Today’s giveaway is courtesy of Violetville Vintage, who is offering one of my lucky readers a $50 credit to their online shop. Violetville Vintage specializes in Mid-Century fashion and has an amazing collection. It’s where my dress is from!

To enter, simply sign up for the Violetville Vintage mailing list. That’s it!

Entries will be accepted until 9 pm EST on Monday, December 20th. A winner will be chosen at random and announced in this post. Good luck!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

The winner is Victoria T. Thanks to everyone for participating!

  1. Ashley says: December 20, 200912:44 am

    I absolutely adore your dress. I love brocade!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Ana García says: December 20, 200912:46 am

    I've signed up for the Violetville Vintage mailing list, Thank you!

  3. wheredoyoushop says: December 20, 200912:52 am

    You look amazing as always!

  4. Jen says: December 20, 20091:17 am

    amazing giveaway! i'm definitely signing up 🙂

  5. Alisha says: December 20, 20091:39 am

    Just signed up! 🙂

  6. MissKellie says: December 20, 20091:40 am

    Oooh what fun! 😀 I just signed up! Their shop is amazing, all of their dresses are beautiful!

  7. .mck says: December 20, 20092:21 am

    Dress looks beautiful on you .. the detailing is amazing. You found the perfect clutch to match with!

  8. Ashley says: December 20, 20092:22 am

    Signed up!

  9. SaraKate says: December 20, 20092:49 am

    Thanks soo much for the absolutely amazing giveaway!!! <3

  10. va says: December 20, 20094:27 am

    i signed up .
    thank you

    hope that this giveaway is open interantionally

  11. Danika Says... says: December 20, 20095:47 am

    Just signed up! Thanks for telling us!


  12. happyenchilada says: December 20, 20097:14 am

    Signed up ..with

  13. Justice Pirate says: December 20, 20091:22 pm

    This is so exciting! I signed up. hooray!

  14. Sistinas says: December 20, 20092:41 pm

    Yay!! I've just signed-up!

  15. emily says: December 20, 20093:53 pm

    signed up for it! Thanks keiko.

  16. junebabie says: December 20, 20094:55 pm

    oooh, I love this shop!!

  17. Lindsay says: December 20, 20095:33 pm

    Yay! Thanks for the opportunity!


  18. OhhhSusieQ says: December 20, 20096:21 pm

    awesome! <3

  19. Anonymous says: December 20, 20096:54 pm
  20. Tüppÿ says: December 20, 20098:28 pm

    Just signed up! Your dress is lovely 🙂

  21. Kristi says: December 20, 20099:03 pm

    I'm excited!! 🙂

  22. The Daily Fashionista says: December 20, 20099:59 pm

    Oh I hope I win.

  23. matildes says: December 20, 200910:36 pm

    a xmas present!!! : )

  24. sarahq says: December 21, 20092:11 am

    Pick me?

  25. Lilly says: December 21, 20093:57 pm

    Neat-o thanks for the opportunity!

  26. amy says: December 21, 20094:48 pm
  27. Anonymous says: December 22, 200910:53 am

    I found your blog via lookbook and oh god I'm glad I did! I've been looking for a girly icon to draw inspiration from because all Winter I wore a variety of black tops, jeans and cardigans so it's nice to see how your match together your outfits.I like dressing up because I feel heaps more confident if I do so. Thank you for existing in the blogosphere!

  28. a cat of impossible colour says: December 22, 20098:52 pm

    I just wanted to stop by and say merry Christmas – I hope you have a wonderful day!

    A xx

  29. Irene Carole says: December 22, 200910:52 pm

    loove her shop!

  30. Justice Pirate says: April 7, 20103:09 pm

    I know this was a while ago now, but I finally posted photos of what I chose after I had won this giveaway. If you'd like to see, the entry is here:

    Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to win this!!!!