It’s no secret that recently, I’ve been a 25-year old walking clichΓ©, moping around in quarter life crisis-mode and generally making a fool of myself. I’m going to do my best to keep more of my personal life out of this particular blog; sometimes I forget that more than just my friends are keeping tabs on this. I have a difficult time feeling creative or apt to blog about fashion when I’m going through a rough time. I apologize, profusely. Back to the pictures!

I just got back from New York (the other day) and felt like lifting my spirits a little. What did I do? Well, I did my makeup and partook in a self-indulgent, extremely vain photo session. Did it work? A little. A bit (or a lot) of eye makeup and fake lashes can do wonders for the self esteem.

Makeup Details:
MAC Bare Canvas all over lids and blended above crease
MAC Say, Yeah all over lids
Bobbi Brown smokey eyeshadow in crease and outer v
Revlon lashes
stiletto lash mascara
MAC blacktrack fluidline
Julie Hewett Cheekie cheek and lip shine in Bette on lips
brow pencil
Smashbox photofinish primer all over face
MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in Light
MAC mineralize skinfinish in Petticoat (cheeks)

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. If you like this look and want to learn how to recreate it, stay tuned for the tutorial, which will be available on Emerging Thoughts (as soon as I finish it).

  1. Charmalade says: January 25, 20104:37 am

    So good to see you back in action, Keiko! A little self-indulgent photo shoot makes one feel a little silly, but it's also a lot of fun, isn't it?

    Love the blue/green smokey eye. πŸ™‚ Feel better *hug*

  2. Denise says: January 25, 20104:45 am
  3. Ollie Otson says: January 25, 20104:51 am

    I always love your makeup! So glad you're doing a tutorial.

    Hope everything looks up for you. This month has been tough on all of us, I think.

  4. Allison says: January 25, 20105:03 am

    Well, you look beautiful, as always! πŸ˜€ I hope you feel better.. I know some weeks always get me down.

  5. β™₯Lola says: January 25, 20105:04 am

    Gorgeous makeup! Good to hear it cheered you up πŸ™‚

  6. confessions of a marc addict. says: January 25, 20105:12 am

    you look absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Latoya says: January 25, 20105:16 am

    I love your pictures! You are gorgeous. I like how your makeup compliments your features.

    (Having a quarter life crisis is normal…you'll come out of with a better understanding of yourself and a great understanding of everything around you. )

  8. Jenna says: January 25, 20105:17 am

    Gorgeous as per usual! And please,keep the make-up posts coming!

  9. Angela says: January 25, 20105:21 am

    Okay, I have ask something unrelated: How do you get your bangs to hold to the side like that? LOVE how they look in these photos, and the texture/density/weight seems similar to mine. Is it just blowdrying? Or any particular products? Hate to be the stranger asking for a response, but I would kill for some styling tips :X

  10. daughteroftheRiver says: January 25, 20105:50 am

    I just found your blog, and your style is impeccable! I really love it. I have issues with doing eye makeup, so I am looking forward to your tutorial!

    Keep your head up and listen to Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" It always makes me feel better =)

  11. Kai says: January 25, 20105:54 am

    you are just so, so beautiful! glad that you're feeling a bit more upbeat πŸ™‚

  12. Mo says: January 25, 20106:04 am

    so pretty ! i do that too sometimes, but i m not that good at doing make up, i should check the tutorial !

  13. Catherine says: January 25, 20106:15 am

    oo oo i found the most amazing red lipstick the other day! its a Revlon Matte Lipstick in "really red" and its goooorgeous and lasts amazingly xx

  14. Release Karma says: January 25, 20106:28 am

    These pictures are beautiful.

  15. C says: January 25, 20107:14 am

    Even though I first started following your blog for your outfits and pictures, I've continued to enjoy it because of how open and self-deprecatingly honest you are. In any case, your makeup is great– intense and dramatic without being overpowering.

