Today’s giveaway is courtesy of Kellyssima, who is offering one of my lucky readers a $25 credit to their shop! I personally own two pieces of jewelry from Kellyssima and I love both of them to bits.

To enter, simply visit Kellyssima and comment below with a link to what you would get with your credit!

Bonus entries (leave an additional comment for each):
– Follow Kellyssima on Twitter
– “Like” on Facebook

Entries will be accepted until 9 pm EST Saturday, October 30th. A winner will be chosen at random and announced in this post. Good luck!

The winner is Rebecca from see you in sweden.

  1. Liz says: October 27, 201011:49 pm

    All of the pieces are so pretty! I love this one especially:

  2. Graceful Elements says: October 27, 201011:51 pm

    Such a nice little shop. I'm smitten with this little item:

  3. Amber Rose says: October 27, 201011:53 pm

    The pieces are all so charming.
    My favorite would have to be: .


  4. Faith says: October 27, 201011:54 pm
  5. Graceful Elements says: October 27, 201011:54 pm

    And… I "Like" their facebook page :p

  6. ana says: October 27, 201011:56 pm

    such a tough decision, but i think this little ring is my favorite:

  7. Jules says: October 27, 201011:58 pm
  8. sophia says: October 27, 201011:59 pm

    I love the Fair Game necklace!

  9. erin says: October 27, 201011:59 pm

    There are so many great pieces to choose from, but this on is my favorite πŸ™‚


  10. erin says: October 28, 201012:01 am

    I just 'liked' the kellyssima facebook page


  11. Natasha says: October 28, 201012:03 am
  12. amber says: October 28, 201012:05 am
  13. Jenny says: October 28, 201012:07 am

    Oh I love all the pieces! I can't choose! I think this necklace is super pretty!

  14. Ashley says: October 28, 201012:08 am

    It adore this necklace:
    I seriously want to buy all of it though and scatter it about my apartment.

  15. Erin says: October 28, 201012:08 am
  16. Julia says: October 28, 201012:09 am

    I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them!

  17. Jenny says: October 28, 201012:09 am

    And I follow Kellyssima on Twitter! @jenny0125

  18. Jenny says: October 28, 201012:09 am

    I also "liked" on facebook! πŸ™‚

  19. Natasha says: October 28, 201012:11 am

    Oh and I follow on twitter!

  20. Haven says: October 28, 201012:13 am

    These are so gorgeous I could die.

    I love this especially:

  21. Haven says: October 28, 201012:13 am

    Follow Kellysima on twitter @HavensTwit

  22. Haven says: October 28, 201012:13 am

    Like Kellyssima on fb Tee Jay

  23. S. Carney says: October 28, 201012:13 am
  24. The Dapper Owl says: October 28, 201012:14 am
  25. Sra_Bohorquez says: October 28, 201012:20 am

    WOW! This was hard … Like you said … I am in love with all of the pieces available at her shop. I think If I really had to pick … (keep in mind if I was to win I would spend countless hours to make sure I choose the perfect piece of jewelry) I would pick

    * Keeping my fingers crossed * THANK YOU!

  26. Jen says: October 28, 201012:22 am
  27. lindsayjean says: October 28, 201012:24 am

    Oh my goodness! So many pretty pieces to choose from! I can't decide between these two:

    They're both so unique and awesome!

  28. cathy says: October 28, 201012:27 am

    They're all so pretty! I love the romantic/classic vibe of all the pieces. My favorite has got to be this stunning bracelet.

  29. jkizmann says: October 28, 201012:32 am

    I don't know what to choose! Everything is so pretty!

    I choose this:

  30. Sara and the Snail says: October 28, 201012:34 am

    I am loving the Everlasting Everything leaf stamping bracelet and Czech glass. Sooo beautiful!

  31. nataliebrooke says: October 28, 201012:37 am

    Oh my goodness, this store was made for me, haha! It's way too hard to choose. But I'd get:

    Beautiful store!
    Thanks for hosting! πŸ™‚

  32. Alice says: October 28, 201012:38 am

    Such darling pieces! I keep coming back to the Vanity Fair necklace:

  33. Alice says: October 28, 201012:40 am

    I also Liked Kellyssima on FB! πŸ™‚

  34. Anonymous says: October 28, 201012:48 am
  35. Anonymous says: October 28, 201012:50 am
  36. lisa says: October 28, 201012:53 am
  37. Katie says: October 28, 201012:55 am

    Oh my goodness, these are so pretty! I love the leaf stamped bracelets and the Glass Leaves cottage style earrings!

