Outfit Details: Seychelles boots and BB Dakota skirt – courtesy of ModCloth, tights – H&M, vintage vest – Beacon’s Closet, BB Dakota lace top – borrowed from Kim, vintage wicker purse – a gift from my mom’s bff Dawn, belt and blazer – thrifted

I’ve been wearing a lot of boots, lately – which makes sense, since it is Fall. I used to wear boots all the time, even in Florida. It would literally be pushing 90 degrees and I would somehow work boots into my ensemble. I have few major issues with Florida; it was a pleasant place to grow up. I just resented not being able to dress for different seasons. It’s pretty much Summer all year round, except for the occasional, if very slight, chill. I absolutely hate being cold, but I do love to layer and I also love my boots. Get it together, Florida! Your flippy floppy clad inhabitants are missing out on the joys of the seasonal wardrobe.

Of course, I say this now, while the weather is still bearable. Come Winter, I’ll be begging New York to take notes from Florida. The grass is always greener!


This is from over four years ago. In Florida. It was probably warm. They are still some of my favorite boots! p.p.s. Happy Birthday to my BFF Lauren<3

  1. kileen says: October 27, 20102:14 pm

    gorgeous boots!! love the beautiful cognac color and you pair it so well with a skirt and tights! living in TX i know exactly what you mean about missing out on seasons. it's still in the mid-80s right now! but i know i'll be grateful come mid-January when everyone is buried in snow and I'm just pulling out my winter coat from the closet for the first time. πŸ™‚


  2. samantha. says: October 27, 20102:23 pm

    those boots are to. die. for!


  3. Penny Dreadful says: October 27, 20102:25 pm


    I have been looking for a pair of boots like that for so long. So long! But though you can get Seychelles in the UK, it usually isn't a big range. Sigh. Keep on trucking I guess.


  4. Anonymous says: October 27, 20102:27 pm

    As soon as I read the title, I started to sing the degrassi theme in my head. Good thing it wasn't out loud, or everyone in the hall at school would be looking at the crazy girl. Love the boots, I'm trying to find a perfect pair for myself, but there are just so many that I want! I'm an advocate for year-round boot wearing, if cowgirls can then so can we!

  5. kate, miss twinkletoes says: October 27, 20102:29 pm

    I really love those boots! So cute – look a lot like the really expensive Ann D ones!!!


  6. Caroline says: October 27, 20102:34 pm

    Those boots are absolutely wonderful! They go great with the rest of your outfit. I love the lacy top and that adorable wicker purse!

  7. Das What She Said says: October 27, 20102:37 pm

    I am a big fan of your blog! Have been for a while…


  8. amber says: October 27, 20102:47 pm

    i am loving the boots!! you always pull together the greatest outfits πŸ™‚


  9. Belle de Couture says: October 27, 20102:49 pm

    Wow, those boots are fan-tastic… love them!



  10. Kimberly Grace says: October 27, 20102:57 pm

    Just so we're clear, I'll be borrowing those boots too! And can you PLEASE hunt down the purple ones? I miss them.

  11. Angsthase says: October 27, 20103:06 pm

    God dammit: those boots are so amazing. I'm so in love with your blog and, weirdly, I'm excited for winter because some of your more interesting looks seep out then.
    p.s. I love the purple p.s. boots, too.

  12. Angie says: October 27, 20103:08 pm

    lol (really lol'ed), you called us Floridians flippy floppy clad! It's so true! πŸ™‚ But the thing is, once I wear sandals for so long in the summer, I tend to develop claustrophobia of the foot when wearing a normal shoe. I wear my treasured pair of boots on special cold (under 80) days, they always make me feel fancy!

  13. Jenni says: October 27, 20103:41 pm

    This is perfect! I love the vest, and the boots are fantastic.

  14. C h i Q . 21 says: October 27, 20103:50 pm

    you've got sooo great boots! i'm searching for one for the winter too, but i cant find anywhere one, that i like πŸ™ xoxo


  15. Collette Osuna says: October 27, 20103:59 pm

    You really look fabulous hunnie…love those boots..and of course that vest is super cute!!

