Today’s giveaway is courtesy of Iron Orchid Vintage, who is offering one of my lucky readers a beautiful vintage handbag!

To enter, simply visit Iron Orchid Vintage and comment below with a link to your favorite item.
Entries will be accepted until 9 pm EST Monday, November 8th. A winner will be chosen at random and announced in this post. Good luck!

The winner is Sleeping on Black. Thanks for participating!

  1. Trine says: November 5, 201010:06 pm
  2. An American in Switzerland says: November 5, 201010:13 pm

    My favorite item is the red polka dot dress though the size is too large. The other item I love is:

    Thanks for tip on the site. Love it! Adding it to my favorites πŸ™‚

  3. Penny Dreadful says: November 5, 201010:14 pm

    Tough choice, but I love this red 60s velvet dress – the colour, the fabric, my fave 3/4 sleeves and a full skirt. Gorgeous!

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  4. AnnaMoon says: November 5, 201010:15 pm
  5. Rosie says: November 5, 201010:16 pm

    Found more than a few pieces I like but, picked the fur trimmed coat as my absolute favorite. It's a great FW piece …


  6. Candy says: November 5, 201010:18 pm

    Oooh! Sweet giveaway!
    I like the Vintage 1950's Navy Cloche with Celluloid Feather!!

  7. Lindsey says: November 5, 201010:20 pm

    I've been getting really into wearing vintage hats this fall. Love this one!

  8. Kristi says: November 5, 201010:21 pm
  9. Bianka says: November 5, 201010:24 pm

    cute Giveaway πŸ™‚

    I love this cherry dress from Iron Orchid Vintage –

  10. La piccola romanza. says: November 5, 201010:25 pm
  11. Jessica says: November 5, 201010:25 pm

    The 1950s Floral Print Day Dress is pretty cute!

  12. amber says: November 5, 201010:25 pm
  13. Ashley Nicole says: November 5, 201010:31 pm
  14. garnet says: November 5, 201010:34 pm
  15. Katie says: November 5, 201010:35 pm

    I'm loving the Vintage 1980s Bow and Stripe Sleeveless Secretary Dress with Ascot Tie Neck (s-m)!
    fashionfrugality at

  16. Michelle-esque says: November 5, 201010:37 pm

    I like the Iconic Vintage 1950's Black Plastic Rim Eyeglasses πŸ™‚

    xo, Michelle

  17. Tiffany says: November 5, 201010:37 pm
  18. shortwidenails says: November 5, 201010:39 pm

    my favorite item would have to be the Autumn Tweed Fedora Panama Hat.

    I'm just not sure if it would fit my fat head…argh!

  19. Natasha says: November 5, 201010:39 pm

    SO many lovely pieces, it was hard to pick just one!

    This dress is gorgeous:

  20. Amy E. says: November 5, 201010:42 pm

    I like this navy blue polka dot dress. It's pretty.

  21. Steph says: November 5, 201010:45 pm
  22. Jules says: November 5, 201010:47 pm
  23. Amber Rose says: November 5, 201010:51 pm

    How nice to do this giveaway!

    I adore these glasses:


  24. Rideya says: November 5, 201011:02 pm
  25. Sara and the Snail says: November 5, 201011:04 pm
  26. Erin says: November 5, 201011:07 pm

    I love this floral print mini dress, especially the back!

    Makes me long for the San Francisco summer that never came this year. πŸ˜‰

  27. Carina says: November 5, 201011:10 pm
  28. Rocaille says: November 5, 201011:13 pm
  29. Urooj says: November 5, 201011:15 pm

    This dress is my absolute favourite! So beautiful!

    – Urooj (

  30. yours truly dear says: November 5, 201011:17 pm

    ooh, this purse is awesome!! here is the link to a dress of theirs i like:

  31. puderfee says: November 5, 201011:22 pm

    I hope that this is international? πŸ™‚
    I just fell in love with this beautiful dress!

  32. M. says: November 5, 201011:25 pm

    adore the Vintage 1960's Precious Fur Blend Cream Button Up Cardigan!


  33. Willowie says: November 5, 201011:28 pm

    Though the size small wouldnt fit me…I absolutely love the tiffany blue of the dress and the sparkly collar!! Love!

