It’s giveaway time!

More pictures here and here.

Emerging Thoughts has offered not one but three awesome necklaces to my readers. I’ll be posting them separately, so make sure to check back for the others! The first necklace features a fun little flamingo and palm trees, to keep Summer close to your heart during these crappy colder months. Can you tell I’m already missing the warmer days?

To win this necklace, just visit Emerging Thoughts and leave a comment on this post. Make sure to leave an email address if you aren’t a registered user – I need some way to contact you.

*Bonus Entry: Join the Emerging Thoughts group on Facebook and leave an extra comment for a bonus entry.

The contest will end on Friday, October 9th at 9 pm. Anyone can enter! Good luck!

-Keiko Lynn

  1. Lizzie Jeanne says: October 7, 20092:40 am

    awesome, love beautiful giveaways

  2. Cindy says: October 7, 20092:48 am

    Cute necklace!

  3. Megan says: October 7, 20092:50 am

    What a gorgeous necklace and an awesome site. I'll have to watch the DIY videos when I get home.

  4. A glance at my world says: October 7, 20092:51 am

    I love that necklace! I also love the iron heart and the bluebird necklace on the emerging thoughts site πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Annie says: October 7, 20092:57 am

    fantastic site, and this necklace is so sweet!

  6. Polina says: October 7, 20093:00 am

    naww love it!

  7. cherise says: October 7, 20093:08 am

    love this giveaway! so cute!

  8. Damsels says: October 7, 20093:27 am

    the siure had tons of cute things .

    count me in


  9. Damsels says: October 7, 20093:27 am

    just joined the FB group!

  10. R. says: October 7, 20093:27 am

    Who doesn't love a flamingo?! This would be lovely for the upcoming summer down here in Australia πŸ™‚


  11. Laura Gerencser says: October 7, 20093:36 am

    Fabulous stuff!!:)

  12. Laura Gerencser says: October 7, 20093:37 am

    I just joined the FB group!

  13. erin says: October 7, 20093:40 am

    So so cute. I love indie designers. And tutorials! Ah!

  14. Marianne says: October 7, 20093:40 am

    So cute! Heading over to facebook now!

  15. erin says: October 7, 20093:41 am

    Oh, and I just joined the FB group as well πŸ™‚

  16. Miss Polkadot says: October 7, 20093:46 am

    pretty! pretty!! pretty!!!
    would go perfectly with my new fall jacket!

  17. Bree says: October 7, 20093:47 am

    cute! it's still very warm here down south,& i'm ready for it to cool off!

  18. iam_kristen says: October 7, 20093:53 am

    Hey Keiko- I was checking out that site and you should do more makeup tutorials! If not on that site, you could do them on your blog or on another blog like! Anyway, here is my entry!

    And I joined the facebook group (Kristen Lange).

  19. Sher says: October 7, 20093:56 am

    Loving the flamingos!!

  20. Catherine G says: October 7, 20094:00 am

    Keiko! That necklace reminds me so much of home! Oh how I miss it! BTW, I joined the Emerging thoughts Facebook group. Love all the Postlapsaria tutorials!

  21. Yvette says: October 7, 20094:00 am

    Aw I love flamingos! Would love to win this =]

  22. katthroatworld says: October 7, 20094:03 am

    cool giveaway! my email address is

  23. melissa kaye says: October 7, 20094:05 am

    What an adorable little necklace! I love the shop–I totally want the owl tote bag. :)~

    ~Melissa Kaye

  24. Holly says: October 7, 20094:05 am
  25. anna. says: October 7, 20094:11 am

    Emerging Thoughts is great, I ordered a dress ("my heart is captive") from them a few weeks ago and it is one of my favorites ever! Also fun tutorials, last weekend I made two shredded t-shirt scarf/necklaces. πŸ™‚
    These necklaces are so cute, I'd love to have one.



  26. anna. says: October 7, 20094:13 am

    Just joined Facebook group! πŸ™‚

  27. Blair says: October 7, 20094:24 am

    Wow, brilliant stuff!

  28. Blair says: October 7, 20094:24 am

    Bonus: I joined the group! πŸ™‚

  29. Mama Fashionista says: October 7, 20094:33 am

    Flamingoes are pink and thus I am in love!

  30. sachiiiii says: October 7, 20094:33 am

    Love the flamingo.

  31. sachiiiii says: October 7, 20094:34 am

    I also joined the FB group.

  32. Charlene Ashley Dy says: October 7, 20095:04 am
  33. Katarina (bjooti. splodgy...crazy bloglady) says: October 7, 20095:08 am

    It's gorgeous! I could totaly do with a reminder of warmer days – the first snow has already fallen here in Sweden. Gah! Brr!

