Check out Cindy Bernhard’s painting of me! I’m floored. I just had to post this and show everyone!

You can win a print of Cindy’s paintings (which is mounted on a wooden panel) by entering the giveaway, below. All you have to do is mention which print you want to win!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

  1. bebe bird beck says: August 15, 20101:18 am

    So so amazing.

  2. Jen says: August 15, 20101:22 am

    Wow, this is gorgeous! She did an incredible job! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Mary Ann says: August 15, 20101:29 am


  4. dear kate says: August 15, 20101:35 am

    she is quite talented! it's a wonderful painting!

  5. Amber Rose says: August 15, 20101:38 am

    This is such a wonderful painting– I don't want to sound completely unoriginal, but she captured so much emotion in it. I'm in awe! it must be so cool to have a talented artist do a painting of you! Ha:)

  6. roxy says: August 15, 20101:38 am

    holy wow! that is insanely beautiful. What a mesmerizing painting. she did a really good job.


  7. The Owl's Closet says: August 15, 20101:58 am

    omgosh, that's amazing, keiko! lucky u! this could possible be a family heirloom in the future:) thanks for sharing!

  8. Hal says: August 15, 20102:49 am

    she did a wonderful job! enjoy it. xo

  9. Anonymous says: August 15, 20102:51 am

    Wow, that's very impressive. What a talented woman!

  10. upatreecupatea says: August 15, 20103:50 am

    That is so beautiful!
    What a talented lady 🙂

  11. libys11 says: August 15, 20104:19 am

    that's stunning!! it's always been a dream of mine to be painted or drawn by some artist! 😀

    Animated Confessions

  12. Maggie ☮ says: August 15, 20104:43 am

    WOw that is absolutely stunning !!

  13. Rio says: August 15, 20104:57 am

    That is beautiful! 🙂

  14. Melissa says: August 15, 20105:02 am

    gorgeous painting. seriously its fantastic.

  15. Diana Draw says: August 15, 20106:11 am

    Holy $^*%, that's a good painting.

  16. polkadotsky says: August 15, 20106:27 am

    SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PAINTING! i love how the colors blend together. Amazing talent.

    Is the artist your friend?


  17. Chickems says: August 15, 20106:38 am

    That is absolutely wonderful.

  18. Natasha says: August 15, 20108:39 am


  19. Marinka says: August 15, 201010:04 am

    It's beautiful!

  20. SchmuckMietze says: August 15, 201012:04 pm

    Wow, I love it. The structure and colours are fantastic. Great Job!

    best wishes

    Schmuck aus Glas

  21. ❤Cate❤ says: August 15, 20101:00 pm

    Wow that is AMAZING!! xoxo

  22. Alice says: August 15, 20101:31 pm

    really amazing ^^

  23. Stephanie says: August 15, 20101:59 pm

    wow :O that´s amazing!! :]


  24. Meghan says: August 15, 20104:14 pm


  25. laura says: August 15, 20105:28 pm

    That is SO beautiful… there wasn't a link to her store or portfolio but I looked it up myself & her paintings are lovely. I love the one of the Color Pallet & the one called Summer.

  26. PhotoPuddle says: August 15, 20107:44 pm

    Wow, that's amazing!!!

  27. Melanie says: August 15, 20108:03 pm

    That is stunning. Watercolor is extremely difficult to work with. I'm thoroughly impressed!


  28. Nina says: August 15, 20109:06 pm

    I LOVE 'Summer'. So beautiful. 🙂

  29. Jonna says: August 20, 20104:08 pm

    wow this is amazing! x

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