Today’s giveaway is courtesy of Emerging Thoughts, who is offering one of my lucky readers a print of choice from a featured artist on their site, Cindy Bernhard. She is wildly talented and a Postlapsaria customer. That’s an old Postlapsaria design in the above self portrait!

To enter, simply visit Emerging Thoughts and then leave a comment below with the print of your choice. A winner will be chosen at random and announced in this post!

Up to TWO bonus entries – leave additional comments notifying me with the following:
+ Follow Emerging Thoughts on Twitter
+ “Like” Emerging Thoughts on Facebook

Entries will be accepted until 9 pm EST on Monday, August 16th. You must leave a valid email address or some way for me to contact you in order to win. Good luck!

-Keiko Lynn

p.s. Check out the new Postlapsaria clothing on Emerging Thoughts!

The winner is Bex. Congrats!

  1. d says: August 13, 201011:46 pm

    this is so great i love those pictures

  2. Lulu says: August 13, 201011:47 pm

    oh wow i love Pallet. her artwork is so beautiful!

  3. Lulu says: August 13, 201011:47 pm

    following on Twitter now =]

  4. Lulu says: August 13, 201011:48 pm

    and liked on Facebook!

  5. dressperado says: August 13, 201011:53 pm

    I love "Pallet" it would look perfect in my studio.

    Followed on twitter.

  6. Anna says: August 13, 201011:53 pm

    Her work is amazing!!!

    I love the paint called Summer (10" x 17")

  7. heather king says: August 13, 201011:54 pm


    i followed this talented lady on twitter.

    my name is secretseas on there, but there's the link to people that i follow if you want ease, haha:

    my email is

  8. Frankie says: August 13, 201011:57 pm

    Amazing art…i love it! My fav is Alter Ego.

  9. Zach says: August 14, 201012:05 am

    so my girlfriend got me interested in your blog. haha.

    great artwork, "pallet" is awesome.

  10. kBr says: August 14, 201012:06 am

    i'm a fan of pallet!

    sweet detailing!

  11. Liz says: August 14, 201012:08 am

    "Summer" is gorgeous! What a cool giveaway πŸ™‚

  12. lydia says: August 14, 201012:10 am

    i forgot to put my favourite!
    which i have to say is "pallet"

  13. Melissa says: August 14, 201012:10 am

    sopping is my favorite!

  14. Rio says: August 14, 201012:24 am

    I love the "Sopping" piece! Great giveaway! πŸ˜‰

  15. Kell says: August 14, 201012:24 am

    Summer is my favorite!

  16. dear kate says: August 14, 201012:26 am

    i love savannah! so pretty!

  17. Stephanie says: August 14, 20101:12 am

    Gorgeous art! She does wonders with watercolor.
    My favorite is Summer.


  18. Lucy Stone says: August 14, 20101:27 am

    hi! thank you for holding this giveaway, the art is absoloutely gorgeous! my favorite is summer. the color and detail is beautiful and it has such a melancholy feel to it.

  19. sachiiiii says: August 14, 20101:32 am

    I love Pallet.

  20. Makiko says: August 14, 20101:41 am

    I also love Pallet. Following on twitter & FB now…

  21. Makiko says: August 14, 20101:42 am

    I'm sorry I forgot! πŸ™‚

  22. Rebeccak says: August 14, 20101:42 am

    What a tough choice! I think Pallet is awesome.

    rebeccak (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. crushedglass says: August 14, 20101:43 am

    what pretty work.
    favs are toss betwen summer and alter ego.

  24. Jess says: August 14, 20101:48 am

    She is sooooo talented!! I especially love Pallet πŸ™‚

  25. Sophie says: August 14, 20102:07 am

    my favourite is Savannah!

  26. NoGuiltFashion says: August 14, 20102:19 am

    Add me to the list for pallet.

  27. she hearts art says: August 14, 20102:35 am

    they are all amazing but I think Pallet is my favorite!

  28. Melissa says: August 14, 20103:01 am

    I think the Summer print is fantastic.

