The timing for this giveaway is kind of ironic, since I just wore a very similar purse in my last post. Want a cute little wicker handbag of your own? Lucky you! Advintagous is offering one of my lucky readers this 1960s honey wheat wicker handbag. Can I enter this one?

To enter, all you have to do is visit Advintagous on Etsy and then leave a comment below. Don’t forget to leave your email (spell it out to avoid any unwanted emails from spammers) if you are not a registered user – we need a way to contact you.

Bonus entries to anyone who adds Advintagous to their Etsy faves and leaves an additional comment.

Entries will be accepted until tomorrow night (Saturday 11/14) at 9pm. A winner will be announced shortly after. Good luck!

  1. TigerLily says: November 13, 20091:48 pm

    what a great store, is this contest open for worldwide?
    I love the vintage dress collection especially the Vintage Boho Handkerchief Dress and the Vintage Lovely in Lace JC Penny Evening Dress, Ah-mazing!

    yuri.kristi at gmail dotcom

  2. Jane says: November 13, 20091:48 pm


    the bag is just lovely. πŸ™‚

  3. niecee says: November 13, 20091:49 pm

    Oh, so gorgeous. I love everything she has listed in the shop~

  4. niecee says: November 13, 20091:50 pm

    Added to my favourites as well~

  5. Valencia Lia says: November 13, 20091:57 pm

    I love love all the long maxi dresses she has in the store !

    SO gorgeous and I love that purse tooo <3

  6. Angel says: November 13, 20091:57 pm

    I love the Red Amelia Earhart Train Case.

  7. FeeMail says: November 13, 20091:57 pm

    The shop is ace! I added it to my favorites as well! I'd love to win this bag… Thank you so much for the opportunity. Greets from Germany, Fee

  8. Angel says: November 13, 20091:59 pm
  9. Valencia Lia says: November 13, 20091:59 pm

    I've added her to my favorites on etsy too already !

    oops forgot to add my email in the previous entry.

  10. olivia rae says: November 13, 20092:03 pm

    oh i love this purse!! xo

  11. olivia rae says: November 13, 20092:03 pm

    and advintagous is now an etsy fave of course! love it.

  12. katthroatworld says: November 13, 20092:07 pm

    cool contest! omg. i LOVE the vintage classic hollywood evening gown, the 1960s parisian chic little black dress, vintage classic hollywood faux fur coat, 1950s pumpkin spice mink collar coat, vintage band jacket, vintage dynasty silk scarf, vintage senorita embroidered party skirt, and vintage moto black cocktail dress. i love this store!!

  13. katthroatworld says: November 13, 20092:08 pm

    shoot. i forgot to write my email address. it's k a t t h r o a t w o r l d @ g m a i l . com. πŸ™‚

  14. Lisa Boutell says: November 13, 20092:10 pm

    Visited the site…great stuff!

  15. Lisa Boutell says: November 13, 20092:11 pm

    I added Advintagous to my etsy faves in addition to many items from the shop!

  16. Miranda says: November 13, 20092:12 pm
  17. The Daily Fashionista says: November 13, 20092:13 pm

    I just wish I had more money so I could grab up some of those goodies. Especially the red suitcase.

  18. Jenny Ahern says: November 13, 20092:25 pm

    I am in love with that handbag!!

    littlejennyjenikins at gmail dotcom

  19. Corinna says: November 13, 20092:27 pm

    the bag is adorable!
    advintagous is a lovely etsy shop, too bad i don't have the money to buy there at the moment.
    i also added them to my favourites on etsy(my etsy name is feathersandair)


  20. Mama Fashionista says: November 13, 20092:36 pm

    Could the vintage classic hollywood evening dress be any more tdf? gorgeous!


    mama fashionista at g mail dot com

  21. Mama Fashionista says: November 13, 20092:37 pm

    i added advintagous to my etsy favorites!


    mama fashionista at g mail dot com

  22. Linda says: November 13, 20092:38 pm

    And I was just saying how much I LOVED that purse you had in your last post!

    lbruno at misketch dot com

  23. Shayla says: November 13, 20092:40 pm

    This shop is awesome! I love the vintage coats, the Vintage Gray Sweetheart Pouf Skirt suit, Vintage Black Party dress.. actually, I could go on forever.

  24. Kate Bullen says: November 13, 20092:53 pm

    added to my favorites!

    super cute bag, have been searching for something just like it.

