Outfit details:
Keiko Lynn dress: courtesy of Modcloth
50s sweater: gift from my mom
tights: H&M
shoes: thrifted

The day after I left New York, it snowed (and snowed and snowed). Meanwhile in Florida, I arrived to 80 degree weather with heavy rainfall and flash floods. It has since cooled down a bit and the sun is out, so a lightweight sweater and a pair of tights is all I need to stay warm. It’s a nice change of pace from the coats and gloves of New York winter but I do wish Santa would bring some snow to Florida for Christmas. It would certainly make things a little brighter.

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

  1. Annie, Time Enough for Drums says: December 23, 20096:29 am

    I love that dress! Your hair is so beautiful also; is it naturally curly? Annie.

  2. caramelizedvintage says: December 23, 20097:03 am

    You look adorable. I really think your namesake dress suits you! 80 degree weather sounds like a crazy thing!

  3. style-magnet says: December 23, 20097:50 am


    Sorry. Just needed to express my love.

  4. TigerLily says: December 23, 20098:00 am

    Love the keiko lynn dress ! ^___^


  5. Danika Says... says: December 23, 20098:09 am

    LOVE the keiko lynn dress! haha. it's adorable. i hope you have a great christmas in florida!

  6. MissKellie says: December 23, 20098:21 am

    Your namesake dress is adorable! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful (and warm!) time in Florida! Happy Holidays!


  7. Lindsay says: December 23, 20098:47 am

    I love NYC this time of year snow or not. But it would be run to switch things up with a sundress!

  8. Mo says: December 23, 20099:57 am

    you look beautiful, as usual 😉 i can't believe you're wearing this when im actually considering wearing a 3rd sweater today.

  9. Sam says: December 23, 200910:25 am

    You look gorgeous! Though when do you not? Your hair also looks beautiful ^^

  10. lau-ra says: December 23, 20091:18 pm

    such a cute look!

  11. Mez says: December 23, 20091:27 pm

    I've been reading your blog for awhile now and I just love it so much, your style is gorgeous and you have honest beauty. xox

  12. rosana says: December 23, 20092:13 pm

    I love your look natural! and that dress is a charm!

    Congratulations by your work!!

    Beijinhos in portuguese** ihih :))

  13. Fabiola "Fab" says: December 23, 20093:18 pm

    you always look beautiful no matter you put on!!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  14. Brigid says: December 23, 20093:22 pm

    I'm loving your curls and that ModCloth dress! We don't get much snow in Oklahoma, but we do have some forecasted for tomorrow night. It's going to be over 60 degrees today. I really don't like snow.

  15. Diana says: December 23, 20093:54 pm

    Love this outfit! I know what you mean about Florida winters. At least this year it won't be in the eighties on Christmas.

  16. Mimi says: December 23, 20094:26 pm

    Hi Keiko Lynn, your lipstick is always perfect and looks painted on. How do you do it??

  17. Jay says: December 23, 20095:16 pm

    This is a gorgeous dress.
    I wish you some Christmas snow!

  18. hello lovely says: December 23, 20095:40 pm

    this outfit is beautiful! and your hair and makeup is perfect too!


  19. Lorena says: December 23, 20095:59 pm

    Lovely as usual….
    I wish you the very best 2010 🙂
    Goodness and positiveness shows in pictures, I can tell by just looking a yours

  20. twistofdynamite says: December 23, 20096:00 pm

    You look beautiful! I love your outfit, especially the sweater. How sweet of your mom to get it for you.

  21. Dylana says: December 23, 20096:03 pm

    Adorable dress!


  22. Anonymous says: December 23, 20098:22 pm

    Is your hair naturally this way or do you do curl it?
    I think bloggers want to know!
    jp, just curious

  23. Anonymous says: December 24, 200912:00 am

    Hair tutorial! Please?


  24. yumi rae says: December 24, 20095:25 am

    adorable as always! what are you wearing on your lips?

  25. Jen says: December 24, 20097:17 am

    you look so lovely in your keiko lynn dress 🙂
    and how do you get your hair so perfect like that?

  26. ...on the brink of something beautiful says: December 24, 20092:22 pm

    love the dress. and i agree- i wish santa would send us floridians some snow. it's way too hot here! 🙁

  27. Laura says: December 24, 20094:35 pm

    I wish it would snow to the one semi horrible thing about living in fl. but mainly at Christmas.but right now it's just perfect.

  28. Django et Coco says: December 24, 20095:42 pm

    A warm Christmas must feel strange but nice for many other reasons!

    You look adorable in your name dress!

    Merry Christmas!

    -Coco From Our Paper Moon

  29. SOPHIE WEARS says: December 24, 200911:29 pm

    I'd like to experience xmas in warm weather. It's brutal here in NY…so cold! brrr…. anyways, nice blog and nice dress 😀 merry xmas!

  30. Katie says: December 26, 20092:54 am

    That dress is really pretty, and I love your hair in this picture. i hope you're having a wonderful Christmas! =)

  31. Imogen says: December 27, 20099:03 am

    Amazing outfit. I'm planning to wear my Keiko Lynn dress for new years eve.

  32. FairyLadyStyle says: December 28, 20092:25 pm

    Very nice dress.

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  33. Sonya says: December 28, 20096:23 pm

    Love the dress, it's such a nice color. I live in Florida and this exactly what I have been wearing!

  34. The Owl's Closet says: December 29, 20098:23 am

    what a cute dress! 80 degrees?? sounds wonderful:D i would love some warmer weather right about now hehe