  29. Amber Rose says: August 14, 20103:17 am

    I love the Summer print so very much, and if by some miracle I win? Oh dear.

  30. Yasmeen Buttons says: August 14, 20103:30 am

    I love "Sopping" Butterflies are lovely in anything.

    This art is amazing


  31. Yasmeen Buttons says: August 14, 20103:31 am

    Just followed Emerging Thoughts on Twitter :]

  32. Yasmeen Buttons says: August 14, 20103:32 am

    Just liked on Facebook :]

    I hope I win, this art is beautiful..

  33. Jessica Eubanks says: August 14, 20103:40 am

    I love "Pallet"! It matches my rainbow living room πŸ™‚

  34. Katt says: August 14, 20104:10 am

    Pallet is my choice.

  35. Carrie says: August 14, 20104:10 am

    wow her work is so pretty! love it. my favorite is slipping away.

    liked on facebook also!

  36. CindyRex says: August 14, 20104:25 am
  37. Kathyrine says: August 14, 20105:02 am

    I really love the "Summer" print, the colors are amazing and it is gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  38. Cabootique says: August 14, 20105:51 am

    I really like "Sopping" print. So pretty.


  39. Haven says: August 14, 20106:14 am

    I like "Pallet". Love the colors. πŸ™‚

    an_original_username (at) comcast (dot) net

  40. Ranter says: August 14, 20106:24 am

    Everyone's said this, but Pallet is most definitely my favourite. Or Alter Ego. But Pallet more.

  41. Estefany says: August 14, 20106:26 am

    My favorite print is the Alter Ego. I would love to have it in my room!

  42. says: August 14, 20106:30 am

    Cindy Bernhard's Slipping Away is captivating! Whenever I experience a creative block, this is how I feel!

    <3 Cris M.

  43. Sunshine Sarah says: August 14, 20108:01 am

    My fav is Pallet- 8.5" x 5". πŸ˜€


  44. Frankie says: August 14, 201010:27 am

    the art is simply gorgeous.
    my favourite is "summer" so romantic & unique~


    thanks πŸ™‚

  45. StyleFrost says: August 14, 201010:39 am

    Beautiful art!

    'Pallet' is my favourite.


  46. Joanna says: August 14, 201011:36 am

    Pallet would look great in my studio! jmgallo831(at)yahoo(dot)com

  47. Your Unintended says: August 14, 201012:49 pm


    I love Alter Ego.


  48. Ilse says: August 14, 20101:58 pm

    Wow, beautiful artwork!
    My favourite painting is Savannah

  49. Erin says: August 14, 20102:01 pm

    Wow, she is so talented! I esp. love Pallet and Savannah.


  50. Erin says: August 14, 20102:02 pm

    Also following Emerging Thoughts on Twitter!


  51. Kiara G says: August 14, 20102:12 pm

    Her artwork is truly one of a kind
    "Slipping Away" caught my attention the most.
    I also "Liked" on FB*

  52. JessicaMarie says: August 14, 20103:03 pm

    I have officially fallen in love with the Summer print, flawless.

  53. JessicaMarie says: August 14, 20103:05 pm

    Following @emergingthought on Twitter πŸ™‚

  54. JessicaMarie says: August 14, 20103:06 pm

    "Liked" Emerging Thoughts on Facebook πŸ™‚

  55. daisymay aka Chantele says: August 14, 20103:35 pm

    I love the Sopping painting! Its beautiful! Daisy Dayz Home

  56. Hope says: August 14, 20103:38 pm

    Beautiful! I love Pallet the most.

  57. BARGAIN BEX says: August 14, 20103:42 pm

    The Slipping Away print is unbelievably gorgeous and as a self-proclaimed 'artist with words' sometimes I feel like mine is slipping away from my fingertips too … just incredibly beautiful and I would be HONORED to have her work hanging in my humble abode.


  58. BARGAIN BEX says: August 14, 20103:44 pm

    Brand spankin' new Emerging Thoughts Facebook fan here! πŸ™‚


  59. BARGAIN BEX says: August 14, 20103:44 pm

    Twitter follower here too! πŸ™‚


  60. Allison says: August 14, 20103:44 pm

    I love "Summer" – completely gorgeous!