  25. Rain says: November 13, 20092:55 pm

    I want this!!!!!!!! I've always been looking for a wicker bag like that.
    heyheyrain at gmail dot com

  26. onic says: November 13, 20093:00 pm

    the bag is super cute

    monica.simbolon[at]gmail . com

  27. Laura says: November 13, 20093:02 pm

    Oooh the bag is lovely. And I must resist buying the cheerleader outfit for next Halloween…

  28. Diane says: November 13, 20093:09 pm

    oh i would love to win this! this bag is so cute!!!

  29. Audrey says: November 13, 20093:15 pm

    Oh!! Cute! Great store!

  30. Gemma says: November 13, 20093:16 pm

    Wow, the vintage typewriter has officially won me over. This purse is so pretty,it looks so one-of-a-kind! My e-mail is suzisheley at yahoo dot com

  31. Laura Gerencser says: November 13, 20093:23 pm

    Some great vintage finds!!
    laura gerencser at roadrunner dot com

  32. Laura Gerencser says: November 13, 20093:24 pm

    I also added them to my favorites on Etsy!!:)

  33. kelley says: November 13, 20093:28 pm

    what a great shop! i love discovering new stores to add to my favorite sellers!

  34. heatherg says: November 13, 20093:34 pm

    ooh, love the bag.

    heathergummo at gmail dot com

  35. heatherg says: November 13, 20093:35 pm

    Also, i added them to my favorites on etsy.

  36. Marley says: November 13, 20093:49 pm

    OMG. I need those Vintage Autumn Wine Boho cowboy boots. They're even my size!! Love this store.

  37. Marley says: November 13, 20093:49 pm

    Also added the store to favorites

  38. Gemma says: November 13, 20093:58 pm

    Oh cute cute cute <3 Please pick me!! πŸ˜‰

  39. SaraKate says: November 13, 20094:02 pm

    I absolutely love the store! Their clothes are so unique and pretty. I would looooovvveee to win this purse! <3

  40. Polina says: November 13, 20094:07 pm

    aww keiko, ty for all the wonder giveaways you have! even though its a long shot to win, i still have fun particpating!

  41. oh, goodness! says: November 13, 20094:10 pm

    love this shop, added to favs!!!

  42. Bianca says: November 13, 20094:12 pm

    added her!

    i'm new to etsy and lurking the lives of fashion bloggers. Tieka, (selectivepotential), is a gooood friend of mine. I'd like to get into this world but mainly stay on the other side of the camera. thats why i need this darling purse!

    Do you live close to New York? I take photos and would love to shoot you in all of your beautiful garments.

    E-mail :

  43. Amy says: November 13, 20094:16 pm

    I have been looking for a purse like this! am.heather[at]

  44. Kelly says: November 13, 20094:23 pm

    Wow, she has some gorgeous dresses in her shop!


  45. Phebe says: November 13, 20094:28 pm

    This purse is so adorable! Awesome giveaway, Keiko. πŸ™‚

  46. tarawyn says: November 13, 20094:34 pm

    So many beautiful dresses. My favorite is the vintage monroe dress, I love pleats. ^_^

  47. Victoria T. says: November 13, 20094:41 pm

    Oh wow! I love that shop, I just added it to my favourites (username is electroblood).

    I love the purse so much. I dno't even own a purse and make my husband carry all my stuff in his pockets all the time (poor dear). It would seriously be used if I were to own it.

  48. kristin says: November 13, 20094:46 pm

    This is lovely.

  49. kristin says: November 13, 20094:48 pm

    P.S. I added Advintagious to my Etsy faves.

  50. ReyBeltane says: November 13, 20094:54 pm

    added her to favorites! some of those pieces are so amazing! The purse is adorable.

    i am


  51. Jilliebeanie says: November 13, 20095:02 pm

    What a great shop! Added to my favorites!

  52. Johnny says: November 13, 20095:05 pm


  53. Hannah says: November 13, 20095:16 pm

    Gorgeous vintage pieces!!


  54. MAISON CHAPLIN says: November 13, 20095:56 pm

    Ciao, how are you? J'aime your post, thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!


  55. Melissa Renee says: November 13, 20096:03 pm

    Cute bag!

    I visited her etsy shop, and I really like the 1960s Parisian Chic Little Black Dress and the Vintage Cherry Red Ruffle Envelope Clutch.