  38. Katt says: October 28, 201012:58 am
  39. Katt says: October 28, 201012:59 am

    I'm now following on twitter.

  40. Rebecca from See You in Sweden says: October 28, 20101:03 am
  41. francesca says: October 28, 20101:05 am

    i love all the rings in the shop! but i'm torn between a ring, a gorgeous rose pendant, or adorable floral stud earrings! all so perfect!

  42. Katers says: October 28, 20101:09 am

    I love the light as a feather pendant necklace.

  43. Sara C says: October 28, 20101:12 am

    I'm loving the Crystallized victorian style earrings! So pretty!

  44. Sara says: October 28, 20101:15 am

    Either the Blow Away blue flower pendant, or the deerest friend deer pendant…. and I think I'm favouring the deer right now.

    Lovely shop!

  45. Crystal Santos says: October 28, 20101:16 am
  46. T @ The Happy Clipper says: October 28, 20101:21 am
  47. T @ The Happy Clipper says: October 28, 20101:22 am

    follow Kellyssima in twitter

  48. T @ The Happy Clipper says: October 28, 20101:22 am

    like Kellyssima on facebook
    Tara H

  49. Joanna says: October 28, 20101:26 am

    Beautiful shop…so hard to pick a fav!
    I love this ring:

    joannaw.xo at gmail dot com

  50. libys11 says: October 28, 20101:35 am

    would totally love to get the spoonerism II!! so pretty! πŸ˜€


  51. Breenah says: October 28, 20101:35 am

    LOVE this necklace: So, either it or another of the necklaces with multiple charms.

  52. Breenah says: October 28, 20101:36 am

    Also have liked her on FB πŸ˜€

  53. Kaitlyn Mallory says: October 28, 20101:39 am

    I think I have found a new shop to find jewelry. LOVE.
    This is just too cute!

    I also liked this lovely shop on the FaceBook!

  54. isabelladana says: October 28, 20101:40 am
  55. ednamode says: October 28, 20101:43 am
    I love all her stuff. It is so pretty and vintage.

  56. Another Day Another Outfit says: October 28, 20101:51 am
  57. Chieu-Nghi Pham says: October 28, 20101:59 am

    wow. so many things to choose from! i can't decide between:

    another day earrings –


    good weekend bracelet –

    they're all so beautiful! i am also following on twitter (username: chieunghi) and liked on facebook (Chieu-Nghi Pham)!


  58. Hannah says: October 28, 20102:03 am

    I love jewelry! I really liked the Half An Hour in The Afternoon Necklace

  59. Belle says: October 28, 20102:04 am

    Oh my, so hard to choose! Lovely lovely things. I guess I would choose this first:
    Thank you!

    l-belle at hotmail dot com

  60. Miss Crafity says: October 28, 20102:22 am

    Lovely! I especially like the Light As A Feather necklace.


  61. Laura Gerencser says: October 28, 20102:23 am

    Gorgeous stuff!!
    I would get this:
    purple banana 1991 at gmail dot com

  62. deltaann says: October 28, 20102:28 am

    Its all so lovely, I especially like the Half An Hour In The Afternoon necklace, it is amazing!

  63. Collette Osuna says: October 28, 20102:37 am

    What an awesome giveaway…I love the Glass Leaves earrings…so pretty!!!

    Stop by and say Hello β™₯
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  64. curlyred says: October 28, 20102:38 am

    how lovely! such unique pieces i especially like this one:

  65. Marie-Eve says: October 28, 20102:40 am

    I'm totally in love with this bracelet. It's just perfect.


  66. Juliana Sim Singapore says: October 28, 20102:47 am

    OMG such lovely stuff!!! I would wear with pride and love " If You Find Yourself Caught In Love"

  67. Crystal says: October 28, 20102:51 am

    I can't decide between the "Almost Lovers" necklace or "In the Mood" – they're both gorgeous.

  68. Crystal says: October 28, 20102:51 am

    Just followed on twitter (@lastnight)

  69. Rose says: October 28, 20102:52 am

    So pretty! I'm wondering if I can commission some rad dangly clip earrings…

  70. Crystal says: October 28, 20102:52 am

    Just liked the page on facebook! πŸ™‚

  71. Amber says: October 28, 20102:53 am

    Love this jewlery!

    Especially the glass leaves earrings!

