Today’s giveaway is courtesy of Beta Boutique, who is offering one of my lucky readers these two vintage scarves from their shop.

To enter, simply visit Beta Boutique and then leave a comment below.

Entries will be accepted until 9 pm EST on Wednesday, February 3rd. A winner will be chosen at random and announced in this post. Good luck!

The winner is Lorena. Thanks for participating!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. Get 10% off your Beta Boutique order (before shipping) by mentioning my blog in the message to seller.

  1. Kristi says: February 2, 20103:24 am

    These scarves are amazing! πŸ™‚

  2. Sophie says: February 2, 20103:25 am

    That first one is especially cute!

  3. katthroatworld says: February 2, 20103:25 am

    cool giveaway! great scarf!

  4. katthroatworld says: February 2, 20103:26 am



  5. Catherine says: February 2, 20103:27 am

    loooove! browsing beta boutique now πŸ™‚

  6. JBalloon says: February 2, 20103:27 am

    Woo hoo!

  7. Polina says: February 2, 20103:28 am

    yay, ty for this opportunity keiko :} love your blog!

  8. Ollie Otson says: February 2, 20103:32 am

    I was just looking at her site earlier today! I love how she ties her scarves to photograph them. =]

  9. Every Little Counts says: February 2, 20103:32 am

    i so love the big frilly scarf at the top…and all of those great secretary blouses in the shop. fingers crossed!

  10. Abby and Amanda says: February 2, 20103:32 am

    All of the clothes in Beta Boutique are gorgeous!

  11. caffeinerd says: February 2, 20103:33 am

    Love finding new etsy shops πŸ™‚ Great giveaway.

  12. ~HM~ says: February 2, 20103:35 am

    Lovely items in the shop! Thanks again for a great giveaway!

  13. Ce qui m'inspire says: February 2, 20103:40 am

    They have some really beautiful clothing!

  14. Christina says: February 2, 20103:41 am

    i've been so into scarves recently! i especially love the first one! it's so ruffle-y and cute!! =D i just checked out the whole etsy shop, and i love it! reasonably priced items, but also such an amazing and gorgeous selection of clothing! ahh i need to quell my online shopping addiction…eventually…but i can't help myself!!

    love your blog, i read it everyday. =)

    -christina k.

  15. Nathalie says: February 2, 20103:42 am

    Good vintage shop. I'm always looking for vintage on etsy!

  16. emily says: February 2, 20103:43 am

    Wow Keiko, these scarves are both adorable! Good to cover up on windy days.

  17. Dana says: February 2, 20103:47 am

    Those are so pretty!

  18. ACP says: February 2, 20103:47 am

    i love all the pleated skirts in their shop! and of course, the scarrrrves (in pirate voice)!

  19. daniRED says: February 2, 20103:50 am

    Ooo sign me up!

  20. pauline says: February 2, 20103:53 am

    oh wow the first one is love

  21. alya says: February 2, 20103:54 am

    Oh my goodness, such great stuff in their etsy shop. I am tempted to break budget. Of course, winning would be nice, too. Thanks again for the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  22. She's In Love With The Captain says: February 2, 20103:54 am

    Those scarves are beautiful!


  23. junebabie says: February 2, 20103:54 am

    I am scarf obsessed.

  24. Andrea says: February 2, 20103:56 am

    Thank you so much for offering!

  25. Anonymous says: February 2, 20103:58 am

    omg… i would seriously love the second one. beautiful!

  26. Twila says: February 2, 20103:59 am

    I have my eye on the Russian fur hat and the Floral 50s dress.

  27. Anonymous says: February 2, 20103:59 am

    o, i wish i weren't a poor high school student. I love the things on the website though!

  28. pepper says: February 2, 20104:00 am

    oh those are so cute!

  29. Anonymous says: February 2, 20104:01 am

    Love, love, love!


  30. Claire says: February 2, 20104:01 am

    those scarves are fabulous! i'm already shopping for others on the beta accessory site! *fingers crossed* for these in the meantime

  31. Sher says: February 2, 20104:02 am

    Oh I love the first scarf, so adorable!!

  32. Fabulocity in Amish Country says: February 2, 20104:05 am

    Wow, these scarfs are simply amazing! Love them! πŸ™‚


  33. Katya says: February 2, 20104:11 am

    soooooo cute! I have a scarf problem, love them waaay to much.

  34. Ashley says: February 2, 20104:11 am

    cute scarves!