  34. .oksdoks says: October 7, 20095:08 am

    Did you know that flamingos are pink because of the food they eat in their diet. I think that's so awesome!

  35. Kat says: October 7, 20095:09 am

    What a gorgeous necklace. I would love to win that. I have also joined the facebook group.

  36. susanna.w says: October 7, 20095:20 am

    Ooh, gorgeous and how intricate! I <3 flamingos.

  37. monkey toes says: October 7, 20095:43 am

    pretty necklace!!! love the vintage collections on the emerging thoughts πŸ˜€

    i've also join the group on facebook…i hope i'll win πŸ˜›

  38. mandy says: October 7, 20095:50 am

    holy crap i need that necklace for my friend. she loves flamingoes! so awesome!

  39. Carissa says: October 7, 20095:51 am

    aw that is so so cuteee… i need that necklace! πŸ˜€

    pick me pick me!

  40. Nadine says: October 7, 20095:52 am

    What a cute necklace… and I adore flamingos :). I hope I'll win.

  41. karlacastuirre says: October 7, 20095:57 am

    Awesome necklace!
    I like the colors in it, especially how the flamingos stand out. =)

  42. Johnny says: October 7, 20096:35 am

    that necklace rocks.

  43. Suzanne says: October 7, 20096:36 am

    i'd love to have it!

  44. Kirsty says: October 7, 20096:52 am

    oh this is so cute, i love it! x

  45. Yaelon says: October 7, 20096:55 am

    cool necklace!

  46. Ess says: October 7, 20096:56 am

    Love how the necklace is kinda 3D and the silver is gorgeous too. πŸ™‚

  47. CMA says: October 7, 20097:23 am

    this is fantastic
    what a fun and whimsical necklace
    visited the website, super cute
    love their music and that they post DIYs

    check out my blog @
    or e-mail me:

  48. Shilbe says: October 7, 20097:28 am

    The flamingos are so cute , and i love the robot monster field bag!
    I've also joined the fb group.

  49. Shilbe says: October 7, 20097:30 am

    oh! i realised i'm supposed to leave an extra comment for joining the fb group. πŸ˜€

  50. Sunshine Sarah says: October 7, 20098:19 am

    Lovely necklace! πŸ˜€

  51. DΓ maris says: October 7, 20098:40 am

    Cuuuute necklace! Fingers crossed

  52. ilrem says: October 7, 20098:51 am

    what a wonderful necklace. πŸ™‚ so nice to see such geiveaways.

  53. Emily says: October 7, 20099:17 am

    Ngaaw they're ADORABLE πŸ™‚


  54. Sh says: October 7, 20099:43 am

    Flamingo? C'est merveilleux!

    I'm in: shaaATinteriaDOTpl

  55. tiffars says: October 7, 20099:45 am

    Super cute necklace! I'm reading through your tutorials right now. πŸ™‚

  56. Lauren says: October 7, 20099:55 am

    Wow, that's such a cool necklace x

  57. Poppy says: October 7, 200910:00 am

    When I was in primary school, my teacher used to call me flamingo because I would go up to his desk, stand on one foot with my other bent and pressed against my knee, and I would ask him a question and then answer it.

    The nickname didn't stick but my love for flamingos has.

    my email:

  58. HoneyBunny says: October 7, 200910:22 am

    It looks so so lovely!:)

  59. Claire says: October 7, 200911:42 am

    What a fun necklace!

    Emerging Thoughts has some cute things on their website!


  60. small b says: October 7, 200911:44 am

    I'm a Florida girl too, so this necklace is perfect!


  61. Rhia says: October 7, 200911:45 am

    Beautiful necklace that would suit my style perfectly! I checked Emerging Thoughts pages and there was some really innovative and interesting stuff there. I don't do Facebook (infact I boycott the place) otherwise I would also join their group.

  62. niecee says: October 7, 200911:46 am

    Oh, it's super cute!
    I can't wait to see the others as well~

  63. Claudia says: October 7, 200911:52 am

    I love all the things they sell at emerging thoughts!

  64. yoli says: October 7, 200912:08 pm

    beautiful! I hate cold days so I need that necklace! hehe

  65. Teiva says: October 7, 200912:28 pm

    YAY! I LOVE flamingos and I sure need to be reminded of the summer here in Wisconsin. It's the 40's already!

    I checked out her shop for one entry and I may have to go back and buy some things.

    Then I added her on Facebook for another entry!

