My friend Ilia came to visit for a couple of weeks, and he got to see a good deal of NYC. For the most part, Bobby played tour guide during the day (he works nights) while Kim and I stayed home and worked like old ladies. Bobby and Ilia were attached at the hip, and this was their first time meeting! At first, Kim and I were a little bitter about the lack of attention being paid to us, but you can’t deny anyone their true soulmate;) On this particular day, we took Ilia to Coney Island. He wouldn’t ride the Cyclone with us (so intense), but he did go on the Wonder Wheel. Coney Island may be a little run down, but the history behind it all maintains its charm. I love it so!

Outfit Details:
Ground Control to Major Cute Top – courtesy of ModCloth
denim shorts – cutoff jeans
Moccasins – courtesy of Darlingtonia

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

  1. kaelah beauregarde says: June 11, 20102:36 am

    so cute! i love the jumping picture! i'm going to have to get down to coney island before i leave the city in august! at least to check things out πŸ˜€


  2. Christa Dang says: June 11, 20102:45 am

    Beautiful, as per usual! πŸ™‚

    I love the glimpse of your tattoo! It looks beautiful from what we can see. I like! πŸ˜€

  3. Anonymous says: June 11, 20102:52 am

    He's been there for a few weeks and this is the first mention of him?!

  4. Celine says: June 11, 20102:56 am

    That last picture is AWESOME. And love your tat πŸ™‚

  5. Keiko Lynn says: June 11, 20102:57 am

    Kaelah and Christa: Thank you!

    Anonymous: he was here for less than two weeks, and as you can see, I'm always a little behind on my daily events.

  6. Keiko Lynn says: June 11, 20102:57 am

    Celine: thanks!

  7. Anonymous says: June 11, 20103:00 am

    You're wearing flats! Really cute =)

  8. Rebecca says: June 11, 20103:08 am

    I like your top, and the last picture is adorable.

    I'm going to Coney Island for the first time next weekend, and I'm looking forward to it.

  9. ShoesForDessert says: June 11, 20103:10 am

    I love the photos! The first few of you are stunning, of course! I love that top and how it shows off your tat. I would be bummed if those boys didn't pay any attention to me too – mmmm πŸ˜‰ aha

  10. Sarah says: June 11, 20103:18 am

    Such cute pictures! I am dying to know what your tattoos are! I need inspiration for my own.

  11. Out of Order says: June 11, 20103:19 am

    these photos look so serene and magical! I love that top with your outfit, aah!

  12. Charmalade says: June 11, 20103:22 am

    Is it weird that I really really like these photos? I mean, that's good for you, but I'm just LOVING the second photo and the last one (I always have a soft spot for jumping photos). The outfit is so simple and breezy, perfect for a day out! I've only heard about Coney Island and want to go there… I would've ridden the Cyclone, I love intense rides!

    Toast with Charmalade

  13. Kate says: June 11, 20103:23 am

    Impressive jump shot!! Haha, so cute!

  14. Bub says: June 11, 20103:27 am

    Oh wow whats your tattoo of? I love your top and your shoes dear!

  15. Ranter says: June 11, 20103:29 am

    I love the light in these photos!!
    And you all look like models. It sounds/looks so fun. I'm in exam mode at the moment – lack of sleep + full capacity brain = anything looks fun. But yours in particular.

  16. amanda says: June 11, 20103:33 am

    you're simply adorable.

    i've never been a huge fan of tattoos, but i kid you not, you and your stud make them look so stunning.

  17. Alison says: June 11, 20103:59 am

    These pictures are even more beautiful than usual. There's just something so sweet and summery about the whole vibe, and I love your top. And isn't it cute when boys make friends? I love that!

  18. jenny says: June 11, 20104:25 am

    Dang woman, you can jump! And props to the photographer who caught that.

    I want to go to NY now and get a tour from you…

  19. libys11 says: June 11, 20104:38 am

    that top is amazing!! love the sleeves! πŸ˜€

    Animated Confessions

  20. β™₯Mishi Γ  la modeβ™₯ says: June 11, 20104:50 am

    Gorgeous!… what is the tat that u have on you stomach and sides? Looks beautiful

  21. Ρ”ΠΌΞΉβ„“Ρƒ says: June 11, 20105:36 am

    Amazing pictures.
    I like the jumping pictures, it's weird what you do with your leg πŸ˜€

  22. japantoypanic says: June 11, 20105:44 am

    I love all your looks, and all your photos πŸ™‚ you have an amazing tatoo too!

  23. Kellene, Fortifying Whimsy says: June 11, 20106:00 am

    I love this post! You are so cute and you have so much spunk! Those tattoos look fab! πŸ™‚


  24. Saara says: June 11, 20106:21 am

    Uuuu, I luuuv those moccasins πŸ™‚ !!

  25. Steffi says: June 11, 20109:03 am

    Loving this super casual look!

  26. Jonna says: June 11, 20109:33 am

    Awesome pictures! x

  27. Samantha says: June 11, 201010:32 am

    Love the outfit – so summery!
    I really wish I could afford those flats too!

  28. Mici MilovanΓ©ho says: June 11, 201010:48 am

    totally adore your shoes,cute and comfy,am i right??

  29. Laura says: June 11, 201010:48 am

    What a great jump!

  30. Becca says: June 11, 201011:07 am

    Woah Kieko, with a jump like that you should be in the NBA! All the pictures are fantastic. Did you end up fixing your black bar camera problem? Or did you have to get a new camera. If so, I'd love to hear what kind it is – your pictures always turn out so lovely.

