Today’s giveaway is courtesy of LuLu*s, who is offering one of my lucky readers a $100 credit to their site!  

To enter, simply visit LuLu*s and comment below with a link to your favorite item(s). 

Please note that this contest is only open to residents of U.S. and Canada. Entries will be accepted until 9 pm EST Saturday, November 20th (my sister Tessa’s birthday!). A winner will be chosen at random and announced in this post. Good luck!  

p.s. Use the code KEIKO at checkout for 15% off your order! (U.S. and Canada only)

  1. CindyRex says: November 17, 201010:33 pm
  2. Tiffany says: November 17, 201010:34 pm

    What a great giveaway! I love the Shop Girl Pink Dress!

  3. mango says: November 17, 201010:35 pm
  4. Heather says: November 17, 201010:35 pm

    I saw this dress on the LuLu*s blog earlier and I HAVE to have it!

  5. Phuong says: November 17, 201010:35 pm

    I love Lulu's! I adore this dress:


  6. Kelly says: November 17, 201010:37 pm
  7. emilytpa says: November 17, 201010:39 pm
  8. shawni marie says: November 17, 201010:39 pm
  9. JsEverydayFashion says: November 17, 201010:39 pm

    I'm obsessed with gold sequins right now – this is the perfect New Year's dress!

  10. Two Chicks Nest says: November 17, 201010:40 pm

    So much to choose from! I love so many of the sweaters but especially

  11. Bethh Elaine says: November 17, 201010:40 pm
  12. Dani K. says: November 17, 201010:42 pm
  13. Beatrice says: November 17, 201010:42 pm

    My current favorite item at Lulus are these J.C. bow wedges ^,^

  14. Liz says: November 17, 201010:42 pm
  15. amy amok says: November 17, 201010:43 pm
  16. KaTe* says: November 17, 201010:43 pm

    i love this necklace
    it's so adorable ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  17. Kayla says: November 17, 201010:45 pm
  18. brittney says: November 17, 201010:46 pm
  19. lyndsey says: November 17, 201010:48 pm

    I'd love to have this velvet romper. Soft and comfy.

  20. Emma says: November 17, 201010:49 pm
  21. Soleil says: November 17, 201010:50 pm
  22. K. says: November 17, 201010:50 pm

    All the dresses are so classy! Love the young at heart one especially. 🙂

  23. Trisha says: November 17, 201010:52 pm
  24. Maria says: November 17, 201010:52 pm
  25. April says: November 17, 201010:52 pm
  26. Anonymous says: November 17, 201010:52 pm
  27. Summer Lee says: November 17, 201010:54 pm
  28. Kristi says: November 17, 201010:55 pm
  29. fawn says: November 17, 201010:57 pm

    Yay!!! Thank you for a chance at winning. I think these are the bees knees:

  30. Em says: November 17, 201010:57 pm
  31. Marie-Eve says: November 17, 201010:58 pm

    That dress is just the one I was looking for for the holidays ! Thanks for hosting this giveaway !

  32. Taylor says: November 17, 201010:59 pm

    Oh this would be so amazing =] I recently lost 20 pounds so none of my clothes fit!!
    My favorite is definitely the Young at Heart Satin Navy Blue and Rose Dress <3 sooo pretty!
    taybeelou [at] gmail [dot] com

  33. says: November 17, 201011:00 pm

    i looooove the Esley Syndicate Two Tone Taupe Dress. So pretty and perfect for upcoming Christmas parties!

  34. Moonlit Sunset says: November 17, 201011:01 pm
  35. Angel says: November 17, 201011:03 pm

    oh my goodness! I am in love with this store!

    I LOVE the Chelsea Crew Savoy Gray Wedge Ankle Boots… so cute <3

    The I Pink I Can Dress is adorable

  36. Sophie says: November 17, 201011:04 pm

    I'm kind of obsessed with lulus so this giveaway is making me drool.

    I'd like this dress for holiday parties

    and these shorts are just what I've been looking for

  37. Another Day Another Outfit says: November 17, 201011:04 pm
  38. KB says: November 17, 201011:05 pm i love the vintage feel of this dress! lulu's has tons of great affordable dresses!

  39. ednamode says: November 17, 201011:08 pm
    This coat is so cute and girly while being edgy. I love it!

  40. livinginskin says: November 17, 201011:11 pm

    LOVE these boots! Been pining for them for weeks!

    Also loving this dress for drinks with the ladies!

    Awesome giveaway! xo

  41. Anonymous says: November 17, 201011:12 pm

    These are adorable–I love all these wedge, peep-toe booties that are in right now!


  42. Megan says: November 17, 201011:12 pm

    Fabulous giveaway, Keiko 🙂 It's VERY hard to choose just one, but I love love love the Dance Up a Storm Light Grey Dress!

  43. Liz says: November 17, 201011:12 pm

    I have been obsessing over LuLu's ALL WEEK! I adore this dress;


  44. elb says: November 17, 201011:13 pm
  45. Jenni says: November 17, 201011:13 pm
  46. Elle says: November 17, 201011:13 pm
  47. Teiva says: November 17, 201011:13 pm
  48. Adrianna Traxler says: November 17, 201011:14 pm
    I love this dress, the sleeves are a perfect length and who doesn't love a cute lace dress A cooler shirt to look a little like beetle juice : D

    Happy Early B-day to your sister

  49. cindo says: November 17, 201011:15 pm

    i love this dress, perfect for the holidays with the fam!

  50. erin says: November 17, 201011:15 pm

    I would buy these boots! I am dying for some camel boots like these!

    espedal dot et at gmail dot com

  51. Amelianne says: November 17, 201011:17 pm

    Super cool jacket! Also my good friend's last name is Quinn! Coincidence?

  52. Araceli says: November 17, 201011:17 pm
  53. Jill says: November 17, 201011:17 pm
  54. Leo says: November 17, 201011:18 pm

    I love that website! I'm searching for some shorts to wear over tights and saw some fabulous ones. Here are they:

    I hope I win :3
    Leo (

  55. Brittan-Morgan says: November 17, 201011:18 pm
    This dress with a pink cardigan, cable knit grey tights, and black ballet flats for brunch with the grandfolks- then pull on a short black crinoline underneath and a leather jacket for a rock show later that day. So cute and versatile, classic lines and a little bit of attitude.

  56. NS says: November 17, 201011:19 pm
  57. C.Sarah says: November 17, 201011:19 pm

    What a lovely giveaway, thanks for hosting it!!

    My favorite item would have to be these wedge boots-

  58. Cassandra Marie says: November 17, 201011:21 pm

    Yay! I love Lulu's 🙂 I'm a shoe girl myself…and I love these Jeffrey Campbell Ameake Bow Taupe Suede Platforms!:


  59. Leah says: November 17, 201011:24 pm

    I like this scarf and I especially like this hat

    I guess I feel like I need warm weather accessories!

  60. Jenny says: November 17, 201011:26 pm
  61. Haven says: November 17, 201011:27 pm
  62. A Southern California Girl says: November 17, 201011:28 pm
  63. Mia Helen says: November 17, 201011:28 pm

    What an amazing giveaway!

