I’ve been working my butt off trying to get new items done for the BUST Craftacular (December 6th! Mark your calendars), so this is just a little outfit post from our day at the Brooklyn Flea. We sold a lot of goodies, ate a lot of great food (Whimsy & Spice, Red Hook Lobster, Pizza Moto!) and caught up with friends. I even ran into Mr. Newton, who asked to take some quick shots of my outfit. Lucky for me, since I didn’t have any for the blog. See more at mrnewton.net. Thanks, Eddie!

The Brooklyn Flea is one of my absolute favorite places to visit on the weekend, and I’m sad this was the last outdoor one until Spring. They will have a holiday market in Manhattan and then move indoors in Dumbo until the weather is warmer. I’m sure I’ll still visit the indoor market but I can’t wait until the outdoor ones open up again. See you next Spring, Brooklyn Flea!

Outfit Details:
green coat – Zara
peter pan top – Beacon’s Closet
Ruffled skirt – Postlapsaria
tights – TJ Maxx
shoes – Payless

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. If you enjoy street style blogs, add Mr. Newton to your list. You’ve probably seen his photos on refinery29 and Style Sightings – now he has his own blog.

Taken from a recent post: “There are so many beautiful and fashionable girls wandering around New York and other fashion capitals…and most of them are not models, but just normal girls going about their daily business…the street muses. I really appreciate each and every one of them and the effort they make towards making our cities better (cooler, prettier, more interesting) places to live.”

Maybe that’s why I enjoy his blog so much; it’s a little more relatable than some of its counterparts that I frequent.

  1. mom & son says: November 27, 20098:38 pm

    i love the whole outfit esp the green coat.
    it's my fave color!

  2. Caitlin says: November 27, 20098:51 pm

    I love your outfit, I want to visit the broklyn flea one day soon!

  3. katthroatworld says: November 27, 20099:51 pm

    cute outfit! the colors you're wearing are so pretty!


  4. Annie says: November 27, 20099:59 pm

    I love your boots – and his blog sounds terrific!

  5. Sharon says: November 27, 200910:05 pm

    You look great!
    Loving the shoes

  6. Sistinas says: November 27, 200910:45 pm

    Wow!! That green coat is fabulous!!!

  7. Kallie says: November 27, 200911:37 pm

    the pink soles of your shoes and the green of your coat together are so much fun.

  8. pinkpeas says: November 27, 200911:51 pm

    that skirt is sharrrrp girlfriend! :]

  9. Kyla says: November 28, 200912:18 am

    You and that skirt are so gorgeous!

  10. angela says: November 28, 200912:44 am

    So sassy in that photo! The dulce de leche brownies from W&S are seriously scrumptious!!!

  11. Django et Coco says: November 28, 200912:46 am

    Love the Skirt! 😉 You look gorgeous as always!



  12. darcy; says: November 28, 20093:36 am

    its always exciting finding you in my BUST magazine.

  13. Ash says: November 28, 20096:16 am

    What a wonderful jacket!


  14. Elizabeth says: November 28, 20096:48 am

    So cute! I looked at Mr. Newton's blog and, jeez, girl, that smile is all kinds of adorable.

    I think knowing you're having a booth at the BUST Craftacular might be the boost I need to make the trek into the city. I'm really loving the peter pan collared tent dresses you've been making lately!

  15. Tabea says: November 28, 20097:46 am

    So lovely Outfit! The skirt is amazing, love it!

  16. Mo says: November 28, 200911:50 am

    i think i already mentioned i loved the green coat, but i'll say it again ! and the skirt looks great !

  17. Nicole says: November 28, 20094:10 pm

    Wow it looks soo cool
    I abosolutely love yout blog!

    Phantasias Temptation

  18. PlanetLumiere says: November 28, 20098:19 pm

    you make beautiful skirts!


  19. Mandy says: November 29, 20093:43 am

    I LOVE your outfit!! Such a great sense of style!


  20. Emily says: November 29, 20093:44 am

    I love that bright green coat! Did you really get those shoes at Payless? Amazing!

  21. Healthy and Homemade says: November 29, 20094:21 am

    Love the coat!! =)

  22. Robin Shannehan says: November 29, 20094:01 pm

    you are stunning. and the outfit is darling

  23. Malu says: November 29, 20094:27 pm

    Wow, I love your style, really inspiring!
    You really have a great blog 😀


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    Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
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  24. Penny says: November 29, 20095:53 pm

    I absolutely adore the shirt! It looks great with the skirt.

  25. The Fashion Connection says: November 29, 20099:22 pm

    Keiko, I know you probably dont know me but I used to read your LJ and occasionally comment since early 2007. I was a high school freshman then and you inspired me SO much, I remember waking up on cold winter mornings and reading your journal and just aspiring to be half as amazing and sweet as you are. Im having nostalgia right now just thinking about it 🙂

    Anyways, I wasnt very "cool" and reading your LJ and Bobbys LJ made me feel like I belonged. Cheesy I know. You also inspired me to get crafty and I've been DIYing since,. You are beautiful, intelligent and everything in between and thank you so much for everything even if you didnt know how much it directly affected me. You're the best 🙂

    PS: I was always rooting for you and Bobby, you fit together like pieces in a puzzle! It makes me smile 🙂

    A loyal reader

  26. Elissa says: November 29, 20099:24 pm

    Love that coat! And that Skirt of yours is one of my favorite that you've made.

  27. Bucca says: November 29, 20099:56 pm

    In love with the green coat!

  28. kare says: November 30, 20093:39 am

    This is adorable! I can't believe those boots are from Payless. Parfait!

  29. Elena says: November 30, 20091:09 pm

    I've been following your blog for some time now but I didn't comment on any of your posts yet.
    Anyways, I think you have quite a unique style and and your outfits are always interesting!
    This one is very cute too! Love the color of that coat! And the dress is adorable!! 🙂

  30. Becca Jane says: December 1, 200912:29 am

    I am jealous of your amazing green coat!

  31. Mary @ StyleFyles says: December 1, 20092:33 am

    that skirt is AMAZING—-the highlight of the outfit. Of course is from Postlapsaria. I love how you've paired it w/the green and black. You are an amazing designer!

  32. A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie says: December 2, 20092:43 am

    The whole look – ab-so-lute-ly DARLING! I want that green coat!

  33. Flannie says: December 9, 20094:57 pm

    Great outfit you are showing here ! I am glad I have discovered your blog thanks to another French blogger. Here, in my small city, we can't find much of the New-York spirit. People are much more conservative about fashion.