Watch me awkwardly giggle my way through an interview on! I can’t even watch it; I get uncomfortable seeing myself speak.

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Love Love,
Keiko Lynn

  1. Della says: August 19, 201010:57 pm

    Don't cringe! It was really enjoyable to watch!

  2. Best Foot Forward says: August 19, 201011:29 pm

    You did great in the video! I absolutely love the Olivia dress…you are so talented! If only I wasn't on a shopping ban right now :/

  3. The Little Dust Princess says: August 19, 201011:29 pm

    I love what you wore to the interview! This is my first time hearing your voice and I love it. 🙂 Such a lovely interview <3

    xoxo The Little Dust Princess

  4. Jolie says: August 19, 201011:32 pm

    I think it is always hard to see oneself, but you really did a fab job! It was great to learn more about you!

  5. Lids says: August 19, 201011:33 pm

    you were charming! I love your outfit and that Olivia dress! Unfortunately, my wallet is on a "diet"…saving for my trip to NY late next month. Maybe I can buy something from Postlapsaria while I'm there!

  6. Shannon Lambert says: August 19, 201011:47 pm

    Uhg, I hate hearing or seeing myself on video too. It's surreal…very 'Oh my gosh, am I really that nasal?!"

    But you sounded fine 🙂

  7. Amber Rose says: August 20, 20102:17 am

    I cringed whenever she said "Key-ko". Ahhhh!

  8. Polina says: August 20, 20103:46 am

    you're so pretty and you sound great!!

  9. casual ambiguity says: August 20, 20104:17 am

    Heehee, listening to this in the background while I go about the rest of my blog reading 🙂

  10. LuTaNiA says: August 20, 20109:15 am

    u look prettier in video! laughing and all. haha

  11. Gertrude says: August 20, 201010:53 am

    aww you are so cute HAHAHA I read your blog heaps and it was so interesting to hear/watch you speak! i see that all the things you said about yourself are true.

    umm, yes. you looked really pretty though and what a cute outfit ♥

  12. Alexandra says: August 20, 20102:52 pm

    I thought you came off as charming!! And props to us virgos for being the quintessential "type A" – we get shit done :o)

  13. Ciarra says: August 20, 20103:59 pm

    Keiko, you look gorgeous in the film! Your personality really comes out. I think it's great to hear a blogger's actual voice and see their mannerisms, beyond just the still photos and poses. You're even more beautiful! Your close are divine. I always admire how you style them and all the details that go into your designs. Keep up the fantastic work!

  14. Ciarra says: August 20, 20104:00 pm

    lol what a dork, I am! I meant "clothes", not "close". It's Friday. I'm tired.

  15. Jen says: August 23, 20101:20 am

    I totally enjoyed watching this! You're lovely.

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