    I would love to add these to my wardrobe!

  64. Giselle Pique says: November 17, 201011:29 pm

    Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D Navy and Red Bow Wedges !!! Must have them!!!

  65. filthy cute says: November 17, 201011:29 pm
  66. devorelebeaumonstre. says: November 17, 201011:29 pm

    there's way too much to chose from! but I'd have to go with this velvet top from mink pink:

  67. ana says: November 17, 201011:30 pm
  68. Anonymous says: November 17, 201011:31 pm
  69. eloise says: November 17, 201011:31 pm
  70. Stefanie says: November 17, 201011:31 pm
  71. Ashley Nicole says: November 17, 201011:32 pm
  72. tinatre says: November 17, 201011:33 pm
  73. Annabelle says: November 17, 201011:33 pm
  74. Jackie says: November 17, 201011:34 pm

    I love the Pretty in Prague Grey Jacket. Amazing price and chic! 🙂

  75. Silvanafv says: November 17, 201011:35 pm
  76. Michelle-esque says: November 17, 201011:36 pm

    I love the Moon Terrace Creme Dress 🙂

  77. stochastic says: November 17, 201011:36 pm

    Oh, how cute! Also, this shoulder bag is in.sane.

    Samantha 🙂
    mmmbrains (at) gmail!

  78. MJ says: November 17, 201011:36 pm

    Well I've actually been looking for some great oxfords, but I can't decide if I want brown or black

    now I don't have to choose!

  79. malori says: November 17, 201011:36 pm

    I loveee the Young at Heart dress in Navy Blue with the rose straps. The back is gorgeous!

  80. PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion says: November 17, 201011:37 pm
  81. Jessica says: November 17, 201011:37 pm
  82. One Cute Mom says: November 17, 201011:37 pm
  83. Amy Greene says: November 17, 201011:38 pm
  84. Natalie Brooke says: November 17, 201011:38 pm
  85. Cherie Faye, says: November 17, 201011:40 pm

    It was difficult but I think I am most in love with this dress!

    So much to choose from, thanks Keiko!

  86. confessionsofabookwhore says: November 17, 201011:42 pm
  87. manda says: November 17, 201011:42 pm

    everything, please! but especially this:

    thanks for the opportunity!

  88. kelli says: November 17, 201011:42 pm
  89. Natasha says: November 17, 201011:42 pm

    I am in love with these boots! I may have to buy them if I don't win!!

  90. Mallory says: November 17, 201011:44 pm
  91. Heather says: November 17, 201011:44 pm

    I love Lulus! They have such amazing stuff. I personally am loving the Sprinkle Cupcake Pink and White dress and just about every pair of boots and heels!

  92. LAPT says: November 17, 201011:44 pm
  93. Amanda says: November 17, 201011:45 pm
  94. Stephanie says: November 17, 201011:45 pm
  95. vanessa says: November 17, 201011:47 pm

    i love everything from lulus but what im coviting right now are the angles lace and suede booties. perfect with a cute dress and blk tights need these!!!

  96. Lisa - respect the shoes says: November 17, 201011:48 pm

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! My fave new item is:


  97. Sabrina Mallah says: November 17, 201011:52 pm

    I LOVE the Jeffery Campbell wedge cheetah booties! (That's a mouth full!)

    They would look great with black tights, dress, and this great denim blazer I have! ahh.. to dream!

  98. sewseas says: November 17, 201011:56 pm
  99. LJ says: November 17, 201011:57 pm

    Awesome giveaway! My favorite item on Lulu's right now is the Elizabeth Taylor One Shoulder Pink Dress,, but there are so many pretty things!

  100. Kate says: November 17, 201011:58 pm
  101. Heather says: November 18, 201012:00 am

    Not really the right season… but I am loving this romper.

  102. Frankie says: November 18, 201012:07 am

    aside from saying i like everything…i think this knit floral sweater is my fave:

  103. Felicia says: November 18, 201012:09 am

    Thank youuuu for this giveaway!
    I absolutely love Lulu's

    My favorite is this awesome romper.

  104. seesa says: November 18, 201012:10 am

    i freaking love the cocoa kiss brown jacket…it seems so comfy and decadent at the same time!!!

  105. ellarose says: November 18, 201012:10 am
  106. alma marie says: November 18, 201012:11 am
  107. Collette Osuna says: November 18, 201012:11 am

    How fun..LOVE Lulus…..heres my fave…Peep toe wedges:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    I’m an MTV Style Blogger!!♥

  108. Ashley says: November 18, 201012:12 am
  109. Zaira Mabel says: November 18, 201012:15 am

    oh Lulus how much I adore you!
    I love the Moon Terrace Cream Dress
    Thank you so much Keiko ^_^

  110. Mary @ stylefyles says: November 18, 201012:19 am

    I LOVE this black fringe jacket:

    SO SO much. And I could totally use some new long sleeves for the office!

  111. Chelsea says: November 18, 201012:20 am

    I need a new vibrant coat, and this shape and color are exactly what I"m looking for 🙂

  112. jazmine.alares says: November 18, 201012:20 am

    Is quite hard to have a favorite product, the entire collection is amazing♥, but must admit this cute little robot just stole my heart.

  113. Karissa Nichole says: November 18, 201012:22 am
  114. Anonymous says: November 18, 201012:26 am

    i love the wanted-ballard-brown-laced-up-and-buckled-boot! amazing!


  115. Jay says: November 18, 201012:26 am
  116. The Village Idiot says: November 18, 201012:26 am
  117. Mandi says: November 18, 201012:27 am
  118. Christine says: November 18, 201012:27 am

    how could we choose only one item? 🙂 is my favourite though!

  119. Beth Ellen says: November 18, 201012:28 am
  120. gabrielle says: November 18, 201012:29 am

    i LOVE the buttered popcorn top. it looks vintage!


  121. Sidewalk Chalk says: November 18, 201012:30 am

    Oh my goodness, thanks so much for doing this! My favorite item is My Enchantment Cream Lace Dress. Seriously how stunning is this piece:

    – JoAnn

    Reader Showcase – share your favorite photo, get featured on
    Sidewalk Chalk

  122. Jessica says: November 18, 201012:31 am

    I love the Chelsea Crew Clarissa Gray Mid Calf Ruched Boots boots..

    Saturday my sister's birthday too!

  123. Rocaille says: November 18, 201012:32 am

    I've recently lost my black cardi, so this one would be perfect:

    Lots of their dresses are really cute too! x

  124. Michelle C says: November 18, 201012:33 am
  125. Miss Crafity says: November 18, 201012:35 am

    The Zip-urban Myth Black Dress is gorgeous and looks like it would be really flattering.


  126. Jo says: November 18, 201012:36 am

    i love lulus! i'm split between the ever-so-versatile black and mocha cardigan and the kensington square strapless dress makes me melt! <3

  127. Maria says: November 18, 201012:43 am

    adore the Vans Girls Sophie Black Leather Saddle Oxfords.

    thanks for the giveaway.