  16. Jessica Eubanks says: January 25, 20107:34 am

    Keiko, please don't apologize for sharing your life with us! I love that you do, because not only are you gorgeous and fashionable, but you are a real girl just like us. I think you're wonderful! And i'm sorry you're going through a tough time. Sometimes, writing it down is definitely the best medicine! Also, I think your eyeshadow looks amazing here, some of the prettiest pictures I've seen of you πŸ™‚

  17. Carmen says: January 25, 20107:57 am

    Such beautiful photos.


  18. Lauren Loves... says: January 25, 201011:26 am

    Hi Keiko,

    I'd love to interview you for my blog. Would you consider it? xx

  19. Une Belle Fille says: January 25, 201011:42 am

    Utterly gorgeous. I'll be looking out for your tutorial!

    And I agree – there's nothing like a little pampering and prettiness to make one feel better.


  20. Rachel says: January 25, 201012:01 pm

    i don't blog but have followed you for ages and buy your clothes quite frequently so i figured i would leave a comment: please feel free to share a bit about your quarter-life crisis!

    i'm currently going through one and it's terrible. i've been questioning everything (absolutely everything: god, humanity, myself) and coming to these ridiculous late night conclusions about what is worthwhile in life (recently it's been "comedy and space travel"… it made sense at 3 am). so you're not alone in that. although, when someone informed me of that in an effort to comfort me it only made me concerned that i have never once had a truly original thought in my life. i'm quite a optimistic, wide-eyed young gal so anxiety over these things has been brand new to me.

  21. georgeface says: January 25, 201012:32 pm

    You look amazing. I certainly hope it did perk you up, because if it didn't you really haven't got a chance.

    Oh how I wish I could put false lashes on myself. Alas I must always deal with natural lashes πŸ™

  22. misselty says: January 25, 201012:44 pm

    Gorgeous! I especially love that first one!
    Hope you're feeling better! =)

  23. Sharon says: January 25, 201012:57 pm

    I'm already looking forward to that tutorial! :3 I really have some kind of problems with doing a nice eye makeup.

    And you're definitely not making a fool of yourself! You're just plain honest and that's what I like about your blog. It's not only about looking good, wearing cute clothes, etc. I really appreciate you sharing your life besides these things with us.
    I hope you're feeling better soon!

    PS: Love these pictures ^.^

  24. Diane says: January 25, 20101:01 pm

    your eye makeup looks amazing!!!

  25. Rosie says: January 25, 20102:07 pm

    Gosh lady, you're beautiful!

  26. ChYmEc!nDy** says: January 25, 20102:37 pm
  27. anarolka says: January 25, 20102:53 pm

    I want to say that you don't have to worry about boring us or bothering us with your lamentations. This is your blog and should be a reflection of you.

  28. ANA says: January 25, 20103:03 pm

    You look amazing!! I can't wait for the tutorial :o)

  29. vintagewithatwist says: January 25, 20103:10 pm

    beautiful! I love your eye shadow

  30. [Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* says: January 25, 20103:30 pm

    I love it! I want to learn how to do that myself!


  31. junebabie says: January 25, 20103:39 pm

    you're so great with makeup! I'll definitely check out that tutorial so I can learn to do that with my eye shadow.

  32. Fabulocity in Amish Country says: January 25, 20103:54 pm

    This looks absolutely amazing!! 25 is definitely not old… and you look amazing regardless!! πŸ™‚

  33. Diana says: January 25, 20103:55 pm

    You look gorgeous! I'm glad you're spirits are feeling up.

  34. martis says: January 25, 20104:22 pm

    Okay, i'm gonna simplify my comment:
    – ur lips – "PERFECTION"
    – ur eyes – "MYSTERIOUS"
    – ur brows – "WONDERFUL"
    – ur skin – "UNBELIEVABLE"

    U R FABULOUS… gotta switch off the CapsLock.. πŸ˜€

  35. DearBeatrice... says: January 25, 20104:44 pm

    Sorry to hear you are going through a rough time… these pictures are beautiful! I love the lipstick color you used πŸ™‚

  36. Ann Marie McGrath says: January 25, 20104:54 pm

    You look beautiful in these pictures. Your eyes are stunning and I love the way you styled your hair. Did you take these pictures yourself, or did you have them professionally taken? The resolution on them is so good.

