Outfit Details:
Dress and shoes – courtesy of Nine West
vintage Moschino fringe skirt – borrowed from Samara
bag – courtesy of Coach

I stopped by Fringe Salon to meet up with Miss Kimberly, who was getting her hair colored and trimmed. We also made a half-hearted attempt at finding our bridesmaid dresses. I was planning on making mine, but since I am in way over my head, I think I might just buy one. Very simple – we just need all black dresses. It’s just that I’m extremely picky and unrealistic. Is it so much to ask for a 50s or early 60s dress with a nipped in waist and full skirt, in solid black? Oh, and can it be my measurements and within my budget? Too much to ask? Yeah, I guess so:)

At least we accomplished one thing: Kim’s hair is colorful again! If you’re in NYC and you need your hair done, I highly recommend checking out Fringe. It’s an adorable salon with the cutest, friendliest stylists. I’m sure everyone is equally talented, but I know from firsthand experience that Amy (the owner), Jen and Holly are amazing. Prepare to girl crush on all of them. Check them out and then stop in Babycakes (next door) for some delicious vegan treats!

Love Love,
Keiko Lynn p.s. I just realized that I wore a fringe skirt to Fringe Salon. YES!

  1. Isa says: September 27, 20102:18 pm

    It's funny to watch how there you can still wear short dresses without tights, no jacket or scarfs… And here I'm freezing in my cardigans and gloves and coats!

    Such a lovely outfit 🙂

  2. Iris says: September 27, 20102:22 pm

    I love your makeup in these pictures. You look so natural and beautiful! But, you're always beautiful 🙂

  3. meg says: September 27, 20102:39 pm

    You look beautiful. Wonderful dress! 🙂


  4. Collette Osuna says: September 27, 20102:48 pm

    You look lovely…LOVE your fringe outfit:)

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  5. ~3iNnA~ says: September 27, 20102:48 pm

    Luv the dress.

    Etsy.com have lots of 1950 & 1960 dresses or buy a sewing pattern and alter the length of the dress…

    or david bridal

  6. Rebecca says: September 27, 20103:04 pm

    That dress is very cute. I love the colors and the fringe.

    Kim's hair looks great.

  7. Rebecca from See You in Sweden says: September 27, 20103:11 pm

    So nice all around!

  8. Lauren says: September 27, 20103:34 pm

    What a cool look! I love the bird necklace on Kim!

    Small Time Style

  9. Jen says: September 27, 20103:51 pm

    You're too cute for words! I really adore this color on you and those heels are lovely.

    Hope you find the perfect bridesmaid dress!

  10. Kayla says: September 27, 20104:04 pm

    Her color does look adorable. And Fringe to Fringe was like you had blogger intuition for a double titled post. Good luck on the bridesmaid dress hunt.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  11. Frk.Festli says: September 27, 20104:07 pm

    Have you checked out that one? A friend of mine bough dresses for her sisters as well as her self on there, for a wedding, and was very pleased 🙂

  12. ilene @ muchloveilly says: September 27, 20104:29 pm

    love the skirt but esp looooove the shoes. also love your friend's hair – so fun!

  13. Marisa Violeta says: September 27, 20104:49 pm

    I could stay hours and hours looking at your outfits. Everything is perfect! 🙂

  14. Misty Chaos says: September 27, 20104:53 pm

    I love your dress! ♥
    Kim's hair looks completely amazing, I love it.

  15. graphology says: September 27, 20104:56 pm

    You wear a beautiful dress 🙂

  16. Stephanie says: September 27, 20105:08 pm

    so beautiful :] I just love to read your blog, your outfits are so amazing!


  17. roxybeautyblog says: September 27, 20105:14 pm

    gorgeous outfit! I absolutely love the dress and the shoes.


  18. nicolette says: September 27, 20105:18 pm

    gorgeous colors!

  19. women's trends says: September 27, 20105:35 pm

    Your outfit is amazing! I love Kim's hair, too. Will have to check out Fringe next time I'm over there.