  128. Kalmo says: November 18, 201012:44 am

    Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway and letting us know about the discount code. I like this dress a lot:

    applegrace at gmail dot com. 🙂

  129. AL MacD says: November 18, 201012:44 am
  130. Faith says: November 18, 201012:49 am

    oooh, i love lulu's. the winter skies grey sweater is exactly what i need XD

  131. Ashley Jewel T. says: November 18, 201012:50 am
  132. Nelly says: November 18, 201012:52 am
  133. mary van note says: November 18, 201012:53 am
  134. Jackie says: November 18, 201012:53 am
  135. Sunny says: November 18, 201012:53 am

    I love LuLu's vegan shoe line! It's hard to find trendy, hot shoes that are guilt and cruelty free so I was so glad when I discovered Lulu's Vegan Shoes. My fav at the moment is this grey knee high heel boots that are oh so perfect for fall:

  136. Wizdom2th says: November 18, 201012:54 am
  137. Emma says: November 18, 201012:56 am

    There is way too much that I love!
    But these wedges have to be my fave
    And happy birthday to your sissy!

  138. sherryl says: November 18, 201012:57 am

    oh i would absolutely die if i could win this! i love lulus but i could never afford to buy anything.

    i would probably use the money to get a bunch of stuff from the vintage tag- like this gorgeous frock!

  139. Jaimie says: November 18, 20101:03 am
  140. amber says: November 18, 20101:03 am
  141. Heather says: November 18, 20101:07 am
  142. lydia says: November 18, 20101:07 am

    love lulu*s!
    and i love this sweater:


  143. kiki says: November 18, 20101:08 am

    The Sense and Sensibility Lace White Dress, so lovely!

  144. Sara and the Snail says: November 18, 20101:10 am
  145. Cayse says: November 18, 20101:12 am

    Going to purchase this cutie to wear to one of my holiday parties next month!!

  146. Heather Anne says: November 18, 20101:13 am

    I just discovered LuLu's the other day and I adore their jewelry!

    I have SO many necklaces that I love, some of my favourite favourites are:


  147. Cassandra says: November 18, 20101:17 am

    I love this!:

    Among other things, but I'm too busy to make a list because I'm swooning over their handbags.

  148. Ashley J says: November 18, 20101:18 am
  149. Kellie says: November 18, 20101:20 am

    I absolutely love LuLu's! Here is my favorite item:

    Thanks! 🙂

  150. Sara says: November 18, 20101:20 am
  151. paperwhales says: November 18, 20101:20 am
  152. La Fille Atomique says: November 18, 20101:23 am

    That Hometown Bound Hooded Brown Sweater is calling to me! Must be the holiday fever!

  153. queta says: November 18, 20101:24 am
  154. Katie E says: November 18, 20101:28 am

    Whoa! These shoes are amazing. Perfect for the holidays, a unique shape, and vegan! I believe I found my dream heels.

  155. Mary Rebecca says: November 18, 20101:39 am
    Love this!

    What a great giveaway -crosses fingers-

  156. iiANNIEExD says: November 18, 20101:42 am
  157. Michelle says: November 18, 20101:42 am

    The Yachting in Yzerfontein Striped Top is too cute!

  158. dazzle4k says: November 18, 20101:43 am

    Without a doubt I'm getting the Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D Navy and Red Bow Wedges

  159. Anonymous says: November 18, 20101:48 am

    So unique! I've been searching for a great infinity scarf, and this one is so cute and will match everything… it's a must have.

    laurenshay (at) aol (dot) com

  160. jsanalak says: November 18, 20101:50 am
  161. Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) says: November 18, 20101:50 am

    All the merchandise is gorgeous, but I'm loving this dress:

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  162. helen says: November 18, 20101:51 am
  163. Danielle says: November 18, 20101:53 am
    I've been looking for the perfect oxfords with the right shade of brown, and these fit the bill.

  164. Shoe Splurge says: November 18, 20101:56 am
  165. Stefanie Domingues says: November 18, 20101:59 am
  166. Genie says: November 18, 20102:00 am
  167. The Linneman Family says: November 18, 20102:02 am
  168. Theresa says: November 18, 20102:03 am

    Lulu's is one of my absolute favorites. ♥
    So much love is going to those Steve Madden Faame Black Satin Bowtiful High Heels!

  169. stefanietaylor says: November 18, 20102:03 am

    What a great store! I will definitely be doing some holiday shopping. I loovee this jacket:


  170. Kristen says: November 18, 20102:04 am
  171. Erica says: November 18, 20102:05 am

    I like the BB Dakota by Jack Bonnie Black Coat!

    erica_broderick at yahoo dot com

  172. iron orchid vintage says: November 18, 20102:08 am

    The "My Enchantment Lace Dress" is simply gorgeous!

  173. LindaSue says: November 18, 20102:08 am
  174. Gina Choe says: November 18, 20102:13 am

    I LOVE that LuLu's has a vegan shoe section!

    I would go with the Not Rated Side Saddle Grey Lace Up Ankle Boots:

  175. Amy says: November 18, 20102:15 am

    ANOTHER lulu's giveaway? i MUST win this one!

    this dress is beautiful:

  176. Adey says: November 18, 20102:18 am
  177. Stitches in my Britches says: November 18, 20102:19 am

    Happy birthday to your sister!
    I would have to say I love the knitted plaid coat best of all from Lulu*s newer items. It had a BB Dakota sort of feel and I don't own any plaid coats except a long, orange one. I'd like something a little more neutral.

    Claire O.

  178. Ashley says: November 18, 20102:20 am

    I heart "My Enchantment Cream Lace Dress" so adorable.

  179. Rebecca says: November 18, 20102:25 am
  180. bellaharo says: November 18, 20102:26 am

    lulu's always has the greatest stuff!
    i love these shoes, the perfect nude heels:

  181. Ruthie says: November 18, 20102:33 am

    Love this site! These shoes are hot:
    Thank for the opportunity–love your blog!

  182. Piglet says: November 18, 20102:33 am
  183. Alcira says: November 18, 20102:34 am

    Im in desperate need of a good coat and what better than this:

    I Love it!! If I dont win I still gonna buy this one! Im in love =)

    Alcira Morales

  184. Who is Bee Tea? says: November 18, 20102:34 am
  185. missingpieces says: November 18, 20102:35 am
  186. Liz says: November 18, 20102:36 am – perfect for my 80's party next week! love it; love it; love it!

  187. e. says: November 18, 20102:42 am
  188. amy says: November 18, 20102:42 am
  189. Laura says: November 18, 20102:42 am

    I love lulu's! I am in serious need of a LBD, and the scalloped skirt on this is so cute:

  190. Dian says: November 18, 20102:43 am

    Always love Lulus. I really like this coat

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    christra at gmail dot com

  191. Anna says: November 18, 20102:45 am
  192. zealousy says: November 18, 20102:48 am

    Something about these earrings… To me, they're prettier than a lot of the other feather earrings I've seen. I hope I win!

  193. libys11 says: November 18, 20102:48 am
  194. Janessa V. says: November 18, 20102:50 am

    Love this! Perfect for holiday parties this season.

