Every once in awhile, something arrives in the mail that is just so goshdarn special, it needs its own post.

I’m really glad that some people recognize my true age:)

Horse towel and bunny slippers – courtesy of BunnySlippers.com

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

  1. OooKellyNicky says: April 18, 20105:54 pm

    I love the horse towel, to cute. It reminds me of Andrew who was on the last season of the Real World, he wore panda hats!

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  2. reinnasaurus says: April 18, 20105:56 pm

    hahaha my niece has the ducky hoody ones, so adorable!

  3. Solidfreshdope says: April 18, 20106:10 pm

    cute πŸ™‚

  4. Kimberellie says: April 18, 20106:13 pm

    Before this moment I did not know that I needed a horse towel. Now I know. Thank you for enlightening me. πŸ™‚

  5. Mandy says: April 18, 20106:44 pm

    That is seriously cute. πŸ™‚ Can I ask what lipcolor you're wearing in the first pictures? Thanks!

  6. Alice says: April 18, 20107:01 pm

    It's so cute πŸ™‚

  7. Charmalade says: April 18, 20107:04 pm

    So yeah. The cuteness factor is going through the roof a bit, just slightly. Horse towel?? My eight-year old self is whinnying in glee (I used to pretend to be a horse when I was little… I'm weird). πŸ™‚

    Toast with Charmalade

  8. Lulu says: April 18, 20107:04 pm

    awww! these are so cute!

  9. good girl gone blog says: April 18, 20107:23 pm

    So adorable! I could definitely go for a pair of bunny slippers right now. Or a bubble bath!

  10. Hannah says: April 18, 20107:25 pm

    Haha, this is adorable. Both the horse and bunnies look pretty friendly, so I think they'll get along well together.

    I'd just like to say how much I adore your blog. You're so incredibly lovely and create such beautiful outfits. I've spent some time going from your first post to your last, and I was baffled. I loved every single one. Some make me laugh and some are a little heartbreaking, but they all pull you in and make you listen.
    You're a truly inspiring person (cliche set aside.)Fantastic job, Keiko.

  11. Healthy and Homemade says: April 18, 20107:30 pm

    Eeeeek I want I want! =)

  12. Ladybastard says: April 18, 20107:53 pm

    ihihihi I'm just like you! I love all thos cute things πŸ˜‰

  13. Kayla says: April 18, 20107:59 pm

    Sometimes everyone needs to feel like a little kid.


  14. PhotoPuddle says: April 18, 20108:01 pm

    Now I want a horse towel!

  15. alamocitystyle says: April 18, 20108:37 pm

    hehe how cute! i'm so jealous! πŸ™‚

  16. Melanie says: April 18, 20108:57 pm

    that towel is so adorable!
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  17. Emily says: April 18, 20109:16 pm

    Tres cute :D!

  18. Diana says: April 18, 20109:20 pm

    Too cute!

  19. Jen says: April 18, 201010:25 pm

    love love love. those bunny slippers and that horse towel are beyond adorable πŸ™‚

  20. Carmen says: April 18, 201010:43 pm

    The horse towel is so adorable.


  21. Fashion Therapist says: April 19, 20101:19 am

    So adorable! I love that horse towel.

  22. holly wang says: April 19, 20102:27 am

    yay you finally posted photos of this! they're so cute.

  23. Elizabeth Denton says: April 19, 20102:35 am
  24. amy says: April 19, 20103:28 am

    How freakin adorable is that?

    Also: thank you, thank you, thank you for using the correct form of "its." I've seen so many it's/its errors lately, my inner editor is about to scream. You brought me back from the ledge, sweetie.

  25. Chrissy says: April 19, 20103:30 am

    That's adorable. I'd want to show it off too. πŸ™‚

  26. Jessica says: April 19, 20104:30 am

    Only you could look ridiculously gorgeous in a horse towel. It's so cute!

  27. kasey says: April 19, 20104:32 am

    they are both adorable! so adorable that i am getting one for myself!

  28. Delightfully Tacky says: April 19, 20104:53 am

    Horse towl!! Want!

  29. Ollie Otson says: April 19, 20105:07 am

    Love it!

  30. Mo says: April 19, 20105:46 am

    they make them for adults??


  31. Laura Loo says: April 19, 20106:15 am

    OH! MY! GOSH!!! soooo cutenesssss. you look so precious too πŸ™‚ lucky you, getting stuff 'courtesy of' all the time!

  32. EVA says: April 19, 20108:57 am

    yea the bunny slippers are great, truly

  33. mariska says: April 19, 201010:29 am
  34. rischa says: April 19, 201011:13 am

    Oh my, isn't that the most perfect thing to throw on after a shower…cute cute cute!

  35. Ashley J says: April 19, 20102:29 pm

    I can't believe it but you actually look so pretty with that horse towel on your head!


  36. Dip-tea says: April 19, 20103:20 pm

    Ha ha ha. So cute!

  37. Yellowine says: April 19, 20103:30 pm

    Awww, those slippers are so cute! Makes my cynic and sarcastic heart melt… πŸ™‚

  38. Bryce says: April 19, 20103:58 pm

    I went to their website I have found that I need to buy the robot towel. But I'm wondering if it will even fit around me. Does yours? Will you be actually able to use yours for drying off?

    Thanks so much!


  39. lumikha says: April 19, 20104:20 pm

    that towel rawks!!!!!! hehe i love that you took pictures of it and posted it as well. too cool!

  40. Gretka says: April 19, 20104:51 pm

    Lovely child!

  41. FeeMail says: April 19, 20104:54 pm

    why do you have a horse towel and me not :)?

  42. Sanne says: April 19, 20105:06 pm

    That horse towel is just amazing!

  43. Tania says: April 19, 20105:24 pm

    HORSE TOWEL. EXCUSE ENOUGH. *goes off hyperventilating from love*


  44. Catherine says: April 19, 20109:14 pm

    LOL that is pretty cute!

  45. Samantha says: April 19, 201010:10 pm

    They are amazing! I want πŸ™‚

  46. Keiko Lynn says: April 19, 201010:17 pm

    Mandy: It's the Julie Hewett cheekie cheek and lipshine in Bette. But I was wearing nude liner underneath, which made it a little darker.

  47. Keiko Lynn says: April 19, 201010:18 pm

    Thanks everyone! Btw the towel is a full size towel, so it is actually functional!

  48. Keiko Lynn says: April 19, 201010:18 pm

    Bryce: Yes! I use it as a regular towel. I was surprised that it was a regular size:)

  49. Meghan V. says: April 19, 201011:00 pm

    These are great. I still have my blue dog towel and I have Where the Wild Things Are slippers!

  50. Becca Jane says: April 20, 20102:41 am

    That horse towel is hilariously awesome!

  51. Wrecked Stellar says: April 20, 20107:45 am

    I love these! I'm totally a big kid at heart so these made me smile!

  52. monkeyandsquirrel says: April 20, 20102:04 pm

    hehehe… too stinkin' cute!

  53. joelle van dyne says: April 21, 20109:05 pm

    omg i am so jealous of both of these items!!! yeah, i am 5 years old too. but this stuff is so CUTE! my boyfriend loves anything pony related, and i think this towel is going to be a great surprise for his upcoming 30th birthday. so glad you posted it! ~joelle

  54. Tornangel012 says: April 21, 201010:42 pm

    This could quite possibly be the best website I have learned about so far this year! I can finally toss my old animal slippers with the stuffing falling out and replace them!


  55. a la Modest says: April 22, 201012:29 am

    Haha! I love the horse towel! Too cute!

  56. Vanessa says: April 24, 20102:01 am

    oooh – so cool!!