  37. My Daily Style says: January 25, 20105:10 pm

    Just lovely – your soul shines through…

  38. Gina SG says: January 25, 20105:28 pm

    Super bonita πŸ™‚

  39. Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) says: January 25, 20106:00 pm

    Im very sorry to hear you are going through a tough time… dont worry, Im sure u will get through this. You look beautiful btw.

  40. Haferflocken says: January 25, 20106:26 pm

    you look really beautiful

    I really love the personal side of your blog. It feels good to know Im not the only one stumble sometimes.

  41. Suz says: January 25, 20107:33 pm


  42. vintagedress says: January 25, 20107:56 pm

    the first picture is so beautiful!

  43. The Village Idiot says: January 25, 20108:04 pm

    keep your chin up- you look stunning!

  44. megannielsen says: January 25, 20108:36 pm

    I hope you start feeling better soon πŸ™‚ I really understand though. I recently turned 25 too and I know what you mean about the quarter life crisis… I felt like I was having a minor breakdown for a few weeks. Hang in there, and as always you look gorgeous!

  45. Soooali says: January 25, 20108:46 pm

    Awh I hope things work out for you. These photos are beautiful!

  46. jennyjen says: January 25, 20109:49 pm

    Oh my goodness, you are GORGEOUS! πŸ™‚

  47. P3ixinho says: January 25, 201010:50 pm

    I've been following you from the other side of the ocean and the message I bring you is: I'm coming out of a crisis, I know I am and it feels good!

    Please don't forget to warn us followers about this tutorial and… do you have any TIPS for girls who have green eyes hidden behind GLASSES (like me!).

  48. nora says: January 25, 201011:16 pm

    you are so beautiful!

    i "discovered" your blog just a few days ago – well, i always had it in my bookmarks, but i keep up saving urls in there and forget about them…:D
    just wanted to say that you have a wonderful blog! (and i won't forget about it a 2nd time, cause i added it to my bloglist :D)

  49. Swedish Chef says: January 26, 201012:34 am

    I dont get your style but you seem sympatico. But then again iΒ΄m a european soccer hooligan. Did anyone mention Natasha Kahn in the Bat Your Lashes comments? Cricket isnt what it used to be…

  50. Fashion Therapist says: January 26, 20101:59 am

    These pictures are fantastic! Just beautiful.

  51. frenchkitty says: January 26, 20102:19 am

    I was just gonna ask if you would do a tutorial then I scrolled down and see that you are! Yay!! Love the pics! Gorgeous!

  52. MissKellie says: January 26, 20102:40 am

    Your makeup is always flawless!! I'm going to try my best to recreate this look tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  53. alison says: January 26, 20102:51 am

    Beautiful makeup – you look so pretty! And I don't mind the personal stuff at all. It's nice to know the person behind the blog a little better.

  54. Kiva, Keva? says: January 26, 20103:37 am

    Keiko Lynn, I started a blog because I think your so cool. You definately insprired me. Your fashion rules harder than vogues. I think your the coolest.

  55. Pearl says: January 26, 20104:16 am

    I love your lip color!!!

    I don't know where to get that Julie Hewett Cheekie cheek and lip shine in Bette on lips here in the philippines but do you know other similar counterparts from other brands with the same shade?

    I'm in love with it. Mostly because I think that shade would look good on me. πŸ™‚

  56. The Sound of Lace says: January 26, 20104:53 am

    i think you should write what you feel the need to write about…if that means problems or issues that are on your mind..make them known. not only is it therapeutic to you it REALLY is therapeutic to others. when i read the part where you said you were going through a quarter life crisis..i first laughed (because ive never heard that term before) i second..sighed because 2009 was pretty much the WORST year of my life…. im looking at 2010 with an optimistic view. and knowing that others have had a hard time as well makes me realize how far from alone i really am.
    and those self indulgent vain photo sessions…theyve helped me though many a cry sessions!! keep up the smiles…we enjoy them!