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  16. Jen says: October 27, 20104:13 pm

    You look darling! Love the lace top, skirt and boots!

  17. Charlie says: October 27, 20104:16 pm

    cute outfit! absolutely love the layering and the patterns and textures! the purple boots look awesome!

  18. fashion trends says: October 27, 20104:23 pm

    Thanks to the post's title, I can't get the Degrassi theme song outta my head.

  19. The Shopping Forecast says: October 27, 20104:23 pm

    Really love the whole outfit- especially that bag!

  20. The Fancy Teacup says: October 27, 20104:29 pm

    the wicker satchel from your mom's bff and those lace up boots are so darling! and i love how you paired the blazer with the ruffly skirt and top to complement each other.

    pretty as always! i'm glad you feel more comfortable wearing boots in nyc with the cooler weather πŸ™‚


  21. In Kinsey's Closet says: October 27, 20104:32 pm

    I love layering too. Being a raised in the midwest I got all of the seasons! I love your outfit today, it is so cute. The boots and best are my favorite parts :0)

  22. Le garçon avec les lunettes says: October 27, 20104:39 pm

    i love this post!!!

  23. Taya says: October 27, 20104:43 pm

    how cute outfit!
    you are very beautiful))

    great post!

  24. Tiffany* says: October 27, 20105:00 pm

    Such a cute outfit! Love that bag! It's gorgeous. You should do a video or photo post on your closet and wardrobe πŸ™‚

  25. Jay says: October 27, 20105:05 pm

    This is so cute! LOVE those boots πŸ™‚


  26. BARGAIN BEX says: October 27, 20105:44 pm

    you have no idea how desperately i wish i was in possession of those most fabulous boots …


  27. Alecto says: October 27, 20105:58 pm

    aw, you look absolutely adorable. the boots match the layers oh so well. love it.

  28. noel says: October 27, 20106:28 pm

    keiko you look amazing! and those boots are adorable…..now i'm off to peruse seychelles….noel

  29. Anonymous says: October 27, 20106:38 pm

    Your look is amazing, and the boots and bag are fantastic! Keiko is a lovely name πŸ™‚


  30. Amy says: October 27, 20107:02 pm

    Those boots are perfection.

  31. graphology says: October 27, 20107:26 pm

    The Outfit is gorgeous πŸ™‚

  32. Rach says: October 27, 20107:27 pm

    Amazing boots and bag! Just gorgeous.


  33. Shallow Mallow says: October 27, 20107:49 pm

    You look lovely πŸ™‚

    That wall you're sitting up against in the laundry picture is excellent! I've been using laundrettes as backdrops a bit but none as cool as this one!

  34. fashionpart says: October 27, 20108:08 pm

    beautiful outfit!

    Kisses from Poland!

  35. Kate says: October 27, 20109:00 pm

    Such a darling skirt! Love the ruffles! You have become one of my very favorites in terms of style – I have been following for ages, but for some reason as of late I'm drawn to just about every outfit you put together! Love it!

  36. Stefanie says: October 27, 20109:10 pm

    That tailored blazer is so perfect with the floaty skirt. Beautiful!

  37. Luinae says: October 27, 20109:19 pm

    Those boots are PERFECT!

  38. SMASH says: October 27, 20109:28 pm

    Those boots!! And I used to read your lj and totally remember those purple boots as well πŸ™‚


  39. Natalya's Closet says: October 27, 201010:03 pm

    I love this look, and those brown boots are fabulous! Cute pic from 4 years ago too! XOXO, Natalya's Closet

  40. kelly ann says: October 27, 201010:13 pm

    i LOVE your boots and your skirt! so gorgeous.

  41. abby says: October 27, 201011:42 pm

    keiko, i've read your blog off and on since the opendiary days (you've always been a much more consistent writer than i ever was or ever will be). it's hard to believe those purple boots are from four years ago! glad to see you're succeeding in the big city!