  195. Martina says: November 18, 20102:50 am

    I don't think any color and texture combo transitions from fall to winter better than wine red lace…

  196. Kennyy says: November 18, 20102:53 am
  197. Wendy says: November 18, 20102:54 am
  198. Catherine says: November 18, 20102:54 am
  199. Delightfully Tacky says: November 18, 20102:57 am

    Oh my, ever since I saw them on Tieka, I've wanted these boots:

    delightfully-tacky at hotmail dot com

  200. Andrea says: November 18, 20102:58 am
  201. LaLicourt says: November 18, 20103:01 am
  202. Natasha says: November 18, 20103:02 am

    This dress is adorable–

  203. Rach says: November 18, 20103:04 am
  204. Dana says: November 18, 20103:14 am

    I just ordered a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Jezabel pumps from LuLu*s last night!

    My new favourite would be BB Dakota's Geary leather trousers.

  205. Anonymous says: November 18, 20103:14 am

    i like this: Sense and Sensibility Lace White Dress, among other dresses and jeffrey campbell shoes!

    melissaywilson (at)

  206. T @ The Happy Clipper says: November 18, 20103:21 am
  207. ilene @ muchloveilly says: November 18, 20103:21 am
  208. amanda says: November 18, 20103:25 am
  209. PrettyDamnCute says: November 18, 20103:28 am
  210. Danielle says: November 18, 20103:28 am

    I like almost everything on lulu's, so I can't post a link since my comment would be way too long! I look at lulu's almost everyday to see all their new arrivals. They have some of the cutest dresses ever!

  211. elvia says: November 18, 20103:29 am

    Totally love these JC Jeffrey Campbell Tick Cork Nude Combo Perforated Wedge!!! Ever since I saw them, I felt in love with them…

  212. Kathyrine says: November 18, 20103:30 am
  213. Leah Harrison says: November 18, 20103:35 am

    I love this store, they have so many cute things! My favorite item is the Navid O'Nadia Hatch Grey lace up Oxford.

    Leah H. (kyoko3468 at

  214. Lisa says: November 18, 20103:37 am
  215. Val says: November 18, 20103:37 am
  216. Incuvana says: November 18, 20103:38 am
  217. Beware the Red Panda! says: November 18, 20103:39 am

    This would be great for winter!

    agschantz at gmail dot com

  218. Anonymous says: November 18, 20103:40 am
  219. Quinn says: November 18, 20103:40 am

    Very adorable ballerina flats to go for the summer, which I wish were here again :[

  220. Anonymous says: November 18, 20103:40 am
  221. Louisa Valentina; says: November 18, 20103:43 am

    I'm a sucker for studs, and this dress is cute enough that I could pull it off at some Christmas parties.
    LuLu's is amazing.

  222. Farah says: November 18, 20103:47 am
  223. Jen says: November 18, 20103:48 am
  224. Abbey says: November 18, 20103:49 am

    I love LuLus! The clothes and blog are wonderful.

  225. Annie, Time Enough for Drums says: November 18, 20103:54 am
  226. joanna says: November 18, 20103:54 am

    I adore the "Tulle Butterscotch Candy Vegan Leather Skirt"–

    super cute and vegan, whats not to love?!

  227. AttemptingStyle says: November 18, 20103:54 am

    I love this dress! I definitely think that navy is the "new black" for winter… so much more flattering for super pale skin. and I love one shoulder dresses. xoxo!

  228. cwong says: November 18, 20103:57 am

    moon terrace creme dress-so pretty and feminine!

  229. Whittie101 says: November 18, 20104:01 am
  230. nicolecarey says: November 18, 20104:02 am
  231. Amie says: November 18, 20104:11 am
  232. Denisha says: November 18, 20104:12 am

    hey, I absolutely love lulu's website and my favorite item would have to be the Mixx Collins 01 Grey Knee High Belted High Heel Boots

  233. Laurie says: November 18, 20104:13 am
  234. Amber says: November 18, 20104:13 am
  235. rachphan says: November 18, 20104:15 am
  236. Kirstin says: November 18, 20104:15 am
  237. aukergirl says: November 18, 20104:17 am
  238. greypumpkin says: November 18, 20104:20 am
  239. Brianna says: November 18, 20104:23 am
  240. Jeanie says: November 18, 20104:29 am

    There are so many things to choose from but I really love the Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D Navy and Red Bow Wedges!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  241. christina says: November 18, 20104:33 am
  242. Heather H. says: November 18, 20104:34 am
  243. Rebecca from See You in Sweden says: November 18, 20104:39 am

    was just on the site so perfect timing, haha!! thanks for the giveaway keiko 🙂

    my fav:

  244. The Owl's Closet says: November 18, 20104:40 am

    Loving the Farrah Fierce black dress.

    TheOwlsCloset (at) yahoo (dot) com

  245. Allison says: November 18, 20104:44 am
  246. Emma Brooks says: November 18, 20104:45 am
  247. Sarah says: November 18, 20104:45 am
  248. MiMi says: November 18, 20104:53 am

    "You put high heels on and you change." – Manolo Blahnik

    These my not be Manolo's, but they will be pretty feisty paired with skinny jeans!

  249. char says: November 18, 20104:54 am

    I love Lulu's! There are soo many items.. but my favorite would have to be this one:

  250. Kenyatta says: November 18, 20104:54 am

    OMG! I am in love with this item:

    Woo Hoo!
    Kydawson7 {at} gmail {dot} com

  251. Lydia Marie says: November 18, 20104:55 am
  252. Anisa says: November 18, 20104:56 am
  253. Natalie says: November 18, 20104:57 am

    You and your giveaways! Geez louise!

    If I were lucky enough to win, I'd be able to snatch up both my finds!

  254. The Little Dust Princess says: November 18, 20104:58 am

    My fave items are:
    this black dress
    these strappy wedge heels
    these Jeffrey Campbell boots
    these black lace/suede ankle boots
    these suede ankle boots
    these peep toe booties
    these Jeffrey Campbell razor pumps

    Omigosh I think I went overboard, but I couldn't leave their site! Thanks for introducing LuLu's to me..I've never heard of them. I really hope I win this one because I plan on blowing my paycheques there!!!!!

    I'm a Canadian resident and my email address is [at] gmail [dot] com

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  255. Anonymous says: November 18, 20105:02 am

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    This is my favourite item:

    My email address is and I'm from Canada.

  256. Jenny Eisen says: November 18, 20105:13 am
  257. Anonymous says: November 18, 20105:20 am

    I want this navy bag! It's so perfect for school.

    Love your blog Keiko!


  258. Meredith says: November 18, 20105:22 am

    Ohhh hard choice. I'd have to say these shoes. I'm rather obsessed with them.

  259. anna rose says: November 18, 20105:23 am

    saw this bag on the clothes horse and fell in love!

  260. Melanie says: November 18, 20105:26 am
  261. lasophia says: November 18, 20105:29 am
  262. Tausi says: November 18, 20105:39 am

    I having been searching for a pair of pumps that are nude without being boring, and these are amazing:

  263. Sophie says: November 18, 20105:41 am

    Hey Keiko! I love the Beach Bonfire Knit Cardigan here: Thanks for holding this giveaway!

