I get an insane amount of requests for more outfit pictures of Bobby, but really, he’s mostly a jeans and shirt kind of guy. He works full time, so while he enjoys dressing up, he spends most of his downtime in basics from H&M and American Apparel. PacSun sent over a few pieces for him to try out, so he played dress up and we took some pictures.

I think he needs the next size up in the jeans, but he loved the shirt and cardigan. When I told him PacSun was sending some samples, I think he was expecting something completely out of his range of taste – maybe board shorts and a trucker cap? While they may cater to a certain subculture, it was such a pleasant surprise to open up a box of understated, comfy basics that really suit his style. They definitely paid attention to his personal taste.

Outfit Details:
cardigan, shirt and jeans: courtesy of PacSun
coat: Robert Geller
scarf: Gap
shoes: Urban Outfitters

-Keiko Lynn

  1. jean bean says: February 17, 20107:25 pm

    I love the basics look! And what a cute model 🙂

  2. Chelsea says: February 17, 20107:43 pm

    he's adorable… you two make the most beautiful couple! i love cardigans on boys.

  3. Verhext says: February 17, 20107:56 pm

    Can you explain why companies do this? I've noticed the "on loan" thing a fair amount – once a blogger has used/worn something, why expect them to send it back? & you are giving PR to them…it's kind of confusing to me!

  4. Dip-tea says: February 17, 20108:11 pm

    Robert is so easy on the eyes. And he makes the clothes look good. Not vice-a-versa. You make an adorable couple. Knock on wood.


  5. Keiko Lynn says: February 17, 20108:25 pm

    I've only done it twice – once for Tweetmybag and once for PacSun. I don't make it a habit for the exact reason that you stated, but I love the people behind Tweetmybag and PacSun was a big sponsor of the Weardrobe conference last year. I am more inclined to help out/feature companies I'm actually fond of.

  6. Anonymous says: February 17, 20108:31 pm

    It's the FTC 😉

  7. Keiko Lynn says: February 17, 20108:36 pm

    anonymous: haha thanks, I fixed it!

  8. Laura Gerencser says: February 17, 20108:48 pm

    Even if he is just a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, he still dresses better than most of the guys I know! Ohio is the dumps of fashion! He looks great as always!:)

  9. Ollie Otson says: February 17, 20108:54 pm

    I love the first two photos with the sun streaming in.

  10. Jessica says: February 17, 20109:19 pm

    The clothes look great. He's a cutie, you lucky gal.

  11. Flora Deborah says: February 17, 20109:23 pm

    he always looks lovely 🙂

  12. MrJeffery says: February 17, 201010:02 pm

    he's so cute! i love his cardigan.

  13. junebabie says: February 17, 201010:13 pm

    what a cutie.

    if I were you I'd be stealing those clothes once in a while. :o)

  14. Coco loves vintage says: February 17, 201010:37 pm

    HOT HOT HOT, both of you x

  15. Kate S. says: February 17, 201010:42 pm

    His shoes are rather amazing. And not many guys actually can pull off the casual look and make it look nice. And Laura Gerencser is right; Ohio's terrible in the fashion department.

  16. Sophie Fish says: February 17, 201011:19 pm

    I'm showing this to my boyfriend, maybe he'll learn that cardigans are good and sweat shirts he uses are bad.

  17. mourning says: February 18, 201012:15 am

    i am glad you mentioned pac sun! i bought a great pair of skinny jeans there a while back and i just found a similar pair for $15 in the online store. can't beat that!

  18. 我 moi says: February 18, 201012:59 am


  19. Antoinette says: February 18, 20102:07 am

    You two make a gorgeous couple. You're right, he looks so comfy in these clothes.

  20. Jesucita says: February 18, 20103:36 am

    My boyfriend has that same cardigan! And he loves it! He even has it in blue! Mmmm boyfriends in cardigans!!

  21. amanda says: February 18, 20108:59 am

    keiko,you both are the cutest couple who actually looks & feels sincere,simple & down to earth!
    love from malaysia!

  22. zoee says: February 18, 20101:44 pm

    you too make such a gorgeous couple! Hahaa, lovely cardigan.

  23. ShoeObsessed says: February 18, 20102:26 pm

    You two are adorable. I love the looks. They're so casual ando cool while still being masculine 🙂

  24. Tieka, Selective Potential says: February 18, 20103:42 pm

    I love basics on guys! Such a great look..! I loved seeing you this past weekend at the Chictopia 10 conference! Wish I would have gotten more of a chance to say hi! 🙂

  25. Heather Anne says: February 19, 20104:23 am

    I absolutely love the second to last photo, the lighting looks so great and his eyes look so bright!

  26. naomi says: February 20, 20104:17 am

    boys always look cute in scarves.

    random; the tattoo that he has on his left arm i had a print of up in my room as a kid, and i always thought she looked like my mom. any idea on who the artist is?