    -ashley (

  35. manda says: February 2, 20104:12 am

    I want!

  36. Dian says: February 2, 20104:15 am

    Love the first one a lot!!

  37. Lana says: February 2, 20104:24 am

    cute scarves!

  38. M. says: February 2, 20104:26 am

    both so so cute! love them.

  39. confessions of a marc addict. says: February 2, 20104:34 am
  40. Candy Kawaii Lover says: February 2, 20104:46 am

    This is too pretty!

  41. Annie, Time Enough for Drums says: February 2, 20104:53 am

    Thanks for the giveaway. Consider me entered! Annie.

  42. Jen says: February 2, 20104:54 am

    this is such a beautiful giveaway! i'm in love those scarves (particularly the first one!) πŸ™‚

  43. Grace says: February 2, 20104:57 am

    oh i love the first scarf!!

  44. The Time Has Come... says: February 2, 20104:59 am

    Those are such adorable scarves!

  45. mumblejumblestumble says: February 2, 20105:06 am

    gahh i LOVE the scarves!! beta boutique has such amazing clothes!!!!!

  46. alison says: February 2, 20105:17 am

    They've got a nice selection – I love the grey backdrop and flowers in all the pictures.
    Great giveaway!

  47. Jessica Eubanks says: February 2, 20105:24 am

    Ah, vintage Etsy finds!! I have found so many awesome shops from your blog posts my dear, thanks πŸ™‚

  48. Esteph says: February 2, 20105:30 am

    Love wearing scarves!

  49. Capricioustraveler says: February 2, 20105:32 am

    Would love to win these!

  50. Jennifer Dawn says: February 2, 20105:33 am

    The first one is really cute!

  51. Clar says: February 2, 20105:44 am

    OMG… SUCH A PRETTY BOUTIQUE. I'm definitely adding this to favourites :). First scarf is so pretty <3

  52. Lemon Jitters says: February 2, 20105:46 am

    Their shop aesthetic is different than other vintage clothes shops I've seen on Etsy. The photos actually give a vintage feel themselves. I suppose it's the dark colors. Very cool. I like the orange mod dress a whole lot!

    Great giveaway!

  53. Naomi says: February 2, 20105:55 am

    all i can say is wow =)

  54. The Lion & The Teacup says: February 2, 20106:06 am

    In my closet, these babies would definitely become abused from wear.

  55. Liane says: February 2, 20106:40 am

    Those are so beautiful! Here's hoping I'm the lucky one.

  56. Dani G. says: February 2, 20106:52 am

    Wow those scarves are so colorful and vibrant. They would definitely be a great addition to my wardrobe! =)

  57. Amanda G. says: February 2, 20106:59 am

    What beautiful scarves! I would absolutely love to be able to add these to my vintage collection.

    Thank you for your lovely blog.


  58. Belen says: February 2, 20107:11 am

    I doubt I'll win this one, esp since I won the other scarf giveaway, but OMG, I love these scarves and esp these two in this giveaway! πŸ˜€

  59. Emily says: February 2, 20107:14 am

    Such a great collection of items in that shop – and the giveaway items are wonderful!


  60. kendal croix says: February 2, 20107:14 am

    how freaking cute!
    i love love love that first one.

  61. Jesucita says: February 2, 20107:24 am

    I like em, I love em, I want some more of them!

  62. butterfly307 says: February 2, 20107:27 am

    such a cool shop (added them to my favorites)!!
    and the scarves are beautiful! especially the first one!!

  63. Magenta says: February 2, 20107:33 am

    gorgeous scarves. thanks for this amazing giveaway! (also for the opportunity to discover some great new vintage)

  64. Lightning Heart says: February 2, 20107:35 am

    ooh those scarves are so lovely!

  65. waytoohyper says: February 2, 20107:40 am

    Wow, those scarves are gorgeous!

  66. Sarah says: February 2, 20107:53 am

    ohh so beautiful!! i heart the first one! thank you for your inspiring blog, i read it every day! xx

  67. j-bird says: February 2, 20108:15 am

    The scarves are pretty but that 80s jumper is INCREDIBLE!

  68. Anonymous says: February 2, 20108:28 am

    i loveeeeeeeeee these!!!

  69. Anonymous says: February 2, 20108:29 am

    beautiful stuff!