  61. Nakita says: August 14, 20104:33 pm

    All of her work is so beautiful, but "Summer" spoke to my heart.

  62. Christina says: August 14, 20104:46 pm

    wow it was really hard to pick a favorite, but "summer" is just amazing! she's very talented. =)

  63. Lacy says: August 14, 20107:14 pm

    I love 'Slipping Away' – it's a beautiful piece!


  64. Samantha says: August 14, 20108:42 pm

    Wow her work is excellent! I love "Pallet"!

  65. Anonymous says: August 14, 20108:56 pm

    I just got my first apartment and I would LOVE to have "Savannah" hanging in it πŸ™‚

  66. Angie says: August 14, 20109:14 pm

    I love "Pallet"! "Summer" is really cool too! You can tell Cindy puts lots of love into her work.


  67. genesis says: August 14, 201011:26 pm

    I love Pallet! The colors are great. πŸ˜€

  68. urbanrhetoric says: August 15, 201012:22 am

    what beauty….


  69. kiorki says: August 15, 201012:29 am

    All of her artwork is mouth watering! It was difficult to decide on one, but I think "Pallet- 8.5" x 5"" is the winner for me!

    Sara J

  70. bebe bird beck says: August 15, 20101:22 am

    I love Savannah. It would look so cute in my house.

    She is amazing!

  71. bebe bird beck says: August 15, 20101:22 am

    Liked on facebook. :]

  72. bebe bird beck says: August 15, 20101:24 am

    Followed on Twitter!

  73. Heather says: August 15, 20101:26 am

    summer =)

    these paintings are amazing!

  74. OhhhSusieQ says: August 15, 20101:26 am

    I love "Summer"! Such a beautiful painting!!

  75. OhhhSusieQ says: August 15, 20101:27 am

    Also, I've been following Emerging Thoughts on twitter for awhile now. πŸ™‚

  76. OhhhSusieQ says: August 15, 20101:28 am

    & I liked Emerging Thoughts on FB. πŸ˜€

  77. Emilyisasecret says: August 15, 20101:30 am

    Love it! I wish I could paint!

  78. ashley says: August 15, 20101:30 am

    i LOVE "summer"
    love the color blending πŸ™‚

  79. courtney says: August 15, 20101:32 am

    my favorite is definitely pose.
    (but all of them are amazing!)

  80. courtney says: August 15, 20101:33 am

    I liked it on facebook. (:

  81. courtney says: August 15, 20101:33 am

    oh and I followed on twitter too!

  82. veflexra says: August 15, 20101:36 am

    Oh my goodness! So gorgeous! I love Summer! It is amazing.

  83. aukergirl says: August 15, 20101:46 am

    All the prints are great, but i think summer is lovely!

  84. Emma says: August 15, 20101:52 am

    Followed on Twitter! -Emma

  85. chelsea denise. says: August 15, 20101:55 am

    how beautiful is "savannah"? the colors are spectacular. πŸ™‚

  86. chelsea denise. says: August 15, 20101:58 am

    also, followed on twitter and liked on facebook! xo

  87. Emma says: August 15, 20101:58 am

    I Looooove "Summer"

    Thanks, Emma

  88. Peace Love and Leener says: August 15, 20101:59 am

    Oh how I would love Alter Ego.

    katelyndemidowphotography (at) yahoo (dot) com

  89. Joey says: August 15, 20102:00 am

    Alter Ego has got to be my favorite, overall.

    following via twitter and liked on facebook.

  90. The Owl's Closet says: August 15, 20102:00 am

    she's so talented! i love the alter ego painting above:)

  91. Faith says: August 15, 20102:26 am

    I love the simplicity of "Pallet".

  92. Faith says: August 15, 20102:28 am

    Also I am following on Twitter.

  93. Faith says: August 15, 20102:29 am

    Also, I "liked" the site on Facebook.

    (We were supposed to leave three separate comments, right?)

  94. Jackie says: August 15, 20102:46 am

    All the prints are fantastic, and I especially like Pallet!