  34. Kristennn says: November 5, 201011:37 pm
  35. Marie-Eve says: November 5, 201011:46 pm
  36. Jessi says: November 5, 201011:50 pm

    well there are some AWESOME picks in there… but i think my favorite would have to be:
    (i'm not sure i could fit my post halloween candy figure in that "nipped waist" though…) πŸ˜‰

    thanks so much,


  37. Mandi says: November 5, 201011:52 pm

    Probably one of the best vintage etsy shops I've seen! I like this:

  38. eviebevie says: November 5, 201011:58 pm

    everything vintage is so fun, but give me a bow, and a statement sleeve and i am sold!

    i love this 1980s party dress:

    so great! πŸ™‚

  39. Polina says: November 6, 201012:00 am
  40. Nathalie in CA says: November 6, 201012:02 am
  41. Kristina says: November 6, 201012:08 am
  42. Thrive on Novelty says: November 6, 201012:25 am
  43. elb says: November 6, 201012:30 am
  44. bear cat blogger says: November 6, 201012:34 am
  45. Lillibet says: November 6, 201012:38 am

    I loved so many items… Finally managed to narrow it down to the fedora. I love tweed!

  46. Ranter says: November 6, 201012:39 am

    It's very simple, but I love this dress. The floral pattern is just too cute!


  47. Rachael says: November 6, 201012:59 am

    Great giveaway!!!

    I'm loving the coats like the Vintage 1970's Saks Fifth Avenue Tweed Jacket

  48. Mandy says: November 6, 20101:03 am
  49. Belle de Couture says: November 6, 20101:07 am

    Great giveaway! πŸ™‚

    My fave item is:

    ::Fingers crossed::


  50. Maria says: November 6, 20101:16 am
  51. Terry says: November 6, 20101:27 am

    Not my size (otherwise it'd be MINE!), but I adore the print and fullness!

  52. jenny says: November 6, 20101:30 am

    Iconic Vintage 1950's Style Tortoise Shell

  53. Mallory Phillipy says: November 6, 20101:55 am

    i'm going though a plaid phase, so this totally caught my eye:

  54. Heather Anne says: November 6, 20102:13 am

    What a cute purse, it would go perfectly with my style!

    Ironically enough I found this dress, which matches the purse quite well! I love both!

    Thanks Keiko!

  55. Sarah says: November 6, 20102:43 am

    I've been looking for a blazer just like this:

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  56. Em says: November 6, 20102:43 am

    My favorite item is this coat:

    It's so warm looking and perfect. Thank you for the giveaway!

  57. Kristina Marie says: November 6, 20102:43 am

    I love so many things but I know only a few will fit, so this was my favorite and is perfect for the coming winter!

  58. skarletgrrl says: November 6, 20102:51 am
  59. Sophi says: November 6, 20103:00 am

    LOVE the navy cloche with celluloid feather and the white faux fur capelet πŸ™‚

    sophi dot newman at gmail dot com

  60. Nataleigh Rae says: November 6, 20103:02 am

    I love the 1970's Gauzy Lace Boho Dress πŸ™‚ it is very cute πŸ™‚


  61. Laura says: November 6, 20103:06 am
  62. Megan says: November 6, 20103:06 am

    i luvvv this blazer! soo cute.
    i seriously just might buy this.

  63. Haile says: November 6, 20103:13 am

    I love your blog and was excited to see this post I love vintage. Here was my favorite piece.

    Vintage 1990's Oversized Button Down Slouch Blouse Tuxedo Yoke Dress Shirt Pintuck Shirt Dress Boyfriend Style Shirt Mini Dress (m-l)

  64. Melody says: November 6, 20103:19 am
  65. Rebecca from See You in Sweden says: November 6, 20103:34 am
  66. Capricioustraveler says: November 6, 20103:56 am
  67. sherryl says: November 6, 20104:17 am

    very very tough choice but probably this grandpa sweater!

    the print is amaaaazing! it looks so cozy too!

  68. Tawni Staples says: November 6, 20104:28 am
  69. Bea says: November 6, 20104:52 am

    The 1990s Navy Grunge Revival Floral Print Mini Dress is so nice and affordable πŸ™‚ Love the back!

    bnbermundo at gmail dot com

    Bea from A plus B

  70. Melissa says: November 6, 20105:04 am
  71. Karen says: November 6, 20105:09 am
  72. Mimi says: November 6, 20105:17 am
  73. keepingbeauty says: November 6, 20105:25 am

    this dress is adorable, i love the corset detail!

    xox_angelkisses (at)

  74. Rach says: November 6, 20105:27 am
  75. sleeping on black says: November 6, 20105:34 am

    So many cute things, but this dress would be *perfect* for a Mad Men themed holiday party I'm attending next month. And that purse is absolutely darling.

    Love your blog!