  56. hannah says: November 13, 20096:05 pm

    what a cute bag!!! hannah(dot)bluma @

  57. Eyeliah says: November 13, 20096:14 pm

    I love adVintagous- and they are already in my fav stores so I will leave a second comment. πŸ™‚

  58. Eyeliah says: November 13, 20096:14 pm

    they are in my faves. πŸ™‚

  59. Sachi says: November 13, 20096:19 pm

    I love the coats she has.

    sachi_mitchem at yahoo dot com

  60. Anonymous says: November 13, 20096:21 pm

    i love it i want it!!!

  61. Plastic Pearls says: November 13, 20096:51 pm

    I love all of the dresses! and the prices are so reasonable! πŸ™‚

  62. katthroatworld says: November 13, 20096:58 pm

    i added advintagous to my etsy faves, too!

  63. Ciara says: November 13, 20096:59 pm

    Hey Keiko!
    I'm really liking the Vintage Gray Pearls. I have been so into the color gray lately. I think it is perfect to match with dark or light colors! I could see that necklace with a dark purple V-Neck or sweater with jeans and ballet flats! It's so casual and classy at the same time!

    I hope that you have an awesome day!

  64. Ashley Yazzie says: November 13, 20097:01 pm

    I adore this little hand bag! I can imagine myself going to Saturday brunch with it on my arm! I'm crossing my fingers!

  65. Eline says: November 13, 20097:03 pm

    Aaaah that purse is too cute!

  66. Eline says: November 13, 20097:06 pm

    Also added the shop to my favourites! Its stuff is fabulous!

  67. Danielle Lee says: November 13, 20097:28 pm

    Great giveaway, and great shop. I definitely added you to my favorites. Cant wait to adding some of your stuff to my wish list.

  68. crispybenfranklin says: November 13, 20097:31 pm

    What a great store! I love the bags and luggage.

  69. Justine says: November 13, 20097:38 pm

    I love it when people recommend their favorite etsy shops because it can be so hard to find good ones yourself. This one is great!

    dothewhirlwind [at] gmail (dot) com

  70. Dorothy says: November 13, 20098:17 pm

    Great purse! I've always loved the one you carry πŸ™‚

  71. Dorothy says: November 13, 20098:18 pm

    Also added to my Etsy:

    And my email dorothywins at

  72. Hannah Malcolm says: November 13, 20098:25 pm


    The purse is lovely! Would love to add it to my collection.

  73. Hannah Malcolm says: November 13, 20098:27 pm

    Added her to favorites. I like the 1960s Bond Girl trench coat.


  74. Katrina says: November 13, 20098:33 pm

    I loooove this tuxedo cocktail gown:

    I am such a sucker for monochrome dresses!!

    katriiina (at) gmail(dot)com

  75. Joi says: November 13, 20098:37 pm

    Ooooo that's adorable! Awesome store too πŸ˜€

  76. azwethinkweiz says: November 13, 20099:01 pm

    Gaah! what an adorable little store! Favorited.

    ziewknihtewza at hotmail dot com

  77. Kat says: November 13, 20099:20 pm

    What a great shop! I love the autumn wine boho boots and the mod uptown girl princess coat. Who wouldn't want a red coat! I have also added them to my favourites which you can see here

  78. .oksdoks says: November 13, 20099:51 pm

    You always give the best giveaways!

  79. K. says: November 13, 200910:11 pm

    This shop is absolutely lovely! I always love it when I discover new vintage shops on Etsy.

    I think that my favorite thing in the shop would definitely have to be the Vintage Heather Gray Princess Coat and the Vintage Cherry Red Corduroy Skirt. Also, there are so many cute shoes and purses, and all at a great price.

    Definitely count me in the drawing :o)

  80. K. says: November 13, 200910:11 pm

    Oh yeah, I added it to my favorite shops right away (my Etsy account name is saurduriel)!

  81. angela says: November 13, 200910:21 pm

    I love the buckle on the front! Etsy is my new best friend/enemy!!!

    Thanks for all the awesome giveaways πŸ™‚

  82. sarah louise walker says: November 13, 200910:33 pm

    Wow! A lot of great stuff here. I am in love with the 1950s Black Lace Party Dress, the Vintage Classic Navy Evening Dress, The Cherry Sundae Striped Swing Dress, and all those amazing coats.

    Sarah Louise
    slubird @ gmail . com

  83. sarah louise walker says: November 13, 200910:34 pm

    Also, I just added this store to my favorites!