  264. Cabootique says: November 18, 20105:42 am
  265. lisa says: November 18, 20105:42 am
  266. Trina says: November 18, 20105:47 am
  267. Ann says: November 18, 20105:47 am

    This is a great holiday dress – holiday with a touch of Tim Burton.

  268. Breana M says: November 18, 20105:47 am
  269. says: November 18, 20105:49 am
  270. Julene Horowitz says: November 18, 20105:51 am

    This Obey jacket would be killer for layering!

  271. Melissa says: November 18, 20105:52 am

    I saw a gorgeous lace dress on the free people website and since then I've been obsessed with lace dresses

  272. five foot something says: November 18, 20105:52 am

    After a quick look around, i'd say this dress is my fave:

    – Patricia

  273. Maria Camila says: November 18, 20105:58 am

    I love these….so romatic and pretty, plus perfect for any holiday party

  274. jooleedoh says: November 18, 20105:59 am
  275. Ashley says: November 18, 20106:00 am

    love all their cold weather items, especially the "not-so-drab" army jacket!


  276. sabo says: November 18, 20106:01 am
  277. Cadie says: November 18, 20106:03 am
  278. grrfeisty says: November 18, 20106:05 am

    i love all of these over the knee socks 🙂

  279. alexandrarae says: November 18, 20106:07 am

    Lulu's is my favorite, it would be so awesome to win this contest! 🙂

  280. Jessica says: November 18, 20106:14 am

    I love the BB Dakota Edgemont dress!

  281. Sophi says: November 18, 20106:16 am

    I love LuLu*s!
    Major shoe lust!

    sophi dot newman at gmail dot com

  282. Deanna G. says: November 18, 20106:21 am

    My favorite is the Aqua Vitae Pink Strapless Dress:

  283. ejlittle says: November 18, 20106:26 am

    I actually have two favorite items and they are both boots. Both of them only have one pair in my size left…of course. lol There is the link to one of them.

  284. canodiva1 says: November 18, 20106:28 am

    I love lulus, so much. I've purchased shoes from them before and their customer service group is amazing.

    I love these Jeffrey Campbell Wednesday Black Suede Big Strap Wedges.

  285. lyly says: November 18, 20106:37 am
    I love this romper! Perfect for winter with tights and boots and a hat!

  286. Lindsay says: November 18, 20106:53 am
  287. Chelsea Whipps says: November 18, 20106:57 am
  288. Chelsea Whipps says: November 18, 20106:57 am
  289. Candy says: November 18, 20107:00 am

    I LOVE Lulu*s! 🙂
    I'd put it towards these:


  290. Andrea says: November 18, 20107:03 am
  291. Jenn says: November 18, 20107:09 am

    This dress' pattern is gorgeous! The pairing of the colors is just perfect.

  292. Melissa says: November 18, 20107:31 am
  293. Anonymous says: November 18, 20107:34 am

    this is such a great site 🙂 thanks for the introduction 😉

  294. Anonymous says: November 18, 20107:46 am
  295. Finder says: November 18, 20108:01 am

    lovely lace

    we have a lot of fashion stuff who are waiting you,for find those brand…please help us…
    and follow us

  296. Jeannie says: November 18, 20108:23 am
  297. aris3692 says: November 18, 20108:52 am
  298. NorthStar? says: November 18, 20108:56 am
  299. Jessica says: November 18, 20108:56 am
  300. Brittany says: November 18, 20108:58 am
  301. Joyce says: November 18, 20109:15 am
  302. Nini says: November 18, 20109:19 am
  303. Anonymous says: November 18, 20109:32 am

    I love shopping on Lulus. My fave item is the Rhonda Floral Mini dress

  304. Emily says: November 18, 20109:33 am

    I love shopping on Lulus. My fave item is the Rhonda Floral Mini dress

    skysosmrt at

  305. uggkicks says: November 18, 201010:27 am

    is it real?

  306. emmmyj says: November 18, 201011:06 am
  307. Erin vs. Paris says: November 18, 201011:56 am
  308. Cristy says: November 18, 201011:59 am
  309. LeeAnn says: November 18, 201012:33 pm

    I'm so excited! I had no idea such a great place existed 🙂

    I ended up with eight things as my favorite (whoops!), but I think the best is this Nights in Mazatlán Purple Dress:

  310. spike. says: November 18, 201012:43 pm
  311. In Every Color says: November 18, 201012:52 pm
  312. anneorshine says: November 18, 20101:12 pm
  313. Christie says: November 18, 20101:24 pm

    Hi, Keiko!

    I absolutely adore/need/want/must have/would die for the Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D Navy heels and the Jeffrey Campbell Libby Tick Black Wrap boots! Can we say, hotness?!


    email addy:

  314. Cheryl says: November 18, 20101:27 pm

    Such pretty stuff at Lulus!!

    I like the strap music black dress!

    so pretty.

  315. Jessica says: November 18, 20101:45 pm
  316. Joanna says: November 18, 20101:47 pm
    I adore this dress! Perfect for the holidays since navy is a little unexpected.

  317. Naomi A. says: November 18, 20101:52 pm
  318. says: November 18, 20101:57 pm

    I love this dress!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  319. On a Rapp says: November 18, 20102:07 pm

    A couple reasons I love these shorts:

    Perfect for any season (pair them with colored tights for fall/winter)

    Would look great with a flowy shirt or a tight one.

  320. Mariana says: November 18, 20102:16 pm

    Absolutely love the Sense and Sensibility lace dress!


  321. D&D says: November 18, 20102:21 pm
  322. sophie madeleine says: November 18, 20102:27 pm

    I love the BB Dakota Douglas Tweed Blazer..

    Such a great giveaway!

  323. Victoria / Justice Pirate says: November 18, 20102:29 pm
  324. A.Co says: November 18, 20102:33 pm

    Another give-away! AMAZING!!

    $100 – that's siiiiiick. Yes, I said siiiiiick. 😛

    My fave items are:

    JC Miramar Wedges
    Windows Through Time Dress
    Heart of the Ocean crumb-catcher strapless dress
    Tulle Butterscotch Candy Vegan Leather (tiered) Skirt

    It'd be hard to choose what to buy, to say the least!! 😉

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  325. Alison Nicole says: November 18, 20102:41 pm

    Yay! Happy (early) Birthday to your sister! My best friend Kerri's birthday is the same day.

    I absolutely LOVE (and desperately need) these Jeffery Campbell Daisy D and Navy and Red Bow Wedges. To. Die. For.

    Good luck to everyone! xo.

  326. Lauren says: November 18, 20102:42 pm

    I love these platforms!
    They would be a perfect staple in my shoe collection!
    Go lulus!

  327. Halifax says: November 18, 20102:43 pm
  328. says: November 18, 20102:46 pm

    I'd love to wear this with a leather jacket
    Awesome giveaway

    – dee

  329. Caitlin says: November 18, 20102:49 pm

    I love the Freesia Arbor Lace Purple Dress.

    So pretty:

  330. Ashley says: November 18, 20102:54 pm

    Oh my gosh I'm officially gonna start putting money aside for this…

    LOVE IT!

  331. kaitlin says: November 18, 20102:54 pm

    Happy Birthday Tessa!!! My boyfriend's birthday is the 20th as well :):)….