    Amber R.

  72. spring says: October 28, 20102:56 am

    Lovely shop! I would love to snag the light as a feather pendant in verdigris.

  73. The Little Dust Princess says: October 28, 20102:57 am

    I would purchase this Under the Sea necklace for sure!!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  74. The Little Dust Princess says: October 28, 20102:58 am

    I followed them on Twitter! My username is jessy757.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  75. The Little Dust Princess says: October 28, 20102:59 am

    I liked them on Facebook! Just double check with me if I win. : ) I can be contacted through my blog.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  76. Amanda says: October 28, 20103:00 am

    I would definitely get these earrings:
    Because marigold and turquoise is pretty much my favorite color combination on the planet. I have SO many dresses these earrings would look fantastic with!
    Crossing my fingers!


  77. Whittie101 says: October 28, 20103:08 am

    I would absolutely pick up the "It Could Be Sweet III" earrings – they are fantastic!

    whittie101 (@) excite (.) com

  78. Marissa says: October 28, 20103:10 am
  79. Marissa says: October 28, 20103:10 am

    i "like" them on facebook!

  80. Summer Lee says: October 28, 20103:11 am

    One thinnnnggg?? ugh.

    I suppose I might choose "If You Find Yourself Caught In Love"

    smiloro at gmail dot com

  81. Minjia Zhong says: October 28, 20103:33 am

    I've been wanting this bracelet ever since I saw them on your blog but unfortunately nobody got it for my bday so..
    Better try my best no? C:

  82. Jay says: October 28, 20103:43 am

    I would get .If You Find Yourself Caught In Love… ((delicate locket pendant necklace))!

    So cute πŸ™‚

  83. euro_flection says: October 28, 20103:43 am

    Wow, all of her designs are so beautiful. I really like the "Night Time Victorian Style" earrings and the "I'm in your hands" stackable rings, but if I had to chose, I'd chose these "I will follow you into the dark" earrings ( Not just because they are absolutely gorgeous, but because that's actually "our" song (my boyfriend of 5 years and mine) πŸ™‚

  84. euro_flection says: October 28, 20103:46 am

    I also just followed @kellyssima_ on twitter — and she's from my hometown: Austin, TX! πŸ™‚

  85. ErChap says: October 28, 20103:47 am

    I love the I Was Made For You… ring! So darling.

  86. euro_flection says: October 28, 20103:47 am

    And I "like" her on facebook, too now. πŸ™‚ Hope I win! If not, those "I will follow you into the dark" may still have to be mine!

  87. Jessica says: October 28, 20103:55 am

    So many beautiful jewelry pieces! First I would pick the Light as a Feather Necklace:
    And then I would have to go back for more!


  88. Frankie says: October 28, 20103:58 am

    Everything is so gorgeous!! my fave is this necklace:

  89. Melody Ann says: October 28, 20103:58 am
  90. Polina says: October 28, 20103:59 am
  91. Anna says: October 28, 20104:01 am

    I'm in love with this one!


  92. Anna says: October 28, 20104:10 am

    I'm now following Kellyssima on twitter (nni)


  93. Anna says: October 28, 20104:10 am

    …aaand just "liked" it on Facebook πŸ™‚


  94. Ife' says: October 28, 20104:15 am

    Such beautiful and charming pieces. I fell in love with these gorgeous "Too Marvelous for Words" yellow dahlia earrings. They are so striking!

    Good luck to everyone πŸ™‚ [at] gmail [dot] com

  95. LauraJ says: October 28, 20104:17 am

    Even without a credit, I think this silver feather is my little sister's birthday present!

  96. Jessica says: October 28, 20104:20 am

    Coming from the South, I love the "Cowboy, Take Me Away" necklace!

    jchng10 [at]

  97. Candy says: October 28, 20104:21 am

    Pretty, pretty!!
    I love the
    Everlasting Everything w/ pink glass beads~!!

    oohmybento [at]gmail[dot]com

  98. Triche says: October 28, 20104:22 am

    I think the If You Find Yourself Caught In Love… ((delicate locket pendant necklace)) is beautiful!!

  99. Morgan says: October 28, 20104:23 am

    I would get the Nobody Gets Me But You necklace. Beautiful!


  100. Sophie says: October 28, 20104:23 am



  101. cwong says: October 28, 20104:26 am

    indulge yourself bracelet πŸ™‚

  102. matildes says: October 28, 20104:32 am
  103. elb says: October 28, 20104:32 am

    Was leaning toward some earrings or the paris in the springtime necklace, but I love this bracelet! Gorgeous.