    Sarah Louise
    slubird @ gmail . com

  84. Rhiannon says: November 13, 200910:34 pm

    this bag is spring perfect!

  85. Lilly says: November 13, 200911:12 pm

    Hi πŸ˜€
    What a beautiful purse! I would love to win it^^. It gives a little comfort to look forward to spring!

  86. Maria says: November 13, 200911:33 pm

    adorable! please enter me πŸ™‚

  87. leBATELEUR says: November 13, 200911:43 pm

    that bag is gorgeous! very picnicesque!

  88. Kasi says: November 14, 200912:08 am

    I've been looking for a beautiful wicker bag like this! Hopefully I win!

  89. melina says: November 14, 200912:12 am

    this is great!!

    melinaroybal @ yahoodotcom

  90. idΓ©e_gΓ©niale says: November 14, 200912:21 am

    Count me in! Such a cute little purse, who wouldn't want to own it?

  91. Stacey & Robert says: November 14, 200912:25 am

    oh lovely! crosses fingers.

  92. Shilbe says: November 14, 200912:25 am

    i love it. it's beautiful. && and added Advintagous to my etsy faves! id: dreamcatcheris

  93. kate says: November 14, 200912:46 am

    This bag is amazing!! I love it! Kate dot medak at gmail dot com

  94. bombshellcat says: November 14, 200912:56 am


    despoticpetticoat at gmail dot com

  95. Lo says: November 14, 20091:09 am

    definitely added this to my faves. what a great shop. that purse is ace. then again, so is nearly EVERYTHING in that shop.


  96. Carolynn Cecilia says: November 14, 20091:25 am

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  97. JuJu says: November 14, 20091:50 am


  98. Beverly says: November 14, 20092:40 am

    I love the wicker purse and this is so unique with the strap! πŸ™‚

    I hope im not too late!


  99. Beverly says: November 14, 20092:45 am

    Anyway,i have added Advintagous to favorites too! Their Sunburst Pale Mint Evening Dress is so stunning!

    Now if only shipping is not such a killer to Singapore. Haha.

  100. Anna says: November 14, 20092:57 am

    Lovely purse!

  101. Jasmine says: November 14, 20093:11 am

    This Etsy store is amazing!

    I'm new to Etsy so it's tough to find specific stores with quality items. I really love all their items, especially the 1960s Mini Red Suitcase and the Vintage Candy Apple Red Polka Dot Blouse. If I weren't on a budget, I would totally buy a lot of these things. It's also really convenient that they categorize by size. Definitely adding this store to my favorites on Etsy.

    As for the bag, it's so lovely! I hope I win! Love your blog Keiko (:


    jazzyhwang at gmail dot com

  102. tieka says: November 14, 20093:19 am

    love all of their items! and this bag is just lovely!
    as well as your blog! :]


  103. Annie says: November 14, 20093:21 am

    Such a lovely shop! I love all the train cases listed as well.

  104. nani says: November 14, 20093:30 am

    Oh wow!! Everything is soo pretty! I love all the 1960's peices. So mod!

  105. kristen says: November 14, 20093:36 am

    Love it! Great giveaway!

  106. kristen says: November 14, 20093:37 am

    totally added to my faves!

  107. misselty says: November 14, 20094:26 am

    just hopped over from your lookbook and now i find that you recommend awesome etsy shops too. =)

    i kind of love these two dresses.


    Thanks! =)

  108. misselty says: November 14, 20094:29 am
  109. Jess says: November 14, 20095:08 am

    Cute! Added to my favorites:)

  110. Heather says: November 14, 20095:18 am

    I love this purse! It reminds me of the handbag Sophia always carries around in Golden Girls. πŸ˜€

  111. kasey says: November 14, 20095:43 am

    I love all the hats on that site! πŸ™‚ Especially the Grey Gardens hat, absolutely lovely.

  112. elina says: November 14, 20096:45 am

    The cheerleader costume! I love everything on this site!

  113. banahna says: November 14, 20096:50 am

    This bag is so adorable!

  114. mtazzzza says: November 14, 20097:21 am

    Definitely entering!

    marianttran at gmail dot com

  115. LPF says: November 14, 20097:23 am

    That skirt with the hearts is kind of calling me with its cuteness.

  116. LPF says: November 14, 20097:26 am

    Added the store to my favorites. I'm not sure how you check, but I'm littlebrotherlives on Etsy.

