Outfit Details:
the sweetest little bow belt – courtesy of Darlingtonia
polka dotted skirt – thrifted
Seychelles wedges – can’t remember
vintage blouse – courtesy of Retro Threadz
bag – courtesy of Coach

I had “Pretty Woman” stuck in my head after I purchased this skirt. That’s not uncommon, since Roy Orbison has a couple of spots on my playlist, but then I remembered that Miss Vivian Ward wore a brown and white polka dotted dress in the movie. I guess my subconscious made that connection long before I did. I didn’t wear it to the races, but I did go to Stone Park Cafe for a delicious brunch with Edward Lewis Bobby.

And then a bird pooped on me and this shall forever be known as the poop skirt.
The end.

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

  1. phoebe says: September 29, 20108:07 pm

    Beautiful outfit x

  2. threesmallapples says: September 29, 20108:08 pm

    Apparently very lucky. And definitely stunning. The skirt, not the poop.


  3. Kayla says: September 29, 20108:10 pm

    I love pretty woman. This is the perfect way to bring that outfit into 2010!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. Lauren says: September 29, 20108:12 pm

    Love how the grey ribbon echoes the grey shoes! Sorry that you got pooped on – that happened to my mom once and ever since I wonder when it's my turn…

    Small Time Style

  5. ❀Cate❀ says: September 29, 20108:12 pm

    Love this outfit you look so beautiful, the skirt and the blouse are just perefct xoxo

  6. Iris says: September 29, 20108:14 pm

    I love the skirt, I'm sure the original buyer had pretty woman in mind…

  7. Jenni says: September 29, 20108:16 pm

    Ahahaha, "poop skirt" made me giggle. For the record, aside from the bird poop, this skirt is not at all poopy. Very cute, and I love the blouse.

  8. MituKatie says: September 29, 20108:17 pm

    what a sweet outfit! really cute. i am sorry a bird pooped on you, that is no fun!

  9. veronika, tick tock vintage. says: September 29, 20108:18 pm

    hah! well, getting pooped on is supposed to be good luck, right?

  10. Collette Osuna says: September 29, 20108:18 pm

    LOL…I saw that update on Twitter…..too funny, the skirt is fabulous!!

    You look great as usual:)

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  11. Ashley J says: September 29, 20108:34 pm

    What a lovely outfit! I love how the overall effect is sweet and dainty!


  12. Rachael says: September 29, 20108:35 pm

    So pretty! That skirt makes me think of Pretty Woman too, love that movie!


  13. amber says: September 29, 20108:47 pm

    okay, now i have the pretty woman song stuck in my head. ha!

  14. Samantha says: September 29, 20108:52 pm

    Lovely outfit – I adore the skirt πŸ™‚
    Also, its meant to be lucky to get bird poo on you!!

  15. Elaine Valerie says: September 29, 20109:00 pm

    Very classic and beautiful!

    Greets, Elaine Valerie

  16. Sarah K. says: September 29, 20109:23 pm

    hahaha ohhh I'm sorry about the bird! the way you just added that bit in at the end was really funny though.

    it's such a pretty skirt! you have a talent for making vintage look so modern and hip.

  17. Jade Sheldon says: September 29, 20109:27 pm

    Probably one of my favorite outfits I have ever seen on you!

    A la "Pretty Woman"

  18. Destined For Now says: September 29, 20109:36 pm

    What a lovely skirt. I love how the blouse comes over it a little bit and the polka dots peek through.

  19. Yesi Jukebox says: September 29, 20109:57 pm

    I love your shoes and the peek of your tattoo through your shirt. Hopefully you feed into superstitions since they say a bird pooping on you is good luck πŸ˜‰

  20. Natalya's Closet says: September 29, 201010:14 pm

    I agree, this definitely shouts "Pretty Woman". Love it! XOXO, Natalya

  21. lolo dahling says: September 29, 201010:27 pm

    That skirt is totally Pretty Woman!! You look fantastic as usual! xo-LLD


  22. Laura says: September 29, 201010:44 pm

    You look stunning!!!! so sad about the bird poo though =(

  23. Jen says: September 29, 201010:55 pm

    The skirt is so amazing. You look like a "Pretty Woman" too πŸ™‚


  24. Francesca says: September 29, 201011:02 pm

    very cute skirt!


    http://lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  25. amandalia says: September 29, 201011:03 pm

    I love this whole outfit! I feel like it's something I could wear, as a curvier woman. The skirt is modest, but so gorgeous and sexy.

    (I hope you don't take that as an insult. I think you're wonderful!)


  26. Julia says: September 29, 201011:12 pm

    I heard bird poop signifies good luck! It's an old wives tale, apparently.

    I love your outfit! The contrast between the modest length skirt and then the sheer blouse is so pretty. Is that your side tattoo that I see in the third picture? So cute! Did it hurt?

  27. honigmuffin says: September 29, 201011:16 pm

    hahaha.. birdie-poop means lots of luck, I guess.
    nevertheless, you look stunning. I always adore your shoes and bags!

  28. Bia says: September 29, 201011:34 pm

    I totally thought of Pretty Woman too when I saw your outfit. I love it!!

  29. elaine says: September 29, 201011:56 pm

    My dad used to like to tell the story about how a bird dive bombed my mom. My mom immediately exclaimed.