  76. ErChap says: November 6, 20105:45 am

    I adore the autumn fedora!
    Perfect for this weather:)

  77. Christina says: November 6, 20105:50 am
  78. libys11 says: November 6, 20106:00 am

    eeppp how adorable!! i love the Vintage 1980's Secretary Dress Accordion Pleated Dress with Ascot Neck Tie


  79. christina says: November 6, 20106:07 am

    The purse is cute but the hanger is even cuter! xxx

  80. gina marie says: November 6, 20106:07 am

    Love the Vintage 1950's Navy Cloche with Celluloid Feather through Cap

  81. Julia says: November 6, 20106:13 am

    the vintage 1970s white lace pintuck summer dress secretary day dress is absolutely wonderful. i love the delicate lace detailing on the shoulder. it's so beautiful!

  82. Kunkel says: November 6, 20106:23 am

    Love that bag! Perfect inspiration for this year's holiday dress….

    As for the link, this hat is splendid. Gotta love those toppers!

  83. Kayleigh says: November 6, 20106:38 am
  84. Adri says: November 6, 20106:44 am

    I love the Vintage 1990s Navy Grunge Revival Floral Print Mini Dress

    This one is gorgeous:


  85. Amy says: November 6, 20106:44 am

    that bag is absolutely adorable! here's my favorite:

  86. CAMILLA says: November 6, 20106:48 am
  87. Anonymous says: November 6, 20108:11 am
  88. Stasha says: November 6, 20108:13 am

    Very hard to choose just one item, but I instantly fell in love with the faux fur capelet πŸ™‚

  89. Minerva says: November 6, 20108:44 am

    Not so easy to pick just one.

    But mine pisck would be Vintage 1980s Bow and Stripe Sleeveless Secretary Dress with Ascot Tie Neck

  90. ejlittle says: November 6, 20109:03 am

    It was really hard to pick but I like this sweater.
    The flower is so cute. But then there is also the fur capelet.

  91. Anastasia says: November 6, 20109:16 am

    with some docs. and a big sweater. yes!

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway.

  92. Berta says: November 6, 20109:20 am
    is my favorite, it's quite simple, but very detailed.

  93. La Curandera says: November 6, 20109:21 am
  94. Poppy Field says: November 6, 20109:30 am
  95. Theodora says: November 6, 201010:05 am

    I just adore this dress..It looks so simple yet elegant..And the bow in the back really spices it up!!

  96. Charlie, Feminine Bravery says: November 6, 201010:09 am
  97. En mΓΆbelhandlares dotter says: November 6, 201010:11 am

    Adorable little handbag – love at first sight!

    I love this one too:

    Thanks for the tip and I must say you have a really nice blog, I like your style πŸ™‚

  98. Piia says: November 6, 201010:20 am

    The perfect cozy sweater for winter:

    pounpuu at gmail dot com

  99. Kat C says: November 6, 201010:28 am

    I love this white capelet!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  100. kate says: November 6, 201010:47 am
  101. _Sternwanderin says: November 6, 201011:05 am

    this purse is waaaaaayy too cute!!

    id love to have this sweater:

  102. Hanna says: November 6, 201011:07 am
  103. Katt says: November 6, 201011:16 am
  104. Silw says: November 6, 201011:19 am

    First, thanks for great giveaway!
    My favorite item is that Christian Dior vintage sweater:
    I think it's can look modern with brown belt.

  105. Naomi says: November 6, 201011:36 am
  106. Kristy says: November 6, 201011:39 am
    I have a weakness for cat's eye glasses πŸ™‚

  107. Antonia says: November 6, 201012:11 pm
  108. Laurie says: November 6, 201012:23 pm
  109. Aryn Rapp says: November 6, 201012:48 pm

    LOVE this coat! Reminds me of Penny Lane in Almost Famous. Plus the giveaway purse would look perfect with it :).

  110. daer0n says: November 6, 201012:51 pm

    I love everything vintage, the purse is so pretty πŸ™‚

    My favorite item from the store is this Plaid Skirt, how gorgeous!

    Thank you!

    Nury77 at live dot ca

  111. Rochelle says: November 6, 20101:10 pm

    That coat is amazing!!!

  112. sabine says: November 6, 20101:12 pm

    I love this vintage 1980's Christian Dior Knit Sweater:

    n o v i e r a [at] g m x [dot] a t


  113. Fatimah says: November 6, 20102:19 pm

    The Vintage 1960's Violet Holiday Coat Floor Length Opera Jacket with Rhinestone Buttons is adorable!

  114. Nagasaki175 says: November 6, 20102:30 pm
  115. Nagasaki175 says: November 6, 20102:31 pm
  116. Anonymous says: November 6, 20102:43 pm
  117. Hooked on Shoes says: November 6, 20103:08 pm
  118. Leticia Costa says: November 6, 20103:29 pm
  119. LetΓ­cia says: November 6, 20103:49 pm

    I just love the fabric:

    The purse is adorable, but can I have their hanger too? Hahahaha it's lovely!