  70. Shaha says: February 2, 20108:32 am

    such an amazing selection of goods. love the first scarf. (=

  71. marlene. says: February 2, 20108:51 am

    Oh, these scarves are beautiful! I love the pleated mini skirt with dasies too!

  72. libys11 says: February 2, 20109:48 am

    awesome! im loving their selection of items currently.. very appropriate for spring 2010 with all the muted/pinkish/light tones.. πŸ˜€

  73. Good Girl Gone Blog says: February 2, 201011:09 am

    how pretty!!

  74. A Shopaholic is loose says: February 2, 201011:12 am

    Wau, I love that second scarf, so beautiful!!! πŸ˜‰

  75. gloria kruczynski says: February 2, 201012:12 pm

    So pretty. I love them!

  76. sinerei says: February 2, 201012:40 pm

    they're so pretty. love the first one!

  77. Anna Craig says: February 2, 201012:49 pm

    Wow! Those are soooo pretty πŸ™‚

  78. zoee says: February 2, 20101:33 pm

    Great giveaway, the scarves are so cute! Love the first onee.

  79. Lindsay says: February 2, 20102:23 pm

    I've only just started collecting scarves. These would make great additions to my stash!

  80. Tara Diane says: February 2, 20102:31 pm

    ohhh, they're both lovely, but the first is so dreamy!

  81. Heather says: February 2, 20102:41 pm

    Lovely Scarfs!
    Great Giveaway!

  82. kyuubified says: February 2, 20102:47 pm

    Ooh those scarves are so cute!

  83. DalenaVintage says: February 2, 20102:55 pm

    Ca-ute! I had never seen this shop before but oh my have they got some amazing finds! I'm drooling over that Russian fur hat.

  84. One Cute Mom says: February 2, 20102:58 pm

    Love Beta Boutique's collection. Very well picked vintage items.

  85. Wong says: February 2, 20103:21 pm

    I'm from Singapore! And I love vintage too! But they are SO EXPENSIVE IN SINGAPORE! least USD $60 for a shirt for e.g..

  86. Caroline says: February 2, 20103:22 pm

    Love the scarves!

    Caroline of Red Glasses


  87. Heather says: February 2, 20103:29 pm
  88. micaela @ hishouse;herhelp. says: February 2, 20103:30 pm

    me me me me meeeeee!

  89. Lisa Boutell says: February 2, 20103:35 pm

    Love the scarves!! Have also added some of shop items to my favorites…now if I just had some extra money to spend…

  90. Shawn and Lisa says: February 2, 20103:39 pm

    Cool! Count me in!

  91. Bee says: February 2, 20103:56 pm

    absolutely gorgyyyy scarves–snd classy to(:

  92. yoli says: February 2, 20104:15 pm

    love them

  93. tiffars says: February 2, 20104:26 pm

    I think my money just flew out of my wallet now. πŸ˜‰

  94. ejessop says: February 2, 20104:26 pm

    Lovely giveaway! I hadn't heard of Beta Boutique before, but looks like they've got some great stuff… Thanks for the chance to enter!

    ejessop at gmail

  95. Rhianne says: February 2, 20104:45 pm

    I love this shop and those scarves!

  96. emilie says: February 2, 20104:47 pm

    oh very pretty! Thanks, as always for your giveaways that introduce me to new shops!

  97. Lorena says: February 2, 20104:48 pm

    Hi, had never seen Beta Boutique before.. thank you for sharing… I want a scarf!
    Lorena –

  98. Krvava Meri says: February 2, 20105:07 pm

    Love them both. <3

  99. Livia Kizli says: February 2, 20105:31 pm

    so gorgeous! i really hope i get them!!!

  100. Dodo says: February 2, 20105:43 pm

    That first one is really cute!

  101. holly wang says: February 2, 20105:45 pm

    that russian hat they have is pretty awesome.

  102. Diana says: February 2, 20107:22 pm

    I think Beta Boutique is going to be one of my new favorite Etsy Vintage sellers. I love this floral skirt

    dianalynnsmiles (at) gmail (dot) com

  103. our time to fly says: February 2, 20108:13 pm

    completely beautiful scarfs. it would be an honor to win!

  104. Adriana says: February 2, 20108:31 pm

    The scarves are beautiful, I would looove to receive them πŸ™‚

    They have tons of nice things – thanks for introducing them to me Keiko.

    xoxo – Adriana

  105. SWF_Terra says: February 2, 20108:43 pm

    I heart scarves. And the vintage butter yellow pleated mini. NOM.

