It’s week two of the ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge! This week, we were asked to style the Na Na Nineties Dress. As soon as it arrived, I knew I wanted to wear it for Easter at my grandma’s house, with my new Jenny N. Design baby ruche bag. I missed the initial egg hunt (due to my horse and pony shenanigans), but Tessa joined me for an indulged my inner child and joined me for a second round. We spent the rest of the night dyeing glittery eggs:)

Check out the ModLife blog to see how each of us styled the dress. Please let us know whose style is your favorite by voting for your favorite look!

Outfit Details:

Na Na Nineties Dress – courtesy of ModCloth
Baby Ruche bag in blush – courtesy of Jenny N. Design
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell
Blazer – H&M
Tessa’s headband around my wrist:)

Love love and pretty pastels,
Keiko Lynn

  1. Wangari M. says: April 12, 20107:46 pm

    I love how you styled the dress. It's so cute and brings a touch of whimsy to this look.

  2. Tieka, Selective Potential says: April 12, 20107:56 pm

    I love this! I wore mine for Easter too! It truly was the perfect Easter dress! Everyone said I looked like an Easter egg. Hope they didn't mean body wise… haha! 😉

  3. sexyinthecity says: April 12, 20108:18 pm

    You're fabulous, love your style!

  4. Ashley J says: April 12, 20108:19 pm

    I love the dress and what you paired with it!

  5. Inés says: April 12, 20108:29 pm

    Love all colours of the outfit,love dress

  6. notjustmedical says: April 12, 20108:41 pm

    These are such cute pictures. I love the colours on the dress, it really matches the theme of Easter!


  7. OooKellyNicky says: April 12, 20108:54 pm

    Love the print of the dress! The pastels remind me so much of easter! Love you hair up. Too cute.
    La Stylin Girraffe!

  8. Francine says: April 12, 20109:02 pm

    Very cute! Those colors are absolutely perfect for Easter (or spring in general).

  9. PhotoPuddle says: April 12, 20109:17 pm

    How cute is that dress!

  10. Eva Karen says: April 12, 20109:33 pm

    amazing outfit!
    i loved that dress!♥

  11. Carmen says: April 12, 20109:51 pm

    Love the dress, the colours are so cute on it!


  12. Laura says: April 12, 201010:26 pm

    That dress is so incredibly perfect for Easter! You look adorable 🙂

    – Laura,

  13. a la Modest says: April 12, 201011:02 pm

    The colors are perfect for Easter! What a cute dress. Good idea to have the gray shirt inside. It actually looks more defined with it.

  14. ShoesForDessert says: April 12, 201011:08 pm

    You are gorgeous! I love your photos, especially the adorable one with the eggs in your shoes.

  15. Kate says: April 12, 201011:34 pm

    I LOVE how you styled this! It looks so soft & pretty, and I love the shoes & bag! (and the easter eggs, of course!)

  16. julialuckett says: April 13, 201012:03 am

    What a lovely spring time outfit! I love that bright aqua color, and you look just gorgeous in it.


  17. HAL says: April 13, 201012:20 am

    great job styling this, you look lovely! xo

  18. Anna says: April 13, 201012:41 am

    I think you styled this adorably!

  19. sincerelyangela says: April 13, 20101:06 am

    you look lovely keiko.

  20. CMA says: April 13, 20101:06 am

    good luck with the contest!
    you have a lovely blog, keep it up
    thanks for sharing as always, darling!


  21. Sarah K. says: April 13, 20101:33 am

    you look so cute!

  22. Bridget says: April 13, 20102:49 am

    that dress is adorable.

  23. Kippi says: April 13, 20103:12 am

    How stinkin' cute are you!?! Love the dress and the way you styled it.. one vote for keiko!

  24. caramelizedvintage says: April 13, 20104:04 am

    You are adorable! :} It's such a bright print, I like how you toned it down with the blazer.

  25. Nicola Sharkey says: April 13, 201010:27 am

    I love this dress! The colours go so well with the grey blazer you're wearing.

  26. Rūta says: April 13, 201010:44 am

    amazing dress, love how straight geometric lines are softened by pastell colors in that pattern. Looks very Easter-like.

  27. kate maggie says: April 13, 201010:54 am

    You are so pretty! This dress is so lovely on all of you girls. I loved your smile though..that did it for me! You are so lovely..I love your blog!! x

  28. Jamie says: April 13, 20101:37 pm

    love this look! you did an amazing job.

  29. Alice says: April 13, 20101:55 pm

    You look very pretty ;] xx

  30. Fifth Sparrow says: April 13, 20102:42 pm

    You look gorgeous in this! I love it with the blazer and you're right, it is the perfect Easter dress! xx

  31. lumikha says: April 13, 20103:00 pm

    aww…loove the easter eggs. the outfit is wonderfully composed and color combination really celebrates spring. 🙂

  32. kasey says: April 13, 20103:43 pm

    the color of the dress is my favorite 🙂

  33. Damsels says: April 13, 20109:12 pm

    yours will probably be my favorite i can tell you that rightnow

  34. Soooali says: April 13, 201010:14 pm

    Deffo my fave so far! Lovely

  35. Becca Jane says: April 13, 201010:32 pm

    This looks lovely! Totally voted for this one.

  36. A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie says: April 14, 20102:04 am

    You look so pretty! And the shoes are KILLER!

  37. violeta says: April 14, 20109:40 am

    sooo beautiful, girl.. u made my day 🙂

  38. hishouseherhelp says: April 14, 20105:51 pm

    in that first picture it totally looks like you have kate gosselin hair! hahahah!

  39. Runway Hippie says: April 14, 20109:08 pm

    easter eggs!! my best friend and i decorated easter eggs on my roof on easter and let me tell you, i had NO idea how difficult and time consuming it was until now! plastic eggs are the way to go 😉

    love the dress


  40. Elina says: April 15, 20106:48 am

    So nice dress! Lovely.

  41. anni says: April 15, 20107:25 pm

    Oh, that dress is so beautiful ! and the whole outfit looks great 🙂

  42. Lens Based Fiction says: April 16, 201010:02 pm

    VERY pretty dress 🙂