Outfit Details:
little boy’s blazer – thrifted
dress (with slight alterations) and tights – H&M
Her Majesty heels (available in four colors on the site) – courtesy of Seychelles
vintage wicker bag – gift from Dawn, my mom’s best friend

This week has been full of physical and emotional ups and downs. Such is the delight and absolute anguish of a young lady’s life! Overall, I am mostly happy happy with a hint of stressed the heck out for no particular reason other than being a worrier. I’ve just been busy, sick (I’m always sick) and missing my friends and family something fierce. I have this overwhelming need to build a fort, have a sleepover and hug and laugh and be sillypants. Luckily, I have just the right people in mind for that, and the holidays are just around the corner.

My life is far from perfect by any stretch. But gosh darn it, I am lucky in love. Family, friends and otherwise.

love love,
Keiko Lynn

  1. lauren says: November 12, 20091:38 pm

    i love how you use color, it's something i don't do because it isn't me, but i love seeing it and you look amazing in color!

  2. violetville says: November 12, 20091:48 pm

    so sweet! i love the blocks of color. and very few people actually pull off yellow well! it's totally time for a yellow comeback!

  3. olivia rae says: November 12, 20092:15 pm

    exactly how i have been feeling lately. thanks for the reminder! lovely blog as always. xoxo

  4. Taylor Sterling says: November 12, 20092:36 pm

    I love the color! Your hair looks amazing!

  5. Jilliebeanie says: November 12, 20092:43 pm

    This outfit is just the sweetest! I've been looking for yellow shoes JUST like yours!


  6. FeeMail says: November 12, 20092:45 pm

    love your dress and your shoes… and you bag… and the whole outift :-)!

  7. God's Favorite Shoes! says: November 12, 20092:51 pm

    You are really adorable!

  8. [Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* says: November 12, 20093:08 pm

    That's what I call a "good-girl-dress"


  9. Diane says: November 12, 20093:14 pm

    this is ADORABLE! love it all…especially the handbag and the shoes!

  10. Moomby says: November 12, 20093:19 pm

    love the color choices! this entire look makes me smile!

  11. junebabie says: November 12, 20093:55 pm

    you look lovely; I love your wavy hair!

    I'm very relieved that the holidays are coming. I miss my friends too! but it's going to be the best time when I finally get to see them again.

  12. Bumble Lush says: November 12, 20094:14 pm

    That's an H&M dress?! LOVE it! Love the cut, color, everything. A good dress to wear if you're feeling a little blue. 😉

  13. Lucile says: November 12, 20094:24 pm

    I'm just in love with your outfit ! This dress is perfect.

  14. DearBeatrice... says: November 12, 20094:44 pm

    This outfit is so bright and cheery, I love it! 🙂

  15. clouds of tulle says: November 12, 20095:04 pm

    you look so cute! <3

  16. Plastic Pearls says: November 12, 20095:06 pm

    I love the mustard yellows with the navy colors. I would have never put them together! Love it 🙂

  17. cupcake♥trash says: November 12, 20095:19 pm
  18. Kallie says: November 12, 20095:21 pm

    the yellow and the happiness of this post lifted some of the gloom from rainy new york 🙂

  19. calivintage says: November 12, 20095:36 pm

    aw, this puts me right in the mood to watch harold and maude. you look perfectly lovely despite the stress and i know how you feel!

  20. Nora says: November 12, 20095:39 pm

    such a cute outfit! it makes me think of spring in this cold fall weather. I have to ask how do you get the curls in your hair so perfect? you should do a tutorial on that 🙂

  21. M. says: November 12, 20095:57 pm

    I really would just like to be you, your style is wonderful


  22. m. says: November 12, 20096:47 pm

    Hi, I'm a new reader, just wanted to express my admiration for all your adorable, individual outfits and your dare-to-be-sweet attitude!

  23. emilie says: November 12, 20096:59 pm

    These were my wedding colors 2 summers ago, and are still and always have been my favorite colors.. deep blue and a bright golden yellow. I love it! I love Seychelles for comfy shoes that are ladylike without looking like my grandma's less stylish heels. Thanks for the pick-me-up!

  24. Mary @ StyleFyles says: November 12, 20097:02 pm

    I wish we were friends so you could teach me how to do makeup. Your photos are gorgeous, as usual!

  25. Django et Coco says: November 12, 20097:40 pm

    This is defInitly one of my favorite autumn outfit I have seen so far 🙂 love the yellow!

    I hope you feel all better soon!



  26. Helen says: November 12, 20097:49 pm

    oh i love this outfit! the dress is wonderful.