  106. Anonymous says: February 2, 20109:02 pm

    thanks for the wonderful giveaway. love the scarves. Esp the 1st one….oooo hav me drooling


  107. Damsels says: February 2, 20109:29 pm

    the store is full of interesting unique pieces.

    i hope ican win this time you have the best giveaways

  108. Penny says: February 2, 20109:46 pm

    I love the second one especially! Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. elif says: February 2, 201010:00 pm

    pleassseeeeeee pick me keiko!!!! my husband is making fun of me.. I enter all these giveaway and never get anything!!! please!!!

  110. Sonya says: February 2, 201010:11 pm
  111. Katja says: February 2, 201010:20 pm

    SO the scarves are so pretty! vintage is my favorite way to get dressed…unfotunately here in Germany there aren't many places to find vintage clothes…

  112. TΓΌppΓΏ says: February 2, 201010:34 pm

    Very cool scarves!

  113. Adri says: February 2, 201010:39 pm

    The first scarf is so unique and i love the coloring of the second one…great giveaway

  114. Hannah Malcolm says: February 2, 201011:04 pm

    I love vintage scarves! I have a few from my grandmother that are so special to me.

  115. Hayley says: February 3, 201012:40 am

    Those scarves are so cute! I adore them.

  116. anotherfishinthesea says: February 3, 201012:40 am

    Oh I love all the vintage clothes in their shop! And the scarves are beautiful!

  117. shuugs says: February 3, 201012:56 am

    Great scarves!

  118. speculations for schoolboys says: February 3, 20101:11 am

    The scarves are gorge, but I'm sort of having a love affair with the clutches in their shop.

  119. A Stylized Hysteria says: February 3, 20101:37 am

    I'm already imagining the first one around my neck, wearing a nice trench and flats. Ooh, I hope I win!

  120. Jessy says: February 3, 20101:38 am

    Nice scarves. I love how scarves can make an outfit more interseting:) Thanks for the contest!!!

  121. dandra says: February 3, 20101:48 am

    Really cute Etsy shop. Saw some slippers that were really cute and a pretty tulip blouse. Love the scarves!

  122. Lara says: February 3, 20101:50 am

    You have the best sponsors, I love her shop!

  123. S. says: February 3, 20103:49 am

    Ahh, I love those scarves!

  124. mm says: February 3, 20105:15 am

    nice shop & killer scarves.

  125. Danika Says... says: February 3, 20105:55 am

    i love beta boutique =] and those scarves are gorgeous! i love the first one.

  126. Dilla la Killa says: February 3, 20106:20 am

    Such cute stuff!!! I hope I win!

  127. Jessica Ch'ng says: February 3, 20107:46 am

    Those scarves are so beautiful!

  128. STYLEEZTA says: February 3, 20107:48 am

    love that etsy shop! I like the summer sangria skirt πŸ˜‰

  129. iliana says: February 3, 20108:16 am

    i did crossing fingers πŸ™‚

  130. Esz says: February 3, 20108:51 am

    Oh my so much pretty stuff. I hope I win too!!!

  131. Shana says: February 3, 20102:51 pm

    I love both of the scarves and the boutique has a lot of great items! I will definitely take advantage of the discount. Good luck everyone!

  132. Jenny says: February 3, 20106:20 pm

    I love these scarves! My email is

  133. Mo says: February 3, 20108:30 pm

    pretty pretty pretty

  134. Laura says: February 3, 20108:47 pm

    The second scarf is lovely.

  135. A Whispered Secret says: February 3, 20109:19 pm

    How can I pass up an opportunity like this? They are absolutely adorable!!

  136. Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) says: February 3, 201011:25 pm

    Such pretty scarves! I would love to participate! My email address is . Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. MissKellie says: February 4, 20104:00 am

    I love this shop so much, they've always got great dresses in stock! πŸ™‚ And these scarves are wonderful!

  138. l e i g h c i a says: February 5, 201012:06 am

    thanks for hosting this!

  139. The Style Rider says: February 5, 20105:36 am

    Gorgeous scarves! I love their website!

  140. Addie says: February 5, 201011:30 am

    Their store has not only scarves but heaps of other treasures!
    thanks for the giveaway. :]

  141. bea says: February 6, 201011:05 am

    IΒ΄m not sure if I can participate from Spain, but I love vintage.
    Bea (Vitoria – Spain)