    I love LuLu's! It is so hard to pick just one item but if I had to it would be either the que Label Disco Ball Silver Sequin Mini or the BB Dakota Owens Sequin Jacket!!! I actually have a big new year's party to go to this year and would love a little sparkle!

  332. kaitlin says: November 18, 20102:56 pm
  333. Leah says: November 18, 20102:56 pm
  334. Suzanna says: November 18, 20103:11 pm
  335. Kristel says: November 18, 20103:17 pm
  336. Momo says: November 18, 20103:18 pm
  337. JazzyRacquel says: November 18, 20103:32 pm

    ♥ My Favoritee Item From LuLu's Are The Jeffrey Campbell Cherie Grey Suede Platform Ankle Boots ! ♥ ( ) ! ♥

  338. Lindsay says: November 18, 20103:32 pm
  339. Casey says: November 18, 20103:36 pm
  340. Ashley says: November 18, 20103:45 pm
  341. Kate says: November 18, 20103:45 pm

    I'm a tall gal with size 11 feet, so a lot of the stuff on that site is out for me, sadly. However, the knee socks look like they'd actually go over my knees, so I'd love to try these out:

  342. foreverabloom says: November 18, 20103:48 pm

    one of my favorites is this dress. it is so simple but amazing at the same time :o)

  343. Gladys W says: November 18, 20103:57 pm
  344. hello grey says: November 18, 20104:05 pm
  345. Desiree says: November 18, 20104:11 pm
  346. HM says: November 18, 20104:14 pm

    So much great stuff its hard to choose just one! But I could always use a lovely holiday dress:

    Thanks so much for offering such a great giveaway! 🙂

  347. says: November 18, 20104:14 pm

    Yay – awesome giveaway!

    I'm loving these taupe shorts. Want!

    Laura (

  348. Rachelle says: November 18, 20104:17 pm

    I love this dress for the holidays:

    *crosses fingers*

  349. Tere Kirkland says: November 18, 20104:30 pm

    Awesome giveaway! I adore Lulu's, especially this maxi dress:

  350. daer0n says: November 18, 20104:42 pm

    OMG Lulu's is amazing! so much gorgeous stuff to choose from.
    One of my faves are the
    Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D Navy and Red Bow Wedges!

    Nury77 at live dot ca

  351. Victoria Gayle says: November 18, 20104:43 pm

    Oh its so hard to pick one!
    That's definitely one of my favorites.

  352. tatyana says: November 18, 20104:45 pm
  353. Charisse says: November 18, 20104:53 pm
  354. knitwit says: November 18, 20104:55 pm

    Oh my gosh–I just stumbled across your blog, and just in time too! I'd get the Sands of Time Camel Jacket. What a great giveaway!
    Happy Thursday!

  355. knitwit says: November 18, 20104:57 pm
  356. a dose of color says: November 18, 20104:58 pm
  357. ashmastandrea says: November 18, 20105:02 pm

    I want these olive green heels! I wear a lot of green, so they'll go with almost everything I have!

  358. Susanna N. says: November 18, 20105:03 pm

    Really love this purple dress!
    Loving purple so much this season!

  359. MJ says: November 18, 20105:07 pm

    Hard to decide, but I love this:


  360. Jewel says: November 18, 20105:32 pm
  361. Sherylee says: November 18, 20105:43 pm
  362. STYLEEZTA says: November 18, 20105:50 pm

    Hope I win! love lulu's

    I love this: Peoria Black Party Dress!

  363. Jessica says: November 18, 20105:54 pm
  364. inchesnotpounds says: November 18, 20105:57 pm
  365. Tanya says: November 18, 20105:58 pm

    Love this sequined mini-skirt:

    Perfect with heels for holiday parties, or dressed down with big boots for a more casual look.

  366. Mae Lu says: November 18, 20106:05 pm
  367. Margaret says: November 18, 20106:06 pm
  368. B. in the Know says: November 18, 20106:10 pm

    Well I am a sucker for shoes. So, naturally that was my first stop where I found these beautiful boots…
    Much love,

  369. Elle says: November 18, 20106:13 pm

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    I would love to own this dress

    my email address is fastfoodandfastfashion(at)gmail(dot)com

  370. miss teacups. says: November 18, 20106:21 pm

    love this and have been dying to own a pair of my very own jeffrey campbells!!

  371. nicole says: November 18, 20106:22 pm
  372. Alli XT says: November 18, 20106:39 pm

    kind of obsessed with dresses like this:

    Love love Lulus!

    apthresher at gmail

  373. The Fancy Teacup says: November 18, 20106:45 pm

    I love shopping from Lulu's!

    Right now my eyes are fascinated on this:
    Lulu's Dectect-Dive Ivory Trench Coat

    Adore the giveaway!

  374. Lucy says: November 18, 20106:47 pm

    I love the Sense and Sensibility Lace White Dress and the Chelsea Crew Savoy Gray Wedge Ankle Boots.

  375. halenalynn says: November 18, 20106:51 pm
  376. erin says: November 18, 20106:52 pm

    Adore this floral fae pink floral dress!


  377. Nathalie (hungrytiger) says: November 18, 20107:02 pm
  378. Abby says: November 18, 20107:05 pm

    What a lovely giveaway. I'm a bit a=of a shoe junkie, so that's what I gravitated towards, these in particular:

  379. Jessica says: November 18, 20107:13 pm

    I can't resist literary references or lace, which means this dress is perfect for me!

  380. Kaye says: November 18, 20107:19 pm
  381. Allison says: November 18, 20107:22 pm

    The "Young at Heart Dress" is so great!

  382. deltaann says: November 18, 20107:25 pm
  383. sweetdreamsact says: November 18, 20107:27 pm
  384. Triche says: November 18, 20107:34 pm

    I would love to own the Purest Gold Party Dress
    and the Sweet Cheeks Floral Dress


  385. Sabrina says: November 18, 20107:40 pm
  386. Tiffany Ly says: November 18, 20107:50 pm

    Their shoes are too die for!! I love these lace-up military ankle boots…

  387. Helga! says: November 18, 20107:58 pm

    I just left a comment on a post from a few days ago,but realised you probably won't look back.
    The necklace with the 2 girls kissing is a "kissing cousins" pendant,and I had one in the 70's.It was up there with Holly Hobbie,if I remember rightly!!

  388. Lexie says: November 18, 20108:00 pm
  389. Laura C says: November 18, 20108:05 pm

    No question, I've been obsessing over these ever since I saw you wear them on this blog!

    Except… they have 1 pair left its its not my size. 🙁

  390. Anonymous says: November 18, 20108:12 pm
  391. Courtney says: November 18, 20108:13 pm

    I LOVE the Sense and Sensibility lace white dress!! Precious!

  392. Christina says: November 18, 20108:17 pm

    I love the sense and sensibility white lace dress.