  42. Keiko Lynn says: October 27, 201011:49 pm

    Abby: Open Diary!!!! Yesssss that's so exciting. I love when I "meet" people who are familiar with my open diary days. Were you on LJ, too?

  43. Keiko Lynn says: October 27, 201011:50 pm

    Kileen: Thank you! I have only passed through Texas but I want to check it out one day soon. I miss the days when 60 degrees meant it was "frigid"

  44. Keiko Lynn says: October 27, 201011:50 pm

    Penny Dreadful: I know shipping is probably a pain but I think Seychelles does international orders!

  45. evey β™₯ says: October 28, 201012:36 am

    I totally loved your outfits! now esp your boots..i love wearing em too! But I can't wear them all the time in my country :).. Anyways ur blogs and u as well were getting lovelier ! Take care…

    Keep it up…

  46. Marinka says: October 28, 20101:24 am

    Your lace top is really nice

  47. libys11 says: October 28, 20101:36 am

    those boots are wicked cool!!! πŸ˜€

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  48. anneorshine says: October 28, 20101:51 am

    Looking at your blog makes me want to wear dresses! You wear it so well!!



  49. Leah Harrison says: October 28, 20102:19 am

    I live in Florida (have lived here my whole life) and it's still in the high 80's here! Not that it's so surprising…it might get cooler in November or December. I want to break out my boots too! But I hate feeling sticky.

    Love the purple boots and the lace up ones!

  50. The Little Dust Princess says: October 28, 20102:47 am

    I have a pair of navy tights, but have no idea what to wear it. A company sent it to me a couple of months ago to do an outfit post with. πŸ™ You've given me an idea, but I own nothing else navy (I think). LOL HELP!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  51. Ife' says: October 28, 20103:49 am

    those laceups are amazing and the whole outfit is just darling. i really love the muted fall color palette!

  52. C. says: October 28, 20106:23 am

    I adore those boots. And that vest is such a find β€”Β in love with that pattern and how you paired it with the blue. πŸ™‚


  53. Nnenna says: October 28, 20108:52 am

    love the boots!!


  54. Cassandra Marie says: October 28, 201012:58 pm

    Hey lady! I just wanted to see if you received my email I sent the other week? I needed advice for a trip my boyfriend and I are taking to New Jersey/New York this Christmas. Please get back to me if you have a chance πŸ™‚ Thanks

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  55. MADEMOISELLE says: October 28, 20106:02 pm

    i love the booooots!

    mademoiselle xo

  56. HΒ² says: October 28, 20109:10 pm

    I saw you were featured in Glamour, so I decided to check out your blog. It's so adorable, and so are you! Congrats on such a big accomplishment <3

  57. daisymay aka Chantele says: October 28, 201011:07 pm

    Loving your lace up boots! the whole outfit is so cute and you look very pretty, as always!

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    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  58. Kayley says: October 29, 20103:42 am

    This is great! I love the monochromatic look of all the blue – that's something I'm hesitant to try. You pulled it off wonderfully!

  59. Mae Lu says: October 29, 20106:40 pm


    I lived in So Cal, where it is always warm, and slightly less than warm… Wearing clothes for the seasons was close to nothing… nowhere near Florida… At least So Cal can dip into the lower 50s…

    I love boots and stockings and stuff.

    I notice that not just you and tights, you generally wear a LOT of ruffles in your skirts. And I think that's your hallmark in terms of style features. And it's so charming and whimsical.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  60. Anonymous says: October 31, 20103:38 am

    Loved seeing the last picture, I'm pretty sure I saw it back in your Livejournal days. I can't believe I've been a "fan" of yours for so long πŸ™‚

    Gorgeous boots… πŸ˜€

  61. RΕ«ta says: November 1, 20104:10 pm

    I love these shoes. I have been searching for nice long lace-up boots for a long time, but i gave up recently – either not beautiful enough, either too expensive for me =( but these looks just perfect.