I keep forgetting to share all of the new things that I made for Postlapsaria, so here they are! There’s a lot more at the site, so please check it out.

Click on any picture to visit the site.

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

  1. Jenny says: December 31, 20091:21 am

    The bows are ruffles are so feminine and flirty & I'm loving all of the textures!

  2. Brittany says: December 31, 20091:32 am

    The first top is my absolute favorite.. so adorable!

  3. MrJeffery says: December 31, 20091:39 am

    bows are so fun. love the yello!

  4. MissKellie says: December 31, 20093:41 am

    How cute! You're very talented! 🙂
    I think my favorite is the yellow skirt. It's so bright and happy!


  5. Ash says: December 31, 20098:12 am

    You have the cutest style!


  6. Dodo says: December 31, 200912:09 pm

    Looks nice! & Happy New Year!

  7. Kallie says: December 31, 20092:56 pm

    you are so creative! happy new year 🙂

  8. Jay says: December 31, 20096:35 pm

    These are so pretty and you're incredibly talented.

  9. Wear Necessities says: December 31, 20099:24 pm

    You are amazingly gifted! Beautiful creations! Happy new year! – Natalya of Wear Necessities

  10. ¡B¡ZDA ¡SH¬ says: December 31, 20099:42 pm

    That green and black skirt is heavenly. I love the dye job on the blonde lady..eh meh gehd.

  11. Natalie Faye says: January 1, 20106:22 pm

    Happy New Year! Love the orange top with the bow. I added you to my blog roll. =)

    Pixie Dollhouse

  12. Gizelle says: January 1, 201010:10 pm

    wow, the styles is so amazing!
    the bows…and the bows make a great statement!

    i'm following you…
    happy new year!


  13. Adri says: January 2, 20104:56 am

    Ahh! I love the second skirt a lot.

  14. ana says: January 2, 201011:09 pm


  15. lydi says: January 3, 20107:55 pm

    the first tee and the orange are my favorite!
    they are wonderful!!

  16. Mo says: January 3, 20108:31 pm

    i love all the bows !!!

  17. A glance at my world says: January 4, 20105:28 am

    The last dress is so cute!

  18. CMA says: January 4, 20107:43 pm

    gorgeous darling
    wonderful inspiration, great
    refreshing and cool blog as always, keep it up
    thanks for sharing


  19. jordana says: January 5, 20103:53 pm

    The first top totally reminds me of the fringe necklaces that I Heart Norwegian Wood makes! Loves!

    Hope you had a great new year and holiday! Also, hope we finally get to meet at an event or something soon! 🙂

  20. Kristel says: January 5, 201010:45 pm

    Hey. I just found your blog and it's fantastic! Love your style.
    I have one burning question for you…HOW do you do that to your hair??? lol. I love it. It's hard for me to achieve a wavy look.

  21. K8 says: January 6, 20101:44 am

    every piece is perfectly adorable 🙂

    Fashion X K8.blogspot

  22. ChYmEc!nDy** says: January 6, 20102:58 am
  23. Novie says: January 6, 20102:58 am

    Wow i love your blog.


  24. libys11 says: January 6, 20108:19 am

    omg!!! you are such a doll!!! 😀

  25. Otis says: January 7, 20105:53 am

    Congrats. You just succesfully made me completely obsessed with bows. I now don't think I could date a girl who dislikes bows.

  26. amanda says: January 9, 20102:02 am

    i truly love all the designs. but i'm simply blown away by the maisy dress in dusty rose/grey. l.o.v.e!

    i wish it was more in my budget!


  27. Nishant says: January 9, 20109:59 pm

    The first top is my absolute favorite.. so adorable!

    Work from home India

  28. Monique says: January 11, 20106:34 pm

    Wow!!! You did that? I just can't decide which one I like the most! I love ribbons and your creations are so adorable!


  29. mm says: January 15, 20108:27 am

    I'm with Kristel: I am waiting for you to reveal how you achieve that gorgeous wavy hair! please.

  30. JessieADORE says: January 29, 201010:51 pm

    NEED that green bow peplum in my life.