    Thanks for sharing Emerging Thoughts with us! I hope that I win!

  66. j-bird says: October 7, 200912:37 pm

    Wow such a great necklace. I have an extra soft spot for flamingos because the ones in our zoo were beaten up by idiots last year. No joke.

  67. j-bird says: October 7, 200912:38 pm

    Also I just joined the Facebook group. Yay.

  68. v says: October 7, 20091:06 pm

    LOVE IT!

    i visited her page and added her on FB πŸ™‚

  69. Diane says: October 7, 20091:58 pm

    such a cute site.
    please pick me to win. i LOVE flamingos. i will wear this necklace proud.

  70. pemora says: October 7, 20092:31 pm

    so very cute!

  71. Anonymous says: October 7, 20092:38 pm



  72. Corinna says: October 7, 20092:39 pm

    such a cute necklace! i have to look at the tutorials later

  73. Kippi says: October 7, 20093:13 pm

    flamingos are awesome!

  74. hope says: October 7, 20093:19 pm

    Uhh, that's a really cute and beautiful necklace. Love it!

  75. Manja says: October 7, 20093:34 pm

    Oh my goodness, they have such beauiful things! I am totally going to bookmark that site πŸ™‚

  76. Jamie says: October 7, 20093:42 pm

    Flamengos are so awesome! Their colour comes from the food they eat, otherwise they turn white πŸ˜›
    COunt me in!! ^_^

  77. cupcakeβ™₯trash says: October 7, 20093:43 pm
  78. Lori says: October 7, 20093:52 pm
  79. Anonymous says: October 7, 20094:48 pm

    Love this!


  80. Livia Kizli says: October 7, 20094:56 pm

    i want it! i want it!!!!!

  81. Kelly says: October 7, 20094:58 pm

    So cute!

  82. God's Favorite Shoes! says: October 7, 20095:24 pm

    I would love to win this!!

  83. mariel says: October 7, 20095:32 pm

    since i am from florida, this flamingo & palm tree beauty would be so perfect for me! fingers crossed…

  84. Catty says: October 7, 20095:32 pm

    love it. john waters would be proud.

  85. Darkinia says: October 7, 20095:34 pm

    I'm in! I LOVE this necklace.

  86. Nikki & Raf says: October 7, 20095:40 pm

    I love flamingos!!

  87. Nikki & Raf says: October 7, 20095:42 pm

    I also joined the FB group. :]

  88. says: October 7, 20096:08 pm

    fricking flamingos!

  89. jlz says: October 7, 20096:09 pm

    as a die-hard florida girl, i NEED this!

    thanks to you and google reader for keeping me in the loop of awesomness!


  90. mushy says: October 7, 20096:12 pm

    uuu.. i love the necklace:)

    ps. mushy_22[at]

  91. Anonymous says: October 7, 20096:38 pm
  92. Dwight says: October 7, 20096:56 pm


  93. Eyeliah says: October 7, 20097:09 pm

    I've won before, can I still enter again. πŸ™‚

  94. daer0n says: October 7, 20097:17 pm

    I visited emerging thoughts and they have fabulous items, one of my favorite items is the Black Lacy Lady Victorian Legwarmers and the Turquoise Geode Walnut Necklace, gorgeous!

    Nury77 at live dot ca
    Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  95. daer0n says: October 7, 20097:18 pm

    I joined the Emerging Thoughts group on facebook.

    nury77 at live dot ca

  96. crispybenfranklin says: October 7, 20097:55 pm

    That's so cute! It seems well-suited to my new home in Las Vegas. πŸ™‚

  97. bohochick says: October 7, 20097:58 pm

    Wow! So cute, would love to have one of those! πŸ™‚ You're so sweet to do giveaways! πŸ™‚

  98. Kasmira says: October 7, 20098:31 pm

    I'm interested! In fact, I "hearted" this necklace or a very similar one before on Etsy.

  99. Victoria says: October 7, 20098:38 pm

    Love your blog and love the necklace.

  100. ana says: October 7, 20098:45 pm

    such a pretty little thing

  101. Penny says: October 7, 20098:48 pm

    I would love to win that necklace- it's adorable! You can contact me at or just commenting on my blog (:

  102. Anonymous says: October 7, 20099:02 pm

    What an awesome treat! I hope I win! He he

  103. Diana says: October 7, 20099:31 pm

    What a lovely necklace! I also really like the legwarmers on the website.

  104. Mel says: October 7, 20099:35 pm

    Did someone secretly tell you that I love flamingos just like the one on that necklace?!

  105. Piglet says: October 7, 200910:04 pm

    That necklace is super cute!

