I’ve been working on some new clothing for the Bust Holiday Craftacular, including this new dress, Dear Liza. Dear Liza is available in several fabric and color variations, which will make their debut at the Craftacular! I wanted to show you all this holiday version first, to give you a peek of what is going to be available. This particular version is made from vintage Australian Merino wool (deadstock) and taupe/silver brocade. It is a perfect little dress for holiday parties! More sneak peeks to come…but please stop by if you are in the area. Check the site for more info.

New Yorkers: I will be posting a special coupon for my blog readers, for use at the Bust Holiday Craftacular. I hope you will come and see us – and get some holiday shopping done while you’re at it!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

  1. Gladys says: December 3, 20094:16 am

    Adorable. 🙂

  2. lei ann says: December 3, 20094:56 am

    i was *just* thinking of brocade skirts yesterday!!! very cute!

  3. M. says: December 3, 20095:10 am

    this dress is amazing, i'm so jealous of your skills!

  4. Dylana says: December 3, 20095:18 am

    I love the bow! You look amazing! You are such a talented girl!


  5. Angela says: December 3, 20095:20 am

    so cute. All shiny and wrapped like a present!

  6. Django et Coco says: December 3, 20095:28 am

    OH! LA! LA!

    This is so adorable! My favorite part being the bow tie!



  7. Heather says: December 3, 20097:07 am

    I'm loving brown and silver together.


  8. kaelah beauregarde says: December 3, 20098:02 am

    I'm the art intern at BUST and the craftaculars are my favorite! looks amazing, lady!

  9. CMA says: December 3, 20099:00 am

    gorgeous as always darling
    totally love it
    thanks for sharing
    awesome blog, keep it up!

    check out my blog @

  10. Calinh says: December 3, 20099:43 am

    I love it !!! Want the same hihi!

  11. Nadine says: December 3, 200912:14 pm

    This is so cute, it fits perfectly in the season

  12. Anastasia says: December 3, 20091:18 pm

    Aw, that dress is so cute! I love the giant bow and the color combination is perfect. Also, your hair is gorgeous!

  13. Anonymous says: December 3, 20092:24 pm

    i'll def be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to meet you and find some awesome stuff! melissa

  14. Corinna says: December 3, 20092:35 pm

    aw you look adorable!

  15. Andrea says: December 3, 20094:02 pm

    i love your pieces! that dress is beautiful. How fun to be in Bust! I love that magazine.

  16. cupcake♥trash says: December 3, 20095:38 pm

    love the color combo.


  17. Wear Necessities says: December 3, 20095:55 pm

    I love those grey-blue tights! Where are they from? – Natalya of Wear Necessities

  18. Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing says: December 3, 20096:36 pm

    I'm such a huge fan of bows. tooo cute! x

  19. Brittany says: December 3, 20097:04 pm

    Gosh, I wish I lived in the area! That dress is so timeless and beautiful.. you are truly talented.

  20. Ash says: December 3, 20097:57 pm

    So wonderful! You do girly chic so well!


  21. YP Creations says: December 3, 20098:57 pm

    tis must be the season for brocade 🙂 I just made a gold brocade skirt for a news years party last week.. turned out sooo cute!

    I looove the dress keep em coming

  22. Sedera says: December 3, 200910:50 pm

    This is really cute! I get very jealous of all your dresses 🙂


  23. Mirian says: December 3, 200910:56 pm

    You are so pretty. I loved its shoes.

  24. modernenglish says: December 4, 20097:14 am

    i love the bowtie!!

  25. yvonnesame says: December 4, 20097:15 am

    Damn girl, you LOVE those shoes! (so do i!)

  26. Side Street Style says: December 4, 200912:55 pm

    Wow this is beautiful…..your really talented….soo pretty and vintagesque

  27. Becca Jane says: December 4, 20095:19 pm

    This is such a cute dress! I love the bow.

  28. Kennedy says: December 4, 20098:45 pm

    you are just a peach!

  29. Anonymous says: December 5, 20099:51 pm

    I love this outfit 🙂

    Keiko, please please please! tell us how you get your hair like this, I'm so in love with it 🙂

  30. Lea's Suitcase says: December 6, 20093:45 pm

    your dress reminds me of a hersey kiss…super cute!

  31. recruitment new Zealand says: December 7, 20098:32 am

    Your outfit looks cute! You’re like a little girl. I like the bow tie on your neck.

  32. Brisbane jobs says: December 7, 20098:32 am

    I love the hair and the silk silver fabric looks beautiful, very shinny!

  33. tres tippy says: December 16, 20095:37 pm

    that dress is so ridiculously cute and pretty! looking forward to seeing the other versions.