  104. Brittan-Morgan says: October 28, 20104:48 am

    I have been eyeing this piece for a couple of weeks and need to snatch it while it is still available.

  105. Michelle-esque says: October 28, 20104:50 am
  106. Brittan-Morgan says: October 28, 20104:52 am
    I am also more in love with these than I can describe, thank goodness for an extra FB entry…

  107. sosh_sky says: October 28, 20105:29 am

    If I bought something from Kellyssima, I would get this ring. It is completely dainty and seems as if it would go with a whole ton of the outfits I wear. I love the tarnishing of the spoon to make this… Maaan, is it gorgy.

    Well, I found your blog on Glamour when I was at a cross country dinner and I was like "oh man! I must go check this girl's blog because her way of wearing that coat is one of the best! SOooo that is why I am here.

    Please check my blog!! :)


  108. Anonymous says: October 28, 20105:32 am

    I like the

    Good Weekend… ((victorian style inspired bracelet))

    very pretty!
    Jennifer in CO

  109. Anonymous says: October 28, 20105:47 am
  110. womo531 says: October 28, 20105:47 am

    Oh wow the the store is a delight and I'm probably going to order with the 15% off =P since 109 comments doesn't give me good odds for winning…

  111. Adey says: October 28, 20105:48 am
  112. womo531 says: October 28, 20105:50 am
  113. Kaye says: October 28, 20106:26 am

    My favorite has to be the leaf and branch bracelet – it's rustic and fresh at the same time! So pretty.

  114. Sarah says: October 28, 20106:36 am
  115. Annette R. says: October 28, 20106:39 am

    Oh, what beautiful jewellery! I love, love, love the Wishful Thinking Necklace:

    Everything is so gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway Keiko/Kellyssima!

  116. jillybean956424 says: October 28, 20106:40 am

    I love everything in her shop! But I think I would get the beautiful leaf and branch bracelet!

  117. Cabootique says: October 28, 20107:12 am

    I adore this ring:


  118. Tammy says: October 28, 20107:27 am
  119. Minerva says: October 28, 20107:38 am

    Sweet thngs. I would choose tea for two.

  120. Nikol says: October 28, 20108:01 am

    I spend my whole day yesterday looking at that shop since I want to get something for my BFF's Birthday πŸ™‚
    And I just love these and all of the other stuff too!

  121. Charlie says: October 28, 20108:11 am
  122. Melissa says: October 28, 20108:34 am
  123. lunamaris says: October 28, 20108:39 am
  124. Piia says: October 28, 20109:05 am

    This is such a great shop, so many feminine items. At first I thought of posting a link of one of those perfect rings, but then I saw this:
    I am so in love with charm-bracelets lately, at this is just perfection.
    Fingers crossed, that I win πŸ™‚
    pounpuu at gmail dot com

  125. Piia says: October 28, 20109:06 am

    And I'm also following her shop on twitter. username PiiaO

  126. MK says: October 28, 20109:17 am
  127. MK says: October 28, 20109:18 am

    Like on facebook too!


  128. anaivecloset says: October 28, 201010:14 am

    I really like the vintage inspired earrings and the tea fot two bracelet. Very nice!

  129. Emily says: October 28, 201010:36 am
  130. Emily says: October 28, 201010:37 am

    Liked on Facebook.

  131. Emily says: October 28, 201010:39 am

    Following on Twitter.

  132. Sara says: October 28, 201011:22 am
  133. So This... Is - G L A M O U R - says: October 28, 201012:04 pm

    This is so beautiful, I don't remember ever seeing anything like it:

  134. canodiva1 says: October 28, 201012:28 pm

    I normally don't wear bracelets, but I absolutely love this:

    I might buy it anyway, even if I don't win!

  135. says: October 28, 201012:30 pm

    Beautiful things – I adore flower jewelry.

    I think I'd go for the Amazing Grace in yellow.


  136. Alice says: October 28, 201012:42 pm

    Oh what a lovely Giveaway! Thank you, I love the shop. I think I would choose this:
    I hope I win! xx, Alice πŸ™‚

  137. Alice says: October 28, 201012:42 pm

    I like Kellyssima on Facebook. πŸ™‚

  138. Linda J. says: October 28, 201012:47 pm

    I friended her on facebook!

    and I absolutely love the Spoonerism Vintage Spoon ring!!