  106. Elaine says: October 7, 200910:08 pm

    Aww, that is so cute. I loooove flamingos! :3

  107. rischa says: October 7, 200910:34 pm

    What a great site! I'm definitely going to have to try some of those tutorials. And the necklace would be the perfect thing to have for summer (which is coming up here soon although you wouldn't guess it by this week's weather!)

  108. Emily says: October 7, 200910:40 pm

    that's so cute!!

  109. marigari says: October 7, 200910:56 pm

    love me some flamin-goes πŸ™‚

  110. nani says: October 7, 200911:27 pm

    i love that necklace and emerging thoughts!

  111. Rachell says: October 7, 200911:58 pm

    wow, really cute πŸ™‚

    joined the fb group as well!

  112. Linda says: October 8, 20091:10 am

    i love this necklace. so awesome..=)

  113. Amy says: October 8, 20091:30 am

    What a pretty necklace, a the whole site looks great! As if I needed to discover another way to spend my dollars…

  114. kayladgreat says: October 8, 20091:37 am

    I love this necklace, it suits my fancy of plated charms and flamingos!

  115. Michelle says: October 8, 20092:16 am

    Gorgeous necklaces! I love them.

  116. Michelle says: October 8, 20092:18 am

    I just joined the fb group as well! πŸ™‚

  117. secondskins says: October 8, 20092:26 am

    ahh i miss summer. and i love the little flamingos πŸ™‚


  118. Megan says: October 8, 20092:29 am

    whoops i forgot my email


  119. Madeleine says: October 8, 20092:33 am

    love the store! πŸ˜€

  120. Candela says: October 8, 20093:27 am

    Hi Keikooooo ^.^
    Im just doing a blogwalking and somehow I get into your lovely blog. I wish I can get this gorgeous necklace as my welcome gift, hihihi^^. Keep on bloging!! I love your style….

  121. c-jo says: October 8, 20093:50 am

    Ooh, I love that!! Pick me, pick me! {at}

  122. The Littlest Smitten says: October 8, 20094:02 am

    Love this necklace and the site!

  123. Ankita says: October 8, 20094:06 am

    The necklace is so pretty!

  124. Ankita says: October 8, 20094:11 am

    I joined the group as well πŸ™‚

  125. emily says: October 8, 20095:02 am

    love it!

  126. Valencia Lia says: October 8, 20096:07 am

    Such a beautiful necklace and amazing details ! I really love it <3

  127. M Rose says: October 8, 20096:13 am

    That is a stunning necklace! The detail is amazing. Emerging thoughts has amazing accessories.

  128. sarah says: October 8, 20096:30 am

    I liked the bow belt tutorial.

  129. Diane says: October 8, 20096:55 am

    that necklace is a must have. Count me in πŸ™‚

  130. emilyfatedesigns says: October 8, 20097:13 am

    Flamingos! So amazing!

  131. momiji says: October 8, 200910:34 am

    wow, what a beautiful necklace! especially since flamingo is my favorite bird!

  132. Anonymous says: October 8, 200911:51 am

    gorgeous thing πŸ™‚ me wantz it

    my e-mail:

  133. cutandsew says: October 8, 20094:11 pm

    What a cute necklace! I really love it!

  134. Paige says: October 8, 20095:05 pm

    Makes me miss FL a bit, count me in!

  135. Melissa~ says: October 8, 20096:24 pm

    Love it!!!
    Beautifull necklace, so fun!
    i fell in love!

  136. Mo says: October 8, 20098:26 pm

    woo i love giveaways ! and i definitly would need flamingos here in the cold !

  137. Lexie says: October 8, 200911:57 pm

    i'm interested in the giveaway – love your blog.

  138. elina says: October 9, 20095:56 am

    Is like to wear a fairytale! I love your blog! Kisses

  139. Nox says: October 9, 200911:35 am

    Beautiful necklace!!! <3

    Also love the There's a Bluebird in my Heart necklace!

  140. Anonymous says: October 9, 20094:32 pm

    That's so cute! I also love the love letter necklace.

  141. Anonymous says: October 9, 20095:27 pm

    That site is awesome and the necklace is just absolutly
    perfect! πŸ™‚

  142. Michelle says: October 9, 20095:34 pm


  143. A little birdie told me. says: October 9, 200910:55 pm

    Perfect for my Key west trip!!
    Thanks lovely!

  144. A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie says: October 10, 20093:31 pm
  145. april linh says: October 11, 20092:13 am

    this next necklace totally reminds me the days of summer going to zoo and seeing the flamingos and other cute animals!