  393. Love Simone says: November 18, 20108:30 pm

    I'm definitely feeling the JC Red and navy wedges. I will still wear them in the winter with bright red tights and a holiday dress 🙂

  394. SHERRY JOSEPH says: November 18, 20108:34 pm
  395. Bananawacky says: November 18, 20108:34 pm
  396. I speak easy says: November 18, 20108:34 pm
  397. Rose Umbrella says: November 18, 20108:35 pm
    Always in love with cute strapless dresses! Esp black and white dresses!

  398. spring says: November 18, 20108:36 pm

    I'm loving this fringe dress–reminds me of Jcrew's version that is way too $$:

  399. Nancy says: November 18, 20108:43 pm

    this dress is so cute!

    thank you so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  400. Megan says: November 18, 20109:01 pm

    i need a new dress for holiday parties.. and this one is really pretty (and affordable!):

  401. isabelladana says: November 18, 20109:08 pm
  402. longtimesunshine says: November 18, 20109:39 pm

    I love how affordable everything at Lulu*s is! This is my fave: very simple

  403. Larissa says: November 18, 20109:52 pm

    This is absolutely beautiful:

    Thanks for always having such amazing prizes, Keiko!


    larissa DOT awh AT gmail DOT com

  404. Calla says: November 18, 20109:54 pm
  405. luvdalia says: November 18, 20109:58 pm
  406. Esz says: November 18, 20109:59 pm
  407. Jessica says: November 18, 201010:07 pm
  408. Kara says: November 18, 201010:10 pm
  409. Jess says: November 18, 201010:22 pm

    Oh my goodness this site is amazing! So many gorgeous things.. I love pretty much everything, especially the Sense and Sensibility Lace White Dress. Everything is so wonderful!

  410. Cindyh says: November 18, 201010:31 pm
  411. Rag Dynasty says: November 18, 201010:37 pm

    this….this dress! Its absolutely amazing. I have a formal coming up (my first one!) and this dress just embodies me, and is so feminine with such a hint of edge. i love it..

  412. Krystle says: November 18, 201010:38 pm

    LuLu's!!! Love this Cream Lace Dress-

    Bow wedges-


    I hope you have a perfect Birthday Tessa!

  413. ilona says: November 18, 201010:58 pm
  414. Aimee says: November 18, 201011:38 pm

    I could fill a whole page with my choices, so I narrowed it down to these beaooties. They'd be perfect with the Christmas dress I'd love to wear. If only the rest of my family would stop wearing jeans & sneakers.

  415. S. Carney says: November 18, 201011:40 pm
  416. MUA says: November 18, 201011:52 pm
  417. Emily says: November 18, 201011:56 pm
  418. Christa says: November 19, 201012:00 am

    It's really hard to choose! It's all so pretty! Love this camel shearling coat!

  419. Tiffany says: November 19, 201012:08 am

    I really love this dress, I can think of so many different ways to style it!

  420. Hayley says: November 19, 201012:12 am
  421. shealennon says: November 19, 201012:24 am
  422. Caitlin Rose says: November 19, 201012:25 am
  423. Polina says: November 19, 201012:29 am

    I've wanted this jacket for like a month. It's so cool!
    Great giveaway keiko, once again!
    (my email address is on my profile)

  424. Kim says: November 19, 201012:43 am
  425. Julia L. says: November 19, 20101:17 am

    love lulu*s but never bought anything from there.
    by the way, you are one of my fashion role models 🙂

  426. ria says: November 19, 20101:17 am
  427. The Vegan Snorkeler says: November 19, 20101:33 am

    I love Lulu's selection of vegan shoes. I'm especially into these cute boots:

  428. Emily says: November 19, 20101:43 am

    Just found your blog from the Coach event site! So cool!!

  429. maryo_mimi says: November 19, 20101:45 am

    I adore the Silver robot ring…..
    it's so very quirky and adorable!

  430. Ashley says: November 19, 20101:58 am

    Definitely the Hep Cat Black Dress. Freaking amazing!!!

  431. xoxo Elizabeth Toledano de Gomez says: November 19, 20101:58 am

    Hope I win because these boots are amazing.
    I really want them:)

  432. Kirstin Amanda says: November 19, 20102:09 am
  433. michelle says: November 19, 20102:11 am

    I have been eyeing this dress for a week now:


  434. How Sweets It Is! says: November 19, 20102:49 am

    There are too many things to chose from…but this one tops my list

  435. Brian Martinez says: November 19, 20103:11 am
  436. Taylor says: November 19, 20103:15 am

    I'm on the hunt for a good bag and I'm loving the long and short handles on this one.

  437. Vanessa says: November 19, 20103:33 am
  438. kitschfruit says: November 19, 20103:40 am
  439. skarletgrrl says: November 19, 20103:49 am
  440. sandra says: November 19, 20103:52 am
  441. monica says: November 19, 20104:08 am
  442. Junyi Wu says: November 19, 20104:17 am

    Love the "My Enchantment Cream Lace Dress". So pretty!

  443. Vivian says: November 19, 20104:17 am
  444. Christina says: November 19, 20104:25 am
  445. themidnighthour says: November 19, 20105:41 am

    I absolutely adore these gray heels, I really need some more basic pumps like these. (also due to the fact that I only own one pair of heels and one pair of wedges haha. A very sad story)

  446. lei ann says: November 19, 20105:51 am

    these JCs have me dreaming for spring when we haven't had winter yet!

  447. Jannine says: November 19, 20105:52 am

    I love Lulu's! They have such have clothes. I'm especially drawn to silks, loose fabrics, and knits. All three together is just too good. I love these shorts

    and this jacket

  448. Jannine says: November 19, 20105:52 am

    I love Lulu's! They have such have clothes. I'm especially drawn to silks, loose fabrics, and knits. All three together is just too good. I love these shorts

    and this jacket

  449. Quynh says: November 19, 20106:19 am
  450. Seelva says: November 19, 20106:27 am
  451. Dia says: November 19, 20106:40 am

    What a cool giveaway!
    I love the Jeffrey Campbell Marlot Black Suede and Taupe Leather Boots!! So cool!


  452. Sarah says: November 19, 20106:58 am
  453. chroscenium says: November 19, 20107:38 am
  454. Nidhi says: November 19, 20108:15 am
  455. Jenn says: November 19, 20108:55 am
  456. Heather says: November 19, 20109:08 am

    omg I love Lulu*s!

    ^ the coolest leg warmers. I love the layered legwarmer,legging, boot looks for this winter especially because I live in the Northeast and layers are always good for the cold 🙂

  457. Angela says: November 19, 201011:54 am

    I LOVE these boots:
    (I think I'm going to order them as soon as I finish this comment! ) and I'm not usually one for ruffles, but I keep going back to this dress:
    What an amazing giveaway and 'hooray' for the discount!! Also, your bowtie in the previous post is adorable! I love it. Here's to youtube!! 🙂

  458. Caroline says: November 19, 20102:16 pm
  459. thirty-three 1/3 rpm says: November 19, 20103:57 pm

    Those Chelsea Crew Tracer boots totally have my name on 'em!

  460. Future Lint says: November 19, 20104:13 pm

    I'd pick this dress and wear it on New Year's Eve!

  461. Dawn says: November 19, 20104:44 pm

    Fantastic giveaway – thanks so much for offering this!!! Were I to win, my GC would definitely go towards the Armor-dillo Grey Dress.