  95. Michael Jordan Grady says: August 15, 20102:50 am

    I would really like "Double Trouble"

  96. Michael Jordan Grady says: August 15, 20102:51 am

    Also, Following on Twitter now
    "Double Trouble"

  97. sage61 says: August 15, 20102:51 am

    Ohhhh, how i absolutely LOVE all of the prints. However, i think Pallet" and "Savanah" are my favorites. Amazing work.. really lovely.

  98. Michael Jordan Grady says: August 15, 20102:51 am

    Liked on Facebook
    "Double Trouble"

  99. Consider my dear says: August 15, 20102:51 am

    Double Trouble Double Trouble!
    Its beautiful!

  100. Consider my dear says: August 15, 20102:53 am
  101. Consider my dear says: August 15, 20102:55 am
  102. Polina says: August 15, 20103:39 am

    Alter ego.. although I do love them all!

    polinapel [at] hotmail [dot] com

  103. Naomi T. says: August 15, 20103:53 am

    My favorite is called Summer.

  104. Tayla says: August 15, 20104:16 am

    Always look forward to new posts from you! I really like "Pallet"

  105. Sally says: August 15, 20104:18 am

    My favorite is actually the one on your page "Alter Ego". I love the colors and look of this!


  106. melina says: August 15, 20104:27 am

    I really love Pallet! It's inspiring.

  107. Hal says: August 15, 20104:27 am

    I really love Alter Ego.


  108. Hal says: August 15, 20104:28 am

    Following Emerging Thoughts on twitter!


  109. Hal says: August 15, 20104:29 am

    I also "like" Emerging Thoughts on FB

    And again, my favorite print is Alter Ego!


  110. Fashionablylate says: August 15, 20104:45 am

    My favorite print is "Summer"

    Love your blog! πŸ˜€

  111. Fashionablylate says: August 15, 20104:46 am

    I just "liked" Emerging Thoughts on FB!

    Again, still love you! <3

  112. Astrid says: August 15, 20104:58 am

    I love, love, love Alter Ego.
    I've just moved into an apartment for my freshman year of college. This would be wonderful on my bare walls.

  113. ErChap says: August 15, 20105:36 am

    Savannah is great. So beautiful.
    A perfect addition to my collection.

  114. Jesucita says: August 15, 20105:37 am

    I love love love the pallet one!

    Also I "liked" Emerging Thoughts on FB! I didn't even know they had a fb! I love their tutorials!

  115. Diana Draw says: August 15, 20106:19 am

    Love "Pallet" too. The lighting is just beautiful!

    diana draw @ gmail

  116. Diana Draw says: August 15, 20106:20 am

    Liked them on Facebook!

    diana draw @ gmail

  117. grrfeisty says: August 15, 20107:29 am

    i love savannah πŸ˜€

  118. grrfeisty says: August 15, 20107:29 am

    i follow on twitter:)

  119. grrfeisty says: August 15, 20107:29 am

    i like on facebook πŸ˜€

  120. Jenny Olofsson says: August 15, 201011:43 am

    Count me in!

  121. Alli XT says: August 15, 20102:04 pm

    It's hard to choose between "slipping away" and "palette" – both are gorgeous. I love the hand in "slipping…" I'd have to say 'palette' if hard pressed.

  122. Alli XT says: August 15, 20102:05 pm

    also followed on twitter
    (I'm @HMXThrasher)

  123. Carly Rae says: August 15, 20103:06 pm

    holy STUNNING. what a talented lady!

    'slipping away' and 'double trouble' are my favourites. i can't choose!

  124. Shayla says: August 15, 20103:26 pm

    Wow! I love the Summer print. It is beautiful.

  125. chai am woman says: August 15, 20103:27 pm

    WOW! i love her style. i think "palette" is my favorite because i would love to put it in my craft room/office area. "savannah" is definitely a close second.

  126. Dotted With Hearts says: August 15, 20103:28 pm

    Alter Ego is my favorite!
    I also like Sopping.
    Everything is very nice. It seems like we have a great talent here.
    I'm entering, although I'm very far away from you guys and I'm leaving on a 5 days holiday tomorrow! πŸ™‚

    Anyway, good luck everybody!

