep thinking about this dress ever since i saw it on you at the IFB party, so i am glad you took photos! it's a perfect fit on you and just so beautiful. perfect outfit! ~joelle

  58. Intrinsically Florrie says: September 25, 20091:00 pm

    That is a beautiful dress! So chic, the shape is lovely and the lace gorgeous. And I love the belt you put with it.

  59. S and O says: September 25, 20095:38 pm

    what an elegant ensemble you've got there…that necklace is really something:)


  60. Christen says: September 27, 20092:16 am

    I read about this event on several other blogs and everyone who went looked amazing – including you! That dress is phenomenal!

  61. HUzzah! Vintage says: September 28, 20099:15 am

    THAT necklace! THAT Dress! SWOON.