  31. ieatmodestmouse says: June 11, 201011:11 am

    what great images!

    also, what is the lip shade you are wearing? i usually wear bring colors but i'm looking for a good neutral color!

  32. Gela says: June 11, 201011:19 am

    oh, i never knew you had a tattoo! it's BEAUTIFUL!!


    boat ride through the sky

  33. Brigid says: June 11, 20101:30 pm

    The second and last pictures are awesome of you! I love those moccasins, too. I checked them out after the first time you mentioned them. If they weren't leather, I'd pick some up.

  34. kosarin says: June 11, 20102:07 pm

    Aw, these pictures make me homesick, hahaha.

  35. Mariel says: June 11, 20102:49 pm

    whoa! i didn't know you had tatoos…also, i heart that shirt!

  36. Justice Pirate says: June 11, 20103:13 pm

    love these shots. Bobby's got the most awesome fashion by the way!!!

  37. Skyline Eyes says: June 11, 20104:35 pm

    Wow, i didn't realize you had a tattoo. It looks so cool! (:

  38. Smacko says: June 11, 20104:52 pm

    What adorable photos. :] Bobby is the cutest! And I adore your shoes, I've wanted a pair from that shop sooo bad.

    Love and Turtledoves,

  39. Liz says: June 11, 20105:35 pm

    Hottest couple ever? Yes I think so.
    Also, you must show us your side piece! It looks so beautiful in just that glimpse.

  40. Katrina says: June 11, 20107:20 pm

    Love the moccasins! I had seen those on etsy earlier this week.

  41. DarlingMegan says: June 11, 20109:22 pm

    These pictures are amazing! I love coney island. What is your tattoo of?

  42. Vanessa says: June 11, 20109:31 pm

    That's an adorable jumping picture! Great height πŸ˜‰

  43. Sally Grace says: June 11, 201010:10 pm

    Your friend in the cap is cute, your top is cute, you're cute, jeez louise woman !
    Also, seconding everyone, I want to know more about your tattoos. I love seeing people's ink and hearing the stories behind it.

  44. Juanduh. says: June 11, 201010:13 pm

    You are gorgeous.

  45. Mae Lu says: June 11, 201010:32 pm

    That shirt is the coolest. But I think it's the hint of your vibrant tattoo that is the best.

    BTW, you have some really good looking friends. I guess like attracts like.

    Fabuleux week-end!

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  46. Larissa says: June 11, 201011:10 pm

    @…almost everyone:

    A while back Keiko posted some tattoo-related snaps of both her and Bobby (I have clearly scoured this blog far too much).

    Speaking of Beiko or Kobby or whatever your celebrity couple name of choice is, I'm so happy to see his smiling face here again.

    Also: Wow! I tend to only succeed in jumping that high if it's trampoline-induced.

  47. kelly ann says: June 12, 20101:00 am

    these pictures are pretty. πŸ™‚ and aahh, your moccasins! i want a pair SO BAD.

  48. Elizabeth Denton says: June 12, 20101:52 am

    awesome top!! And you have some serious height in that jumping pic!

  49. agnes says: June 12, 20109:26 am

    that top is gorgeous, just like you! By the way, i love the last picture. It makes me smile!

  50. Sharon says: June 12, 20109:49 am

    oh these photos give me serious city envy – time for me to see New York already! You look so stunning.

  51. Keira says: June 12, 20102:37 pm

    You look just as gorgeous in a simple top and cut-offs with flats, love it πŸ™‚ And what I can see of your tattoo is beautiful!

  52. Trishna says: June 12, 20103:12 pm

    Your jumping shot is oh sooo cute. πŸ™‚

  53. anna says: June 12, 20105:53 pm

    those shoes are tooooo cute!!

  54. daisymay says: June 12, 20108:49 pm

    Love that jumping shot of you! So cool. I would love to see more shots of your tattoo. I didn't realise you had one.

  55. finish girl says: June 13, 20108:43 am

    oh, you are so beautiful. and i love you'r'r blog is smashing. i'm sorry, but my english is not good. i'm from finland.

    xoxo Eveliina

  56. Ella says: June 14, 201011:01 am

    Oh! What a big tattoo!! It seems a geisha, right? Lovely pictures.

  57. Pro-Portional says: June 14, 20107:22 pm

    I would really love to get a look at your stomach tattoos

  58. BikeWorkPlay says: June 14, 201011:42 pm

    You look so relaxed/happy/beautiful!

    Love the tattoo so much, and that it peeps through that shirt when you raise your arms πŸ™‚

  59. April Rose says: June 16, 20108:09 am

    Oh such pretty pictures!
    Tehe love the jumping shot. im a big fan of jumping pics too haha.

    April Rose

  60. Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) says: June 17, 20107:00 am

    Beautiful pictures! I especially love the jumping one, you look so happy!

  61. the lovely birds says: June 17, 20105:17 pm

    i love the little glimpse of your tattoo! do you have any shots of the whole thing? i would love to see it! although,that may get a little scandalous – but i don't mind. hehe.


  62. Live It Orange says: June 23, 20101:46 pm

    The jumping pic looks so cute! Seems like you guys had a lot of fun πŸ™‚


  63. Rosie says: July 2, 20104:53 pm

    You're moccasins are so adorable!! I've been contemplating getting a pair for myself but, tend to stick to wedges as my daily casual shoe of choice … but, you may have just persuaded me to go buy some oh so cute moccasins from Darlingtonia!

    Have a happy 4th of July! πŸ™‚


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