  120. Jennifer says: November 6, 20104:02 pm

    So my favorite piece is the Titted Silk Party Dress.

    I'd love to wear it right away πŸ˜‰

  121. Mandy S says: November 6, 20104:11 pm

    I would totally feel like Brenda Walsh in this:

    Alternately, I want to run through a wheat field in this and cowboy boots:

  122. Anna says: November 6, 20104:28 pm
  123. Linda J. says: November 6, 20104:45 pm

    Love this dress!!!

    my email is deliriousduckie at

  124. Daisy says: November 6, 20105:13 pm


    because it remind me alice in wonderland dress. so cute β™₯


  125. Bazla O says: November 6, 20105:25 pm
  126. L says: November 6, 20105:38 pm
  127. bre says: November 6, 20105:59 pm
  128. Kirstin Amanda says: November 6, 20106:26 pm

    Absolutely love this sweater! Dreaming of it paired with my black jeans and ankle boots on a fall afternoon!

  129. Collette Osuna says: November 6, 20106:35 pm

    LOVE the purse…and this fab vintage coat!!!


    Stop by and say Hello β™₯
    Enter my Awesome ModCloth Giveaway

  130. natalie says: November 6, 20107:02 pm
  131. Jing Pei says: November 6, 20107:12 pm

    This dress is so lovely!! πŸ™‚ The sleeves are beautiful

  132. BetaBoutique says: November 6, 20107:15 pm
  133. Jenn says: November 6, 20107:35 pm
  134. Gladys says: November 6, 20108:01 pm
  135. Jannine says: November 6, 20108:12 pm
  136. Summer Lee says: November 6, 20108:21 pm
  137. The Little Dust Princess says: November 6, 20108:42 pm

    My favourite item would be this reversible blazer!! Too cool.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  138. Name says: November 6, 201010:34 pm

    Everything is so lovely! I'm very glad you suggested the site. πŸ™‚

    The Navy Day Dress is probably the only piece that would fit me.

    But if it didn't the purse would be a lovely swap so i don't feel so bad!

  139. Jessica says: November 6, 201010:54 pm
  140. janiece says: November 7, 201012:33 am
  141. Maddie says: November 7, 20101:01 am

    i love both the navy grunge mini dress:, and the adorable vintage sunnies:, consider me entered in the giveaway :):)

  142. Brianna says: November 7, 20101:16 am

    i love the purse & also these cute glasses πŸ™‚


  143. amiris says: November 7, 20101:41 am
  144. theloudmouth says: November 7, 20102:35 am

    favorite item:

    i'd never wear it, but it's awesome to look at!

  145. Catherine says: November 7, 20102:51 am
  146. april linh says: November 7, 20103:12 am

    my favorite item from iron orchid vintage is the vintage cocktail dress with the over size bow on the back.

    this dress is super cute and so is the handbag give away!

  147. Rach Klein says: November 7, 20103:14 am
  148. rebecca says: November 7, 20103:14 am
  149. ana b. says: November 7, 20104:26 am
  150. angela says: November 7, 20106:06 am

    what a great etsy shop! there was a ton of beautiful, more fancy dresses, but i would get so much wear out of this one

    love it!

  151. Sarina says: November 7, 20107:03 am

    This dress is absolutely simple and absolutely beautiful!

  152. Melissa says: November 7, 20107:10 am
  153. Budget Beauty Girl says: November 7, 20107:53 am
  154. Alma says: November 7, 20108:35 am

    Hi! I did a link to your blog on mine, hope it's okey, I really love you blog!

    ps: it's a swedish blog, but I've got translator;)


  155. Anonymous says: November 7, 201012:30 pm


    this is one of my favorite:

    heikehd9 'at'

  156. nne says: November 7, 201012:45 pm

    My favourite item is this cute polka dot blazer:

  157. Anna says: November 7, 20101:45 pm
  158. hueys says: November 7, 20101:49 pm

    the bag is totally cute!

    and it'll go so well with this:

    Love its victorian feel <3

  159. Jess says: November 7, 20101:56 pm

    The "Vintage Cocktail Little Black Dress with Oversized Back Bow" is so stunning!! And lovely giveaway, this purse is stunning!!

  160. Allison says: November 7, 20102:35 pm

    I'm a sucker for cardigans and this one is so sweet: Vintage 1960's Cream Cable Knit Cardigan (m)

  161. Toni says: November 7, 20103:31 pm
  162. MK says: November 7, 20104:30 pm
  163. smileviolet says: November 7, 20105:07 pm

    I love this plaid skirt– so perfect for fall and winter with some cozy boots!