  462. Piper says: November 19, 20104:46 pm
  463. Sophia says: November 19, 20105:44 pm

    I've been unemployed for a couple of months now, so I can't wait for the holidays and gift cards for me to go shopping again.
    If I were to win this giveaway, I would probably get:
    these boots (because I've been wanting grey boots for forever now)
    this dress (cause it has a very neat design)
    and then I'd still have $40 to buy something else.
    Man, I'm a cheap-o-holic!

  464. Jing Pei says: November 19, 20105:54 pm
  465. Danielle Wilson says: November 19, 20105:57 pm
  466. Alina says: November 19, 20106:15 pm
  467. Rose Bridges says: November 19, 20106:39 pm
  468. srochelle says: November 19, 20107:00 pm
  469. Yukari says: November 19, 20107:15 pm
  470. Anonymous says: November 19, 20107:22 pm
  471. rebecca says: November 19, 20107:23 pm

    love everything but this caught my eye!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  472. Jessica Eubanks says: November 19, 20107:27 pm

    i am positively in love with the my enchantment cream lace dress!!! lace is definitely my obsession this season.

  473. Ashley says: November 19, 20107:33 pm

    its so hard because I love this site. but i really like dresses that have sleeves so the paper doll floral dress

  474. heldunderglass says: November 19, 20107:34 pm
  475. JBalloon says: November 19, 20107:34 pm
  476. Derika says: November 19, 20108:47 pm
  477. Pretty Little World says: November 19, 20109:00 pm

    I'm kind of addicted to these Jeffrey Campbell Boots – they're insanely cool!

  478. Court says: November 19, 20109:36 pm
  479. Anonymous says: November 19, 201010:12 pm

    Yay, Lulu's has good selection and even better prices!

    THis is a sweet dress:


  480. Melissa says: November 19, 201011:26 pm

    Ahhh, I LOVE Lulu's! I have to say that this coat ( is my favorite item–you've had it on your blog before and I fell in love with it and was so sad to see it sold out. But now it's back and I'm very happy!

  481. Coma Girl says: November 19, 201011:30 pm

    Oatmeal Cookie Dress:

    It's soo cute. And I have a weakness for bows.

    spinny_sakura (at)

  482. Minerva says: November 19, 201011:53 pm

    This skirt is soo cute. I first found lulu's because of you and I shop on their website all the time now!

  483. Hanna ♥ says: November 20, 201012:50 am
  484. Lexie says: November 20, 20101:31 am
  485. Anonymous says: November 20, 20101:36 am

    Ughh, I love so much…Great for New Years–>
    xo Rachel

  486. Elle Sees says: November 20, 20101:47 am
  487. Michelle Elizabeth says: November 20, 20102:01 am
  488. Michelle says: November 20, 20102:08 am

    I love this dress:

    What a great site!

    edwardsm6 at gmail dot com

  489. Mel says: November 20, 20102:09 am

    I love Lulu's and this is an awesome giveaway.
    Fav. item is the Jeffrey Campbell Underground in red

  490. Weiqi says: November 20, 20102:36 am

    I want the Finding Frances Blush Jacket that you wore in a previous post!! It was out of stock before and now it's back and i'm soooo excited!

  491. chelsey says: November 20, 20103:23 am

    I love Lulu*s!!!
    this dress is is soo pretty! I'd pair it with some colored tights and a statement necklace for the holidays 🙂

  492. The Future Mrs. Johnson says: November 20, 20103:33 am
    I love this dress! It's fantastic for holiday parties, and the neutral color is so chic!

  493. lpkitten says: November 20, 20103:45 am
  494. Sarah says: November 20, 20104:25 am

    I love the Open Meadows sweater:

    Thanks for letting me know about this great website!


  495. Amanda says: November 20, 20105:31 am
  496. Anna Banana says: November 20, 20108:32 am
  497. brianna says: November 20, 201010:07 am

    i love polka dots!!
    and this dress is lovely too

    this is a great giveaway!


  498. Julia says: November 20, 20102:12 pm

    Oh the Collective Concepts to the Floor one shoulder dress is so my style… I'd pair it with a big, chunky necklace.

  499. Marianne says: November 20, 20103:05 pm
  500. Nicole Ivanna says: November 20, 20103:17 pm
  501. Kippi says: November 20, 20105:21 pm
  502. MK Olsen says: November 20, 20105:26 pm
  503. Allison R says: November 20, 20106:54 pm

    this would be a great early xmas gift to myself! haha 🙂

    i love this dress!!

  504. xTiNA says: November 20, 20107:01 pm


    I am so happy that this store exists! It took me 30 minutes just to choose. Great stuff!

  505. Abbey says: November 20, 20108:10 pm
  506. Darbie says: November 20, 20108:26 pm

    everything at lulu's is all so lovely! i'm really in love with the Storm Siren Grey Dress. so pretty!

    fingers crossed! 😀

  507. honeyortar says: November 20, 20108:27 pm
  508. Anonymous says: November 20, 20108:30 pm

    1) I love coats
    2) I love red




  509. Emz says: November 20, 20108:33 pm
  510. lindybug says: November 20, 20108:50 pm

    Happy birthday to your sister!

    I'm totally in love with this dress! I love the lace detailing.

  511. kelley says: November 20, 20109:03 pm
  512. H says: November 20, 20109:15 pm

    The item in the picture that you have up for the contest is one that I'd already be eying. Lulu's is a great site.

  513. Windy City Fashion says: November 20, 20109:40 pm

    oh my gosh, this dress is so fun! Perfect for the holidays!

  514. SN says: November 20, 201010:33 pm
  515. Adrian says: November 20, 201011:07 pm
  516. Michelle says: November 20, 201011:39 pm

    What girl can resist a beautiful pair of Jeffrey Campbells?

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    – Michelle

  517. Con says: November 21, 201012:17 am
  518. Ikero says: November 21, 20103:06 am

    The BART Station Trench Coat

    Really sophisticated coat–didn't manage to get a new one this season!

  519. Joanna Blaine says: November 21, 20103:06 am

    Ack! hard to choose but love the Sleeping Beauty Pink Dress

  520. Jai says: November 21, 20103:48 am

    My absolute favorite thing is
    I've been waiting for this exact dress, it's gorgeous and flowy and perfect.

  521. 5amjetaime says: November 21, 20104:00 am

    awesome! I love

    Lucca Couture Pour Some Shimmer On Me Black Sequin Dress!!!

    heart your blog! xoxo of california

  522. staceykuo says: November 21, 20109:55 am

    Even though I would never use this backpack for camping purposes, I still love it.

  523. Maria says: November 21, 201011:49 am
  524. Mariam says: November 21, 20105:36 pm
  525. Between Laundry Days says: November 22, 201012:41 am

    Great giveaway! I love this BB Dakota dress (!

  526. julaland says: November 23, 20104:29 pm
  527. siilenti says: November 24, 20107:50 pm

    I love those shoes! They're classic and perfect for my holiday dresses!

  528. erica says: November 26, 20109:27 pm

    i am so trying to up my sex appeal and these shoes are DIVINE!