    "You dirty bird!"

    Just one of those little family stories.

  30. Pamela says: September 30, 201012:36 am

    I used to love that song! My mom had a brown polka dot dress around the time of Pretty Woman and as a seven year old, I thought it was the epitome of elegance and all things fancy.

    I don't often leave comments (I'm shy …), but I wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog's style. Yours was the first blog I came across that wasn't just simply OOTD and "There's a sale!!!!" Did that make sense? Oy, probably not. Anyways, you rock. I think that sums it up pretty nicely.

    If you would check out my blog, I'd appreciate it. πŸ™‚


  31. Kate Maggie says: September 30, 201012:39 am

    You certainly are a pretty woman! This outfit is so perfect, all the way from the blouse to the belt to the wonderful skirt! Those shoes are incredible too. I really want a cute and delicate blouse like that – eeep…I need to find one! Hope you're having a great day Keiko. x

  32. libys11 says: September 30, 20101:08 am

    so dainty and feminine!!! you always pull off these outfits!! πŸ˜€

    Animated Confessions

  33. Kiersten says: September 30, 20101:21 am

    You're such a classy lady.. Love this!

  34. Marinka says: September 30, 20103:11 am

    Your look is really sweet, I love that bow belt and the polka dot skirt a lot!

  35. Jincess says: September 30, 20105:25 am

    hahahha poop skirt, aww! beautiful as always

  36. dred says: September 30, 20106:13 am

    awww i'm loving that skirt so much. love the length too. xx


  37. Charlie says: September 30, 20106:28 am

    gorgeous outfit! the shirt is beautiful πŸ™‚

  38. Petra says: September 30, 20109:49 am

    really gorgeous outfit! and you look so beautiful, as usual πŸ™‚

  39. ziboo says: September 30, 20109:54 am

    You look gorgeous !
    The bow belt is definitely the cutest detail !

  40. Tiffany* says: September 30, 201012:23 pm

    Love this outfit. I actually have a very similar vintage skirt I found this summer-only mine is blue. Been looking for a better shirt to wear with it though- love you shirt and that belt is adorable!

    So sad but funny about the bird pooping on you. I hear it's good luck if a bird poops on you πŸ™‚


    Is that a tattoo under you arm I see? Love!

  41. Runway Hippie says: September 30, 201012:42 pm

    Um, that skirt is like the same exact color and print as the dress in Pretty Woman! Poop or no poop, still a great find!



  42. Sal says: September 30, 20101:28 pm

    EVERY time I see brown with white polka dots I think of "Pretty Woman." And someday I'll have that dress, dammit.

    So sorry bird poop has sullied your Vivian Ward skirt!

  43. Venn says: September 30, 20101:32 pm

    i adore ur skirt!!!


  44. Alice says: September 30, 20102:20 pm

    GOD! This Outfit is a real vision.
    You're looking downright stunning!:)
    The beautiful dotted skirt and the cute, lacy blouse together
    – pure perfection! Pretty Woman!!!:)
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles

  45. Justice Pirate says: September 30, 20103:00 pm

    what a beautiful outfit. I am not used to seeing you in knee length skirts but it looks amazing.

  46. StyleFrost says: September 30, 20103:01 pm

    Amazing look, gorgeous blouse!

  47. Retro Threadz - Mary says: September 30, 20106:47 pm

    Gorgeous as ever Miss Keiko. The blouse looks wonderful on you. As, I knew it would <3

  48. ShoesForDessert says: September 30, 20109:15 pm

    I love how uber girly and feminine this look is! Adorable blouse and I love the bow. Great bag as well!

  49. Ana says: September 30, 201011:33 pm

    Oh my goodness! This outfit is so beautiful I don't even know what to say….perfectly ladylike!

  50. SomeoneLikeYou says: October 1, 201012:50 am

    Wow! What a beautiful, classy, and ulta feminine look! I just love everything about it!

  51. Anonymous says: October 1, 201011:06 am

    I very recently discover your blog..

    so classy and beautiful; the way a girl is meant to look.

    Your hair! love your hair! the way you put it in a bun. i've tried it but no success.

    Would you be able to do a post or video on it?


  52. eatsleepwear says: October 1, 20106:41 pm


    i am freaking loving this look! and we still desperatly need some more hang out time and makeup party stat.

    xo, Kim http://www.eatsleepwear.com

  53. vanya says: October 2, 20102:03 am

    I'm soo stealing your style for uni on Monday! Mwahahahahaaa! You look fab, as ever, thanks for the constant inspiration =)

  54. Kylie says: October 2, 201011:37 am

    Hey grandma!

  55. CHAMA says: October 2, 20103:50 pm

    Very beautiful!

  56. Lecon de vetement says: October 4, 20104:53 pm

    Beautiful skirt!!

  57. Bridget says: October 4, 20107:57 pm

    love this whole outfit. and yes- julia roberts' dress in pretty woman was similar. buuut a bird didnt poop on her in the movie.

  58. Kearea' says: October 5, 20107:26 am

    very pretty and sophisticated look

  59. Claud says: October 11, 20102:27 pm

    You never fail to amaze me! I love the top and the belt!

  60. Becca Jane says: October 12, 20102:59 am

    Beautiful outfit! So feminine and pretty.. until the poop incident – so unfun!