    Check it out!:

  164. Cassara says: November 7, 20106:13 pm

    These glasses are beyond fabulous. Close behind though, is the hat with the feather and the Dior sweater.

  165. Taylor says: November 7, 20107:23 pm

    My favorite is the bright Hawaiian Maxi Dress. So cheerful!

  166. Momo says: November 7, 20107:29 pm

    I love the Iconic Vintage 1950's Style Tortoise Shell Sunglasses:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  167. Kate says: November 7, 20108:11 pm

    I dig this hat, but could never order it, because my skull is on the large size. Stupid genetics…

  168. Cabootique says: November 7, 20108:34 pm
  169. Bethh Elaine says: November 7, 20108:44 pm

    absolutely love the Vintage Cotton Cherry Embroidered Tea Length Rockabilly Wiggle Dress Day Dress by Lee Stevens of Miami. Shame the bust is too small, or i'd be all over that. πŸ˜›

  170. Bethh Elaine says: November 7, 20108:44 pm

    absolutely love the Vintage Cotton Cherry Embroidered Tea Length Rockabilly Wiggle Dress Day Dress by Lee Stevens of Miami. Shame the bust is too small, or i'd be all over that. πŸ˜›

  171. Bee Tea says: November 7, 20109:48 pm
  172. Denisha says: November 7, 201011:17 pm
  173. Christa says: November 8, 201012:05 am
  174. Lauren says: November 8, 20101:15 am

    I love love love this. It's so classic! Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  175. ghostfeathers says: November 8, 20101:49 am
  176. slient bliss says: November 8, 20102:52 am
  177. Rebecca says: November 8, 20103:35 am
  178. Destined For Now says: November 8, 20104:40 am

    Everything is so beautiful! I absolutely love these clothes, especially this dress:

  179. lasophia says: November 8, 20106:58 am
  180. Quynh says: November 8, 20107:01 am
  181. Coma Girl says: November 8, 201012:56 pm

    I love the cherry dress:

    unfortunately, it's too big for me πŸ™ it's still oh so lovely!

  182. erin says: November 8, 20102:00 pm

    This Kelly Green and Olive Stripe Shift Dress is absolutely gorgeous!


  183. Katie Petix says: November 8, 20102:45 pm

    Holy Smokes this dress is so lovely and just my size (oh to live in the 50's!)

    Isn't it crazy that one can peruse Etsy daily and still never see it all? Glad to mark Iron Orchid as a fav πŸ™‚

    <3 Today I Want–i–

  184. Bryce says: November 8, 20103:37 pm

    Vintage 1950's Navy Textured Pleatwaist Wool Shirtwaist Dress With Brassy Buttons (m-l)

    I love this dress!

  185. kelly says: November 8, 20104:32 pm
  186. Elisa ( toffeehaltia [at ] luukku . com ) says: November 8, 20106:07 pm

    THAT HANDBAG! What a beauty :') <3

    Well, I could also have some happy moments with that "Vintage Cocktail Little Black Dress with Oversized Back Bow and Sheer Back". Gosh, I love everything on that site.

    Also, I know, I'm probably late. I blame the timezones. (Finland, baby!)


  187. julaland says: November 8, 20106:17 pm
  188. Heidi says: November 8, 20106:51 pm
  189. Joanna says: November 8, 20106:55 pm
  190. EFG says: November 8, 20107:06 pm
  191. Cherish Cooper says: November 8, 20108:23 pm

    I am such a sucker for sweaters!
    This color is sooo cute!

  192. Rachel says: November 8, 20108:54 pm

    Love this coat:
    So perfect for winter! πŸ™‚

    REC804 at hotmail dot com

  193. Anonymous says: November 8, 20109:02 pm
  194. Jay says: November 9, 20101:39 am
  195. Susan says: November 9, 20101:58 am

    I loved so many items…this one I loved and I also love the white fur capelet. It's gorgeous! Thanks for hosting the giveaway ~ Susan F.

  196. Beverly says: November 9, 20103:48 pm
  197. azwethinkweiz says: November 9, 20108:13 pm

    It's headin' into summer down here, I can see me rockin' this allllll summer long.

  198. Desiree Cherisse says: November 11, 201012:08 am

    My favorite item is:

    Vintage 1970's Bow Harvest Rayon Skirt (s-m):

    It's beautiful. I want to wear it now! πŸ™‚

  199. honeyortar says: November 11, 201011:08 pm