  139. Linda J. says: October 28, 201012:48 pm

    I visited the site, and I love

    Pretty coral colors!

  140. lei ann says: October 28, 201012:57 pm

    thanks for another great giveaway! i love these cameo, bow & vintage glass earrings!

  141. Anonymous says: October 28, 20101:00 pm

    oooh such nice things! I would get this octopus necklace πŸ™‚

  142. Jessi says: October 28, 20101:01 pm

    everything is so sweet… very cute!

    i love the deer necklace…

    thanks so much,


  143. Anonymous says: October 28, 20101:03 pm

    Thanks for another wonderful giveaway! I love the floral ring. ring.

    How beautiful!

  144. Kate says: October 28, 20101:14 pm

    A lot of these pieces are bigger than the jewelry I tend to wear (I generally opt for tiny, delicate things, because I am really not very flashy at all), but I am a sucker for Art Nouvau, so I am in love with the All Mine IV earrings.

  145. Kristen says: October 28, 20101:23 pm
  146. Micaela says: October 28, 20101:27 pm
  147. Jasmine says: October 28, 20101:42 pm

    I love this! I love all things Russian πŸ™‚

  148. Michelle O says: October 28, 20102:00 pm

    I would get the light as a feather pendant necklace. I usually don't wear a lot of jewelery but I know everyone would be asking me where I got it from! It's gorgeous.

  149. Valeria says: October 28, 20102:21 pm
  150. Valeria says: October 28, 20102:22 pm

    I liked on Facebook!

  151. Julie says: October 28, 20102:35 pm

    Pretty sure I'm about to buy this:

    (PS: I currently also have a giveaway on my blog. If you're interested in some Christmas cards, check it out here:

  152. Lexie says: October 28, 20102:37 pm

    I love this piece:

    lexie dot smyth at gmail dot com

  153. iron orchid says: October 28, 20102:52 pm

    Love the featured necklace, and the store has some very beautiful jewelry!

  154. Amy says: October 28, 20102:54 pm

    picking just one thing was so difficult! but, i decided i am absolutely in love with this bracelet:


  155. Flora says: October 28, 20103:06 pm

    Love this! I would love to have the Sweetness And Tenderness… ((cottage style dahlia flower earrings))
    florigasina87 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  156. Flora says: October 28, 20103:07 pm

    I also like them on fb, I'm Flora St

  157. Bryce says: October 28, 20103:09 pm
  158. Bryce says: October 28, 20103:10 pm

    I'm also following on twitter!

  159. Bryce says: October 28, 20103:11 pm

    And I liked on facebook!

  160. Nat says: October 28, 20103:22 pm

    So many beautiful pieces!

  161. Kat Skull says: October 28, 20103:35 pm

    I want the Under the Sea Octopus pendant from them…adorable!

    ktskull (at) gmail (dot) com

  162. Rebecca says: October 28, 20104:10 pm

    I'd get Under the Sea II.
    minnchic (at) gmail (dot) com

  163. erin says: October 28, 20104:18 pm

    I am in love with this Chrysanthemum ring in the aqua color


  164. jess says: October 28, 20104:33 pm

    I would buy everything if I could, but I think I would have to settle for these:

  165. Boc Boc says: October 28, 20105:00 pm

    O my goodness I love the Amazing Grace II necklace and the octopus necklace

  166. bre says: October 28, 20105:10 pm

    would make a perfect christmas present for my baby sis

  167. Anonymous says: October 28, 20105:11 pm

    WoW!!! It's such a lovely shop!!! I love this necklace in particular:
    Thanks for this great opportunity! I also like Kellyssima on Fb!

  168. bre says: October 28, 20105:12 pm
  169. pievutΔ— says: October 28, 20105:20 pm
  170. Rachael says: October 28, 20106:06 pm

    Beautiful jewelry! So romantic and great conversation pieces. I love the Everlasting Everything bracelet. Either that or So Long earrings with the beautiful Morningside vintage style ring! That ring is so pretty!

  171. Denisha says: October 28, 20106:09 pm

    i would buy the .Oh Lonesome Me… ((chrysanthemum, copper ox ring)), it's so beautiful.

  172. Denisha says: October 28, 20106:12 pm

    hey, i like kellyssima on facebook for another contest entry

  173. waytoohyper says: October 28, 20106:13 pm

    Ohh gorgeous!! I actually really like the Everlasting Everything Leaf Bracelet that you own… so I'd probably get that!