  27. Mel says: November 12, 20098:44 pm

    I love the combination of yellow and blue! Looks fantastic on you! And that dress is adorable!

  28. Mo says: November 12, 20099:27 pm

    what a happy post..what a happy outfit !! you can never go wrong with yellow & blue…Sweden 😉

  29. jennine says: November 12, 200910:23 pm

    it will turn around soon, i know it!

    in the mean time, navy and yellow are great on you!

  30. ann says: November 13, 20091:24 am

    I love your alterations to that dress – I have the same one, but in a light blue. I want to wear it, but it always reminds me of "The Orphanage", which really freaks me out. You've inspired me to shorten the sleeves and make it less matronly.

  31. coldlight says: November 13, 20091:43 am

    you have the BEST colour combinations in your outfits! i especially love the buttons + detail on the dress 🙂

  32. Jessie says: November 13, 20092:28 am

    i love love love this yellow dress
    why i never see it in the h&m store here>.<

  33. Shannon Lambert says: November 13, 20093:19 am

    Such a cute dress, yellow is such a nice colour and it's so hard to find done decently in clothing.

    I was at H & M yesterday and continue to fall deeper and deeper in love with them. They don't really carry many plus sizes, but if you hunt you can find a lot of stuff in Large or X-large that fits bigger then that. I walked out with three new sweaters. Love their accessories and of course the price.

  34. Nadia Kamballa says: November 13, 20093:36 am

    You look very pretty. Love the color combination..


  35. Keisa says: November 13, 20096:10 am

    ah yes, thank goodness for the holidays!

    you look absolutely gorgeous.

  36. le blog de leen says: November 13, 200911:58 am

    you're really good at matching colors:)
    love the dress


  37. Nicole says: November 13, 200912:06 pm

    Love the color scheme! Yellow will always brings a smile to my face 🙂

    And yay for happiness, love, and good friends!

  38. Suzanne says: November 13, 200912:26 pm

    the shoes are so cute!

  39. Une étincelle de mode says: November 13, 200912:35 pm

    Totally in love of this look Baby doll, you are so pretty!!!


  40. belt buckle girl says: November 13, 20093:15 pm

    YOu look so cute! lovely and well thought of outfit!

  41. Monochromachic says: November 13, 20093:27 pm

    o wow, i'm speechless. you're so beautiful in so many ways 😀 i looovveee the blue+yellow combo, it's preppy and girly and vintagey all at the same time 🙂


  42. CheshireCat says: November 13, 20096:08 pm


    i am selling this new acrylic painting i made 🙂 I am an artist ( have been since i was 6 year old mexican smurf) and I'm trying to get my art noticed more, critiqued,looked at, and also sold! It would mean to world to me if someone actually bought my art -_- i think i could rest in peace haha! well if you know anyone that would like to buy it and ask around ( maybe some clothing stores too no? )and help me I WOULD MORE THAN APPRECIATE IT The Angels shall smile down upon you :B!!!
    you can look at it on my blog

    GRACIES! ( thank you )

  43. auxpaysdesmerveilles says: November 13, 20099:07 pm

    You look adorable, and I'm very jealous of that blazer!

  44. zit... says: November 13, 20099:22 pm

    oh, i just found your blog and it's sooo lovely. it made me smile 😀

    i really want those yellow shoes!



  45. Lloyd & The Tubsters says: November 13, 200910:05 pm

    I love the way you are able to make such little-girl inspired clothes look so mature. Love the look.


  46. idée_géniale says: November 14, 200912:22 am

    Gorgeous yellow frock. And I want those shoes in the burnish color!!

  47. clareassiral says: November 14, 20096:45 am

    the colors of your outfits always puts a smile on my face whenever i see them. brightly and lovely.

  48. Damsels says: November 14, 20096:43 pm

    you definitely dont look anything short of happy and glowing in these pics … i worry for no reason sometimes as well

  49. Erin Cathleen says: November 14, 200910:44 pm

    I love how you've combined sunny yellow with a wicker handbag, and anchored the summer hues down with navy blue. Perfect for fall and oh so sweet! Your hair looks beautiful, too.

  50. S and O says: November 14, 200911:55 pm

    ooohhhh that dress is so sweet on you!!!!

  51. Polished Sense says: November 16, 20091:13 am

    I love the way the photos came out. Very professional. Lovely outfit. Suits you so well 😀

    Happy Sunday!

  52. Rhianne says: November 16, 20098:19 pm

    I love those shoes!

  53. thislovelycity says: November 20, 20098:58 pm

    How cute are you? I adore this outfit! Have a lovely weekend! xo.

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