  20. One Girl says: September 27, 20105:50 pm

    That's funny because I thought you were going to say you got the fringe skirt at Fringe Salon. Most of our local salons here in Asheville, NC have a boutique too.
    Hey! I tried your "top knot/messy bun" this weekend and it worked great! I love it because it works well with a vintage look as well as a modern edgy look. Thanks

  21. Kimmy says: September 27, 20105:56 pm

    yes, her hair is awesome 🙂
    and your outfit, too – as always 😉

  22. Rachael says: September 27, 20105:58 pm

    Love your outfit!! So pretty and unique!


  23. Piia says: September 27, 20106:02 pm

    these shoes rock! 🙂

  24. Alice says: September 27, 20106:05 pm

    GOD! These shoes are a real vision.
    Great Pictures.
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles 🙂

  25. Bad Taste Toast says: September 27, 20106:19 pm

    Oh wow this is so beautiful!! And I love Miss Kimberly's hair 🙂

  26. Alexandra King Make Me A Dress says: September 27, 20106:25 pm

    Gorgeous as ever!
    If you do want a custom made dress give me a shout, it's kind of my speciality and vintage is my love. Etsy is amazing too for vintage finds.

  27. Kastles says: September 27, 20106:39 pm

    Keiko, you look adorable as usual! Colors always look beautiful on you. How do you pose for your pictures without looking akward? I always have troubles being super akward posing for my blog pictures. Hope you had a great birthday last week!

  28. Lorena says: September 27, 20107:10 pm

    I am loving this post and your dress.
    I googled it, I could not find it !
    Can you tell me if this is vintage… or next season ?
    Point me to where I can get it.
    I am totally in love with that dress.

  29. number the first says: September 27, 20107:21 pm

    that dress is adorable! and I'm not gonna lie I giggled out laud when I read your P.S.
    The hair looks great. Maybe we'll see you in a colourful do sometime??♥


  30. PenPot says: September 27, 20108:43 pm

    Colours on the dress are gorgeous!

  31. Estefany says: September 27, 20109:01 pm

    You are so beautiful! I love how you always seem to have so much confidence.

    Kim's hair reminds me or cotton candy ice cream.. yummy!!

  32. Mary @ stylefyles says: September 27, 201010:34 pm

    haha wearing Fringe to Fringe is so appropriate. I love that dress too…so beautiful! I love how all the details complement each other so well!

  33. Flora says: September 27, 201010:36 pm

    Beautiful colors! The skirt looks really good with the dress, it looks as one piece.

  34. amber says: September 27, 201011:24 pm

    love your shoes! i also really love kim's hair!!! i have always wanted to try something like that, but i am too chicken…maybe if i had a place around here like fringe.

  35. My Hideaway says: September 27, 201011:37 pm

    You should check etsy for your bridesmaid dress. I've seen several vintage black dresses with fitted waists and full skirts…sorry, I can't remember the shop names at the moment. If you do a search, I'm sure something will come up:) Even if the size was slightly off, it might be cheaper to buy it anyway and alter it.

  36. Kathyrine says: September 28, 20101:43 am

    The dress is lovely, the fringe detail is really cool and the green-blue color is perfect. 🙂

    Good luck with finding your bridesmaid dresses!

  37. genevieve, sandbox romance says: September 28, 20104:21 am

    I really really love those shoes. So cute! This post is so perfectly titled.

  38. vanya says: September 28, 20105:06 am

    Love that you are keeping colour alive! Seems black is too ingrained in some people! So… Do you think your friend's mum has lost her suede skirt to you for good? 😉

  39. Sandy a la Mode says: September 28, 20105:54 pm

    oh my i LOVEEE those shoes!! looks like it's time to make a trip to nine west!

  40. Sarah Rachel says: September 29, 20109:16 am

    I love your friends hair so much!! I really want to do something crazy like that to may hair…

  41. Jade Sheldon says: September 29, 20106:27 pm

    Your dress = STUNNING!

    I wish I could sport such fabulous colors as Kimberley is able to! She rocks it.

    And as a Vegan, I have vowed to someday make it to babycakes!

  42. Sorcha says: September 30, 20107:47 pm

    I LOVE those shoes, they're gorgeous.

  43. vanya says: September 30, 20108:27 pm

    OMG! I've found the matching jacket to that skirt! Was very tempted to buy it for you, but my student budget does not stretch that far =(