  174. julaland says: October 28, 20106:19 pm

    lovely! love it all, but this one is definitely my favorite –


  175. Kristin Sofia says: October 28, 20106:35 pm
  176. GG says: October 28, 20106:36 pm

    Oooh….so hard to choose! I love everything in the shop, such pretty things! But if I must choose, this is it:

  177. Atreides says: October 28, 20106:37 pm

    This would have to be my favorite!

    Oh and I also followed on twitter (@SisterMoo)

  178. Melissa says: October 28, 20106:49 pm

    such beautiful pieces. I love the light as a feather pendant necklace.

    <3 Melissa

  179. Carina says: October 28, 20107:27 pm

    I love their jewellery.. very unique!

    I've 'liked' on facebook and my favourite is


  180. One Girl says: October 28, 20107:37 pm

    Oh dear – too much to choose from! I love the It could be sweet earrings. I am a sucker for pinks!

  181. Larissa says: October 28, 20108:15 pm


    I would get some of her gorgeous rings…

    Thank you so much for the contest!

    larissa DOT awh AT gmail DOT com

  182. The Indecisive One says: October 28, 20108:27 pm

    I love Kellyssima. I have followed her jewelry on Etsy since you mentioned it awhile ago on your blog. If I won the $25 credit, I would buy the Vanity Fair necklace and only have to add 5 bucks to it πŸ˜€

    I also just 'liked' Kellyssima on Facebook..I would do the Twitter thing, but alas..I don't have one.

    Best of luck everyone!

  183. Stitch Vixen says: October 28, 20108:44 pm

    Hi! It's hard to pick, but I'd get the If You Find Yourself Caught In Love locket, here: (reposted, with the link, because I can follow directions!)

  184. shealennon says: October 28, 20108:58 pm

    It's hard to decide but I would probably get these cute, delicate bobby pins:

  185. Elis says: October 28, 20109:03 pm

    I don't normally wear necklaces but this blew me away.

  186. Abigail Leigh says: October 28, 20109:24 pm
  187. Judith says: October 28, 20109:33 pm

    Oooh, my kind of Etsy store. I think I would choose this:

    But this I love, too:

    astraea_possessed at yahoo dot com

  188. Caitlin says: October 28, 20109:49 pm

    Oh so lovely! I adore this bracelet:

    I'm following her now on Twitter (unsubtlety) and liked her on good ol' FB

  189. Anonymous says: October 28, 201011:38 pm

    I definitely love the silver version of the leaf bracelet πŸ™‚


  190. Vacuum Boots says: October 28, 201011:55 pm

    I love the verdigris feather and antique brass chain. Everything is so pretty but I can definately see myself rockin' that one for sure!


  191. Alexis says: October 29, 201012:36 am

    I am in love with the earrings "That Certain Female II… ((vintage inspired earrings))". They are unforgettable!

  192. Elle Sees says: October 29, 201012:42 am

    everlasting everything

  193. Amanda says: October 29, 201012:55 am

    Everything is stunning, but I'd probably go with

  194. Sarah says: October 29, 20102:16 am
  195. Robyn says: October 29, 20102:18 am

    Wow, it was so hard to narrow it down to just one favorite piece!
    I really love the gorgeous color on this one, though:


  196. Taylor says: October 29, 20102:41 am

    Ohh so pretty! I lovee the Flowers In December ring! and I love the Amazing Grace II necklace! <3 fingers crisscrossed!!!

  197. Sarah says: October 29, 20102:54 am

    I'm torn between the "If You Find Yourself Caught In Love" necklace ( and the "Clementine III" necklace ( So many beautiful things!

  198. Sarah says: October 29, 20103:19 am

    it's either this one or an octopus one! i have a gold on already and want the blue-y one!!

  199. Junyi Wu says: October 29, 20103:21 am
  200. Gertrude says: October 29, 20103:52 am

    I really really like the light as a feather necklace!

    although everything is strangely amazing.

  201. Gertrude says: October 29, 20103:54 am

    I have now liked Kellyssima on Facebook.

  202. Gertrude says: October 29, 20103:56 am

    And followed on Twitter.

    Gosh i do not know if you check this. Twitter:


  203. Dian says: October 29, 20105:03 am

    Thank you for this beautiful giveaway.
    I would like this necklace

    So beautiful, simple and perfect for accessories

    christra at gmail dot com

  204. Megan says: October 29, 20105:27 am

    omg. i would totally put it towards the enormous bill of 1 of everything! lol sooo cute!

