I just added some new (mostly vintage) things from both my own closet and my mom’s store, Hourglass Consignment. I have a bunch more to list over the weekend…if I can find internet in Fellsmere! In the meantime, please check out what I listed. There’s more at the site! Click any picture to visit the store. Scroll down to “Keiko’s Closet” for the vintage stuff:)

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

  1. Fabiola "Fab" says: April 23, 201011:52 pm

    I just can't stop admiring your beauty and style!!! Have to check out the pieces that your're selling!

  2. Lisa says: April 24, 201012:10 am

    You eye makeup is amazing in that photo!

  3. Sandy a la Mode says: April 24, 20101:17 am

    oh me oh my, i am in LOVE with that yellow skirt!!!!!!!! it is just too stinking adorable!! that purse is really lovely too!

  4. mariska says: April 24, 20101:23 am
  5. katrina says: April 24, 20102:27 am

    I love that peplum skirt!!

  6. alyssa says: April 24, 20102:28 am

    beautiful skirt!! i love the eiffel tower scarf!!

  7. rinacatastrophe says: April 24, 20102:51 am

    Your eye makeup is always flawless! Love that skirt!


  8. Aya Smith says: April 24, 20102:53 am

    You always do your makeup so beautifully! Well, you are beautiful in general ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That's so funny we wore the same bracelet! I actually quite like it, and the scarf that came too :))

    Aya ( StrawberryKoi.blogspot.com )

  9. nn says: April 24, 20102:57 am

    all your clothes are lovely. and the makeup is georgeous. if only i live in US. i would buy your stuff!

    have a nice weekend ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Kimberellie says: April 24, 20103:18 am

    Oh, that skirt is awesome. I must go check it out. Now.

  11. a la Modest says: April 24, 20103:33 am

    Your eye makeup is gorgeous!

  12. Dip-tea says: April 24, 20105:50 am

    The peplum skirt is awesome! I love the belt that you have worn with it more.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Dixi Wonderland says: April 24, 20109:21 am

    I love the skirt on the first pic. Really beautiful!

  14. Mo says: April 24, 201011:20 am

    amazing eyes that you have here !

  15. Lauren says: April 24, 201011:59 am

    Your eye makeup is gorgeous Keiko!

  16. OooKellyNicky says: April 24, 201012:35 pm

    Your so pretty, I love your makeup and your style, I gotta check out what your selling. Your style is fabulous, I love the scarfs.

    my blog: โ™ฅLa Stylin Girraffeโ™ฅ

  17. Is โ™ฅ La 5th con Bleecker st. says: April 24, 20103:38 pm

    love outifts, really nice!

  18. bella says: April 24, 20104:09 pm

    ooh i love your blog!

  19. ...love Maegan says: April 24, 20106:29 pm

    you're adorable! I love the belt in the first shot!

  20. Molly says: April 24, 20106:46 pm

    your eye make up is stunning. or maybe that's just your pretty face :D. either way, beautiful.

  21. Jonna says: April 24, 20108:12 pm

    You're so beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. jaks-00 says: April 24, 20108:32 pm

    can you do a tutorial of this makeup look?

  23. PenPot says: April 25, 201010:00 am

    So many things of yours I want!

  24. Atenea says: April 25, 20103:01 pm

    i like the first foulard :=!

  25. Michelle Dylan Lagerfeld says: April 25, 20105:05 pm

    LOOOVE your eye makeup in that photo!

  26. pilcuis says: April 25, 20107:29 pm

    I really love the combination of yellow and purple!! wow your blog rocks


  27. Maggie โ˜ฎ says: April 25, 20107:53 pm

    absolutely adore the scarf! is this listed in your store?

  28. Catherine G says: April 26, 201012:27 am

    I absolutely love the photo of you in the yellow dress and purple scarf. LOVELOVELOVE!!!!!!!!!!

  29. ShameOnPretzel says: April 26, 20101:40 am

    OMG – I LOOOOOVE that belt!

  30. HAL says: April 26, 20102:50 am

    gorgeous makeup. you have such a lovely face, and that scarf rules. xo


  31. Annie Spandex says: April 28, 20101:17 am

    Beautiful make-up!

  32. Bethany says: April 30, 20105:42 pm

    LOVE the yellow dress + purple scarf combo! yellow is such a nice color for spring/summer, isn't it?

  33. Flora says: May 1, 20104:19 am

    u look like Mulan in the close-up (i mean it in a good way lol) i love your fanatical style