  127. Dotted With Hearts says: August 15, 20103:28 pm

    Facebook follower!

  128. Ashley says: August 15, 20103:32 pm

    i lov alter ego

  129. Cassie T says: August 15, 20104:21 pm

    These are all so beautiful. I really liked summer- I also think it would look wonderful in my room πŸ˜‰


  130. Heather Anne says: August 15, 20105:45 pm

    Oh my goodness I love her work!
    And it was my birthday on the 14th. :]

    I would love, love, love the painting entitled "Pallet." I am moving into a new place in two weeks and it would be absolutely inspiring and perfect in my new studio!

    Thank you Cindy & Keiko!

  131. Heather Anne says: August 15, 20105:45 pm

    PS, following on twitter! (kampeska605)

  132. Heather Anne says: August 15, 20105:45 pm

    "liked" on Facebook! <3

  133. Mara says: August 15, 20107:26 pm

    wow what a great painting of you keiko!! She's very talented. I love the Pallett one shown here:

  134. Abby says: August 15, 20107:27 pm

    The Summer print is so lovely… but it is really hard to choose just one. Such a great giveaway!

  135. Stephanie says: August 15, 20108:02 pm

    I love the prints. Summer is my favorite.

    I'm also following Emerging Thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.

  136. Melanie says: August 15, 20108:05 pm

    So pretty. I'd love to win "Pallet."


  137. Rebecca says: August 16, 201012:33 am

    Savannah is my favorite.

    minnchic (at) gmail (dot) com.

  138. Ali says: August 16, 20102:24 am

    I have to say Alter Ego – this is a fantastic print – what an amazing artist!!

  139. Joanna says: August 16, 20103:12 am

    Beautiful art…"Sopping" is my favourite.

    joannaw.xo at gmail dot com

  140. Jessica says: August 16, 20103:15 am

    Gorgeous work – so, so talented!

    I'd love to display Savannah in my home – the colors are incredible.

  141. Jessica says: August 16, 20103:15 am

    Following on Twitter via @style_obsession

  142. Marybeth says: August 16, 20104:03 am

    Following on Twitter now! I love Alter Ego, such a great paiting.

  143. Molly says: August 16, 20104:29 am

    i'd have to go with "summer." gorgeous!

  144. Lauren says: August 16, 20104:38 am

    new comment, WITH email address this time!

    My favorite is Savannah, but they're all lovely.

  145. Audrey says: August 16, 20104:49 am

    Pallet! So simple, yet fun.

    audrey s wang (all together) gmail

  146. origami says: August 16, 20107:37 am

    I would have to go with Pallet – it is realllllly lovely!

    origami.dreamer at

  147. Beau Bazar says: August 16, 201011:04 am

    Amazing paintings!
    I love the paint called Summer. Hope to win it!

  148. Amanda says: August 16, 20103:00 pm

    Definitely following on Facebook now! I love the summer print, the colors are just so beautiful!

  149. michele says: August 16, 20103:28 pm

    i loved them all, but pallet tugged on my heartstrings.

    also following on facebook!

  150. Three California Girls says: August 16, 20104:40 pm

    I love "Summer"! So beautiful.

  151. Three California Girls says: August 16, 20104:41 pm


    Also following on Twitter!

  152. Lauren says: August 16, 20104:47 pm

    I absolutely love "Double Trouble"!
    I'm a fan of emerging thoughts on facebook & am following emerging thoughts via my twitter account of @littlelala. You're blog continues to inspire me Keiko!

  153. Katie Hansen says: August 16, 20106:12 pm

    Pallet for sure,

  154. chibi says: August 16, 201011:16 pm

    I would choose Summer!

  155. Erika says: August 16, 201011:16 pm

    "Pallet" is great:)

  156. Marcella says: August 17, 201012:12 am

    Summer- 10" x 17" is my favorite!

  157. Stephanie Janeen says: August 17, 20106:14 am

    i love sopping!

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