  57. Christina Visconti says: January 26, 20105:58 am

    Gahhh, you are so gorgeous. Being vain is okay, especially if it cheers you up.

  58. Lucile says: January 26, 20108:27 am

    Wow, you look beautiful on these pictures ! Great photo session !
    I think it's normal that you share your feelings through your blog : writting had always been a therapy.
    I follow you since your LJ and that's what I like about you : you are a real girl. Certainly you've got a higher fashion sense than normal people, and maybe some of the most beautiful features I ever seen, but you seem accessible and that's what I like about you and about your blog.
    I hope you feel better today :).

  59. Anonymous says: January 26, 201012:24 pm

    your on weardrobe 100 no. 5!

  60. Simone says: January 26, 20105:22 pm

    hi keiko,

    i know exactly how you feel. i'm at a dead end job trying to find another, just turned 25 and moping around looking for something to fill the void.

    i find your writing to be sensational. you do put up a lot of fashion and style which is great, but i think writing about your feelings and what you're going through like a normal journal really humanizes you. it makes you less of a "fashion blogger" and more of a real person.

    great to see you back in the tri-state area!

  61. catherine_sr. says: January 26, 20105:25 pm

    I love your personal posts! You write so beautifully, they are more illuminating than whinge-y. But I can also understand the need to keep personal things off a blog with a larger readership.
    You look beautiful in these pics! You are right about the false eyelashes — I wore them for Halloween and adored the way I looked (even though the cheap pair I got were driving me crazy all night).
    the renegade bean

  62. Samantha Jane says: January 26, 20107:52 pm

    You look so beautiful here and photograph extremely well!! πŸ™‚

  63. what dia like says: January 26, 20108:41 pm
  64. Wear Necessities says: January 26, 20108:58 pm

    GORGEOUS make-up esp your eyes!! – Natalya of Wear Necessities

  65. Trains and Sewing Machines says: January 27, 201012:30 am

    I was looking at these pictures and wondering if there would be a tutorial for your eye makeup, it looks AMAZING and I really don't know how to do it like that and then I see that you're doing one πŸ™‚ I'm excited for it!

  66. kate says: January 27, 20101:59 am

    wow, she is beautiful

  67. Christina says: January 27, 20105:36 am

    Hi Keiko,

    First off I love your makeup, the eyes especially, they are gorgeous.

    Second I love that you post the personal things about yourself on the blog it makes you a real person with real problems. I don't think I commented on you other post where you went into the quarter life crisis that you are having, but you posting that really helped me because it showed me that I wasn't the only one feeling that way. I often don't talk about my feelings and I thought it was really brave that you put yourself out there and told us what going on in your life. So dont apologize for being personal on your blog.

    xoxo, Tina

  68. MamieGirls says: January 27, 20106:17 am

    looking beautiful young lady! hope you had so much fun in NYC!

  69. Alice says: January 27, 201011:18 am

    You makeup is really inspirational!

    I think many bloggers walk that think line between keepeing and revealing too much. Nothing wrong with a bit of personal information, we all go through phases!

  70. TheStrawberryFields says: January 27, 201010:00 pm

    ohhhh i love MAC makeup it always gives a flawless finish,you look lovely.

  71. Molly says: January 27, 201010:44 pm

    omgosh…love the eye make up. also, I am oh so jealous of your bangs. they are, dare I say, "bangin"

  72. Mascara or Motoroil says: January 28, 20103:31 am

    You are just so gorgeous. And you have suuuuuch an amazing gift at makeup! No matter if I follow a million tutes, mine never looks this good.

  73. Katie says: February 4, 201012:19 am

    thanks for the make-up tips and tutorial!!!!!!!!!! x

  74. amy lapi says: February 5, 20103:53 pm

    wow! you're beautiful. πŸ™‚

  75. camille says: February 18, 20107:08 am

    nice makeup! i tried to recreate it…. buuut i need more practice.

  76. E says: March 19, 20108:38 pm

    Jeez girl, you're beautiful..

  77. petrina says: October 23, 20103:25 pm

    I love love love the lip colour!!