    As you can see, I really want this bag. Actually, I think I've been looking out for a wicker bag ever since I saw one on your blog some months ago. At least I remember it being your blog.

  117. Eva says: November 14, 20098:01 am

    Oh I think the fur coat is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  118. M Rose says: November 14, 20098:22 am

    I added "wicker bag" to my (long) most wanted list after your last post! Now I am coveting adVintagous' vintage suitcases.

  119. Zohar says: November 14, 200910:29 am

    I haven't seen this shop yet! what great items! I love the bag πŸ™‚

  120. Manja says: November 14, 200910:37 am

    Oh wow, that purse is so pretty!

  121. Hermo says: November 14, 200911:10 am

    cute bag!

    it's give a vintage mood to every outfit

  122. my-sarah says: November 14, 200912:37 pm

    I hope I win! I loved the Vintage Rodeo Drive Boots, and the purses!

  123. roselxx says: November 14, 20092:03 pm

    This is the kind of purse I always wanna get! Extra cute for summer! Thank you for the giveaway!

  124. Clare says: November 14, 20092:23 pm

    OMG "vintage boho faux fur ski boots"?? I'm in heaven.

    clarebld at yahoo dot com

  125. DearBeatrice... says: November 14, 20093:23 pm

    another giveaway! how fun πŸ™‚
    the purse is so cute!

  126. DearBeatrice... says: November 14, 20093:25 pm

    …..and Advintagous is already a fave shop on my etsy πŸ˜‰

    ooops forgot to write in my email:

  127. Bella Di Nonna says: November 14, 20093:55 pm

    Such a beautiful bag! It's really lovely, great store too.

    Bella x

  128. Anna says: November 14, 20096:20 pm

    Thanks for a great giveaway! I love the Vintage Blue Body-con Leather dress. So gorgeous!

    anna dot tran at hotmail dot com

  129. Lisa says: November 14, 20096:24 pm

    This is one of my faves: Vintage Mint Green Nightie.
    It is a nightie but I can see so many ways to wear it out πŸ™‚


  130. Laura says: November 14, 20096:26 pm

    Great store! One piece that really caught my eye was the The Vintage Sweater Girl Set. The cobalt blue sweater is so beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!


  131. Heather says: November 14, 20096:47 pm

    The bag is adorable!
    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway~

    heatherng21 at hotmail dot com.

  132. Kathy says: November 14, 20097:08 pm

    omg love that vintage clothing store and that wicker handbag. It just has this idea of going out on a picnic vibe or something! =D


  133. Damsels says: November 14, 20097:09 pm

    wow that is some of the best vintage ive seen on etsy


  134. Sy says: November 14, 20099:40 pm

    oh little wicker bag, be mine!!!

    rain_orchid11 (at) yahoo(dot)com

  135. JBalloon says: November 14, 200910:07 pm

    What a neat shop! I love love that purse! I definitely have one of those on my vintage wishlist!!

  136. Anonymous says: November 14, 200910:39 pm

    Until I visited your blog-spot, I had never heard of Advintagous, the website provides Vintage lovers with sophisticated, classy, demure, and feminine clothing. According to Nina Garcia, a judge on the award winning show, Project Runway, vintage items are a great way to add individuality to your closet and to find designer brands at bargain prices. No one will have what your wearing. And I agree. I hope to add some of the lovely clothes offered at Avingtagous to my closet. When I heard about the contest, before I visited the Advintagous website I was going to suck up to get what I want, but after visiting the website I found that I liked many of the pieces! The vintage pieces can add a classy, sassy, fun, and playful touch to any girl's closet. Email:

  137. JBalloon says: November 14, 200910:51 pm

    Added to my favorites!

  138. pauline says: November 14, 200911:02 pm

    love the bag!!! the shop has a lot of great stuff in it.

    thanks for the chance!!!

  139. S and O says: November 14, 200911:58 pm

    that purse is amazing!!! I hope I win:) *crossing my fingers for luck*

  140. Lexie says: November 15, 200912:36 am

    love it, love it, love it.

    lexie.smyth at gmail dot com

  141. Lexie says: November 15, 200912:38 am

    added to my favorites!

    lexie.smyth at gmail dot com

  142. yoli says: November 15, 200912:45 am
  143. Lisa says: November 15, 20094:32 am

    Wow so much cute stuff!

  144. The Littlest Smitten says: November 16, 20091:59 am

    I love this. The site is amazing.