  205. Joanna Blaine says: October 29, 20107:46 am
  206. Joanna Blaine says: October 29, 20107:59 am

    Liked Kellyssima on FB πŸ™‚

  207. Anastasia says: October 29, 20108:55 am
  208. tinatre says: October 29, 201010:28 am

    Such lovely pieces, but I've always loved the leaf stamping bracelet, Everlasting Everything.

  209. tinatre says: October 29, 201010:28 am

    I already follow on twitter.

  210. Rosa&Carlotta says: October 29, 201010:47 am

    I'd love to have the feather pendant necklace!

    check out our fashion illustrations atΒΒ πŸ™‚

  211. Victoria / Justice Pirate says: October 29, 20101:57 pm

    Love the blue spoonerism a lot!!!

  212. Bee Tea says: October 29, 20102:03 pm
  213. Christina says: October 29, 20102:35 pm

    definitely this!!

    i loveee any jewelry if it has an animal on it. especially an octopus! but that whole shop it great! the jewelry is just my style! =)

  214. Jessica says: October 29, 20103:07 pm
  215. Miyan says: October 29, 20103:45 pm

    Beautiful shop, it was hard to pick one piece I would choose- but it would have to be the octopus pendant necklace-


  216. Kristin says: October 29, 20105:58 pm

    I would def. get these earrings, but everything is so lovely it's hard to choose!

  217. Kristin says: October 29, 20106:00 pm

    I 'liked' Kellyssima on Facebook!

  218. Anonymous says: October 29, 20106:57 pm

    Hard to choose when there's great pieces! But I'd go with Amazing Grace II yellow rose pendant:


  219. rebecca says: October 29, 20107:05 pm
  220. A glance at my world says: October 30, 20103:11 am
  221. Amy says: October 30, 20104:45 am

    I would get the "Frame By Frame… ((verdigris pendant necklace))" or the "Amazing Grace II… ((yellow rose pendant necklace))." Thank you!

    amysweeps at gmail dot com

  222. Amy says: October 30, 20104:46 am

    Following kellyssima_ on Twitter @neverdene.

    amysweeps at gmail dot com

  223. Amy says: October 30, 20104:46 am

    I like Kellyssima on Facebook (A. Mace).

    amysweeps at gmail dot com

  224. honeyortar says: October 30, 20105:25 am
  225. Stephanie says: October 30, 20106:02 am

    It was realllllly hard to choose, but I love the Octopus necklace.

  226. Beth-xo says: October 30, 201012:12 pm

    I would get this ADORABLE ring, because its beautiful and rings are my fave!

  227. Katie says: October 30, 20103:47 pm

    I would love to own the Light As A Feather ((feather pendant necklace))!
    fashionfrugality at

  228. Sh says: October 30, 20104:40 pm
  229. MiShi_Ka says: October 30, 20106:46 pm

    they're all so pretty, am not sure which one to pick! =)

  230. MiShi_Ka says: October 30, 20106:47 pm
  231. MiShi_Ka says: October 30, 20106:48 pm
  232. becky says: October 30, 20107:08 pm

    Amazing Grace III is great!
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

  233. Jess says: October 30, 20108:51 pm

    Wow, such beautiful jewelry!
    My favorite is probably this necklace:

    I also liked it on facebook!!

  234. Gladys says: October 31, 201012:41 am
  235. Jannine says: October 31, 20107:16 am

    Her jewelry is so lovely! I love, love, love the Tea for Two charm bracelet. When I was younger, my mom would buy me charm bracelets whenever she saw one on sale. I would wear them so much, the cheap metal would rust, eventually breaking and falling off my wrist. This bracelet really reminds me of that.

  236. skarletgrrl says: October 31, 20107:37 pm

    I'm torn between the Light as a feather or Don't look back necklaces. Both are so lovely!

  237. carol says: November 1, 20103:34 am
  238. Casey says: November 1, 20105:11 pm

    I Love the Everlasting Everything II… would go perfectly with my wedding outfit for next summer!

  239. Gillian says: November 1, 20108:44 pm
  240. Gillian says: November 1, 20108:45 pm

    Also following on Twitter (GillianClaire)

  241. Gillian says: November 1, 20108:46 pm

    And "liked" on Facebook! πŸ™‚